Breaking: Steven Crowder and AFP File Criminal Complaints After Union Assault

Tuesday in Lansing, Michigan union goons trampled and destroyed conservative group Americans for Prosperity’s tent during protests against right to work legislation. AFP members were caught inside the tent during the violent attack. Conservative Steven Crowder was brutally assaulted by the union goons while trying to keep the peace outside the tent.

This was a very dangerous event that was totally ignored by the liberal media.

This afternoon AFP filed a complaint in Michigan over the assault by union members and destruction of their tent.
Via On the Record:

Fox News commentator Steven Crowder has filed a complaint with the Michigan State Police in relation to an assault he sustained by a pro-union protester while attending a demonstration outside Michigan’s state capitol on December, 11. The protesters were demonstrating against the state legislature’s efforts to pass right to work laws in the heavily unionized state. Crowder joined the protests in support of those controversial laws.

FOX News contributor Steven Crowder also filed a criminal complaint after he was assaulted in Lansing.
Free Republic reported:

The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple spoke with Richard Hale, the shift supervisor at the Lansing post of the Michigan State Police, who confirmed that Crowder has begun the process of filing a criminal complaint:

“By calling in, he’s in essence filed a complaint. He’s initiated the process for the filing of a criminal complaint,” Hale told Wemple.

Since the incident, Crowder says that he has legitimate fears for his safety as he is receiving disturbing threats on a regular basis.

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  • Rachelle

    Good! Don’t put up with it. Now follow up with a RICO suit.

  • bg



    now go get them them some constitutional learning..


  • luminOsity

    Unions = home-grown terrorist organizations, and this attack is positive proof of that status. Think 0bumbles will call in a drone strike on the local SEUI or CWA meeting hall? (You already know the answer to this one; no he won’t as they are his allies.)

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  • Glenmore

    Been in that kind of situation before. ‘Cops didn’t see it. No way they can tell who knocked down the tent or if it fell because it wasn’t put up right. Nobody hurt. More important things to work on. Sorry, deal with it.’

  • bg


    Crowder ‘holding his hands up’ vs beating back will go a long
    ways in this case, same as the spit case, only these guys are courageously suing perps who actually did do something that
    was caught on film, and lots of it, from lots of different angles
    to boot..


  • Jean

    If we have to do anything about it, we can call it social justice.

  • JDStone

    The report will end up in the Lansing PD circular file. Count on it.

  • Sasja

    Where were the cops during all this?

  • Truth Teller

    Guess patriots will just have to play the same game as the inner city thugs…

  • Patty

    And this is still America no matter how some in the unions believe. We will not have OUR rights trampled on nor should the rights of the Unions. But when any person attacks physically another, PROBLEM. And arrests will be forthcoming. There are still laws that are on the books in every state and assault on a person and destruction of their property is against the law and they will serve jail time in most cases.

    It is time we start to sue those who cause harm and that even means UNIONS. They have no right to run rough shot over those who have differing views. WE HAVE BEEN ATTACKED VERBALLY BY OBAMA AND HIS CAMPAIGN. The accusations and names he has called Romney also there is a law for that called, defamation of character.

    Depending on what Obama’s grades are in College, I have wondered if he knows the law or just pretending he did in College.

    Furthermore, I blame Obama for the attack on the Conservative Tent and attack on Cowder and the hot dog stand owner. They all must sue. OBAMA GAVE THE UNIONS SOME KIND OF INCENTIVE TO REACT THE WAY THE DID. Hope the whole lot get the book thrown at them.

  • http://. WillofLa

    “Filed a complaint.”??? Filed a complaint? There never should have been any reason to file any complaint because the goddamn cops should have been on this like flies on stink! But no. These scum union thugs had already torn down one tent earlier. And it shouldn’t have taken but a split second for someone to yell and the riot squads should have came running with night sticks flaying. But not a single one came. That’s right. I know of this very well when union thugs beat the hell out of my pickup truck and was so bad that the attack ended up on national news, when me and 33 others broke through the picket lines in front of the plant I was working when the union called a strike. I had flat tires for weeks afterwards until a complaint against the police department brought an end to that. Cops were actually put out on the street to watch out for that happening.

    I’ll tell you the reason why this insident even happened and that is because the damn cops are union also and usually are sympathetic towards the fellow “brothers” in some other union. I know all about union violence breaking that strike for the next seven and ahalf months, seven days a week.

