Hillary Clinton accused Israel of lack of generosity and empathy in their dealings with the “oppressed” Palestinians.
Hillary made the comments at the 2012 Saban Forum on U.S.-Israel Relations.

From the State Department website:

And I will also say this. When Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed to a 10-month settlement freeze I flew to Jerusalem. We’d been working on this. George Mitchell had been taking the lead on it. And when Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed to a 10-month settlement freeze, it wasn’t perfect. It didn’t cover East Jerusalem, but it covered much of the contested area in the West Bank.

And I stood on a stage with him at 11 o’clock – Israelis always meet late at night, I don’t understand it – (laughter) – but 11 o’clock at night, midnight, and I said it was unprecedented for any Israeli prime minister to have done that. I got so criticized. I got criticized from the right, the left, the center, Israeli, Jewish, Arab, Christian, you name it. Everybody criticized me. But the fact was it was a 10-month settlement freeze. And he was good to his word. And we couldn’t get the Palestinians into the conversation until the tenth month.

So, look, I’m not making excuses for the missed opportunities of the Israelis, or the lack of generosity, the lack of empathy that I think goes hand-in-hand with the suspicion. So, yes, there is more that the Israelis need to do to really demonstrate that they do understand the pain of an oppressed people in their minds, and they want to figure out, within the bounds of security and a Jewish democratic state, what can be accomplished.

And I think that, unfortunately, there are more and more Israelis and Palestinians who just reject that idea out of hand: Why bother? Why try? We’ll never be able to reach an agreement with the other. But in the last 20 years, I’ve seen Israeli leaders make an honest, good-faith effort and not be reciprocated in the way that was needed.




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  1. Here a lot of me and I’s in her statements. BIG EGO, MUCH?

    Hillary, please go away, we are tired of the Clintons.

  2. ‘Innocence’ Survives
    Judge won’t order removal of anti-Islam YouTube video at center of Benghazi debate

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/#ixzz2DpIGNm5f

    Hey Hillary chew on this!

  3. Kiss my $ss you anti-Semite beotch.

  4. Thanks for posting. I always like to watch and see what our next President is saying.

  5. I got criticized from the right, the left, the center, Israeli, Jewish, Arab, Christian, you name it. Everybody criticized me.


    Listen to Bolton, now on Fox

  6. Jharp
    Looking for a argument are you??????

  7. Look at the woman. Think she’ll any better in four years. She’ll have to answer or so much, she’ll take herself out of the running. No more Clinton’s, Bushes, or Obamas.

  8. Those pesky Israelis denying the Palis their koranic-given rights of killing Jews.

    Must be racist or summing. And yes, completely lacking empathy.

  9. Okay SecSta Clinton, then to prove your point, Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos will stop treating sick, injured and wounded Muslims in all communities throughout Israel. All the sick babies from ‘the land of enchantment’ (Gaza a.k.a. ‘Palestine’) will be turned away from receiving free-of-charge treatment. Israeli ambulances and IDF will no longer transport them free-of-charge either.

    I could go on, but why ? None of that matters to the left.

    And speaking of Gaza (a.k.a. ‘Palestine’)………

    1. Guess who’s coming to dinner ?

    Khaled Mashaal

    An official state visit.



    2. Since it’s officially called ‘Palestine’ now, the very next roc……… Oh wait, you may not have heard.

    Yes…… It’s official.

    — — —

    Kenny Solomon
    Israel Survival Updates
    The American Survival Guide

  10. Navy seal commented:

    Looking for a argument are you?????

    Nope. You’ve got nothing to put up against her. She is most the most qualified Presidential candidate in the history of the United States. And she has extremely high approval ratings.

    If she wants the office. It’s hers.

    You have no chance against her. (Please run Bachmann, Palin, Perry, or Rubio)

  11. She’s lucky Bibi hasn’t bulldozed Gaza right into the sea by now

  12. Jharp
    I have one in mind, right off the top of my head, CONDI!!!

  13. She is most the most qualified Presidential candidate in the history of the United States.

    The measure of her competence is how she protected Stevens.

  14. jharp
    You really should stop smoking that stiff. It is making you crazy as a loon.

  15. Ignore jarp. He is just an adolescent provocateur who posts inane dribble for attention.

  16. Hillary Clinton criticizes Israel for ‘lack of empathy’ with Palestinians

    wow, WHAT LEADERSHIP, (sarc)

    She just can’t stop criticizing Israel. In her world they just can’t do anything right.

    She, once again brings more confusion to an already shaky situation.

    The picture at the top is – from left to right – Tzipi Livni, Haim Saban and Hillary Clinton. Maybe someone needs to tell them that if they want to talk to someone who is representative of the Israeli consensus, Tzipi Livni is not the right person. And Hillary Clinton is not the right person to be a pro-Israel President of the United States.


  17. Actually, it should read “drivel” but I suspect he may dribble some.

  18. What a lying b!tch. . . .
    like her lying husband. . .

    Paid to do the work of the Saudi’s and other gulf states. . .

    The Clintons are evil & disgusting!

    And anyone who supports them have low-life characteristics too. . .all you need do is look closely how they live. . .

    As for Hillary’s revisionist history. . remember it was the A-rabs that attcked Israel twice. . .and got the crap beaten out of them. . .That is how the Israeli’s came to control the west bank. .like Sinai and Golan. . .If they want it back then all little ABBAS need do is sign a freakin peace agreement with Israel. . and recognize its right to exist. .

    BUT THEY WON”T!!!!!


  19. Navy seal commented:

    I have one in mind, right off the top of my head, CONDI!!!

    The CONDI that lied us into Iraq?

    Please do. Not only will you attract 0 minority and women voters you’ll lose at least 1/2 of the teabagger vote.

    Condi Rice. Hilarious.

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