Bikers Turn Out to Protect Newtown Mourners from Left-Wing Westboro Cult

Bikers descended on the town of Newtown yesterday and linked arms blocking the hate group protesters of Westboro Baptist Church from disrupting the funerals. (Free Republic)

Conservative bikers turned out yesterday to protect Newtown mourners from Democrat Fred Phelps and his Westboro cult from protesting.
The Cochrane Times reported:

Bikers seem to have thwarted attempts by the Westboro Baptist Church to protest the funeral of Newtown, Conn., shooting victim Principal Dawn Hochsprung.

The vocal right-wing Christian group, whose website is, produced a video called “God Sent the Shooter,” and has blamed the massacre on gay marriage. It put Hochsprung’s funeral on its online “picket schedule.”

But there was no sign of the church group, as local newspaper the Newtown Patch live-blogged throughout the day with updates, and reported that people had arrived from as far away as Massachusetts to protect the mourners — just in case.

Bikers from New York formed a formidable-looking wall of motorcyles.

Late in the day the Patch wrote: “Applause erupted in the crowd … as it was announced that members of the Westboro Baptist Church were not coming to protest at the wake.”

(GP Correction: Fred Phelps is not a “rightwinger”, he’s a Democrat. And the Westboro Church is not a Christian group – It is a sick cult.)

It is well known that Fred Phelps has run for office as a Democrat several times.
Shame on the Cochrane Times for labeling him rightwing!

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  • Patty

    I just cannot tell you how wonderful the bikers are in our community. They do things without publicity all the time. Great to see this is getting some traction.

    God Bless Them.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Shame on the Cochrane Times for labeling him rightwing!

    I guarantee you they feel no such thing.

  • Patty
  • Locutisprime

    FYI…..these are not ‘bikers.’ These are Patriot Guard Riders and American Legion Riders and Christian motor cycle clubs who stand between the Westboro freaks and the families of honored dead.

  • Lot of bikers out where I live… I LOVE THEM. In general, they are upstanding, strong people (and the males are MEN!) who stand for freedom. That has been my personal experience with many a ‘trucker’ too. There ARE good, honest, loving, people throughout America. God BLESS each and every one of them for standing up for what is right and against what is wrong. AMEN. Merry Christmas!

  • Thank you Locutisprime.

    Beat me to it.

    I’m honored to be a member of the Patriot Guard Riders.

    The organization was founded specifically to counter the WBC. The expansion to a national thing was – to me – not unexpected at all.

  • Campfollower

    If anyone has a moment, write a letter to the editor and encourage their reporters not to be so lazy with the facts, especially when this is so important in their little town. There is no excuse for a reporter not to know who the Patriot Guard Riders are. I’ve been writing about them for years.

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  • Justin

    I agree that Westboro Baptist Church is a cult. However, they are NOT anywhere close to “left-wing” at all.

  • DogLover

    I thought that the PGR respectfully declined going to CT because it didn’t fit into their mission statement. I think they are an awesome group of people…it is a shame we even need them…but they always step up. Just curious if they changed their minds or if this is misinformation.

  • Ghost

    Anyone of US who has witnessed these ‘Patriot Guard’ or ‘Sons of Liberty’ Riders in action knows what a Wonderful Inspirational Motivational event it is.

    I’ll go out of my way to be there if I’m anywhere near and know they’ll show- they’re the 21st Century Cavalry, nothing bad will happen when they’re there and it’s All Good.

    I especially love the Sounds of Freedom, next best moment to seeing Fighter Jets overhead.

  • lincoln’s widow

    Westboro church = left wing?

    It is to laugh. Your choochoo has jumped the tracks.

  • Someone explain to me why NO ONE is bringing this “fight” to the WBC front door? Why arent these biker groups not traveling to the Phelps Church and setting up camp protesting them? This is the problem with this country. Always re-actin to an attack by the left, always on the defensive. Lack of offensive action is and will be “your” undoing AmeriKa!

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  • Linda

    It’s pretty sad some people cannot even have a funeral in peace.

    But the Patriot Guards are such a Blessing during a very difficult time!

    God Bless each and everyone of them…Kenny Solomon…YOU MAKE US PROUD!

  • srdem65

    While I believe the crazy churchers have the right to be as ignorant, rude and stupid as they want to be, the rest of us have the right to stand in front of them and make more noise then they can.

  • vityas

    Torrington CT is not in NY last time I looked. It’s written on their vests.

  • bg


    God Bless Bikers!!

    we can always count on them..


  • dork lungfish

    The WBC is not “left wing.” nor is it “right wing.” It is in the “sick and twisted wing” of the ideological spectrum.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    The WBC is horrible, and Fred Phelps might once have run for office as a Democrat, but he is not left-wing or right-wing. He’s a whacko. By the way, I just read that Newt Gingrich now says that he considers gay marriage inevitable and he’s fine with it. The times they are a-changin’.

  • On the 6th day, God sent the bikers and saw that it was good.

  • The Patriot Guard riders have been doing this duty for many years all over the country, primarily for funerals of our fallen from the wars.

  • It’s funny that libs find it so impossible for a group of crazy people to be Democrat.

  • shadow

    Conservative bikers … ROFLMAO … Of course, conservative bikers.

  • gastorgrab

    “Fred Phelps is not a “rightwinger”, he’s a Democrat.”


    Fred Phelps has connections to Al Gore.

  • shadow

    So calling one’s self a Democrat makes one representative of the entire party?

