UNHINGED Code Pink Kooks Crash NRA Presser (Video)

A far left Code Pink protester crashed the NRA press conference today with a banner that said,
“NRA Killing Our Kids.”

Mediaite reported:

Shortly after the National Rifle Association’s CEO Wayne LaPierre began his press conference addressing last week’s shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a protester holding up a large sign reading “NRA Killing Our Kids.”

During LaPierre’s speech, an unidentified man stood up directly in front of the cameras and held up the sign, blocking view of the NRA head.

The protester was a member of Code Pink, and shouted that “it’s the NRA and the assault weapons that are killing our children,”

UPDATE: Later in the presser, Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin was escorted out for interrupting President LaPierre’s speech.

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  • John Paul Jones

    Code Pink-o is the same group praising the killing of our soldiers.

  • retired militaryq

    How did the idiot get the sign into the presser?

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  • Oliver

    #2 – retired: No armed security to stop them?

  • paul52

    Time for ‘open season’ on Code Pinkos. Let these asshats go tell the Palestinians to put down their rockets aimed at civilians. Hypocrites.

  • Vicky Hernandez

    Hmm… So it’s not the human pulling the trigger, “that [are] killing our children.” Stupid, emotional, little, man.

    Its a safe bet to say violence in America predates the NRA by several hundred years. And violence predates America by millennia!

  • Bigkahuna

    I heard he didn’t take questions so why do a live shot and have the nuts loose. Just tape a response or have nobody allowed in

  • Bigkahuna

    Should they have shot him and said they felt threatened? Just kidding…kinda

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  • Ryan

    Never wear a cloak of guilt because others are evil.

  • Skandia Recluse

    The United States will not survive four more years of this, one way or another, it will be fundamentally different.

  • pagar

    Every bit of the leftist screaming about guns and the Newtown massacre is made up and addressing the wrong problem. .


    The school administration did not use the laws available to them.

    ” Educational professionals report they saw Adam Lanza’s problems as early as 9th grade.”

    “One can imagine there isn’t a Special Education Director who isn’t wondering if they could do more to identify students with mental health disorders. In fact, there are some who know they can do more – *and the law requires them to do it. However, the administrative apparatus of the public school system is managed in a way that restricts access to the supports and services needed by children with mental illness or disabilities.”

  • http://vandal49588.blogspot.com Harry L Hughes III

    These Kooks also support open borders, bringing more crime and violence to this country. It seems to me that they care for our nation’s enemies, more than they care for law abiding citizens.

  • Jason

    The NRA seriously wants *every* school to hire armed guards? This is their answer?!? At a cost of 5.5 billion maybe the NRA shoudl be responsible for paying these guards? And sure, I don’t imagine will ever see the possibility of an armed guard one day going on a shooting spree… This guy is a shill for the weapons industry. The NRA is truly a sick and disgusting organization.

  • lizzy84
  • Joanne


    What this short video. Obama wants your guns. He is so cocky that he hasn’t even been sworn in for the second term yet; he is showing his hand – he can’t wait, he is so excited.

    Ask yourself about the number of autistic males in America compared to the number of autistic females. Why are the males in America being targeted through vaccines – and don’t tell me vaccines have nothing to do with autistic children – just ask any mother of an autistic child when they noticed their child change. Why are children being medicated in order to go to school – too hyper, too whatever for the communist university brain-washed teachers to handle? Why are most of these children males? Why is it these shooters all young males of which 90% are on pharmaceutical drugs who can feel nothing?

    Why if Obama is so against rapid-fire guns or just all guns, he has ordered millions of rounds of hollow point bullets and sharp shooter bullets? How come? It is time folks.

  • Catherine

    code pink helped mussis kill others in Egypt.
    Just look it up code pink protesters in Egypt yep code pink are terrorist.


  • Erasmus

    Ironically, the Code Pinkos are safer at a NRA event than our kids are at school.

  • http://www.spatulacitybbs.net Darth Venomous

    How did the idiot get the sign into the presser?

    More to the point, why did he not get the crap beaten out of him thereafter?

  • Terd

    Like I have said…..it’s time to start punching people when they pull this. Right in the fu***ng face. We’ve ben polite for far too long. And it isn’t working.