Christmas in Nigeria.

Boko Haram Islamists carried out a series of attacks on Christians this time last year. (BBC)

Gunmen shot six Christians dead including the pastor at a Midnight Mass Christmas celebration this morning. They then torched the church.
The AFP reported, via Religion of Peace:

Gunmen attacked a church in northern Nigeria during a midnight mass on Christmas Eve, killing six people including the pastor, before setting the building ablaze, residents and police said Tuesday.

Gunmen killed six people attending midnight mass at a church in northern Nigeria on Christmas Eve, police and residents confirmed on Tuesday.

“A group of gunmen came into the village at midnight and went straight to the church… they opened fire on them, killing the pastor and five worshippers. They then set fire to the church,” said Usman Mansir, resident of Peri village, near Potiskum, the economic capital of Yobe state.

Mansir specified that a branch of the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA) was the congregation that was targeted.

A senior police official in Yobe confirmed the details to AFP, but declined to be named.

Boko Haram Islamists have carried out several attacks in Yobe, which borders the state of Maiduguri, where the insurgent group is based.




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  1. why aren’t they fighting back?

  2. islam is so ugly.

  3. I am sorry but the only thing I can see to do is burn/ blow up 5 mosues every time they torch a church

  4. Come on MSNBC!!!!

    Put this on the 5 o’clock news! Especially since you asshats harp on intolerance and racism!!!

  5. time for Christians to leave these Islamist countries. Then they will start killing each other. Let them have at it.

  6. ++


    as Obama continues to embraces
    the Muslim Brotherhood Islamists..

    more here, in connecting links, and
    scroll threads comments for more..

    “I’m committed to working with American Muslims to ensure that
    they can fulfill Zakat [.] it is important for Western countries
    to avoid impeding Muslim citizens from practicing religion
    as they see fit”
    Barry Dunham Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama


  7. The Religion of Peace


  8. #6 bigkahuna:
    Don’t apologize. That’s a good plan.

  9. ++

    re: #9 December 25, 2012 at 7:43 pm bg

    Shariah in American Courts


  10. Islamists should pray to the false prophet that I’m not in charge of the response to their barbarianism.

    I would nuke every hidey-hole, every crack and corner, every niche and alcove, every cranny and cubbyhole, every hollow and hole, every indentation and pigeon hole, every recess and slot, every recess and slot – anywhere you could hide and I would hunt you down using every and any means and all of the treasury to extinguish you from his planet, this solar system, this galaxy, this Universe.

    You should pray that I’m not in charge, but someday there will be someone like me – and it just might be me – who will wipe your death cult from this earth with no remorse. And until that day arrives – I will pray to God that you are struck down, infested, harmed and destroyed, that your mission on this physical plane is ended, that you burn for all eternity in the lakes of fire for your never ending desire for death.

    I can not wish you enough pain in this world and the next.

  11. Horrific! Disgusting! Revolting! What drives me nuts is that it goes on all the time and no one cares?! When oh when are people going to be outraged enough to demand a stop to this. When oh when is the main st. Media going to start doing their job and start reporting this horror

  12. what he said!!!!!

  13. Islam = Destruction

  14. Christ came to this world to be a Savior…that we could have eternal life!

    These Islamists not only do not have a Savior, but all their sad lives are all about death, darkness, and despair…


  15. the spirit of the anti Christ is growing in the world…it would behoove Christians everywhere to arm themselves. being a Christian believer does not mean being a pacifist victim.

  16. Gunmen attacked a church in northern Nigeria during a midnight mass on Christmas Eve, killing six people including the pastor, before setting the building ablaze, residents and police said Tuesday.

    Hunt those “gunmen” down and kill them, then find their leaders and kill them too. The only thing those bastards seem to understand is brute force, so it’s time to give them their well-deserved share of it.

  17. ++

    ★FALCON★ #13 December 25, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    i believe MECCA, the slavery capital of the world in
    every aspect of the word, would more than suffice..

    why else would they, albeit symbolically, bow to the
    devil below, arses pointed towards God in heaven..

    The Pre-Islamic Allah


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