  • fred phelps calls himself a marxist.
    yup thats not left wing or anything….
    Algore has campaigned for him but thats not left wing or anything…

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  • Bob

    Go Bikers! As much as I hate to say it, the Westboro group has rights under the 1st Amendment, as disgusting as their speech is. I’m really glad that this group got between Westboro and the folks at Sandy Hook

  • TommyO

    To #4 Locustpuss.
    Biker is a wide ranging title. My Dad rode with a WELL KNOWN club. I have been riding since i’ve been old enough to walk. If you do alittle research, even the police have motorcycle clubs.
    With very few exceptions, we keep our activities to ourselves but when it comes to helping those who are in need, we give all we have and will go without so others have a chance. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is more precious to us then our country, our freedom, our families, children, and brothers. A long line of my family, including myself and my two sons have served our country. Overseas and combat duty for most of us.
    If you read this and give it any kind of thought, you will think twice (hopefully) about making the assumption that the label “Biker” is a bad thing. Have a good day.

  • Linda

    Yes Westboro has rights under the First Amendment, (and they forget who God used to preserve those rights) they can protest all week for that matter, but they DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO INFLICT PAIN UPON GRIEVING FAMILIES DURING FUNERALS!!!

    The sin of homosexuality is not the only sin of America, but for some reason Phelps seems to be obsessed with the sin of homosexuality.

  • its amazing how liberal democrats refuse to take responsibility for the actions of other democrats but they are always willing to smear all conservative for the actions of an individual.

  • bg


    [#24 December 20, 2012 at 4:56 pm
    shadow commented:

    Conservative bikers … ROFLMAO … Of course, conservative bikers.]

    i agree that sounds laughable, also like Obama’s trying to pit blacks
    against whites, poor against rich, etc, you know, par his course, but
    alas i digress to logs in eyes and all that stuff..

    but still, i wonder how many LIBERAL BIKERS showed?? 😯


  • bg


    correction re: #33 December 20, 2012 at 7:43 pm bg

    but still, i wonder how many PROG-DEM-LIB BIKERS showed?? 😯


  • Ladee Diane

    THANK YOU FOR PROTECTING THESE FAMILIES! I am the wife of a Biker and we thank you from our hearts. ALL Bikers are Conservative. LOL. We are not Phelps bleeding heart right wing lib trash

  • Ladee DIane

    From the wife of a biker I thank you. You are wonderful.
    Keep them liberal bleeding hearts in their place

  • Teddy

    Finally – I read some clarification on Fred Phelps and Westboro. Left-wingers. Figures.

  • shadow

    Algore has campaigned for him but thats not left wing or anything…

    I’m sure you can prove that.

  • Mark

    I am not sure what article is sayingoing but really warms my heart and makes feel bad that perhaps I miss judged this group

  • ConTard-Crusher

    Are you seriously trying to claim that the vehemently anti-gay, pro-big religion West-bro Baptist Church which endorsed Rick Santorum for president is actually a Liberal Group ?? oh thats rich no wonder no one takes the right seriously anymore..

    30 years ago Phelps supported a democrat because of that democrats anti-gay position, so what does that have to do with today .. Using that simpleton logic Ronald Reagen must be a liberal Democrat after all he ran for office as a democrat multiple times.

  • Kansas

    Thank God for Patriot Guard & Legion Riders!!!! They are a blessing to us all and a prime example of patriotism at its best. If you don’t know about them, you are missing out. Read up! As for psychotic Phelps & his mint julips, they’ve been a thorn in the side of many for years. Again, I am INCREDIBLY proud to know Patriot Guard & Legion Rider members. HEROES, every one of them! They step up in our saddest of times. Shoulder to shoulder without reimbursement to stand and protect when we are at our weakest. Guaranteed to have our backs. Thank God for each & every one of them.

  • Denise Romano

    The Westboro Baptist Church is NOT left wing and they’re NOT Democrats! They’re radical right wing republicans! Shame on you for spreading misinformation like this!

  • bg


    Denise Romano #42 December 21, 2012 at 12:51 am

    really?? 😯

    Phelps is a disbarred lawyer, founder of the Phelps
    Chartered law firm, and a former civil rights activist.

    sounds just like Obama.. /s/

    btw, bet you didn’t know GWB did more for Homosexuals and
    Aids Victims than either Clinton or Obama, go freakin’ figure..

    shame on who?? 🙄


  • bg


    ps re: Denise Romano #42 December 21, 2012 at 12:51 am

    Phelps ran for office five times as a Democrat


  • bg


    btw: Fred Phelps is dead (piss be upon him)

    his son however condemns Westboro’s
    plan to picket Newtown funerals


  • #42…you wish!

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  • gavin

    If you think the WBC is left wing you are just as cracked as phelps is.

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  • ConTard-Crusher

    re: bg #44 And Ronald Reagan ran as a democrat for at least half his political career.. what this tells us is that people change their political party affiliation.. But then again 30 years ago the political parties weren’t the same as they are today..

  • AuntieMadder
    Al Gore’s Political Ties to Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas

    Gore and Wife Tipper Headlined Fundraiser at Phelps’ Topeka Home; Phelps Family Reportedly Invited to Clinton-Gore Inaugurations in 1993 and 1997

    (WASHINGTON, DC) – Reports linking Vice President Al Gore with notorious anti-gay activist Fred Phelps, Jr., and the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas were confirmed with the release of photographs showing Gore at a fundraiser at the home of Fred Phelps, Jr., who told the Conservative News Service on October 16 that he served as a Gore delegate on the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta in 1988.

    Gore, who was quoted by the Nashville Tennessean in 1984 saying homosexuality is not “an acceptable alternative that society should affirm” and said in his 1984 US Senate race that he would not accept money from gay rights organizations and that he opposed a “gay bill of rights,” reportedly sought the support of the Phelps family in his 1988 presidential campaign, and invited the Phelpses to the Clinton-Gore inaugurations of January 1993 and January 1997.

    The Westboro Baptist Church runs a website called “” which includes virulent anti-gay statements and attacks on Jews, Catholics, and US troops. The site calls the religious right “lukewarm cowards” and has an animated photograph of gay murder victim Matthew Shepard surrounded by flames, with a statement entitled “Matthew Shepard’s Message from Hell.” The Phelps family has gained international notoriety for picketing the funerals of gay people and US troops with signs that say “God Hates Fags.”

