It’s an Obama World… Illegal Immigrant Gets Kidney

A world without borders…

Illegal immigrant Jorge Marsical believes “Health care should be a human right, not a privilege.
The Chicago Tribune reported, via Free Republic:

As an illegal immigrant, Jorge Mariscal waited eight years for a kidney transplant he feared would never come.

His persistence paid off Thursday when he underwent the procedure at Loyola University Medical Center.

After years of uncertainties, Mariscal said he’s excited about his future and grateful for the help he received. But he remains frustrated with a health care system that he worries might leave out an untold number of illegal immigrants in need of lifesaving treatments.

“Why can’t we be treated the same?” he asked while sitting in his hospital room. “Health care should be a human right, not a privilege. At least give us the chance to fight for our lives with dignity.”

Mariscal’s treatment is far from over. The pills he’ll need to make sure his body doesn’t reject the new organ can cost upward of $10,000 a year for the rest of his life. And paying for those, just like the surgery, is complicated by his immigration status.

Although Loyola agreed to cover the costs of the transplant, Mariscal will have to pay for the medicine. He applied for a grant through the Simon Bolivar Foundation, a medical nonprofit, that would help cover his first year of anti-rejection pills. But without health insurance, he expects he’ll have to pay for most of his medication.

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  • steve clark

    He says, “Why can’t we be treated the same?” he asked while sitting in his hospital room. “Health care should be a human right, not a privilege. At least give us the chance to fight for our lives with dignity.”

    Who does he think will pay for the “right” to healthcare? It seems that it is kind of hard to live with “dignity” when you sneak across the border and probably lie about your status in order to find a job.

    Story doesn’t say who paid for the surgery and who will pay for his expensive meds. Does he have insurance?

  • ignatz

    “He’s an illegal immigrant, therefore he should die.”

    Said no actual Christian, ever.

  • Inquisition

    Since citizen taxpayers like us are payinge for Jorge’s health care “right,” I declare a right to the divident of this investment. He can come maintain our yard and work in ur neighborhood in exchange. Anything kess would be theft from the people that paid, and wr have a right to defend against theft.

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  • mg4us

    We are a nation of immigrants. .LEGAL Immigrants. . and yes, we need to fix and reform the system to allow in to our country more of those we want with the skills we need to make America strong and prosperous. . .and who are law abiding as well as wanting to assimilate into OUR way of life

    What we do not need are law-breaking low & un-skilled people who come here to take from us, sending money back home, or using us and our systems as wards of the state when not having contributed to it in the first place. . .especially when they cannot or refuse to learn to speak our language. . NO MORE BALLOTS IN SPANISH! ENGLISH ONLY!

    And no more preference to Mexicans just because they can sneak across. . we welcome immigrants of ALL Countries but they need to want to join our way of life and not change it to theirs like with Sharia laws. If they want to practice it in the privacy of their homes. . fine. . but not impose it on others.

    And as for kidney transplants for illegals. . .what about the legal citizens who are waiting for one who cannot afford it. . What about tending for them first??????

  • MAJ Mike

    Another example of how the flood of illegals contributes to our national debt situation.

  • moron

    He needs to sue Loyola for not providing post-op medication!! Clearly unethical and grossly negligent to perform surgery and not provide necessary medication putting his life at risk!! Karma, Loyola.

  • Killer

    “He’s an illegal immigrant, therefore he should die.”

    Said no actual Christian, ever.

    That’s NOT the point! There are more Americans with kidney disease than there are doners, an American citizen is being sentanced to death by giving an illegal a kidney! That’s NOT right!!,

  • mcashc

    This actor fraud was recruited to do one thing : DESTROY OUR COUNTRY. The commies have used PC and racism to get it done. You white idiot democrats. HE HATES WHITE PEOPLE! He is a RACIST first and communism is the tool to DESTROY WHITE CAPITALISM. Lets pick sides and get this over with. Freedom vs racist communism.

  • Sasja

    Ask Loyola why they chose to help an illegal over a citizen and if this choice kept an American child from getting this life-saving procedure when his, or her, parents could not afford it.

