Gross. Barack Obama Uses Sandy Hook Massacre to Push Tax Hikes (Video)

This was gross.
During his press conference this morning Barack Obama used the masssacre at Sandy Hook School to push Republicans to agree to his tax hikes.

“After what we’ve gone through over the past several months, a devastating hurricane and now one of the worse tragedies in our memory, the country deserves the folks to be willing to compromise for the greater good.”

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  • ★FALCON★

    Look at this – fro the UK Daily.

    ‘I am the devil’: Former classmate reveals school gunman had ‘online devil worshiping page’ as childhood barber recounts how he never spoke and just stared at floors

    Medical examiner enlists help of geneticist to see if there is a biological reason behind massacre
    Newtown resident raises possibility that Adam Lanza, 20, was angry and may have snapped over mother’s possible plans to commit him
    Nancy Lanza, 52, was shot to death in her own bed by her son before the Sandy Hook killings
    Lanza killed 20 children and six adults in the school before killing himself as police closed in

  • scituate_tgr

    Community Organizer. Nothing more.

  • Joanne

    What about establishing a gun task force to ban guns??????? He is coming for your guns. If there is anything Obama HAS to accomplish is take away the American peoples’ ability to defend themselves from a take over, it is this. This is priority Numero Uno. Do not let it happen. It is time to fight Obama, figuratively, and perhaps literally.

  • Tom Smith

    Represents his people well

  • ★FALCON★

    If you can believe the FOX News Website – there is no evidence Lanza was on any meds. I find that hard to believe. You don’t all of a sudden send your kid to a psychiatric facility without trying medication first to see if it will work and, ofcourse, due to the costs associated.

    Additionally, there was the link posted on a thread from an poster here that referenced the Uncle of Lanza stating Adam was on drugs, and one that had failed initial trials and was passed with much speculation due to the severe side effects.

    I think the majority of what we have heard has been to fit the Democrat narrative with no regard for the truth whatsoever.

  • ★FALCON★

    #3 December 19, 2012 at 11:32 am
    Joanne commented:

    What about establishing a gun task force to ban guns??????? He is coming for your guns.

    This was just a conspiracy theory and now leftists can’t say the Right-wing is nuts anymore.

    Further, it defines the motive behind Fast-n-Furious.

  • I know most of us here see through this disaster demagogue of a president, but it astounds me that his BS works on a huge % of Americans. It works! He demonized a fine man to win re-election, and people buy his snake oil. Unbelievable.

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  • Economan

    What does he mean “we”?

    HE didn’t go through those things. He spent a fortune of our money to go on lavish vacations.

  • ★FALCON★

    #7 December 19, 2012 at 11:38 am
    GregInSeattle commented:

    I know most of us here see through this disaster demagogue of a president, but it astounds me that his BS works on a huge % of Americans.

    I’m beginning to think the only way for a Conservative to win is to run as an unvetted liberal in the Democrat party – win the primary and then slam through the most conservative agenda the world has ever seen. Run as a stealth operator.

  • chris

    THE COMMON GOOD is to keep any and all money out of govt’s hands.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “…the country deserves the folks to be willing to compromise for the greater good.”

    “Folks” == Republicans.

    What’s even sadder is that the Republicans probably will, and as usual, they’ll get nothing in return from the Democrats.

  • bigkahuna

    Not one question about Him taking the first step by resigning in disgrace for illegally selling 2500 ASSAULT WEAPONS to Mexican drug lords then lying and covering it up.

    This SOB takes no repsonsibility for anything and credit for everything and freedoms and liberties from everyone!

  • Vince

    An just remember all the “whoopla” about Romney “playing politics” with the Benghazi Tragedy … well where are all those in the media and on the left about THIS ?????

  • Comrade J

    Meanwhile Taxpayer is losing 50% on the GM stock that this Clown bought to save the union bosses.

    Hail Greatest Failure in Chief in American history!

  • DanStlMo (@DanStlMo)

    “For the Greater good” where have I heard this before?

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  • Ragspierre

    Another appeal to morons….

  • What cuts in spending? This ass clown is killing the future.

  • marj

    That Obama would use New Home incident to pass his budget is perfectly understandable. As a man who is nothing short of a total political whore, we should expect nothing less. He is without conscience or morals and notice how he avoided saying his first “spending cut” was to cut the COLA of destitute senior citizens. How about cutting unemployment after people have been on it for 3 years??????????? How about suggesting a tax deduction if they relocate to find work??????????? I am sick and tired of Obama’s manipulations but I know that the sheep will continue to bleat for him.

  • Steve

    WOW! We’ve been all over this issue on Common Cents…

  • libkiller

    Am I alone or does anyone else seeing an eerie resemblence to Hitler with this guy?

  • ★FALCON★

    #16 December 19, 2012 at 11:46 am
    DanStlMo (@DanStlMo) commented:

    “For the Greater good” where have I heard this before?

    Obama has been on the wrong side of every issue for five years now – I don’t expect him to get one right, even by chance.

  • JungleCogs

    Obama can go ‘F’ himself; what a loser.

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  • aec151

    I noticed a remarkable resemblance to Hitler since he entered the presidential arena.

  • bobbymike

    #13 – 100% correct Obama and his administration are personally responsible for over 300 DEAD Mexicans ………… (crickets)

  • Noah

    Obama, Reid and Pelosi would get a gallon of Crisco and do a 4-way with Strom Thurman’s corpse if they thought they could get a tax hike out of it.

  • drew

    I love people that say “if you can believe Fox News” or “Fox lies.” Are these the same people that watch MSNBC and believe what they say? Any network that has Al Sharpton as one of it’s hostess sums up that networks credibility.

  • josh morgan

    it makes me sick that it would even be suggested that the president of our country would use the death of children to gain support and money. shut up.

  • KPM

    absolute LOOOOOOser. Republicans stand fast. We all know this worthless piece of excrement loves to used tragedies to get what he wants. The fact he has to reach that low tells you he can’t be honest. This man child is the worst kind of coward. He doesn’t even come close to those who gave their lives for those children. He isn’t even worthy to wash their dishes. Obama is living proof why slaves shouldn’t have been given the chance to learn how to read.

  • kel

    What’s up with Obama constantly saying “folks” this and “folks” that and “folks” the other thing? It’s like the guy can’t open his mouth without “folks” coming out.



  • BK

    Enough already. The greater good? Seriously? That’s a line right out of Stalin’s biography! Time for The Obama to go away, time for the Mainstream Media to be heavily punished for fomenting treason, in other words it’s time for the ADULTS to be in charge again…

  • Stevie

    Collect what we have already paid in taxes from GM instead of taking a mamoth loss. And you want to run health care. Collect what you are owed you moron.

  • DeanH

    “for the greater good”????? And not ONE mainstream “media” outlet employee knows about history to remember where, and by whom, those words have been used before and be REALLY scared?????

  • marg1

    We need to investigate the link between violence and psychotropic drugs. obama is using this tragedy in Conn. to advance his desire to disarm the public. Meanwhile he is working hard to grow his well-armed civilian army.

  • Joe Right

    The President seems to be the one refusing to compromise or put his politics
    for the good of all the people.

  • David Kachel

    The ABSOLUTE WORST president in US history. This communist community organizer has GOT to go!!!

  • Mariedeclair

    He want to run this country to the ground and declare himself a dictator, for the greater good of the people.

  • Mitch Pawl

    This person in the oval office is a pathetic individual. Using a tragedy such as this to PUSH his left wing tax increase.

    We need to work together, not having it only HIS WAY.

  • Terry

    Everyone should compromise except El Presidente!

  • Tom Doniphon

    Campaign mode! Worst economy …., auto industry going…, two wars!! Just pull the string and Barry says it again!

    “…you bring a knife and we bring a gun!”