    All of us real workers got together and came up with an idea of making a tee shirt to commemorate our hard work together every day during the strike. It was a black tee shirt with writing in red “Scab and proud of it” with big dollar signs all over it and the name of our company.

    And let me give you this little figure. About after the first four months of the strike the management came to us and called a little meeting. They said they were shocked when they figured up the production numbers. They thought they were going to be looking at sever downturn in production. What they found surprised the hell out of them. The production of the whole plant went UP 45%!!! Gee, I guess we know who was doing all the work while these slugs who wanted a union were dragging feet on every job costing the company money. They gave us a real nice Christmas bonus for all the hard work we did, and reembused us for all the flat tires we may have had including anyone whose tire was damaged and may have had to get a new tire. We had to bring a receit and a statement from the tire repair shop, but it was worth it.

    So I know about union thugs. I was even given a citation for “battery” when a union thug got in front of my truck and I just barely bumped him and the cops charged me with battery. The strikers had orders from the police to stop getting in front of vehicles and they were going along with those orders for awhile until I came in one night and this one trouble maker had to do his thing. For violating the agreement he had to sit out of the picket line for a week. And you know you have to walk the line to get paid, and he paid for his trouble making. I had the charges dropped when the strike was over because everyone knew it was a bogus charge besides the company attorneys did their thing.

    I strongly suggest the AFP also bring charges against the police for failure to protect the public from attack with violence. They’ve got it on video and can make it stick and I’d hate to be a cop who was near by and didn’t lift a finger to stop what had to have been obvious as to what was happening. The cops don’t give a damn about the people who pay their damn salaries. The problem is cops aren’t obligated to protect you from harm. Their job is to take down details of the attack and file a report on it, that’s all. They don’t give a damn about the people. It’s a Fascist police state and these unions they’ve got do nothing but help the cops from lawsuets.

  • Patty

    #9 December 13, 2012 at 10:17 pm
    Sasja commented:

    They were there trying to prevent the unions to storm capitol according to an eyewitness.

  • Patty

    from storming capitol. Correction

  • Patty
  • Patty

    Americans for Prosperity files police complaint over Lansing, Mich., tent destruction

    Gateway Pundit and Fox News are reporting tonight that Americans for Prosperity has filed a complaint with police regarding the destruction of its tent by union thugs during Tuesday’s right-to-work protests in Lansing, Mich.

  • Patty

    This guy should sue: Disgrace: Lansing Hot Dog Vendor Attacked, Called Racial Slurs at Union Anti-Right to Work Protest

  • Patty

    A ‘National Attack’: Michigan Passes ‘Right-to-Work’ Law
    Police in riot gear confront thousands as legislation seen as blow to collective bargaining power, middle class passes
    – Andrea Germanos, staff writer

    Republican Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law contentious “right-to-work” legislation on Tuesday after tear-gas wielding police and over ten thousand people protesting the attack on labor converged at the state Capitol and vowed that the day’s action was just the beginning.

    Snyder’s signature makes the state the 24th to have a law dubbed by critics as “right-to-work for less.”

    Jamee Urrea @jameeurrea

    Many thanks to the guy on the Capitol steps who put me on his shoulders to get this shot. #righttowork
    11 Dec 12


    Among the thousands speaking out against the legislation Tuesday was United Auto Worker President Bob King, the Detroit Free Press reports:

    “Unions built the middle class of America,” he said. “This is a national attack. These folks want to shift more and more of the wealth to a smaller and smaller group of people.”

    Speaker after speaker, including firefighters, teachers and factory workers, vowed today’s protest was just the start. They said they would follow legislators all over the state to remind people of their votes.

  • bg



    December 12, 2012

    The Muslim Brotherhood, Not Morsi Is Calling The Shots In Egypt

    [“The Muslim Brotherhood feels that it has reached its goal of finally
    being able to implement the ideals of its founder, Hassan al-Banna.
    They’ve been preparing for this for 84 years,” says Cairo political
    scientist Siad Akl. “That’s why they won’t give up power that quickly.”

    For many Egyptians, the rioting of the last few weeks is proof that it isn’t
    the president but the Brotherhood that is pulling the strings — and that
    it has no scruples about pushing the country to the brink of civil war, if

    and they have certainly been “more awake
    and aware” than we’ve been over here.. :-(

    right under our noses, eyes wide
    open, but alas & alack i digress..



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