    Fred Phelps, Sr., pastor of the church, told CNS that the 1989 fundraiser held at his son’s home was for Al Gore, and published several photographs on the church website to substantiate it, including one showing Gore and his wife Tipper arm-in-arm with Fred and Betty Phelps. Phelps, Sr. also told CNS that he provided office space and staff accommodations for Gore campaign staffers in the 1988 campaign.

    Phelps, Sr. told CNS that Gore “looked us in the eye and gave us assurance, that, based on his Bible beliefs, he was against the homosexual agenda and the killing of babies.”

    “No one argues that Gore had an anti-gay record in the past. However, if it is true that he was allied with Fred Phelps as recently as 1997, then Al Gore’s got a lot of explaining to do,” said Rich Tafel, executive director of Log Cabin Republicans. “At this time the sources are themselves questionable, so the Vice President can end this mystery by denying any relationship with Phelps now. Most troubling is the charge that Al Gore invited Fred Phelps to his inaugurations as Vice President in 1993 and 1997. That was less than three years ago. We need some answers.”

    Fred Phelps, Jr. also ran for Governor of Kansas in the Democratic primary in 1990, winning over 11,000 votes and placing third.

  • Chris Light

    I agree that The Westboro Cult is neither left nor right wing. They take the extremes from both and merge them into one very sick and twisted view point. I’m sure that this Phelps Phucker is off his rocker, so it wouldn’t surprise me that he has connections to Ol’ Al G.

    I’m still not sure why people don’t join together and run them off when they show up to these funerals and stuff. If you beat on someone long enough, survival instincts will kick in and they will flee. Just be prepared to pay the penalty, because these sickos are waiting for the opportunity for a lawsuit.

  • Tazman

    As a PGR members I applaud the efforts of the bikers, PGR or not, in the area for standing tall. This is NOT a Dem Rep issue, It is not a right wing left wing issue, It is about a group of sick misguided perverted zealots. Leave the politics out of this.

  • Steve

    @SAVINGTHE The reason they do not go to the Phelps so called Church in Topeka, KS is that most of the family are Lawyers and they look for a reason to extract $ from cities and the like.

  • Lazlo Toth

    Anyone who thinking “Democrat” automatically equals “left-wing” is so staggeringly ignorant of American political history post-civil war, their ideas should be dismissed out of hand. You’re a loon.

  • Bob

    How is the WBC a left-wing organization?


    Finally some of my right wing bretheren are willing to stick up for homosexuals in the face of persecution from the Westboro Left-Wing Commies. I am a proud gay gun owner and I am glad to have Jim Hoft on my side, sticking up for my rights as a homosexual and a white citizen. These demoncrats have been holding us down for too long. Merry Christmas Gateway Pundit, you have finally seen the light, and all of your gay-friendly commentariat can now finally rejoice openly.

  • ConTard-Crusher

    “The site calls the religious right “lukewarm cowards” ”

    Here we go again (Face Palm) Right wing contards once again trying to re write history.. Fred Phelps connection to Al Gore was that of an opportunist hitching his wagon to the money train and thats it, Fred Phelps actions and ideology are 100 percent right wing nut job extremism…

    WBC is so far right that they actually make the main stream religious right look like liberals.. members of the WBC chastise the religious right as cowards because they are not extreme enough… The WBC is what the right would eventually become if the religious extremest in the Tea party got their way..

  • Melissa

    This headline is ridiculous and needlessly partisan. The values he and his group espouse are diametrically opposed to those of the Democratic party (and to most of the Republican party as well). He is a nutcase, a whack job, as is his daughter and their followers, and in no way representative of Democrats. If anything, his issues with abortion and homosexuals put him more in line with the Christian Right, not the left wing. Just because he has run as a Democrat doesn’t mean he actually has any support from the Democratic party or any of the so-called left wing. Posting this merely shows you are either rabidly anti-Democrat to the point of grasping at proverbial straws, or too lazy and/or stupid to do any kind of real journalistic research. I’ve been needing to narrow my reading list down for some time so thanks for making it an easy decision to remove you. Buh-bye.

  • Melissa

    Also, funny how you link to Wikipedia to show that he ran as a Democrat in Kansas (only because he knew he would not get the Republican vote)…but neglect to mention that in the same Wikipedia profilet he supported Al Gore ONCE based on ONE statement by Gore that he was against a gay bill of rights…and then later opposed the Clintons, Al Gore, picketed Al Gore’s father’s funeral, and called Al Gore “a famous fag pimp.”

    But no, proper context of the history of this psycho would ruin your slanderous headline, so just ignore the facts and push on with your preferred bias.

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  • Stene

    Left wing? More like LOON wing.

  • Jan seiner

    Phelps fears gays because he is one

  • NM

    Westboro is NOT left wing. They are right wing, hate mongering, self-proclaimed, “Christians”. And just because someone has been one political affiliation doesn’t mean that they continue to be.

    Westboro is anti-gay. Be they “bikers” or “Patriot Guard Riders”, these bike riding folks clearly do not support Westboro’s views. Gotta love that.

  • Barbara

    I have to pipe up. Westboro hates the left wing and Westboro is far from being anything like left of center. Please retract this lie.

  • Bill

    #1. I thank the hells angels for protecting the families from the westboro loonies.
    #2. The westboro baptist church is not Left-Wing nor are they democrats. Get the facts straight.

  • Earl Hand

    Just so you know, NOT all of those bikers are PGR or Christian bike groups. Not all bikers are members of these groups, but we are all bikers, and will stand against the WBC or any other group of idiots who do the samething that they try to do…..