  • Hussein

    Well then, do something…CUT SPENDING and stop political posturing…

  • Steve

    Obama is coming after our guns and our freedom. He wants the wealthy, as he defines it, to work for the 47% and take care of them. That is essentially want he is saying. He wants the successful and wealthy to pay for big government and entitlements to take care of the 47% and basically work for them. It is legalized stealing and it is criminal. Civil wars have started for less reason. He wants to create a society that is controlled by big government and is beholding to big government. And that means it can’t be a society that is armed and is able to defend itself. So now he has an event that serves as a launch pad to take our guns from us and leave us to rely on corrupt government agencies and police forces to protect us from the criminals who do have guns. I predict there will be a civil war in this country within the next 20 years as Obama and the Democrats try to destroy our way of life and take our freedoms away one piece at a time. The Constitution is being trampled by elitist, progressive politicians supported by mainstream media and Hollywood. This must stop. Don’t Tread on Me!

  • Rick

    Didn’t I hear somewhere that tragedies shouldn’t be politicized?

  • No more lies
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  • Lost_Luna

    You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.
    – Rahm Emanuel

    Is anyone surprised by this? I daresay the first thought that passed through the presidents mind, and those of hoplophobes after hearing of the tragedy wasn’t “how could someone do this?” But “How can i use this?”

  • ★FALCON★

    @ No more lies – thank you – that is the link.

  • StandUpChuck

    FU you muslim turd.

  • Dan Morgan

    For the “Greater Good?” Who defines the “Greater Good?” Is the “Greater Good” racing down the path to Socialism throwing money we don’t have in all directions? What a bunch of Bull.

  • Max17

    Where is the most dangerous place on Earth? Standing between Obama’s societal mooches and other people’s money.

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  • Bigkahuna

    He says we need to raise taxes and ban certain guns for the greater good. Notice he never claims we need to balance budget or cut pending greatly for the greater good? He never tells people on welfare you have to earn your keep and stop having kids you can’t ford for the greater good? The greater good would be served if he went to prison for lies, selling guns to drug dealers and ignoring the constitution.

    I notice how he lays points out how the majority always agree ith him when he wants something passed but when majority didn’t want obamacare passed or lied about and want it repealed….well that’s always forgotten.

  • Dave

    I really am ashamed of our president and how he uses tragedies for his own agendas. He really sucks as a US president.

  • ObamaRevengeIsGodAwful

    The Obama regime’s new Operation Sandy Hook, the upgraded replacement for the regime’s failed first attempt to disarm Americans, Operation Fast and Furious, where ObamaGuns his regime provided to Mexican drug gangsters got Mexican children at a birthday party murdered, has an expanded scope of exploitations hoped to accomplish using the emotion and clouded thinking these liberalism-caused disasters induce in the citizenry. Not only is the Obama regime planning to use Operation Sandy Hook to disarm citizens so they can no longer act as a check on tyrannical government, but the Obama regime also plans to use Operation Sandy Hook to impoverish all Americans to a state of government dependence and perpetual despair to make them better controllable.

  • yarply

    MLK it for all its worth O bama. Mass murder of children can be used in all manner of ways by a pathetic loser who has no qualms of exploiting the deaths of 20 kids. Why not? he lets them be killed daily overseas by our drones which take out 30, 40 ,50 people just to get one “badman”. Whoops sorry about the kids that were there.

  • bflat879

    I’m waiting to see this president compromise on anything. We know what he’s going to do and how he’s going to do it and it involves waiting until the day people are scheduled to go home for Christmas, rushing a huge bill to the floor and telling them they have to vote for it or everyone is going to die. If Boehner lets him do this again, he needs to be voted out as Speaker of the House.

    Force Obama and the Democrats to work within the COnstitution and the budget, period.

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  • alan

    Never waste a good opportunity to push your political agenda

  • Dave-0

    “Never waste a crisis” Obama at it again. Not only has he no shame, the concept of shame has never occurred to him.

  • Acted Stupidly

    The man is disgusting. If he really cared about innocent slaughtered Americans, Nadal Hassan wouldn’t still be alive and not on trial 3 plus years after Fort Hood. He could have raised taxes in his first two years but only wants to blame others for his inability to. How many Mexicans have died because of his gun walking. Just when I think he can’t go any lower he sets a new low.

  • yarply

    “Americans cling to their guns and their religion”,

    Once they get our guns then they think they can take our religion. But most have no faith anyhow. Deceived.

    Judgement comes first to the household of God.


  • Judy

    Obama thinks we are all stupid!

  • Tyrone

    This guy would use anyone, dead or alive, to further his agenda. You think he cares about a bunch of kids? Heck, he argued vehemnetly against providing aid and comfort to infants who survived an abortion (murder) attempt when he was in the Illinois Senate.
    Hussein is a cold-blooded narcissistic back-street organizer, nothing more.

  • Re Re

    He is a shameless, disgraceful parasite. How the hell could anyone, anyone with a functioning brain, cast a vote for this creep?

    He is nothing but a destroyer.

  • ktoo

    The saddest thing is that will of the people put him back in office. This is where we are, and there are no plans to go anywhere else. That’s just friggin’ depressing.

    Look at the public outcry to ban “assault weapons” over an incident involving pistols. Look at the demands to make the “rich” pay more, as if they are of another species. Look at the passive acceptance in the face of a massive consolidation of power in the Executive Branch. The evidence is all around us, yet the majority either don’t see, know, or care about it. Or they’re just plain stupid.

    We’re watching something that we’ve seen many times before…the dismantling of a nation. This time, however, it’s ours. What would’ve been unthinkable only 5 years ago, is more than thinkable; it’s happenning!

    For years, we’ve been told America is just another country, no better or worse than any other. Now that it’s finally coming to pass, why would we be any less susceptible to tyranny than Germany, Italy, Russia, etc.? Sadly, we aren’t anymore.

    Bring on the “fundamental transformation”. The public has spoken. Now what?

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  • And this clown was deemed ” Man of the Year ” by Time magazine. Obama has done so much to divide our country I do not know how in the world we can return to what we once were. God needs to come back into our schools, public places, and the USA

  • VaMedic

    For the GREATER GOOD of who????

  • Doug Evans

    I’m reading the commentary . . . is anything “not” a conspiracy theory? Many of you need to take an American History or culture class to get in touch with our past. Possibly, some of you wouldn’t be so frightened . . . America and Americans have always been independent . . . but uncommonly tolerant. When the metal is in the fire . . . watch out . . . yet we have no where neared that precipice. Jefferson mated with monkeys, Roosevelt is in bed with Stalin, Eisenhower is a closet communist . . . these fears are nothing unique . . . but now we can demonstrate our beliefs with assault weapons. Folks, mental health, weapons control, jobs, hope for the future for our kids . . . those are the issues to rail and fight for. We will always have guns, that right will never be abolished . . . quit watching T.V., spending time on the internet. it’s time for some reflection, start taking steps will to help your neighbor and community so children grow up strong, proud and hopeful . . . –not fear mongering adults.

  • John_M_B

    Any time Obama or any other Chicago bred politician speaks of compromise, it’s of the other guy going along with his (often illegal) ill conceived plans. He has re-defined the word “compromise”. Webster should change its definition to “See Capitulate”

  • B Dog

    What’s new – Obama takes every chance he can to politicize an event or criticize the conservative position – so long as it’s against his.

  • Ron Styrker

    President Obama using the massacre to push through a tax bill is disgusting.

  • kkbear

    Mr. President (aka el Presidente, Caesar Obominus) – you sir are an arrogant a–!! Politics always comes first with you. May history remember you as the one who divided this great nation!!!

  • hushpuppy

    Obama is an amoral egotist who used up his 15 minutes of fame long ago. Whack his pee- pee!

  • YankeeI

    Every single Obama voter should identified, most would voluntarily admit it, and in the spirit of Bill Engvald, be forced to wear an “I am a dumb ass!” lapel button!

  • walls1

    Attn floppy-eared dear leader:

    I’ve read about 15% of murders are committed by CRIMINAL, ILLEGAL ALIENS. Why don’t you go after the crim-aliens to FIX that problem? Is it because you want and need more ‘low information voters’ to keep you and your friends in office?

    PS – throw your half brother in Kenya a few bucks this Christmas to fix his hut. Throw your criminal illegal alien relatives Auntie Z. and drunkard Uncle O. out of the country.

