FOX News Host Megyn Kelly Breaks Down in Tears During Moving Sandy Hook Segment (Video)

FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly broke down in tears after a powerful segment today on the Sandy Hook shootings. FOX aired a segment from ABC of the parents of Jessica Rekos recalling the details of Friday’s shooting and finding out their little girl had been killed. Megyn Kelly broke down in tears after the very moving segment.

–Please keep these poor parents and families in your thoughts and prayers.

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  • Mad Hatter

    This is why I can’t watch the coverage about the kids, it’s enough to rip your heart out. Friday was the first time I cried watching tv since the Ft. Hood shooting.

  • Joanne

    I can’t see this killing of the little children not pulling at everyone’s heart strings, but many of us knew that these type of killings would come to pass. It is exactly how the British willingly gave up their arms – at least to a major extent. Don’t allow Obama to use this as a means to his end. There is no doubt, Obama will continue to amp the slaughter until he disarms America. Criminals will not give up their arms.

  • Patty

    I have said many times to my sons, how do these host get through these stories without breaking down. And Megyn Kelly is one of the most beautiful and intelligent host ever. She has two young children of her own and I would bet my house she hasn’t stopped hugging them both.

    She is a wonderful reporter we watch daily and she has that extra something it takes to be gracious and at the same time inspiring. She cares and our prayers go out to all the families of this unimaginable tragedy.

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  • ★FALCON★

    My condolences and heartfelt prayers parents of Jessica Rekos. I just don’t think that as a free society we should allow the issue to pull at our heartstrings and allow the issue to be demagogued because children were murdered.

    These communists know that murdered children will essentially get you to laid down any rights you have.

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  • Jawknee

    The MSM needs to knock this crap off. It’s because of them we have these mass shootings over and over. First it was the Oregon shooter, then Newtown, then the nut who was thankfully arrested in Oklamahoma and now RightScoop reported another would be killer tried to shoot up a movie theater but was stopped by an off duty police officers. THE MEDIA IS MORE CULPABLE THAN THE GUNS!

  • Nelle

    Be sure to remind liberals every time they use this incident to bring up gun control, that they are exploiting this horrible tragedy to attack the second amendment. If they “just want to have a discussion” then it can wait a few days for decency’s sake, and then we can talk mental illness and its treatment, drugs, nihilism, movies and music right along with guns.

  • shadow

    What, no claims of “crocodile tears?” Or links to “cry on demand” sites? Imagine that.

  • luke duke

    Enough, already. This is a tragedy for the people involved. Sorry, but it really means nothing to me individually. I don’t need to examine my soul or whatever crap the emotional liberals are peddling. I love my children and would experience horrible grief were they to die in any manner. But for crying out loud: can’t we just let these people grieve in peace? People die. It is always sad.

  • Jeff

    My prayers go out to all the families and friends of these precious innocent lives that were so violently stolen from them. It’s so hard to watch the news anymore because of all of the violence and death in this world. The news will analyze, then over-analyze and then make their own assumptions on what the motive was for this monster to commit such a heinous act. The news stories will all follow the killer and make him into a household name but that is not right. We should be learning about the victims, like in this clip, and remember the innocent and carry on their memory. In too many stories, the murderers are often given a sick false sense of celebrity and that sometimes is enough to send the next nut job over the top hoping to achieve the same. It is an extremely sad day and era in America. On a side note, kudos to Megyn Kelly for showing she is human and has human emotions and is not a just a prodding and emotionally detached reporter. God bless us all.

  • Time

    Well Ms Kelly if your tears are anything as this then I suggest you are up for an Academy Award. If you are involved / cahoots with the Hollyweirdos then you too must by all sense be as crazy as they are. I cannot under any means of rational believe what I am now seeing with my own eyes. I cannot at this time think anything other then what the facts show, the truth is and we as a nation have been played, duped. How we allowed this to get so far out of hand, allowed our children and citizens to put their trust and vanity into this crowd of misfits is beyond anything, any normal, sane person could understand. You worship the very people that have betrayed you. These are your false Gods. The wrong God and you will bear the wrath of your sins..
    People you look at this and you decide. You can’t make this stuff up..
    Search YouTube..WOW SANDY HOOK & AURORA IN BATMAN MOVIE ! MAKE VIRAL ~ THis is a SET UP !!! By xblackxopsxsecretsx2

  • MAJMike

    The Lib-Cong never pass up a chance to dance in the blood of innocent victims to pursue their political agenda.

  • valerie
  • glennbeck

    It took a bloody Civil War to change the Constitutional right to own human beings. How many bloody school rooms will it take to change the Constitutional right to own the means of massacring human beings?

  • Highlander

    glennbeck, more importantly, how much blood is going to have to be shed to keep people like you from imposing your disgusting far-left agenda on this country?

  • Patty

    Wow, I really wish I understood people a bit better. Never will be able too, nor will I try with these comments, here.

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