  • Jay Aubin

    I live in Galveston, TX. Many of my friends are PGR members. Many of them are Vets themselves. As I understand them, their primary goal was, and is, to escort home our fallen from wars upon arrival. But they serve multiple functions, such as protecting, legally and within any and all tenants of law, families and others from whackos like the WBC. And they also serve others functions as well, when they can and are asked. And they love assisting in joyous occasions, when other duties are not calling them. When our Marine son came home from Iraq, after serving 3 tours they lept at the chance to welcome home one of their own, and not in a box. The line from Hobby Airport to Galveston stretched 2 miles at least along I-45 to Galveston.
    God Bless the PGR and groups such as theirs. They carry the true American spirit in their hearts and souls.

  • KCraigJ

    Thank you all Americans for your show and support of the families of the victims.

    But for a point of clarity, “right wing” is not isolated to Republican or Democrat.
    “Right Wing” is defined as a ‘philosphy within a political or religious group focused toward maintaining present or old fashion ideas not based in fact/evidence. They have a common illusion the the ‘good ole days’ were better, forgetting/ignoring the realities of the time period. Also, tend to cover up/erase evidence of its negative aspects. Extreme right wingers are renamed “fundamentalism, fascism, terrorism”. While ‘conservativism’ is considered to be mild and slow to progress without evidence.

    So a right winger can be within any political group, though at this time Republicans are slowly progressing toward extremist end.

  • Brett

    Rock on, guys. You’re fighting the good fight. I’m half a world away but you’ve got thumbs up from me.

    You’ve been reported on various websites as being Hell’s Angels… while that might not be accurate, I still find it funny, ironic and inspiring that the “Angels” are the ones standing up to the WBC.

    Keep riding.

  • Doug

    LOL! Yeah, people who protest gays and used terms like “fag” are just so liberal. And you guys wonder why you keep losing elections and no one takes you seriously.

  • MIKE


  • Sharon

    I wish they would not post which political party Fred Phelps claims – what does that have to do with his self-proclaimed Christianity? I know a lot of Democrats and they loathe this man. Fred Phelps is no Christian, he is indeed a pathetic excuse for a human being, and when his life is over and he is not welcomed into the Kingdom, maybe then he will understand (along with a lot of other so called Christians) that this lifetime was not about condemning others for sinning differently than you. This life is about learning to love, being open minded enough to accept people for who they are, to be the best person that you can be, to help others when you can for the sake of helping others – not for egotistical purposes or “just to get into heaven”. I guarantee you that God will be more welcoming to people who helped others and were kind to others for the sake of doing so – not in the name of Jesus or some church, than he will for “Christians” who help others because thats what they have to do to get into heaven, who do so grudgingly and an air of smugness. Fred Phelps is one among many “Christians” who pick and choose which part of the Bible they wish to use. He is a hypocrite and as far from a Christian as they get.

  • Kathleen

    Way to drive attention away from the real topic- The Westboro cult- by making the “left wing” reference.

    The shooter, Adam Lanza, was said to be a free market proponent. A family friend said that about him. Would it be fair to say “Free Market Ideologue shoots up school”? I think not.

    I’m able to hear that about him and not make a broad politicized generalization. Are you not able to do that with Fred’s cult? Let’s rise above that sort of thing and show some decency.

  • 2k

    Bikers are modern day minuet men and the keepers of true freedom. No me saqes sin racon.

  • Lefty Hauser

    You’re joking, right? Fred Phelps may call himself a democrat, but come on. Don’t think you’re going out on just a little bit of a limb, here? We all know that there are at least a few nut-balls who claim to be “republican…” that even you guys won’t take credit for. Just sayin’.

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  • DefenderVeritas

    You are aware one can register as a Democrat while not actually sharing any of their beliefs, yes? Ask Joe Lieberman. Using the term “Left Wing” to describe a cult that wants death for not only gays, but anyone who so much as promotes their civil rights, just because their leader checked the democrat box on his voter registration. (Which you don’t source, either.) is utterly laughable.

  • NM02

    Phelps once ran as a Democrat candidate but that doesn’t mean a thing. Because he claimed them doesn’t mean they claimed him. He lost. His daughter ran too and lost. Ulitmatley he turned his back on the Demcorat Party.
    He call Obama the Anticrist!!
    During the 1992 presidential campaign, Phelps criticized Hillary Rodham Clinton during a speech he gave endorsing Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign at the University of Kansas on October 14, 1992. In 1996 Phelps and the Westboro church opposed Clinton’s re-election because of the administration’s support for gay rights. The entire Westboro congregation picketed a 1997 inaugural ball denouncing Vice President Al Gore as a “famous fag pimp”. In 1998, Westboro picketed the funeral of Gore’s father, screaming vulgarities at Gore and telling him, “your dad’s in Hell”.

  • Charles M. Hinson

    So GatewayPundit is to the right of Fred Phelps? That’s something you might want to leave off of your online dating profile.

  • Someone needs to do some serious research. But, this is a right wing publication so we know that won’t happen. This group of bikers is known as the Patriot Guard. I am a member, and I am LIBERAL. Shocked huh? There are no party politics when it comes to our veterans, or to stopping the WBC. These bikers are not conservatives, liberals, communists, or fascists. They are AMERICANS. Something that is sadly lost on right wing pundits. Not everything in this country is as simple as a Democrat and a Republican.

  • Do Your Homework

    You are an idiot for calling Phelps a Democrat.

  • TheTruth

    I’m glad that you condemn the Westboro Baptist church, but you should stop lying to yourself and your readers, including Faux News, who apparently edited your article and posted on their website

    Democrat does not automatically equal left wing; someone can be a conservative (right wing) Democrat. Left wing/right wing refers to ones ideology, not party affiliation. Also, Westboro happens to consider itself a follower of Christ, which by definition would make it a Christian group, albeit one that finds itself in opposition to most other Christian denominations. Westboro’s number one objective is to condemn homosexuals and those whom they consider to be supporters of homosexuality. Anti-gay politics has long been associated with right wing ideology (particularly, amongst those on the “religious right”), hence, the designation of Westboro as a right wing organization.