  • Mickey So Fine

    How incredible. What on earth do the two have to do with each other? This guy appeals to the ignorance and blind allegiance of the mass of zombies that re-elected him. Anyone with an original thought can see right through his BS. How can so many be so foolish?

  • HarryT

    This surprises anyone?

    What do you expect from a POS like OBama?

  • elizabethrc

    I am incredulous after listening to Obama’s version of what the Republicans have offered and what he has offered on the fiscal cliff discussions. He is not in the world of reality if he thinks he has not turned down, point blank, ever offer Boehner has made, even when Boehner agrees to more and more Obama demands. He has a pathological need to vilify Republicans as totally bad. It’s Obama and his Pelosi/Reid cohorts who use the nastiest, most virulent speech when they talk about Republicans.
    The Senate and the Presidency will one day turn back over to the Republicans and when it does, I hope that every Conservative who has been so falsely maligned by the other side remembers and remembers well. I believe in payback and in 2014 I hope to see the start of the disillusionment with Obama and his plans taking hold of the few Democrats who are not sheeple. There aren’t many of them, but one can hope.

  • JABR

    It amazes me how supposedly educated people will play the race card continuously even in a time of tragedy. It is not the Presidents fault that some medicated idiot shot 26 innocent people. Lanza more than those innocent people deserved a bullet or needle pressed into his skin. I hope he rots in the depths of hell for what he did to those teachers and children. Obama did not put those guns in that animal’s hands, nor did he enact the current laws that are in place. Most of these pillow biters that comment negatively on this site are worst losers than the President will ever be. Nothing but closet, racist idiots that comment on this site. Show your true damn colors (your real name) instead of hiding…smdh.

  • kishke

    I agree. I think Obama should compromise for the greater good by cutting spending.

  • Jim

    When they look back in history down the road, it will be obvious then that Obama was the worst president ever elected. He is simply not qualified to run this Nation. There are so many questions…. many American’s believe he is not an American citizen, he’s got a history of hanging out with communists and people well known to spew racial hatred as well. Most importantly, he never tells the truth!

    There are just too many questionable and wrong things about this man and his every move points directly towards him being a socialist and a Muslim. All things that make him the “wrong” guy for the job. In the end, he will be the worst president ever elected in America, and it won’t even be close! He will be laughed at and the people that elected him will be laughed at as well. It’s obvious to everyone but the liberal socialist lefties that can’t see the Forrest for the trees.

    What’s so sad is that this should be seen as an epic time in American history for minorities and it should go down in history as a great turning point for African Americans and our Nation as well, but in the end, it will all be laughed away as a complete joke because he’s simply not who he says he is, nor will he ever do what he says he will do. It’s all smoke and mirrors and the liberals won’t admit it because that would mean that they lost to the conservatives, and we can’t have that now can we?

    In the end he will be seen as the first AA President of the US, but he will be seen as a complete failure rather than the hero that he could be if he had promoted true American values and ideas, rather than his socialist, big government, hand out agenda.

  • A Stranger in a Strange Land

    God damn these inhuman monsters, these “Blood Dancers” who exploit real suffering and grief for their own maniacal ends.

    I curse them all – may the Lord God Almighty smite them from heaven as an example to the Ages. AMEN.

  • Aftar Ukicked

    ANYTIME that you hear a Democrat, liberal, and/or leftist mention the words “be willing”, “compromise”, “greater/common good”, you should look them straight in the eye and call a socialist pig a socialist pig.

    How many times have we heard Maxine Waters, Hilary Clinton, Harry Reid, Pelosi,, talk about taking from those who have and distribute to those who have not? They are now bold enough to not even attempt to hide it.

    We need to organize and stop these leftist lunatics from advancing their Marxist agenda any further. When they meet solid, unified resistance, only then will they back away to rethink their plans.

    We are witnessing the takeover of America right in front of our very eyes. The MSM will not report it. We have to do SOMETHING right now to wake the majority of Americans up. It has to be something non-violent yet absolutely eye-opening.

    We can begin by contacting our Republican legislators at all levels and tell them to stop this left-wing locomotive filled with “compromises for the common good” dead in its tracks. Enough is enough. Speak up. Now.

    Watch this on Maxine Waters tongue slip, where she reveals her true ambitions:

    Look at Hillary’s comments from a speech she made where she says, “We’ll take your money for the common good.”:

    End the undermining of our country and do something, today. At some point, we will be prevented from “doing something” if we let them continue to take, take, take.

  • Tim Crowley

    This comment section shows, once again; no one can hate like the rabid right. No one. The good news is the Majority of Americans see through your lies and hatred. The GOP is dying a slow but sure death.

  • Calvin Walker

    I wonder if any of these mass shooters had been to church in the last year. While I am not a religious fanatic, I take my kids to church several times a month. I know that it helps to ground them in their beliefs and morality. The same people who want more laws and more power to the central government want no talk of morality or religion anywhere near our kids. We do need more reviews of who has guns. We also need more reviews of when a mentally ill person can be committed. If there is any sign of potential violence, the person should be on a watch list.

  • Albert

    I’m not an Obama supporter but I did catch this news conference today. This story is a blatant Republican Party spin job. This is taken completely out of context. Obama discussed the issue of gun control then opened it up to questions. I’m appalled that the media’s first question was not about what the president had just talked about but was on a completely different topic. This is the reason that, while I slant more toward the conservative side, I am no longer a registered republican and am generally apathetic when it comes to politics. It’s all a sham where you just want to point at the other guys. You’re like 12 year olds who can’t get over yourself.

  • brian

    This is why us republicans lost. Articles like this. Anyone who listened to the speech today knows damn well he did not use this to push his tax hike. It is taken WAY out of context. The issue about taxes was brought up out of left field from a reporter.

  • Jon

    Libs are very much like spoiled children. “I worked hard to get good grades. You should buy me a car.” Always guilting the productive people into giving them something they should be handling themselves. Since when did the federal government become a private insurance company for people who chose to build or buy houses near the beach?

  • Jon

    Libs are like spoiled children, always asking for something they should be taking care of themselves.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Obama will use whatever tragedy he can to further his agenda. Human suffering and misery are just tools for him to use in order to get what he wants.

  • joseph

    Like all filthy sodomites there is no low he won’t go……


    homo$exuals are no better or worse than other people; however, tat is a fairy story! Homo$exuals make up 3% of the American population yet they have perpetrated about 68% of all serial kiIIings in the last 20
    years! This does not mean that all homo$exuals are kiIIers, but we do need to know why the most infamous
    mass kiIIers have practiced homoSexuality. This does not mean that all homo$exuals are kiIIers, but we do need to know why the most infamous mass kiIIers have practiced homo$exuality.

    Studies have documented their rage and hatred. Often this hatred is toward family members and themselves. Dr. Charles Socarides, in his classic The Overt Homo$exual documents that a major attribute of the overt homo$exual is aggression–often repressed aggression. This is supported by psychology professor, Dr. Frank du Mas who says that homo$exuals often are mass kiIIers who also tor ture their victims indicating “a higher intensity of aggression.”

    Two examples of a “higher intensity of aggression”

    *Ludwig Tiene was the executioner at Auschwitz, the N azi prison camp, who was responsible for kiIIing as many as 100 boys and young men per day! He “strangled, crushed, and gnawed” them to death while he r aped them.

    *Gilles de Rais lived in the 1400s and was a man or riches, rank, and reputation who fought alongside Joan of Arc. He was also a pervert and was executed after confessing to the kiIIing and r aping of about 200 children from six to 18. He actually tor tured, r aped and kiIIed many hundreds of boys (and some girls) after which they were cut apart and burned or eaten. This elegant pervert was devoutly religious (although he sacrificed to demons and made pacts with them), was brave in battle, loved music and was a fastidious dresser. At his trial he told the parents of his victims that he was their “brother in Christ.” Hundreds wept for him as he swung from a rope by his neck.

    Detectives have told me that anytime there is a case where many bodies of boys or young men are discovered, the ki11er will always be a homo$exual, and this is especially true is mutilation is involved. And his home will be full of pornography!

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    Donald Harvey claimed 37 victims in Kentucky.

    Bruce Davis molested and ki11ed 27 young men and boys in Illinois

    Juan Corona was convicted ofki11ing 25 migrant workers after which he “made love” with their corpses.

