Coptic Christians celebrate mass in Libya. They were hoping for a new era after the 2011 revolution and death of Gaddafi.

An explosion at a Coptic Church in Misrata, Libya killed two Christians yesterday.
France 24 reported, via Religion of Peace:

An explosion rocked a Christian Coptic church near the western Libyan city of Misrata on Sunday, killing two people and wounding two others, all of them Egyptians, an Egyptian diplomat told AFP.

“Two Egyptians were killed and two were wounded,” said the diplomat at the Egyptian embassy in Tripoli who declined to be named.

“The church explosion was in the town of Dafniya in Misrata (province). The consul went directly to Misrata to find out the details. We still don’t have clear information,” the diplomat said.

Earlier, a security official said one Egyptian was killed and three others were wounded in the blast at a Coptic church. The Egyptian diplomat said that one of those hurt in the explosion died later at the hospital.




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  1. More of that Muslim love.

  2. All because of Obama….

  3. On the opposite side of the spectrum:

    Report declares thriving Israeli Christian population

    Almost 65 years after Jews who were dispersed around the world returned to their homeland ― following a departure that lasted nearly two millennia ― a report released by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) confirms that the Christian population in the Jewish nation is alive and well, despite the nation’s more dominant Jewish and Muslim religions, growing to 158,000 (roughly two percent of the total population).

  4. obama killed his muslim brother qhadaffi to hand the country over to the brotherhood, all to allow israel to continue to be surrounded by it’s enemies.

  5. [Syrian rebels beheaded a Christian man and fed his body to dogs, according to a nun who says the West is ignoring atrocities committed by Islamic extremists.]

  6. Meanwhile in the U.S. we bend over backwards to help build mosques for our own destruction.

  7. #3 all is lost, Obama is largely responsible for Libya. However, lets not forget Juan McCain’s insistence that we get involved either.

  8. well i guess we’ll be getting some more islamophobia sermons in the archdiocese of paterson.

  9. #11 if you’re serious …you have a good priest.

  10. And the cream of the jest is that Egypt is asking Jews to come back to Egypt. The Islamists (new rulers of Egypt) hate the Jews worse than they hate Christians and they think the Jews will buy this malarkey?

  11. its muslims gift of every year …. or of everyday ? may be ….


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