  • trellaren

    Shut up about the left and right wing stuff. It doesn’t matter either way. Both parties are addled with flaws. And both parties are failing to represent the actual people anymore. By the time 20 more years have past I hope both the democratic and republican party has since died and something better has come in its place.

  • Thanks to a group of bikers the horrble thing that happened was not made worse by church going people…hello church going people!! I ask whats wrong with the world today..I wonder why people have to blame everything on god..And thank you bikers for doing the right thing!!These people have suffered more than any of us will ever know..I think the church that was going to protest should be ashamed of them selves!!

  • Jonathan Brooks

    Fred and Shirley Phelps and their family may be democrats, but they are not right or left wing people. They are anti-government and anti-war conmen who have no real chucrh, but a double wide that their extended family owns,that makes up this “church”. The sole means of support of this cult group/church is not tithes, but settlements by the lawyer, Shirley, from law suits they provoke. If they were not professionally litigious, they would have no other income. They are no different than Irish travelors, or the guys that jump in front of cars to collect car insurance for injuries.

  • Kirsten

    The Phelps are not democrats in any way, shape or form. They openly supported the Republicans in past elections, but to their credit the Republicans have never seemed interested in accepting Westboro’s endorsement.

  • Bikers protecting people who are mourning is great, but to suggest that the WBC is anything other than an extreme right-wing hate group is just ignoring reality. Someone can run for office as whatever they want (often people run as the party that is opposition, regardless of their own views.) What speaks is someone’s actions. The actions of the WBC are 100% in sync with an extreme right wing agenda. Do you see the right wing hating on homosexuals? Yes, yes you do. Do you see the left voting for marriage equality? Yes, yes you do.

    I get that you want accuracy in reporting, but unless they called Phelps a registered Republican, you need to just accept the fact that they WERE reporting the truth. The truth just isn’t something you like.

    In ANY case they are a FRINGE group who are NOT representative of any mainstream movement in America.

    We should all, blue, red, green, rainbow, or whatever other color we identify with, be more than happy to stand up and say: those people are full of hate, and do not belong in the dialogue of American politics or policy.

  • Oh, and one more thing. There’s NO evidence that the bikers you’ve mentioned have any particular viewpoint other than “I like motorcycles and hate jerks” . . . people all across the political spectrum enjoy riding bikes and are intolerant of hate.

  • Jeremy H

    If you cannot put aside your political ideology for just a moment, and insist on labeling everyone who disagrees with you the enemy, then I am sorry, but you are just as twisted and wrong as Phelps and his ilk.

    WBC is not a political organization, they are just a bunch of fanatics that get off on causing pain for attention. And the Patriot Riders say right on their own website that political affiliation of any kind is not a prerequisite to be a member of their group. I respect and thank the Riders for what they’ve done to stand up to WBC, and to honor the families whose loved ones have sacrificed in the name of this country.

    And those of you in the comments trying to make political points one way or the other over this story should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • William

    Calling WBS a right wing group is insulting..this comming from a democrat..Assuming someone is a republican just because he or she is a racist or homophobe needs to stop..And of course they aren’t a leftist group either..he is a piece of garbage..either side taking any credit for thwarting the WBC is disgusting..we came together as a nation to stop something we all all knew was wrong…in fact the Patriot Guard did not attend due to there mission statement, however Im sure many of there members were..fact is many of the bikers were actually Hells Angels..Im not sure if Id call Hells Angels Conservatives..maybe some are..come one people lets try to be a little altruistic and stop claiming this to make ourselves look good

  • Will Prince

    “Left-wing” is just downright idiotic. By any logical standard, Westboro is right-wing. They are part of the Far Reich. Someone needs to return to school. SMH

  • mary

    this is not about politics. you cannot claim that you are righteous and someone else is evil because of political label: stop the petty and shallow labelling. there were no doubt good people with conservative leanings and good people with liberal leanings, all standing up against this hate group. phelps calls himself a minister and a democrat: he is neither. he is simply a generator of hate.

  • Right wingers say WBC is left wing and left wingers say they are right wing.

    People will have to make up their mind – is WBC the first ever example of a left wing operation that doesn’t believe in gay rights? Or are they another bunch of fundamentalist religiosos drumming up free publicity by imposing their morality on others?

    We report, you decide NO, they are not left wing.

  • Donna DeFargo

    You need to correct your headline.
    Westboro “Baptist Church” is RIGHT WING Hate Group.
    They’re about as “Left Wing” as Rush Limbaugh.

  • M. Maan

    Westboro ISN’T LEFTIE!!!
    They’re one of us! Our cousin is a memeber and they’re NOT left wing.
    Plesae fix this.

  • TJ

    As a career Police Officer with 24 years of experience, I can tell you that I have never had any problems with “bikers”. The times that I have encoountered them, they have been polite and respectful. God Bless them for doing this and God Bless the families of the victims in Newtown.

  • Thanks Bikers! You give Bikers a good name…………Thanks for your support of the families that are suffering the loss of young loved ones……….Go Bikers!

  • Sangie

    Hahaha… it was funny how they label WBC as a left-wing cult when WBC and GOP ideals are pretty much identical. The GOP just hates WBC because it makes the GOP look like even larger out-of-touch hateful bigots.

  • Mary

    Labeling them right-wing meant more that they align themselves with right-wing ideals rather than they are Republic affiliated or approved (most obviously, the debate that homosexuals should be denied the right to marry, as that is the WBC’s main ‘reason’ for all the heinous, inhumane things they do.)

  • Samuel Brownback

    Half the right wing in KS is Democrat. These people support guns, prayer in school, banning abortion and every other right wing plank. They don’t support a single left wing thing. Evidently you don’t like them being associated with you. Boooo hoooo.