    Now you know why they are called, “per verts.”

    All seven cases involved premeditated homo$exual ra pe, mutilation or dismemberment and finally,ki11ed. In each case there were about 30 victims—boys or young men. Dahmer “only” had 17 victims that are known. Older men were never the victims!

    In a paper presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association in Chicago by Dr. Paul Cameron in 1983, he documented that of 518 $exually-tinged mass ki11ers in the U.S. from 1966 to 1983, 68% of the victims were ki11ed by homo$exuals! And remember that they only make up less than 3% of the total population

    The top U.S. male serial ki11ers were all homo$exuals according to Dr. Cameron and other researchers. Yes, as a group, homo$exuals are very dangerous people. They are dangerous because they are disturbed, distressed and often diseased. They need help and help is spelled, C H R I S T

  • krusatyr

    Arm yourself not to shoot squirrels and clay pigeons, but to resist the leftist tyranny coming with hollow point ammo to take your property.

  • DAR

    I have a great idea…..we should outlaw illicit drugs like cocaine, heroin, etc. That way no one will have access!!

  • dr_bugsy

    What a classless idiot.

  • joep222

    More than 3,000 people killed in New York City on 9/11/2001.

    What a short term memory Mr. Obama has.

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  • alan

    The man is pure filthy and a disgusting pig of a man

  • Jack

    If you watched the press conference, Obama did not use it to discuss the fiscal cliff. The very first question for him was about the fiscal cliff; his entire speech was about the gun issue. The reporters highjacked it. Not until the very end, did they get back around to the gun questions. This article and quote TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT makes it seem like Obama took advantage of a non-political speech and used it to push his fiscal cliff agenda. His speech was more information and planning than politics—until the reporters got a change to get on their collective soapboxes.

  • Mark

    “Never let a good crisis go to waste”

    Rahm Emanuel

  • Elizabeth

    Obama’s douchebag level is off-the chart

  • bob rodgers

    Clint was right!

    Empty suit in an empty chair!

  • adam

    The greater good would be getting that clown (obama) out of office.

  • J Batts

    Libkiller is on the mark. If you read the total history of Hitler and our present leader you’ll find that it’s almost a resurrection of AH. Don’t take my word for it; read it yourself.

  • G Stro

    Why is he still our president? Oh yeah, he made promises to the victims of Sandy. Thanks for the wrong vote… This is just another reason he should not be president! I bet the families of the shooting victims are greatful for the sacrifice they made to the country for the “greater good” as he put it. Hes just stupid!

  • Ken

    “After what we’ve gone through over the past several months, a devastating hurricane and now one of the worse tragedies in our memory, the country deserves the folks to be willing to compromise for the greater good.”

    That is most incongruent and asinine statement I have ever read, relating those two things to passing a tax bill

  • Bob Vedari

    Mr. Obama – if you were really concerned about the greater good, you’d never have run for President. You’d still be a community organizer. But no – you HATE America. You are an evil man, President Obama. You use every person’s misery as a prop to make your points. You don’t even wait until the dead are buried. No – you need to pounce (that’s the only word for it) while the wounds are fresh. But why go through this charade? Instead of trying to acquire the ability to lift the debt ceiling on your own, why not simply try to get the ability to override the Constitution. Then you could pass any edict or even a fatwa and your word would be law. You think too small, President Obama. Destroying a great nation could be done so much faster if you had the stones to admit what you really want to do and simply went for it.

  • TxnByBrth

    What we deserve is to have someone qualified and who loves this country as President…


    1. “Exempt income” – 26 CFR 1.861-8T(d)(2)(ii)
    Legal defintion, codified, i.e. there’s only one.

    2. “Income that is not” – 26 CFR 1.861-8T(d)(2)(iii)
    List of taxable income.

    SOURCE: Electronic code of federal regulations

    According to U.S. Income tax law, MOST income is exempt (i.e. not taxable), while very LITTLE income is not exempt (i.e. taxable).

  • Glen Craig

    What a sleaze he is wrapped up in ideological retoric, he is the one that will not make any compromise but falsely accuses the Republicans of failing to compromise. He is driving us to bankruptcy. He wants no spending ceiling and wants Congress to give he unlimited spending ability and refuses to allow any spending cuts.

  • Bob

    Our President is asking for compromise. Nothing wrong with that.

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  • R. T. Greenwood

    This clown can say anyth9ing and nothing from the mainstream media – David “Obama Butt Boy” Gregory and Georgie “Obama Butt Boy” Stephanopolous.

  • Dude

    Obama keeps saying “Folks”. It’s folks this and folks that. How many of you know that “Folks” is a branch of a major Chicago street gang? Think there could be a connection?

  • Top

    It is never wise to make decisions while you are emotionally not stable, but here the politicians go again. Making new laws to show how they feel our pain. Not thinking of the consequences of their actions. I find it very interesting that these same politicians that want to vote on more gun restrictions and now. These same politicians in the Senate have not voted on a budget in over 4 years. They are killing everyone in this country with their out of control spending. What is more important, voting on a new gun law or voting on a budget? I for one am a lot more concerned about the dept the country is amassing. Dept is going to kill us all if we do not stop this out of control spending..

  • BayAreaBill

    O’Liar is totally without shame. He dares to use the deaths of those innocent people to push his insane tax increase? Dear O’Liar: You are NOT God and you are NOT our Emperor. You are just a miserable, grafting Chicago ward heeler who is destroying the legal, economic, and social fabric of the USA.

  • Clearhead

    “…..Gross. Barack Obama Uses Sandy Hook Massacre to Push Tax Hikes…..” Can anyone imagine a more stupid, amoral and foolish reaction to this tragedy? Yes, in Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Syria, Yemen and more. The difference is that here in America we historically react with deep sorrow, empathy and compassion in a situation such as this. I say ‘historically’ because now some of us are reacting with the uncaged-animal savagery demonstrated by the sub-human elements that are so rampant in those countries mentioned above. You who are following your corrupt and disgusting ‘savior’ are contributing to the final quarter of the downfall of America. And how poignant it will be for you when you run out of everyone else’s money and are completely beholden to China for your every bite of food and your every physical move, and yes, even your every breath of air — when your life and your flesh are spent. You will look back and say,….”How I hated common sense, discretion, correction, frugality, wisdom and consideration for others !!! How I yearned for that figurative “one night of pleasure that in the end led to a lifetime of misery” !! It is well into the 11th hour for our beloved country; however, we still have enough minutes left to rewind before the final strike. Please God, instill in us the wisdom to do this, for we, ourselves, have it not.

  • Semperfi 1950

    When are you people going to realize he is a F— Marxist hates this country will do anything to punish the whites for slavery even if it means destroying the US–Sorry to say but look at the countries of the world there isn’t one country ruled by blacks that it’s people aren’t living in poverty. in 1952 I was a MP in Haiti it was the garbage pit of the world and with billion of dollars invested there it is still the garbage pit of the world
    we Keep electing the same politicians year after year and who are they looking out for themselves and the throw a bone to the voters who say,oh my god! he is look out for me I have to vote for him so I keep getting my treats.
    Enough said
    God pray for the US

  • JackHail

    Let’s not forget Obama sees his job as an ongoing opportunity to damage America. If you keep this in mind everything he does makes sense.

  • sjh

    Standing on top of dead childrens bodies for political gain. Shamless.

    But not unexpected.

  • PS

    It is unconscionable to use the Sandy Hook massacre of 6-year old children to promote his own political agenda for increased taxes against the very parents of these children. What a hypocrite.

  • kim

    Weak man…a very weak man. The country gets what it deserves.

  • gman

    Lying POS

  • Another Old White guy

    I the need another 20,000 person Agency to control guns in the US. Way to go “O”.

  • Jett

    Comprimise always mean do what he says.

  • sgb

    As bad as this is, I think that 9/11, Katrina, and Oklahoma City are much worse. This man will stop at nothing to push his agenda. The problem is that the media and all his liberal friends eat it up and spit it out, regardless of the truth.

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  • jack

    The great masses of the people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.