  • dba_vagabond _trader

    This makes my blood boil. I worked on a transplant unit and the abuse was staggering. Drug addicts, alcoholics, even a poor woman who was clinically brain dead receiving precious transplants, as a 17 year old girl waited “her turn” Illegals receiving costly scarce organ donations is a disgrace to the medical profession and one of the reasons I left it. Obviously, nothing has changed, in fact it will only become worse for citizens in need with the “fairness” of he11care.

  • Sasja

    These illegals need to return home for their medical care. I understand Cuba has a stellar health care system. They are such humanitarians there, they should welcome these ailing illegals.

  • dba_vagabond _trader

    btw, with the skyrocketing murder rate in old Mexico, why wasn’t there a fresh kidney available to this man in the old country? Hmmm?

  • The worst part is that he could have gone back to his own country and qualfied for one from his own country’s socialized medical system (assuming that he’s Mexican, like most hispanic illegals are.) but no American illegally OR LEGALLY in Mexico could have qualified for such treatment there. But instead of going home and using his own medical care, he jumps into line here and takes a kidney that an American citizen could have gotten. This is why I support deporting any illegal in need of medical treatment right back to their own country where they can burden their own system instead of ours. But since the Dems are banking on this guy having kids who will likely vote straight-party Dem someday…

  • dear jorge,

    in a world with free people you can’t have a right to things that other people have to work to provide.

  • bigkahuna

    “Why can’t we be treated the same?”

    You can….be treated the same as ther illegals and sent back home you your own country where you can be treated the same as them.

    What part of illegal is too hard for you idiots to understand ?

  • dba_vagabond _trader

    OK, apparently the kidney was donated by his illegal mother. Fine, still disgraceful that American citizens in similar situations are denied the “courtesy” if they don’t have insurance or cash up front.

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  • Injunjoe

    The sob can fight for his life with dignity in his own damn country

  • michael

    ps your national debt was caused by your own greed dont blame others

  • Remco Kimber

    “At least give us the chance to fight for our lives with dignity.”

    Yeah, at someone else’s expense. Lefties are just so happy and so quick to spend other people’s money.

    Where’s my human right to retain my own property?

  • PJ

    Illegals regularly come here for transplants, like the family that came from South America years ago so their daughter could get a lung transplant. Tragically, she died because of mixups in blood types, but their doctor back home advised them to come here!

  • Stella Baskomb

    Big deal. I give Obama the finger every day.

  • Patty

    KEY WORD: ILLEGALS? Say what?

    Just more of the perplexing and new discoveries in Obama care?

    My head is spinning. Does Obama care cover that?

  • Patty

    Waited 8 years. You know there are many citizens who have waited, also. They are citizens, they too pay taxes, hopefully Marsical paid too. But how sad it truly is when for some damn reason, those of us, citizens, are feeling stabbed in our back when we hear stories like this.

    We feel worthless and there you go. Thanks again, Obama for making all of us pissed off.

  • #20…our national debt was created by the greed of our liberal politicans.

  • Obamao

    A nation that will not defend its borders from unarmed invaders has no need for Armed Forces.

  • dw dude

    go back and get your human right from your home country, illegal thief. yes, that’s what our government is forcing us to do at the moment, but there will come a time for payback. the longer this goes on, the harsher the backlash.

  • Libtards Lie

    Wow, now illegals move the front of the line for organ transplants. Hey, why not. We provide them food stamps, section 8 housing and free health care at the OUR expense. We provide them “in state” tuition at OUR expense (but if you are an American citizen and choose to go out of state, you pay a hefty price).

    Then again, look a everything illegals contribute- the three D’s (death, drugs and disease), so I guess it’s a fair trade off.

  • Minglewood

    The story printed here is incomplete and cherry picked.
    Go read the rest of the story. Obama, Obamacare, Bush, Clinton or Nixon had nothing to do with this guy getting his kidney. But they did work you guys up pretty damn good.