  • The Westboro Baptist Church is a fundamentalist Christian Church that follows the Bible as it is written. They do not add or alter the word of God. Read your Bible. Everything they believe is in the Holy Bible word for word. They follow the innerrant word of God to the letter because that is what good Christians are supposed to do. Those who pick and choose only what they like in the Bible and ignore the rest are not good Christians, and they are placing there souls in danger of eternal damnation.

  • OrochiTabris

    This is just a lazy attempt to assign credit in a way that makes your side look good when this has nothing to do with politics at all. The WBC hates on everyone, and will continue to hate on everyone as long as, in their eyes, this is a “fag-enabling” country. They’re horrible people, period, whether they’re sincere about their message or they’re just trying to provoke attacks or attempts to censor them so they can make some money.

    That being said… Why does a supposed left-wing cult promote ideas, in as unpleasant a manner as possible, that are very clearly right-wing and conservative? Because Phelps ran as a Democrat a few times? Yeah, that’s not enough. Phelps is a lunatic, and probably ran as a Democrat because it was convenient for whatever reason. If you really, really want to assign a political side to this group, their stance on gays and abortion, and their leader’s insistence that Obama is the anti-Christ, have pretty much done that for you.

    It sucks when such a disgusting group shares your ideals, if you’re a right-wing conservative, I know. But there you have it. It’s better to just condemn them as being horrible in general than to try to pass them on to your enemies, especially when it just doesn’t work.

    Politics aside, the bikers are awesome. Pretty sure they’re doing what they’re doing for the sake of grieving families, and not to appeal to any particular party. Let’s just respect them for what they do instead of trying to claim credit for it.

  • William

    So the Right Wing was pro-gay all along!
    I would never have known.
    It’s those evil liberals who were against gay rights. Their champion, Fred Phelps, believes God will smite the USA because we’re so permissive towards gays! Therefore we conservatives must go out of our way to champion gay rights, because that’s how we can oppose Fred Phelps’ evil, liberal schemes.

  • Kansas Steven

    Fred Phelps is and always has been a TROLL to the Democratic Party of Kansas. In the 60’s. he was part of the Dixiecrats who WERE the KKK. When the Democratic party took to supporting civil rights and all of the racists slinked off to the REPUBLICAN party, Phelps kept his Dixiecrat label and actively TROLLED the Democrats in Kansas. He tried running for the party’s nomination in solid red districts that the Dems NEVER waste valuable resources running in. The Democratic party regularly had to follow this RIGHT-WING RACIST NUT and spend money primarying him to make sure this RIGHT-WING SCUMBAG didn’t get to embarrass the party with his RIGHT-WING KKK NONSENSE. This blog is the same kind of insanity that Phelps is. Calling Phelps “Left Wing” or “Democrat” is embarrassing to what little credibility the right wing has left.

    Oh, one more thing about Phelps that people outside Kansas probably don’t know: Phelps actually represented African Americans in civil rights cases back in the 60’s. An avowed racist Klansman who only hated the Federal Government of the U.S. more than African Americans. He sued the government to profit handily in an attempt to sink it. A TRUE right-wing Republican. Anyone attempting to say anything different must give up their internet now and forever, as they have choked on what they had left of their credibility while masturbating to KKK snuff porn.

  • Eugene

    WBC are no left-wing. most of the opinions they espouse are actually RIGHT-WING.

  • greg

    I think that Phelps is probably a faggot himself

  • luc

    Remember the socialist’s community organizer, continues to play race,class and religious warfare against good patriotic Americans citizens. Remember how he went to Michigan to insight the union thugs to encourage them to protest violently,well the wbc are part and parcel the brown shirts that this socialist in charge is a party to.

  • Drew

    This is a prime reason why everyone and their mother shouldn’t be published simply because they write a “blog” (and I use that term loosely).

    It doesn’t matter if at one time Fred Phelps was a “democrat”. Are you retarded enough to believe that ANY Democrats actually identify with him at all?

    The Taliban are considered Conservatives. Do they represent the thinking of all Conservatives?

    Phelps is a douchebag. So is the douche that wrote this blog.

  • Drew

    True Christian, Phelps and his bumbling gang of mental midgets are anything but “Christian”. Go read about the life of Christ and come back when you have some real perspective about Christianity.

    Nowhere in the Bible does God say “Go forth and picket the funerals of fallen soldiers, homosexuals and SCHOOL CHILDREN.”

    Not a fan of guns myself, but give me one and Fred Phelps 100 yards in front of me and I’m gonna be breaking some of those 10 Commandments right then and there.

  • Bill

    The BIKERS——Present day Minute Men.

  • Bill Burdine

    BIKERS ——–Present Day MINUTE MEN

  • North Texas Jackson

    Bless the bikers for giving of their time! What has the world come to that we have to send protection for mourners against those who wouldIwouldIntrude

  • Cochrane Times is probably another left-wing propaganda rag that doesn’t care about credibility anymore- liked “confirmed reports” that the mother was a teacher at the school.

  • prairiski

    FYI: During the 1992 presidential campaign, Phelps criticized Hillary Rodham Clinton during a speech he gave endorsing Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign at the University of Kansas on October 14, 1992.

    In 1996 Phelps and the Westboro church opposed Clinton’s re-election because of the administration’s support for gay rights.

    The entire Westboro congregation picketed a 1997 inaugural ball, denouncing Vice President Al Gore as a “famous fag pimp”.

    In 1998, Westboro picketed the funeral of Gore’s father, screaming vulgarities at Gore and telling him, “your dad’s in Hell”.

    Yes, indeed, that is so “left wing.

  • Gulielmus

    So, “left-wing” people simultaneously want to legalize gay marriage AND see homosexuals burn in Hell? And they are simultaneously atheists AND they believe in Hell?