    (Adolph Hitler)

  • StoneyB

    Re: Big O’s speech “and now one of the worse tragedies in our memory.” The biggest tragedy to befall this nation in my memory is his election and reelection. We may never be able to repair the damages he and his willing accomplices have done and will continue to do.

  • Andy Howe

    With natural and manmade disasters such as Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook shootings, there is only one solution, according to Obama. More taxes, of course. The solution for everything.

  • Pingback: Gross. Barack Obama Uses Sandy Hook Massacre to Push Tax Hikes (Video) | Born Conservative()

  • tom

    ANY excuse is a good excuse to raise taxes.

  • Sal

    Great leadership….trying to enact tax legislation that will adversely effect the country because there was a hurricane and an idiot in Connecticut who snapped. When will we get real leadership again and I don’t mean Bush.

  • Slayer88

    F you Mr Maobama and your “greater good” you F’ing parasite…..

  • Hamburger_Hurter

    Welcome to Taker Nation, idiots. Hail your King, the dog-eating kenyan. WHEEEEEE!!!!!!

  • Mike

    This man has no shame. Can you imagine what the media would have said if a Republican had used a tragedy like this to push their agenda. This has nothing to do with taxing the “millionaires and billionaires” that earn 200K per year.

  • George

    Ok, so you should compromise instead of being ideological…then what spending are you actually going to reduce Mr. President – and I guess you’re also going to raise taxes on those making over $1million??

    That would be someone compromising…but then again, you don’t do anything but talk do you?

  • CatK

    You are not alone.

  • Pingback: Krauthammer: I Think the President Invoking Massacre of Children in Context of Fiscal Talks Is Sacrilege (Video) | The Penn Ave Post()

  • David

    After listening to this president speak today, every single American should be scared out of their minds. This is not a president who care about the American people. This president is a textbook narcissist, who will indeed do whatever it takes to advance his socialist agenda. His plan is create a welfare state, in order to control the populace. Obama is the reincarnation of Benedict Arnold–a traitor!! Why is it that so few citizens of the US see through this guy??? He didn’t go on national television to talk about gun control. He went on national television to wait for the question and answer period in order to lobby for his agenda, which is to destabilize the US the future of our country, by spending us into oblivion, and to tax the not just the rich, but also the middle class; and, then to poceed to give handouts to the poor in order to keep electing the Democrats, which will futher his welfare agenda after he is out of office; or, G-d forbid, lull the country into submission and try to grab a 3rd term as president. This guy had the audacity to use the slaughter of 20 babies, to attempt to bully the GOP into submission, for his own political goals. This was the most partisan politician I have ever witnessed in action. He spoke for about 10-15 min about fun control; however the entire question and answer period had nothing at all to do with gun control. It was all about scaring the American people, by raising the spector of “going over the fiscal cliff. This was a shameful day in American history.

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  • CKAinRedStateUSA

    As Charles Krauthammer said tonight on Fox News’s “Special Report with Bret Baier,” what Obama did was self-righteous, narcissistic and sacrilegious.

    I add: ghoulish, ultra-insensitive, opportunistic, execrable — and predictable.

  • CKAinRedStateUSA

    One more thing: I would’ve said shameful, but Obama appears to have neither shame nor conscience.

    He’s one dangerous psychologically fractured misanthrope.

  • Yerkidding

    Barry never saw a tragedy he couldn’t exploit.

  • Failed Obamessiah

    This shameless Communist should stick to golf.

  • SkyKing1000

    Children being murdered means I should therefore pay more taxes?

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  • zen

    Aww! For The Greater Good! Been hearing that a lot lately! So thats what this is really about.
    For the greater good! All those nut job conspiracy theorist ain’t so nutty after all. For the greater good is code word for TOTALITARIANISM.

    Concise Encyclopedia
    Form of government that subordinates all aspects of its citizens’ lives to the authority of the state, with a single charismatic leader as the ultimate authority. The term was coined in the early 1920s by Benito Mussolini, but totalitarianism has existed throughout history throughout the world (e.g., Qin dynasty China). It is distinguished from dictatorship and authoritarianism by its supplanting of all political institutions and all old legal and social traditions with new ones to meet the state’s needs, which are usually highly focused. Large-scale, organized violence may be legitimized. The police operate without the constraint of laws and regulations. Where pursuit of the state’s goal is the only ideological foundation for such a government, achievement of the goal can never be acknowledged. Hannah Arendt’s Origins of Totalitarianism (1951) is the standard work on the subject.

  • kim

    For the good of our future generation that has to deal with all this massive debt, our government needs to live within its means. Stop spending our kid’s future Mr. President.

  • Tom Genin

    Uh, Obama, if “compromise” is such a good thing, why don’t you lead by example…for once in your life.

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  • SAndyHIssue

    Google Robbie Parker read the card. This is what should make everybody SICK! Like BHO fake tears, and lies.

  • Kendrick

    Your laws ignore our deepest needs,
    Your words are empty air.
    You’ve stripped away our heritage,
    You’ve outlawed simple prayer.
    Now gunshots fill our classrooms,
    And precious children die.
    You seek for answers everywhere,
    And ask the question “Why?”
    You regulate restrictive laws,
    Through legislative creed.
    And yet you fail to understand,
    That God is what we need!

    Written by the father of a Columbine victim

  • Noma

    B.A.S.T.A.R.D. Who voted this person into office? You should be ashamed!

  • Pingback: Krauthammer: I Think the President Invoking Massacre of Children in Context of Fiscal Talks “Is a Sacrilege” (Video) « THE WAKING GIANT()

  • Factoid Facts

    what a sad thing seeing all these illiterate republicans talking about things they have no understanding. No wonder the world is so f’d up. Assault weapons should be banned. high capacity cartridges should also be banned. Look at England, Australia, Canada, and the rest of the world when they banned them. No mass murders since. But hey, don’t let facts get in the way of the uneducated republicans. You all are too busy on your knees taking it from the 1% you worship.

  • Pingback: Gross. Barack Obama Uses Sandy Hook Massacre to Push Tax Hikes (Video) | The Gateway Pundit « Musings from the Mountain()

  • Bob Caterton

    You leftists DESERVE the government we are ALL getting… and it’s going to get much much worse, faster than anyone could have imagined. Like – 3 weeks. The Market will drop dramatically in January, and layoffs will begin as the new tax rates – retroactively – take effect on people who employ 10-20 workers. Unemployment will reach double-digits by February, and you leftist STILL won’t understand that you can’t take water from the deep end of the pool and transfer it to the shallow end. We’ve become a nation of tantrum throwing know-nothings, governed by FEELINGS. Romper Room!

  • hockey

    dont come after my guns. They will get the lead out the end of it but not the gun especially if they are wearing un blue helmets

  • zack

    wont be very much longer now !

  • hockey

    Norma – to answer your question who voted this B.A.S.T.A.R.D. in office was all he people living in a fantasy world and people wanting a free hand out, or those just too damn lazy to work. This half-breed in the white house has to go, he is the destroyer of America

  • Edward R Boothe

    The jerk has the class of a cockroach

  • Edward R Boothe

    I wonder if Cpl Hammer were black is he would still be sitting there chained to that bed in Matamoros, without Obama saying one word. Maybe “Rev” Wright thinks he is a member of the KKK.

    I visit a family in Matamoros three times a year that I have been helping for eleven years. God help me if I ever get locked up down there. I know one thing for sure, my country won’t do a thing to help me. I’m the same color as Cpl Hammer. I’m going down there in two months. I wish I could visit him, but if I did, he would probably have a cellmate.

    It’s dangerous enough down there with the Zetas and Golfo’s constantly fighting for control of the city without having to worry about the Mexican police.

  • John Mitchell

    President Obama is disgusting. If that was one of my children murdered and I had to see him using it for his political gain, I would be furious. Waht a shame.

  • horseman43

    Notice how fast the community organizer wants to get on gun control legislation? He’s putting Biden on it right now to have his “expert,” “unbiased” panel to make reccomendations. He knows if he waits the emotion will die down, and he won’t be able to demagogue his agenda through Congress.

