Israel’s War On Gaza Was Cover to Destroy Iranian Fajr-5 Missile Stockpile

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

“How close did Israel just come to its own Cuban missile crisis?” from FoxNews:

HAIFA, Israel – Hundreds of Iranian-made, long-range missiles already smuggled into Gaza provided a secret sense of urgency behind Israel’s recent campaign against Hamas, and the the Jewish state acted with the Obama administration’s full knowledge, intelligence experts told

Jonathan Schanzer, a former counter-terrorism analyst at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, said the real agenda behind Israel’s assault last month on Hamas’ munitions stockpiles and smuggling tunnels was not simply to end the daily barrage of relatively primitive rockets that have become part of daily life in Israel. The real mission was to eliminate as many as 100 Iranian-built Fajr5 missiles – with the power to reach Tel Aviv – that had been sneaked into Gaza through Egypt. The Obama administration knew in advance of the operation and agreed that the missiles, built in a Sudanese factory, had to be neutralized to protect millions of Israeli citizens who were now within range of the deadly Iranian weapons, according to Schanzer.

“The U.S. was fully aware of what was going to come in Gaza,” Schanzer, now vice president of research at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, told “They said nothing for the first few days of the operation; there was dead silence from [Obama].”

Israel essentially achieved its main aims within the first few days, said Schanzer, noting that Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., said as much when he remarked on Day Three of the campaign: “We have run out of good targets.”

Rocket attacks from Gaza were commonplace in Israel prior to the campaign, dubbed “Operation Pillar of Defense,” with at least 750 projectiles falling on the area close to the border since January. The attacks were ratcheted up in early November, which seemed to prompt Israel’s move and the deployment of its vaunted “Iron Dome” defense system. But behind the scenes, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) had a more pressing need to launch their intense bombardment on Hamas’ weapons stores.

Israel’s elimination of senior Hamas figure Ahmad Jabari as he drove in broad daylight in Gaza also fits into Schanzer’s narrative.

“Ahmad Jabari, along with another major Hamas figure, Mahmoud al Mabhouhk, [who was assassinated in Dubai in 2010], was a key part of the procurement network for the Fajr missiles and there is little doubt that Israel was keen to take out the man responsible,” Schanzer explained.  …

The suggestion of American knowledge and approval of the alleged Israeli attack in Sudan and the subsequent offensive in Gaza, undermines the theory that Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were not on speaking terms after the elections, in which Netanyahu expressed support for Mitt Romney. The grave threat posed by the Fajr5 rockets may have been enough for both leaders to agree that something had to be done – and fast.

“The fact of the matter is that there was a significant upsurge in rocket fire from Gaza in the weeks leading up to the operation,” an Israeli administration source told “Once the need to respond was there, it made sense to take the opportunity to act against the most dangerous weapons. Those (the Fajr rockets) were the first targets. There was a need to minimize their ability to target major population centers in Israel.” …

Had Israel not acted when it did to destroy Hamas’ new and more lethal stockpile of weapons, the situation could have escalated, drawing other parties into a wider Middle East war.

“I think that Washington and the international media have been so lazy in their coverage of this conflict in terms of identifying what actually happened,” Schanzer said. “Both the Israeli intelligence community and Israeli officials referred to the presence of Fajr5 missiles in the hands of Hamas as ‘game changing rockets,’ a change that very nearly produced Israel’s own Cuban missile crisis.”


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  • free`

    “…. there was dead silence from [Obama].”

    LOL, How is that different from any other problem he has faced?

  • Michael

    OK, but what happened in Benghazi, Libya?

  • Linda


    WOW We have so much to be grateful to God for!!!

  • vicky

    Pllease, Israel’s situation is way beyond a Cuban missle crisis as thousands of rockets still point to Israel from Lebanon, Gaza, & Iran. If the US would just stay-out-of-the-way & let Israel finish a war before the likes of Condi Rice (Lebanon war in Bush term) or Hillary rush to Israel to demand a ceasefire “Hudna” that allows the Arabs to rebuild their smuggling tunnels or hide behind some unenforceable UN resolution to restock their weapons, hiding them in more Mosques, nurseries & hospitals.

  • Lightwave

    So Obamee made the greatest contribution of his entire term to Israel’s safety by shutting up and letting Israel defend itself.


  • serfer62

    The Won would be on 24/7 if it was true

  • Adi

    Israel would have done it without Hussein’s permision. This is just another puff piece about The Wohn’s leadership from behind.

    The fact Israeli officials were midly moderate on comments is because they know about the vindictive character of the boy-king.

    Sorry, but this article is a dud.

  • Look-Out

    Barry knew and kept his mouth shut?
    If true, it’s gotta be a first.

    I wouldn’t have trusted him with the info.

    Thank you, Lord, for protecting Israel.
    You’ve promised to be with your people.

  • Freddy

    I wonder if Assad has a few of these loaded with Sarin right now?

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  • Limousine Barry

    I am saddened by the loss of my Freedom Fighter’s Fajr5 missiles!

    But let me be clear, I am glad I got the Muslim Brotherhood’s vote before I screwed their collective arses! Ha-ha!

    This is a sensitive area so let’s keep the matter to ourselves! Good day.

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  • BurmaShave

    “I think that Washington and the international media have been so lazy in their coverage of this conflict in terms of identifying what actually happened,” Schanzer said

    Lazy”?!?!?!? You are being ‘Lazy’ to let such a pack of traitorous scum off the hook so lightly.

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