Bill Whittle: The Obama Administration Is Deliberately Attempting to Destroy This Economy (Video)

Conservative Bill Whittle concludes this week in his Trifecta video that the Democratic leaders of this country are determined to deliberately destroy this country.

“I no longer see a pathway where the ruination of this country can be blamed on incompetence or even rank stupidity. There’s no other explanation left for me now than a deliberate attempt to destroy this economy.”

Via The Right Scoop:

And they still have four more years to succeed!

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  • what?

    Projection much?

  • bg


    hah, we knew that back in 2008, so what difference does
    it make now that he hasbeen granted even more power..

    and of course more TRANSPARENCY..

    what a joke we are..


  • Economan

    I’ve been saying this same thing since he took office. It’s a deliberate attempt to kill that which he hates all while WE pay him.

    But idiots still adore him. What the hell is that matter with people???

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  • 0eu6yhoifr56

    If you want to know what causes poverty, look at who benefits from it?

    Democrats are the favorites of poor people they want more poor people and their policies generate more poor people.

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  • Time

    If imbeciles cannot see what is happening before their very eyes in light of day they are in desperate need of medical intervention. Their mental capacity is severely altered or they are in absolute compliance with the agenda/plan. No man or woman at this late stage, with everything that has come to be known can sit back, close their eyes and ears and play dumb. It is beyond that now. Too much has filtered even down to the poorest of poor to not know what the plan and agenda is for their future. If they can honestly think that they will continue to receive their government gifts, care from Osanta, then they will be heartbroken by him. They have to have half sense to know that the abundance of gifts were given for short term thrills, to entice his droves and place them in a very specific category. The category Osanta needed was a specific group that needed to be on government assistance of any type. Locking them in, short term, by the millions. Driving down the dollar, the wealth of this nation and spending billions, trillions is the goal. Placing millions on welfare, unemployment, Medicaid , giving away healthcare and every other program that will cripple the nation along with free cell phones, housing, food stamps etc will help with, bringing down, of a nation, the most powerful of all.
    This plan has been in the works for many, many years. They are at the front door now, taking their first step inside. As soon as they have crashed the dollar, come spring, middle of the year it is then all your care packages, will be cut off. The dollar will be worthless. Gone from existence. There will be no more money left to support any of the programs that any of you have come to know and grown to love along with depend on. It is then you will all be left on your own to survive. Their plan has come full circle. The dollar has collapsed. They will no longer need your help in collapsing the dollar any longer, with the abundance of gifts, programs, so, you will be kicked off and out. Leaving you powerless to do anything.
    When this happens, much chaos will insue, people will lose it, trying to defend their rights, and freedoms and feed their families. People will turn against each other. The monies, lots of it that are being fed in the billions to the police, and ATS, are being set up and being used for traing against us for when the time comes. It is certain areas that will have police that have joined forces with the government and ATS to hold us at bay and confiscate our arms. It will start out small, as in voluntarily then reach fever pitch, when they will kick in your doors, forcing you to hand them over. The people that do not take well to the new orders, by the dictator will be on the 1st train out of town to their designated FEMA camp for reconditioning or worse. I chid you not.
    These plans have been going on for so long from both sides, behind close doors. This is why all your calls, letters, face to face call outs go unanswered, court actions get shut out at every turn. They all know what’s coming and they all know it’s only a matter of time before you all will be left without even a whisper of power.
    I pray this is not how this pans out, but, I see that it’s the only way it can. I have visions, and they usually come true. O is using the most hurt and vulnerable to further his cause, agenda to get done what he came to do, and that is to cripple, collapse this nation, to nothing more then third world competable status. It is then he will usher in his new global one world agenda, after every citizen has been disarmed. He will rebuild this nation according to a script. It will be ran on the same plat form as others, they all will run the same, look the same, and all will profit the same. Except the elites they will have their slice of the pie far greater then all else.
    I am unsure at this time what and if we can do to stop it this late, anymore. It has progressed far too far, taken roots far to deep and infected far too many. When rationing comes to this nation, in food, water, fuel, medicine, alcohol , and all condiments it is then you will see a civilized people turn animalistic. Peace to all, and to all Peave

  • Ghost

    Good Morning, Bill… and the rest of you good people.

    decent folks have difficulty understanding Evil, that’s why I’m so many miles ahead of y’all, I know Evil more than most.
    I see many are writing America’s epitaph as 1776-2012- WRONG! America died in 2008.

    today, many are still trying to fight a battle that is OVER! We Lost- get it, WE LOST!
    there is no more hope attempting to recapture a fort or city that has already been overrun.
    the “Horse” has been inside the gates for a long time and now the soldiers are out and burning Troy to the ground. We Lost! it is OVER. There is no sense fighting a losing battle.