    I can tell you without reservation this character and every radical dreg on the left has been patiently waiting for a catastrophe like this to occur in order to slip in a bit of gun control a little at a time.

    The same day it happened they were screaming gun control.

    They know full-well their assault weapons ban will have zero effect in murders, but they don’t care. Their aim is gun control a little at a time.

    And the fools don’t even understand the issues involved.

    Oh, have they been waiting for a shooting like this last one.

    And QUICK, QUICK, QUICK, get a panel set up and come up with suggestions for more gun control right away. By January. Hurry. Quick, or we’ll not be able to take advantage of this crisis.

  • Pingback: WATCH: Obama Uses Massacred Children To Push His Tax Hike | Tony Johnson()

  • William Penn

    This communist creep is going to confiscate your guns AND your money to further the Communist Party cause in America. So sad it wasn’t Obama and not those little kids who met that end. He is pure evil.

  • M.D. White

    Ah, yes…”never let a good crisis (or tragedy) go to waste.”

  • CKAinRedStateUSA

    “#90 December 19, 2012 at 1:54 pm
    “Tim Crowley commented:

    “This comment section shows, once again; no one can hate like the rabid right. No one. The good news is the Majority of Americans see through your lies and hatred. The GOP is dying a slow but sure death.”

    – – – – – – –

    Son, you’re as politically and intellectually illiterate as the rest of the Democrat/liberal/leftist gaggle in the U.S.

    You haven’t a clue that anyone who opposes the anti-Americans, anti-America, anti-Constitution, anti-military, anti-family, anti-sovereignty, anti-faith (except Islam), anti-conscience, economically illiterate Communist from Chicago may not be a Republican.

    But, then, that’d require genuine curiosity on your part.

    As for your DLL favorite “rabid right”? It delights me to see how you DLLs are so very afraid of anything that’s not excreted by Obama and his administration, his DLL Party and his Ministry of Truth (formerly, so-called mainstream news media).

    And so very afraid of the Constitution, particularly the First Amendment.

    And so very fearful, in general, of anything that challenges your moral anchorless and vulgarity.

    BTW: Please provide credible traceable objective evidence to support your “majority of Americans” allegation. If you cannot or will not, retract it.

  • J

    Hey, maybe the Gunman was just doing what Obama said to do, except he took out the word ‘vote’ and substituted ‘Kill’ as in ‘KILL FOR REVENGE!’

  • Barry

    Obama is a traitor.
    He will seek a third term.

  • Bjorn Talvi

    Riiigght, because taxes have sooo much to do with guns (does anyone else getting the idea that Barry boy is “Barry Soetoro-in” (’) “We the People” again?)…

  • Valier

    The first member of the press corp didn’t ask about the gun control topic, he asked about the fiscal cliff and this was part of President Obama’s response. Go beyond the headlines and the soundbites because that’s where the truth is. You’re being played here.

  • Pingback: Obama invokes the ‘greater good’ — Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami()

  • Greg Crawford

    The call to arms is at hand!
    Who will hear?
    Who will answer?
    It’s freedom or tyranny!
    Too Arms! Too Arms!
    Liberty or Death…

  • Russell41

    It’s obvious the problem isn’t guns but a mental health problem in America. The reason mental health is not being researched for violent crimes is because most of the Democratic party suffers from some form of mental health. Pelosi and Reid suffer from a more sever form of mental health that affects judgment and clear reasoning. I think they should be analyzed and hospitalized, unfortunately there is no cure.

  • Pingback: Fiscal cliff of medical care()

  • airt1776

    For the greater good of the NEW WORLD ORDER hes not my president, anyone who would destroy the constitution is an enemy of the people.

  • Pingback: Krauthammer: The President Invoking the Massacre of Children in Context of the Fiscal Cliff is a Sacrilege (Video) « Nice Deb()

  • ItsJo

    This FRAUD, who sits in our Whitehouse, is Deliberately taking “America DOWN THE TUBES”, and while he does it, he and Michelle, have managed to spend ” $ l.4 billion on THEMSELVES, which is the taxpayers money in America…this, was compared to the “Royals in Britan spending a MERE, $ 54.5 million”…….JUST WHO IS THIS “THIEF, CON, GLUTTONOUS COUPLE KIDDING?-WHILE THEY STEAL FROM US?” ONLY THE IDIOTS WHO WANT HANDOUTS, AND ARE THE ONES WHO VOTED THIS FOOL BACK INTO OFFICE. WE HAD A CHANCE OF A GOOD MAN, ROMNEY WHO LOVES AMERICA, BUT THE FOOLS VOTED IN THIS FRAUD AND HIS GLUTTONOUS WIFE, WHO CAN’T SPEND MONEY FASTER. THEY WILL SPEND 4 MILLION FOR A 20 DAY VACAY, WHILE THE PEOPLE IN N.Y. & N.J. HAVE NO HOMES. WHAT A GUY/GAL.

    It was Axelrod who said: “Never let a good tragedy go to waste”….Obama squeezed out a “Fake Tear”, then went on to talk about HIS TAX AGENDA”……Hateful is what he is ALL about, and the Power he Loves. Sickening, for SURE.

  • FallenStar

    Never let a good crisis go to waste.

  • James

    This is the present generation of American’s political testament. Modernized version of a quote by Mister Martin Niemöller quote.

    First, they came for the smokers, and I said nothing, because everyone knows smoking is dangerous and no one should do it.

    Then, they came for the rich people, and i said nothing, because we all know, the rich are greedy bastards who on the backs of hard working men earned nothing they have.

    Then they came for the guns, and I said nothing, because if guns where banned, no innocent child would ever be killed. Besides, only ignorant rednecks want guns to kill innocent people.

    Then…they came for me…I cried out for the help of other free men, but no one was left to speak up for me…

  • Mark of the Wild West…

    Look, Obama and the CIA caused the “Sandy Hook” event… Let’s face it, Obama and the of the UN agent provocateurs in the Zionist controlled media had their script all loaded up and ready to go day one of “Sandy Hook”… That should be proof enough, but there is more…

    This is a gun grab event by those who fear armed citizens… “Sandy Hook” was an inside job, just like 911… Don’t get your info off of CNN or Fox or any Mainstream Media outlet, it’s all staged, tell me I’m wrong!

  • templeknight

    obama is following rahm’s “never let a crisis go to waste”, well the waste in the whitehouse is using a nutcase tragedy to distract the taxpayers from noticing the following: his administration is selling off GM shares at a cost to us of 50 billion, we lost 30 billion on chrysler, he got the republicans to bend over but its not enough, he’s demanding the ability to raise the debt ceiling without restrictions, HE”S USING THE TRAGEDY TO RAISE TAXES AND
    LAY THE GROUND WORK FOR FIREARMS CONFISCATION, and he’s off to Hawaii on a 4 million dollar taxpayer funded vacation; I not sure if he’s emulating Nero, hitler or is a merging both into a nightmare dictatorship. each of you will have to decide.

  • kwaakyola

    Obama used murdered children to promote his fiscal agenda. Unbelievable. In his mind the has made some sick connection between taxes and 20 murdered 6 & 7 year old children and 6 adults. His voting for infanticide 4 times was more than enough to show me this dishonorable president cares for no human life other than his own. He has succeeded in insulting the families of those lost at Sandy Hook. His legacy is now forever tainted with a level of dishonor known by no other president. What a despicable man.

  • Obama is a heartless, soul-less, prancing peacock, so obsessed with himself that dancing on the graves of the 27 souls is just all in a day’s work for him.

    THIS is what the liberals consider leadership; this is why we have ‘goth monsters’ roaming the streets trying to figure out WHY society is so mean to them, and what they can do to seek revenge.

    This peacock, BO and his ilk, are what the lib’s have devolved into, and unfortuneately the rest of us are condemned to endure the insanity of the left.


    What kind of scum would politicize a mass murder to further his war on the rich? On guns? Certainly not our beloved President? Did you notice the sarcasm?
    As a test I have a gun passed down, through my family, that has not gone off all of my life. I am 69 years old.

  • Gringo

    TO:LIBKILLER…….No, you are not alone. The resemblance to 1930s Hitler is very very disturbing. I never would have thought in my life that I would fear my own government more than anything else. And the scarier part is that 52% of our citizens are hollering Zeig Heil right along with this POS. This man is evil, PERIOD.