  • TheDefLeperecon

    My father, 65 yrs. old, working his butt off, while dying and barely able to breathe, driving a YMCA schoolbus to pay for my mother’s cancer meds (To keep the cancer from coming back. Medicare and insurance wouldn’t cover them all) needed a lung transplant cause he had IPF (deadly, no cure, what the 9/11 responders are dying of) and Loyola refused the transplant cause he was too old. BUT Loyola gave the builder of our house, a 67 yr. old male, w/ bucks, a double lung transplant for the same disease. Why is this illegal’s life and this homebuilder’s life (who was past the max age for transplant) worth more than my father’s? By the time we found someone, at UofC to help my father, who said, “screw the age thing, he’s healthy and needs it now or he will die,” he was dead! 4 months after diagnosis. This pisses me off to no end to hear this garbage about Loyola and this illegal. My father was a citizen, an active member of his community and needed very much by his dying wife and children and grandchildren. He also taught English to Mexican immigrants at the community college. WTH for? I don’t know why him and my mother wasted their time and breath helping these people. I can’t believe what I’m reading here right now about this. But it figures, it’s in Illinois, it’s at Loyola…a sanctuary state and hospital. Who care more about the illegals than the ones busting their behinds keeping this country running. Because of what happened to him that’s why we are NOT donors. Used to be, but screw it, me, my husband, my brothers, my children. And when we’re asked to be we tell them why we won’t be. Now this story gives us an even better reason not to be. And I don’t care what anyone thinks or says about not being one. Not in Illinois, not anymore. These illegals are treated better than the people who have to bend over for them to be here and take from us.

  • Secret Squirrel

    And if this was like any other Asian country he would have been booted out. No money no healthcare.

  • Look-Out

    Hey, guess what, illegal-with-the-hand-out —

    It’s guys like you that come here – your “savior” – to violate the very laws that MADE us the world’s “savior”. You do realize that it won’t be long before we’re nothing more than the pathetic mess you just fled — because people like you are here voting ILLEGALLY for the very things/candidates that have destroyed yours and every other country:

    “Waaah! Give me what he’s got!”

  • Beef

    Somehow I doubt Mr. Mariscal will have to pay for most of his medicine.

    I’ll bet there are tens of millions of poor people all over the world who need a kidney. If healthcare is a “right”, are we now required to provide it for free to every person on the planet?

    Because if healthcare is a right, then you are owed it and no one should ever be required to pay a penny for it.

    Further, any healthcare worker must be compelled to provide you that service whenever you demand it in order not to be in violation of your rights.

    Have we thought this one through?

  • LilyBart

    Lefties claim that conservatives want immigration enforcement because they hate ‘brown people’. Really, the objection is mostly economic. We cannot afford to take all comers with our current, generious welfare state. And to try will likely destroy us all economically.

  • sablegsd

    And I am worried mr. sablegsd will be denied dialysis when that day comes, because of his age and other health issues.

  • Carle

    I am going to change my medical directions in event of my death: in event of my death, any organs must go to American Citizens. Had I been born in another Country, then recipients would be citizens of that Country. Simple an fair.

  • TheDefLeperecon

    When you read the article you see that RUSH and UofC also placed illegals on their waiting lists. Nice. RUSH also denied my father the transplant. Screw being donors. I am so glad none of my family is. We are though for each other. Living donors. That is it. We also have seperate laminated wallet cards that explicitly state under no circumstances are we to be and not to bother wasting their time trying to get permission from next of kin. Noone will allow it. 3 generations spanning a large amount of people who will not allow it. Seems to me it’s time for a seperate network of donors to be set in place amongest people who make agreements with each other’s families etc. No selling involved, just a network of like minded people. We give them everything and now they get the organs and the meds needed for life. Pays to be illegal here now.

  • Patty

    Obamacare May Hike Your Pet’s Health Care Bills

    American health care consumers aren’t the only ones who will be hit by slated Obamacare tax hikes. Medical bills for their pets may go up as well.

    According to a rule published Friday by the Internal Revenue Service, some medical devices used in veterinary practices will be hit by Obamacare’s 2.3 percent device tax. Many of their manufacturers are expected to hike prices, meaning higher veterinary costs for the nation’s pet owners.

    The tax will not hit devices that are used exclusively for veterinary purposes. But a host of such devices are manufactured for use in both human health care and veterinary practices. Those devices’ manufacturers will have to pay the tax.