  • common sense

    Phelps is a Democrat, but there is nothing about him that is left-wing. His reasoning for these protests is more right-wing than anything. It’s fine if you people don’t want to be associated with him, but stop trying to blame the left-wing for anything. Not everyone who is a Democrat is left-wing, like not everyone who is a Republican is right-wing. Read a book.

  • Calling the fundamentalist anti-gay religious cult of Westboro “left wing” is a really stupid lie. Your lord Satan, the Prince of Lies, must be disappointed with you for that one.

  • Lori Watts

    Wait, what? What in the world would make you think a group whose website is GodHatesFags.Com is a leftwing group? We’re the pro-gay-rights folks, remember? I’ve never met anyone who hated gay people whose political beliefs were lefty.
    If you can’t bear to admit he’s one of yours, then don’t report his affiliation at all. I don’t know if God hates liars, but He has suggested you not be one.

  • Pete

    a quick search of current party rolls show that Phelps is neither a Democrat, nor a Republican. He had a very public falling out with the Democratic party 12 years ago. His church doctrine conforms far more with the right than the left. If you are going to lie about things, make sure you can’t be disproved.

  • We at the Cochrane Times have nothing to do with this article. We are a community weekly newspaper that is owned by QMI Agency. We can upload content to the website, but do not control what content our parent company uploads across its media platform. Go on any of our partnered websites and search for that article and you will find it.

    It has nothing to do with our newspaper and I have not ever met the author of this short news article.

    We cover news strictly in Cochrane Alberta for a very small community. This article is not property of, or creatively derived from the Cochrane Times weekly newspaper in Cochrane Alberta.

    Sun Media and QMI Agency are the owners of the content.

  • Mary

    shame on you for labeling this nut left wing. Why not call it what it is, a sick group of individuals who abuse and twist God’s teachings.

  • Roberta

    This is ridiculous. Why are you people saying that this guy who is completely wacked out is Left wing. He isn’t. He isn’t even right wing. He is CRAZY and a hate monger. He calls himself a baptist. But he not that either. the only “left wing” thing he ever did was civil rights cases back in the 70’s at some point he seemed to completely loose touch with reality. He and his so called church is a travesty to any and all.

  • jes

    “Left-wing” – because people to the far left, like Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Howard Zinn, Ralph Nader, and even people to the *moderate* left, like Rachel Maddow and Barrack Obama – are totally anti-gay homophobes.

    You DO know that the reason they are “protesting” is because they believe that god is punishing us through these major tragedies for supporting homosexuality, which they believe is a sin. Please tell me you’re not that ignorant that you don’t know this.

  • Bob

    Phelps is a rightwing nut. They are conservative, conservatives are bigots. Party affiliation doesn’t have to affect your ideology. Rightwingers are of conservative ideology. Whether you like it or not, these people belong to you contards.

  • Bob

    Sorry, you guys didn’t get away with your deception.

  • d porter

    Jim Hoft = Why you are even allowed to print anything even resembling news boggles the mind — Grow Up. Religious nut-jobs like Phelps are not left wing – They are just nuts kind of like your reporting style.

  • gjmlb

    I have lost a child, and I can tell you that the depth of the grief is unfathomable, yes time heals, but there will always remain the fateful scar of rememberance , the last thing the grieving parents need is anymore grief, God Bless these bikers for running interference.

  • Karen Dermody

    This is one of the most moronic things I’ve ever seen. Most liberals and democrats support same sex marriage and the rights of gays. The whole purpose of Phelps and the WBC is to deny gays rights and blame them for everything that happens in the world. Does anyone truly believe that Phelps is a democrat?!

    If so, I’ve got a great bridge I can sell you…

  • Bob

    Fred Phelps may have been a Democrat at one point, but to hate gays and Jews and all the other folks they hate, makes them a far right wing group. The religious left believes God loves everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or religion, while the Christian right is generally opposed to equal rights for LGBT Americans, with WBC being the extreme LGBT haters. So your political spin here is a lie. If we on the left have to acknowledge that the extreme left included tyrants like Stalin and Mao, then you on the right have to acknowledge that the extreme right includes Hitler, the KKK, and the WBC folks. One thing we can agree on is we all, left and right were pleased with the bikers and fire fighters who came out to block out the WBC hatemongers.

  • Darren Embry

    “left wing Westboro cult” yeah, just kill yourself please. My planet has no use for you.

  • Reese

    How biased do things have to be to label “bikers” conservatives, and insane hateful jerks as “left-wing”. That is what is wrong with this country. Why doesn’t everyone just act like a grown up and realize that this has nothing to do with political beliefs and everything to do with a group of brainwashed, hateful crazy people. Get over yourselves…

  • Reese

    This is not a “left-wing” or a “right-wing” issue. Calling the west-boro church left wing is like calling hitler right wing, it is just ridiculous. Grow up people.

  • Thegoon

    The bible is totally the word of God, it wasn’t written after the death of Jesus by anonymous authors accumulated over time and pieced together by Constantine many years later. Take responsibilty for your own life. Be a good person because that’s what you want to be, not because the Godman tells you to or you’re in fear of eternal damnation.If you don’t like the idea of two men sharing the same right to marry as every heterosexual citizen, or purely because you dont want to think about homosexual intercourse because it brings out your own latent feelings of homosexuality, don’t oppose it because the Godman says so oppose it because you say so. If you’re going to be ignorantly bias, at least have a little integrity and admit its you. God is large, but not big enough for everyone to hide behind. Sack up you goon.

  • Linda

    I love these bikers… God bless them – they have more courage and patriotism than all the democrats in the US combined!!! x 10

  • Thegoon

    Yeah democrats are huge fans of the WBC, also 0% of all bikers are democrats according to a study I just made up. The only true Americans are conservatives, I’m talking articles of confederation conservative. Jesus was American, its just science. The South will rise again!