  • Clare Dinnocenti

    This person Obama could not be a president of an ‘out house’. Let’s call him what he is a ‘snake oil salesman’.

  • Paul

    Never let a good crises go to waste. Obama and liberals are sickening. I bet they cheered when they heard of the tragedy.

  • Nancy

    Yes, Mr. Obama, the perspective is we now have to trust those who can’t even figure out how to pay their bills, with our 2nd amendment rights. That’s just great.

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  • SgtShel

    History does repeat itself!
    In 1939, Time magazine picked Hilter as the “Man of the Year’
    Yesterday, Time picks Obama!

  • Norma Ragan

    I agree what are you willing to compromise? When are you going to STOP spending my money and my grandchildren’s money? STOP supporting the things I am against like giving warplanes to Egypt.

  • Scarface

    Evil incarnate emanates from this demon of a man! God, sulfur pours forth when he passes by!

  • Kevin

    Then compromise, Mr. President. Perhaps just this once, the good of the country, not political ideology and gain, could be your primary focus.

  • Oscar

    Someone needs to sign Obama up in a leadership course. This clown knows nothing about building consensus and even less about compromise. All he knows is the Chicago art of coercion, manipulation, and demonization to reach his ends. I am so sick of this idiot…..”Man of the Year”….yeah, right!

  • Michael

    True to his words, obama is exploiting this tragedy for his own political agenda. This man has no soul.

  • Darby

    It is useless to fault the president for anything. Blame can only be placed on the demo-zombies who voted for this puppet and the conservatives who didn’t bother to vote at all!

  • Pingback: President Uses Sandy Hook Massacre to Push Tax Hikes… : Bilco's Domain()

  • miss_msry

    Not all Acorns grow into mighty oaks.

  • Tomas

    Why does compromise always mean those who foot the bill to fund government are expected to pay more for ever increased spending? How about the government compromise by cutting its workforce and spending by 20%?

    The meaning of compromise has been compromised by the politicians and media. Compromise now means: they (the political class) will propose something entirely unconstitutional, then another faction opposes by supporting the constitution ( even if it is,just theatre). Then, the compromise is pushed to “meet in the middle”. Mission accomplished; we moved from liberty to the point right between liberty and slavery. Lather, rinse, repeat. They should all be flogged and jailed. Every single government employee has violated their oath. They either were complicit in following unconstitutional directives, or they approved said unconstitutional directives. Putting the thin veneer of legality of approval by paid government employees (the supremes) is like the fox voting his brother to guard the henhouse.

  • Guns don’t kill people. People and crooked politicians kill people in order to shove their socialism down our throats. Wake up and stop watching T.V. news. It is Obama’s propaganda brain washing tool. Wake up America! It is your constitutional right to own guns no matter how many people get killed for whatever reason. Wake up America

  • Noma

    bho is an embarrassment to America. What kind of person stoops so low as to use innocent children gunned down as leverage for what he wants. despicable. disgusting. fake tears don’t fool me. Seeing his face, hearing his words, uttering his names sickens me more and more. I will not bury my head in the sand, though, much as I would like to to escape his presence. We need to stay on top of what is false and what is fiction in order to preserve our country.

  • Edward R Boothe

    This devil has no shame and no class.

  • downunder

    Having watched Obama for a few years now I thought he couldn’t sink any lower in the political food chain.

    To link the horrendous massacre with the American tax system and trying to get brownie points from it proved me wrong.

    POTUS has joined the bottom feeders.

  • Maud St James

    That is obscene!

    Of course, that is Obama. He will use anything and everything to forward his socialistic, despotic desires. RIP freedom, RIP America, RIP good manners, RIP all that has been good about our once magnificent country.

  • voxpopuli2012


  • JUAN


  • Barry bin Inhalin

    Barry Soetoro once again obfuscating for his own gain.

  • itsy_bitsy

    One thing about Obama, he won’t hesitate to use any tragedy for his own purpose! There’s a name for people like him, ghoul!

  • Danhan

    The words of a fool playing a country for a bunch of saps. Four more years of this nonsense are going to be hard to stomach.

  • way2confused

    Apparently there is NOTHING this useless excuse for humanity will not politicize.

  • dr_bugsy

    What an impacted stool Obama is.

  • cntrlfrk

    Every day I wake up and wonder what hate and divisiveness President Downgrade will bring on this Great Nation, and he never lets me down.

    Good God how did we ever elect this ‘man’ twice????


  • Derek

    Does anyone else find it disturbing our president pushes his agenda through on the backs of dead children?

  • Derek

    Also, Obama should lead by example he should remove all the “FULLY AUTO” weapons that surround him 24/7, what am I thinking…his family is much more important than mine thats why he and his corrupt cronies should be the only ones with guns.

  • kbworkman

    I am not surprised that he uses dead kids to push his agenda.

    He is a ghoul. Feeds off the dead.

    Maybe he should figure a way to make use of all the aborted babies in the country. Now there is a lot of death to make hay off of.

  • toledofan

    Normal stuff, turn a tradegy into some political fodder, isn’t it just pathetic. I guess I’ll never understand how so many voted this guy into a second term, it’s just almost beyond belief. The other part of the coin is that it’s his way or the highway and the fiscal cliff debacle is a clear example of what is wrong. How can anyone with any intelligence believe anything that comes out of this presidents mouth?

  • Walt

    First thing Hitler did after consolidating power was to take guns away from German citizens. He said it would reduce violence and increase safety, but do you ever wonder why there was no citizen revolt when Hitler started to invade other countries, thus sealing the terrible fate of Germans. Jews and zillions of people worldwide? No guns means no Arab Spring uprising, no challenge to Obama’s dictatorship and the end of America. Fight gun bans like your life depends on it, because it does!

  • Melissa

    I am not willing to compromise because I do not think he will spend my money on “the greater good”. I think he will spend it on some dumb stuff he had in mind back months before any of this happened. I am going to quit my job as a nurse and live off the govt if my taxes go up! I have 4 kids, I cant afford this anymore.

  • digger_006

    Little Nero….still fiddling while Rome burns……

  • Alex

    Here are the lyrics from one of my favorite bands.
    They fit…perfectly how exactly i feel about Obama and his socialist approach:

    Nothing can take the horror from me
    Your sick world the loss of all morality
    My hate has grown as strong as my confusion
    My only hope my only solution
    is a Violent Revolution

  • JDubya

    I find his statements offensive. His saying that ideological positions that make no sense is self-serving and pandering to his sheeple. They buy his BS lock, stock & barrel because they’ve been dumbed down by the public school systems owned and run by liberal union members who only care about themselves instead of teaching accurate and useful information. The left has been working for this for 50 + years and now the right has no one to blame but themselves because they sat back and let it happen.

  • Mitch

    All Gun owners/ enthusiasts I know are doubly sad about the past events. We gather together in the gun shops to mourn the coming attack on the Constitution as well as to insure our defense. You can see it in their eyes, the dejected look that it has all come to this. That the emotional populous would reject history and choose to deny defense, in order to stop offense. It’s a poison recipe that has created dangerous criminal heII holes like Chicago and Washington D.C.

    Of course the recent bloodshed is senseless and the reasons why this child/man chose to break the primary law, “thou shall not kill” will be explored. But again we are saddened by the desperate attempt to undo what has been done by needlessly and ignorantly attacking the right of others to defend themselves against the EXACT same threat.
    Natural disasters like Katrina and societal disasters like the Rodney King flashmob riots proved that the rapid breakdown of the local society is possible thereby illustrating the law biding citizens need for this capacity of defense.

    A gun is a tool, not a being. It is a good tool, that can insure the safety of the defenseless against deadly threats. It is THE equalizer. This fact should be especially important to women, and the weaker among us. The US has known this since our founding and placed it prominently in our Constitution, second, as the second defends the 1st.

    The problem is people.
    The answer is education, not legislation.
    The problem is people.
    The answer is Liberty, not tyranny.

  • James Madison

    The responsibility of those elected to Federal office is to UPHOLD and PROTECT the CONSTITUTION.