    The IRS rule states:

    Section 4191 [of the Internal Revenue Code] limits the definition of a taxable medical device to devices described in section 201(h) of the [Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act] that are intended for humans, but does not provide that the device must be intended exclusively for humans. Under existing [Food and Drug Administration] regulations, a device intended for use exclusively in veterinary medicine is not required to be listed as a device with the FDA, whereas a device intended for use in human medicine is required to be listed as a device with the FDA even if the device may also be used in veterinary medicine.

    According to the FDA, common “dual use” medical devices are “examination gloves, sterile catheters, infusion pumps, etc.”

  • sailor gus

    “Why can’t we be treated the same?” …because you are a dirty illegal invader. In a sane world, we would be allowed to shoot you on sight.

  • Conservative Women Need To Speak Louder

    Um, go back and get your natural rights in Mexico, eh compardre?

  • Anutie Zetuni’s next! Thank so much O voters!

  • Kenneth

    Agreed .. What about the Americans who needed a kidney ? WTF Americans come last in America ? WTF

  • Obama Sucks

    Backward country .. George Washington is turning over in his grave crying. He saying WTF. WTF

  • Whiskeytangofoxtrot

    Somewhere in America, an American CITIZEN’s family might have a disagreement with you Whorehay.

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  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    Medical care should be a “right”, because it’s “necessary”…?

    OK, then, FOOD should be a “right”, along with potable water, and of course housing, and furnishings for the house, too. And clothing. And, in this mobile world, transportation. And communication is necessary, too. Companionship is a necessity; and sex (–just ASK a liberal about that one!). It’s been proved that people do best in families — WHERE’S MY ASSIGNED FAMILY? My assigned sex-provider? My state-guaranteed bloody-bloomin’ EVERYTHING??!!??

    I’m waiting for somebody to provide me with all the things I neeeeed…. (You want me to be functional and happy and fulfilled, right? Fork over the nice house, the big bucks, and some personal slaves. Or else I’ll riot. —oops, wait — nobody’s taking me seriously. Dammit, you racists, you’re ignoring me because I’m melanin-deprived, right?. I’m gonna sue!)

  • Look-Out

    From the Chicago Tribune..this is the first sentence —

    As an illegal immigrant, Jorge Mariscal waited eight years for a kidney transplant he feared would never come.

    Four sentences from the end, this is written —

    Mariscal’s mother, Sonia Lopez, is equally excited about her son’s recovery — and her own. She gave one of her kidneys to her son.

    There was alot written in between. Including that Mariscal had raised thousands of dollars through concerts and other events in anticipation of the hefty bills. I’ve never before read one of these stories where the donor – especially a close family member – is mentioned so casually at the end – or not pictured alongside the recipient. That wasn’t the point of the article.

    Its purpose was to make us feel guilty that we’ve mistreated illegals in our country and that we need to do more.

  • TheDefLeperecon

    @48 I don’t care what anyone says, I will never feel guilty for the wonderful, majestic treatment these illegals get in the USA, cause they certainly aren’t treated poorly, and I will never feel that I need to do more. They steal money from our pockets and from my children. That’s enough. Today at the thrift store I was at, shopping for Christmas, an Hispanic family came out of the Mexican restaurant next to it and got in a Cadillac Escalade with TX plates. They know to come up here to crooked Illannoy. All the goodies are here and the red carpet rolled out for them.

  • Rene G

    I lost a kidney to cancer. Don’t smoke or drink and I HAD to pay for what MY insurance didn’t cover which I’m still paying for 3 years later! I work, I pay for my insurance, I pay for my deductibles, I pay for my medicine, I pay for loss time at work (3 months), I pay MY bills, I PAY for illegal immigrants, I PAY and PAY and PAY and THEY DON’t ! I’m Texan first, American Second and Hispanic third. Earn it the right way MOFO’s, I’m sick and tired of paying for the other 47% !!!

    I couldn’t even get Welfare to help me out for food during the 3 months (Family of 4) I was out. The kidney tumor was the size of a football. 37 staples on the outside and 32 stitches inside and have a problem with my other one. I went back to WORK !!!

    I thank God everyday I was able to go back to work. I feel for the less fortunate and give what I can and help out in my community. This just isn’t right!

    Damn, this pi**ess me off !!!

    Health care is a human right???? You have the right to live! That’s all and what you do with it is your choice! There are other ways of helping yourself even if you need a kidney without demanding it come from the rest of us!


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