    Turn this around to Win the War.

    Ancient Legends say that Rome was built by the descendants of Troy who escaped. True or not, the still remaining good and decent folks had better lay aside thoughts of taking back the Republican Party or starting a Third Party- that opportunity has been lost. The time for that was 2009 and while we were all hopeful for the best, it was a bad decision to refuse to see the obvious- the Republican Party will not accede to its base and we were deceived out of our chance for a Third Party.

    So, now we have Lost!

    The Time is NOW! to begin planning for a “New Birth of Freedom” for the “Last Best Hope of Mankind on Earth” and secede to form a “Free States of America” or get flushed down the toilet of history with the Poison People.

    even in 1933/1934 Germany there was every sign of what was coming and some folks took their opportunity to leave, even an art student who was recruited by Himmler to join the SS. That art student would return in 1945 to identify stolen art treasures for recovery.

    here’s a harsh truth for y’all- many murdered Jews had opportunity to leave but refused to believe what was coming. (reference Heinrich Heine’s quote on Christianity/Germany, 1832)

    We’ve had every signal since 2008 to see what is coming, if we don’t DIVORCE! now then we will get what we deserve. Our only salvation now is DIVORCE! Win the War via Separation, let them sink in their own filth while we prosper without them.

    c’monnn, it’ll be alright- Ancient Israel endured a divorce immediately after Solomon died. The Ten-Tribe Kingdom suffered destruction not long afterward (ever heard of the Lost tribes?) while the Two-Tribe Kingdom would’ve lasted if they’d listened to Jeremiah- and then they too…

  • rolling thunder

    Just because both political parties are filled with statist idiots at the present time is no reason to be utterly pessimistic. Forget the Democrats. They’ve embraced Marxism. They are going to be hoisted on their own petard when brown stuff hits the fan. On the Republican side–First, get rid of Boehner. NOW! He is useless. Actually, he’s worse than useless. He’s a RINO. The country can be salvaged, but first there’s going to be a MAJOR financial catastrophe that results in a serious haircut to our standard of living and the entitlements. It isn’t going to be pretty what’s coming, but it isn’t the end of the world.

  • labar

    Mr. Whittle, I can’t believe it took you this long to finally GET IT!! But Scott Ott still hasn’t grasped how much Obama dislikes this country.

  • FMB42

    Politicians don’t care about the our economy. And why should they? We give them virtually everything they crave and need.

    We give them the public attention that they so desperately crave.

    We give them the ability to insidiously empower themselves over we the people.

    We give them the freedom to accept large sums of lobbyist’s money from unlimited special interest groups.

    We give them the ability to live above, or outside of, the laws they enact and/or enforce upon us law abiding citizens.

    We give them virtually unlimited health care coverage (at little or no cost to them).

    We give many of them (and their families) heavily armed, and well planned, security protection.

    We guaranty them excessive, and largely undeserved, pension plans that often serve to destroy any incentive for them to productively work for those of us who don’t make a lifestyle out of living off of public assistance and/or the public sector.

  • Jeff Thomas

    They are intentionally collapsing the economy so as to blame CAPITALISM and the constitution for the demise . Then Obama will promise to help …if the SHEEPLE just let him by throwing out the old constitution and the not so free any longer market .

    The very free market they have all but shut off the flow of Capital with monkey wrenches like Dodd/Frank and regulations. The intent is to start up a new Marxist Utopian STATE RUN CAPITALISM that Jeff Imelt tipped his had at already.

    The only problem is the DIPSHIDIOT Obama low information voter thinks they will all become Mitt Romney …..When in fact they will finally see where the road to serfdom leads .

    THERE IS NO private property ownership in this Marxist Utopia….not even the ownership of your own A$$ !! under Obamacare !!!! And the EPA that has been the junkyard dog protecting the domestic energy harvest …THE WEALTH of this nation that belongs to the people !!! they have been protecting to fuel their Utopian Dreams for decades .

    America will live or die …depending on how STUPID the people are ….it doesn’t look good for sure ….But those of us that know what is happening …..have to wake up more people ….
    America has become NASCAR NATION ….it only makes left turns …not since Reagan have we made a right turn in this country ….