    Working hard to undermine the Bill of Rights seems to be the sole agenda of the Democrat Party.

    In the case of the Sandy Hook Massacre, don’t prevent citizens the ability to protect themselves and those around them. Why should elected officials and their place of work be afforded armed guards, metal detectors, and secured facilities paid for by the taxpayer, yet the same people find it ‘reasonable’ to disarm the responsible citizen and make them helpless ?
    In this devolving Liberal society we can longer assume the best intentions of strangers.

  • So what’s new? Democrats always exploit victims for their own insane ideas.

  • john smith

    Obama at best is inappropiate in his pushing of HIGH TAXES with the use of the The Conn. murders. It was the US Government itself who cut the funds for dschool protection. Then they beg for more. What Theives.



    Useless nothing. strip him of any power and just let him sit in the oval office until the 2016.

    As for congress.

    We don’t need new laws. Concentrate of finances and STFU about your stupid little arrogant ideals. The Constitution is your guide.

  • CV

    I hope this jig destroys the demotard party.

  • William Zabka

    Didn’t George W. Bush and the neocons use the crisis of 9/11 to invade Iraq with ginned up false intelligence resulting in over 36,000 United States wounded and killed. I don’t hear the far right getting upset by that too much.

  • Bfish

    Most of the drugs being given to kids these days to combat depression or social issues on a regular basis have nasty side effects that include spontaneous anger and violence. We have been drugging our youth for years as an easy approach to parenting and this is the result. Parents who look to drugs to control their children are at fault, the government and drug companies have been manipulating the definitions of Asperger’s and Downs to encompass more youths to sell more drugs. The government will want to suppress this kid’s drug use because it will naturally lead to these side effects as the cause and potential turn the countries anger to the pharmaceutical industry instead of the Gun dialogue they are choosing to use for their own agenda to disarm the country. The fault for these incidents lies with our legal drug addiction and the Pharmaceutical industrial complex. You can read the side effect information for yourself.

    “Side Effect: Anger
    According to the National Institutes of Health and the National Center for Biotechnology Information, each antidepressant discussed has the following warning on this specific side effect: “You, your family , or your caregiver should call your doctor right away if you experience any of the following symptoms: new or worsening depression; thinking about harming or killing yourself, or planning or trying to do so; extreme worry; agitation; panic attacks; difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep; aggressive behavior; irritability; acting without thinking; severe restlessness; and frenzied abnormal excitement.”

  • Woodman

    He has done many low things. To use this tragedy to push his agenda is dispicable and sleezy. I know he is supposed to be the president of all the people but I am truly embarrased to have this classless individual at the head of this great country.

  • msnbcblows

    Of course, obama means everyone else should “compromise” EXCEPT FOR HIMSELF. What a jerk. What a disgusting person to involve these horrible incidents with his tax hike plan and his own inability to bend for the greater good. Good Lord, this person is full of himself.

  • Mazdy

    99.999% of politicians are nothing but whores for big business. An asteroid can fall on a trailer park in Alabama somewhere and these political whores would use it to justify higher taxes. There is no Republican or Democratic party. They are one in the same. All selfish pricks looking at for their own interests. Everybody keeps buying the same lies every 4 years but yet conditions in the United States gets worse and worse. Obama has intensified the wars and has killed more people then BUsh but since he is a “liberal.” He gets a free pass because liberal beliefs are antiwar.

  • john smith

    With Obama it is all about the transfer of our money from us to him. Nothing else matters. Did he spend a night in tears and prayer? I highly doubt it. He has a spending pattern for himself and his family that is pernicious at best. He pours money into places that have the most unhealthy for America intentions I’ve ever known about.
    It has been a series of “do nothings” “assulting the Constitution” And ignoring all protocol he does not intend to perform. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Jim/New Haven

    Democrats are getting bolder and bolder with what they’re saying, what they’re covering up and what they’re saying about Republicans BECAUSE they know that the media(most of it) is entirely in their pocket.
    The media in this country has become a treasonous enterprise that screwed Hillary(deservedly), elected Obama and glorified his pitiful first four years.
    They then controlled the message during the campaign and narrowly got him elected again. And they’re not going to stop now. Any other administration, especially Republican, would have been roasted for F&F, Benghazi, Solyndra et al, the Stimulus and more.
    Can you imagine any other President getting reelected after that dismal performance??

  • Gerrie

    The democrat solution to every issue is always the same: We Need More Taxes.

  • Orion

    Did anybody pay attention to the fact that he was responding to question asked by the press? I am sure that if he had ignored the question the spin would have been something to the effect of “Obama hides behind School Shooting to avoid Fiscal Cliff questions”

  • ernaldo

    Shameless Kenyan pig.

  • John

    Not letting a good tragedy go to waste, The One is only just beginning to milk this cow.

  • Wow

    What an unbelievable scumbag. Way to capitalize on the deaths of innocent children to push your money-grab, President Scumbag.

  • Melody

    Compromise? In Obama’s world the definition of compromise to him is “complying and accepting everything that Obama wants in lieu of any rational discussions”. Is anyone else seriously over this arrogant and devisive man?

  • Greg Chiri

    I have the feeling when the truth comes out about Benghazi this joker will be impeached. I really don’t believe this clown will last 4 more years.

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  • Questionman

    @Klansman 172 William Black-hater! and ALL the commentator are disgunting human beings!

    “This communist creep is going to confiscate your guns AND your money to further the Communist Party cause in America. So sad it wasn’t Obama and not those little kids who met that end. He is pure evil.”

    And you’re an example of Good, hearted Christian? Please! You are a a digusting azzhole!
    NOBODY is coming to take our guns people. Think for yourselves and use a little common sense.

    Shut up, you retarded racist! I’m sick and tired of you black-hating turd Calling this man a traitor with No facts! Obama is NO Traitor, you’re just a retarded racist!

    No, he isn’t pure evil. Whoever told you he was is either completely insane or lying.

    No, he’s not anti-American.

    No, he’s not a traitor.

    No, obviously he isn’t destroying America. America isn’t destroyed. He’s trying to make things BETTER for the vast majority of Americans. Republicans are doing everything they can to prevent him from doing good things.

    No, he doesn’t hate America. No one who has any brain at all thinks he is, but without knowing WHY you asked your idiotic question, it’s impossible to “explain” why its idiotic.

    No, Obama isn’t a fraud. Mostly he’s been trying to do as president what he promised to do when he was running for president.

    No, he’s not a Muslim; clearly he’s a Christian.

    Yes, Obama NEVER knew his father, which means he doesn’t know WHAT he wanted for him. Whatever it was, It’s NOT to implent some fake father’s fantasy!

    How is Obama even close to a Marxist?

    He isn’t. Not even close to a Communist either! Republicans don’t even know what the difference between socialism, communism and fascism (this one no one seems to know what it is. Comes in different flavors, people) is, don’t start throwing in different strains of communism (of which Marxism is one of several).

    Figures that only the black-hating Anti-American hypocritical racists call a duly elected President a “urusper” and the fact shows Anyone who calls him that is a racist!

    Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!

    It’s no mystery here that I’ve been critical of many of Obama’s policies, however, I have spoken out when he has been unfairly characterized or treated by the right-wing media or absurd wing-nuts (some of whom post on this blog) in a variety of ways which contradict each other, and NONE of which Obama is: Liberal, Marxist, Communist, Socialist, A Muslim, anti-American, not American, gay, traitor, Usurper, an Enemy of America, a Racist, a Narcissist, a Liar, and on and on. In an alphabet of lies from the right I posted, I’ve said this fact once, I’ll say it again. The only reason the party of hypocritical louts choose to call Barack Obama a Marxist, Communist, Muslim is for the sole purpose that they cannot call him what they really want to call him, and that is NIddER!

    No good deed goes unpunished. No other president, except the Black guy would get anyway near as much scrutiny. When it’s the Black guy, everything is suspicious, “foreign”, a little bit improper.

    The president will continue to be the target of right wing extremist hate groups throughout his second term and long thereafter.
    The hard right is a disgrace and completely unworthy of any governmental office.

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