  • Thegoon

    Cereally though, I’m glad these men stood against those worthless individuals at the WBC, protecting the integrity of those affected by this calamity. I don’t give a sh1t what political or religious ideology they claim, it was a noble and commendable act we can all, WBC excluded all though they don’t count as people, appreciate.

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  • Lisa Keller

    I am so sick of everyone thinking that anyone riding a Harley is a “Hell’s Angel” kind of ‘biker’.

    Really?? Should I think that everyone who drives a ‘hybrid car’ is a LEFTY??

    My husband and I ride a Harley, wear leather, are members of the PGR in Ohio. Just because we ride, doesn’t mean we’re ‘bad guys’….the best people I’ve met are ‘bikers’.

  • Dyna-Mo Chen

    Shame on you for labeling an Anti-Gay church ‘left-wing’

  • spookiewon

    @DogLover They did. The PGR was not officially there. The biker community aggressively promoted as many bikers as possible show up in Newtown to help block the WBC, and lots of bikers, some of them also members of PGR did. I’m recovering from a broken arm right now and can’t ride, but forwarded a lot of information to bikers who could. And WBC is not “left-wing.” Not by a long shot. Most of their agenda fits nicely with the “religious right” and Republican Party’s if you leave out the protesting at military funerals.

  • spookiewon

    @Linda Biker AND life-long Democrat here! Just because I think ALL people are, well, PEOPLE, and not just the white, cis, straight, male ones doesn’t mean I’m not a patriot.

  • Atheist Logician

    Stuff it Conservatards, you ostriches are so god-addled it makes your brains mush. The WBC has the SAME philosophies as your talking heads Rush Limbaugh, Bryan Fischer AND your precious Mike Huckabee. They all say the same things. “Homosexuality is wrong and your imaginary deity pings the world every time “liberals” make progress.” Don’t try to weasel out of it.

  • ignatz

    To quote the Patriot Guard Riders:

    “We don’t care what you ride or if you ride, what your political views are, or whether you’re a hawk or a dove. It is not a requirement that you be a veteran. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what your income is; you don’t even have to ride. The only prerequisite is Respect.”

    By trying to make them a partisan political organization, you have insulted these fine men and women.

  • adrianinflorida

    Operation Rescue leader Randall Terry is left wing too? He ran as a Democratic Part Candidate this past cycle.

  • Anti-noise-machine

    Really? Westboro is a left-wing group? Westboro, whose single purpose is to proclaim “GOD HATES FAGS”?

    And why such a fuss over which “wing” they are? That’s not even the point of the story. Maybe Jim Hoft should actually understand his topics before he writes about them.

  • Jim Barron

    While Fred Phelps may have run for office as a Democrat in the past, it’s been 14 years since he even tried, and he never made it past the primaries. Labeling his cult as liberal for that is like saying Andrew Jackson was a Republican, because he had a gun.

  • Jennifer

    This is hilarious. Why do political parties have anything to do with this article? Those bikers could have leaned either way, and Phelps is a moron who ran as a democrat, but is obviously not one by ideology or practice…

    Way to separate people even more! This is the problem with the world. Everyone wants to be so different from everyone else, when everyone is the same…

  • jasonasauraus

    You know, what matters here is that democrats and republicans and Christians and atheists alike are all on here because we want to hear about the good deeds that Americans still have in them. Those deeds should be your model for how we live, not the political or religious views of the bikers. (I agree, biker isn’t an insult, it’s a title to be proud of) Just agree that those WBC people are a can of mixed nuts,a little of everything, and definitely crazy, and be yourself. . .a better person.

  • jasonasauraus

    Lol and hold up. . . I HAVE to ask Bob, from earlier in the comments, to explain the basis of labeling HITLER a REPUBLICAN! I sure hope you’re not saying we vote every four years between a dictator president and a Nazi dictator president, which is what I gather from your comment. Neither party should claim Hitler nor Stalin. Not even claim Gandhi nor the Pope. Focus on America, first, where we’ve caught a disease known as WBC.

  • Paul

    You guys are AWESOME!

    Is there no tragedy that you won’t use to whore your political agenda?

    Go read the 9th commandment and know that you’re going to Hell.

  • Paul

    BTW – Democrats love to kill babies, right? Isn’t that what you morans believe?

    Randall Terry ran for president as a Democrat. So, by your logic, Randall Terry kills babies.

  • Tony Cisneros


    Second Of ALL, WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH IS NOT “Left-Wing(ed) !



  • Tony Cisneros

    GP: IF Fred Phelps EVER Ran For Public Office As A “Democrat” He DEFINITELY RAN For Public Office As A “CONSERVATIVE-DEMOCRAT” !

  • Tony Cisneros

    GP: And, Another Thing:

    IF Westboro Baptist Church Is “not a Christian group” But “a sick cult”;


    The Roman Catholic Religion Is “not a Christian group” But An Even “sick(er) cult”–






  • Tony Cisneros

    “And Call No Man Your Father Upon The Earth; For One Is Your Father Which Is In Heaven.”–THE LORD (GOD-HIMSELF IN THE FLESH) JESUS CHRIST

  • Tony Cisneros

    “And Call NO MAN Your FATHER Upon The Earth: For ONE Is Your FATHER, Which Is In HEAVEN.”–MATTHEW 23:9

  • Tony Cisneros



  • Tony Cisneros




  • Tony Cisneros

    (Without SCRIPTURAL Typographical Errors)



  • Eric

    Left-wing? Right-wing? Conservative? Liberal? Why can’t they just be a group of honorable people doing the right thing to stop some dishonorable people?

  • OldUncleDave

    “Left wing” Westboro cult? Are you out of your fracking mind or are you holding the political spectrum chart upside down?

  • Erin

    LEFT-WING? lmfao what!?