Egyptian Authorities Arrest Al-Qaeda-Affiliated Terror Suspect Linked to Benghazi

Obama said Al-Qaeda was defeated.
The media believed him.

Egyptian authorities detained an Islamist with ties to Al-Qaeda whose operatives are believed to have carried out a deadly al-Qaeda attack on a US mission in Benghazi.
The Egyptian Independent reported:

Egyptian authorities have detained a suspected terror network ringleader whose operatives are believed to have carried out a deadly attack on a US mission in Libya, a report said Friday.

Muhammad Jamal Abu Ahmad –– a former member of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, who was freed from prison in March 2011 following the ouster of Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak –– was captured in the past week, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing unnamed US officials.

When asked about the report, one US official confirmed to AFP that Ahmad had been detained, without providing further details.

US intelligence played a role in the detention, one official told the Journal. It was not immediately clear where or how the suspect –– who is thought to be about 45 years old –– was caught.

The US ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, and three other Americans were killed in the 11 September assault on the US mission in Benghazi.

US officials have been tracking Muhammad Jamal Abu Ahmad for some time. Ahmad was released from prison during the “Arab Spring” and has links to Al-Qaeda.
The WSJ reported, via Weasel Zippers:

Fighters linked to one freed militant, Muhammad Jamal Abu Ahmad, took part in the Sept. 11 attack on U.S. diplomatic outposts in Libya that killed four Americans, U.S. officials believe based on initial reports. Intelligence reports suggest that some of the attackers trained at camps he established in the Libyan Desert, a former U.S. official said.

Western officials say Mr. Ahmad has petitioned the chief of al Qaeda, to whom he has long ties, for permission to launch an al Qaeda affiliate and has secured financing from al Qaeda’s Yemeni wing.

U.S. spy agencies have been tracking Mr. Ahmad’s activities for several months. The Benghazi attacks gave a major boost to his prominence in their eyes.

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  • Idiots. Don’t they know that this was all the result of a You Tube video? Thanks anyway guys.

  • bring him to the united states. our politicans might get him on trial by 2025.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    They’ll try to trade him for the blind “shieat”. Who knows maybe Obama can cut the deal in time to invite this one his Christmas party.

  • Indiana

    This guy will never see the light of day. He won’t live long enough to testify that Obama set this entire thing up to create a hostage “trade” situation to be exploited for Campaign purposes.

  • max

    Well, we should do one of two things:
    -waterboard at the rendition center in saudi arabia
    -make him jim demint’s replacement. heaven knows the gop in the congress need aggressive leadership

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  • Will Obama’s bitch Morsi also arrest Hussein bin Obama, if that’s his real name, who is directly linked to arming al Qaeda in Libya? I didn’t think so.

    ‘The real story, or the heavily sanitized version of the real story, is slowly dribbling out of the mainstream media. And there are a few things to keep in mind while reading through this New York Times piece.

    1. Qatar has ties to Al Qaeda, runs Al Jazeera and was responsible for much of the Arab Spring.

    2. The Qatari goal was to build up a network of Islamist states.

    3. Qatar has a major financial presence in Europe and is turning into the a new and even more dangerous Saudi Arabia.

    This situation is slowly leaking into the mainstream media, either because Obama Inc. is breaking with Qatar or looking to shift responsibility for actions that they knew Qatar was undertaking.

    The United States, which had only small numbers of C.I.A. officers on the ground in Libya during the tumult of the rebellion, provided little oversight of the arms shipments. Within weeks of endorsing Qatar’s plan to send weapons there in spring 2011, the White House began receiving reports that they were going to Islamic militant groups. They were “more antidemocratic, more hard-line, closer to an extreme version of Islam” than the main rebel alliance in Libya, said a former Defense Department official.

    And again, we are not talking about the Muslim Brotherhood here. According to DC, the Muslim Brotherhood is moderate. We are talking Al Qaeda militias, officially linked or not officially linked.’

    Mubarack Hussein bin Osama, if that’s his real name, the supposed POTUS has shown himself as complicit and colluding with enough Islamist terrorist groups to remove all doubt that he himself is a terrorist operative beholden to his masters.

  • Inquisition

    Is he a film maker?

  • Patty

    One less evil. Now, this may give the families of the 4 Americans a bit of closure. But Investigations of this administration’s action must be resolute.

    And there are so many others who wish us dead, just one less dirt bag out of the way.

  • JoyO

    This Administration has been investigating the Benghazi killings since September 11. This Tuesday will be December 11 — three months is long enough to investigate something that was watched at the White House, the State Department, and the CIA in real time.

    Patriotic Americans need to find out if our President issued an order to rescue these Americans and, if so, when did he issue it — and who countermanded his order.

  • dba_vagabond _trader

    Oh sure, Egypt is burning down under sharia, time to make the despot Morsi look good.

  • Oliver

    Axelrod has now had 3 months to get his Benghazi spin worked out. Anyone who thinks we are ever going to learn the truth about this, or be able to hold Obama accountable, is crazy.

    Intriguing multi-part series on Canada Free Press … an interview with an Intelligence Insider on what really happened in Benghazi.
    Link to part 1:

  • Limousine Barry

    It’s only been three months – but finally I found a sap to take the gaff for Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and I.

    You maybe thinking:

    “Wait a second, didn’t 0bama and his MSM cronies say they had a suspect in custody shortly after Chris Stevens was murdered?”

    “After a long delay the FBI was allowed into the area to only find missing top secret files. Now, 0bama is tell me that he has a suspect in custody?”

    “This 0bama guy is a liar. How can I trust him or his MSM cronies?”

    “Maybe 0bama just picked up some sap on the street and arrested him… like that Youtube guy in Artesia California!”

    “0bama blows lies like a fraudulent donkey!”

    That maybe true. But, this time I had Davy Axelrod handle the situation personally. You can bet your pet goat on Davy Axelrod spinning a good tale. And, you can be sure he would lie… er, not lie!

    My limousine is spewing fumes and I have more jobs to kill. I cannot answer any more questions. I might let another one slip out. Good day.

  • Chingachgook

    Well, color me shocked!