    Obama will use his surrogate complicit media to push for GUN CONFISCATION and the stupid GOP will settle for a ban on assault weapons …again …a move to the left !!!! further and further ….THEY propose something outrageous …and the stupid settle for giving up more rights !!!!

  • bigL

    remember, it would take a human being, counting as in 1..2..3…like that, thirty-two thousand
    years (32,000) to count to a trillion. Trillions usedto be the distance to stars. Alpha Centauri and its twin are 4.2 trillion kilometers away.
    To spend money like that is crazy, WE have to stop. the GOP in House needs to request a competent budget and one to cover the past to see how the mney was spent.
    This is a topic that the people will get-will undrstand.
    Then the debt ceiling can be looked at- not to raise it but to see how much has to be cut…
    12%-17% or 23%.

  • Faye

    #10 Ghost is correct, we have lost this battle and it is now time for a divorce. Not latter NOW! While we still have some power. We need to start at our local and state levels and begin the process.
    The socialists will not let us go without a battle because there are TWO things that will make a socialist pick up arms and actually try to figure out how to properly use them. 1) make them pay for a bill, any bill out of their own money and 2) threaten to take power away from them.
    Our nation finally flipped after decades of meandering toward socialism, O simply ramped up the process. We now have more takers, those on the public dole than makers, those who earn their own living.

  • Jeff Thomas

    The fundamentally transformed America will issue a new currency backed by land and Energy …AFTER they spend all our current wealth on the way to that day. THEY steal your purchasing power …by printing and monetizing the debt .

    Soon they will take your real dollars in your IRA and 401K and replace them with treasuries …you know the paper that NO one else will buy !

    As long as the keep the majority in Obama phones and food stamps …unemployment (national income ..Marxism 101) and disability income ….the people won’t care

    When all the Capital flow is scared away from investment….millions more on food stamps …the workforce participation rate drops the unemployment fuzzy math below 6% …and GOLD goes over $2,000 and ounce …WATCH OUT the day is drawing near when they will make the declaration of the transformation complete …..

    Oh …don’t forget ….they won’t have to TAKE your gun ….YOU will have sold it if you can ..or turned it in !!!! yes ….given it up !!! as YOU won’t be able to afford your mandated health care premiums as the unelected panel of progressives on the IPAB decide that having a gun in the home is RISKY and it will cost you a ton of $$ to own a gun !!!!

    Can’t you just hear wives all over America …”little Johnny is sick we can’t afford health care!!! or the dam penalty … you can’t find a job …GET RID OF THAT DAM GUN!!!! so we can get him better !”

  • ★FALCON★

    I’m just gonna cut right to the chase. I believe Obama’s economic destruction is another impeachable offense, just as Fast and Furious and Benghazi.

    Obama took an oath (albeit behind closed doors, which he intends to do once again) to defend the Constitution from foreign and domestic terrorists. With-in that language is economic terrorism. In my view, Obama has done more economic damage than al-Qaida, three times more and has destroyed thousands of buildings across this country.

    Now, many will ask, WHY? If you look at Bill Clinton’s statement during his wife’s campaign you will see the answer.

    Jan 31, 2008 9:26am
    What Did Bill Clinton Mean By “We Just Have to Slow Down Our Economy” to Fight Global Warming?

    Global Warming is the front (one of many) for the initiative to slow America down and the reason is to allow the rest of the world to catch up. This is akin to the “everybody gets a trophy although there was no winners” liberal philosophy. America does not owe the rest of the world an even playing field. America owes it’s citizens the best opportunity to pursue life, liberty and freedom. That’s all, nothing more.

    Gas could be 59 cents per gallon if we really wanted it. We have resources pouring out of our ears in this country – but they have been placed off-limits by our “betters” for the cause of environmentalism, heavy on the “mental”. This is another way to slowly starve America, and when you starve America you starve it’s Natural Born Citizens.

    As we all learned, Woodrow Wilson was a globalist who believed in the same economic drivel. And other than Obama and Wilson there have been no other Democrats that have tried these failed economic platforms. And there’s a reason why. They don’t work – but do allow for socialism and a collapsed economy. And this my friends, is a form of Terrorism and an impeachable offense.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to those that worship a higher power and not the state – and may God hold you close in the years ahead as we do our best to traverse these hard times together.

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  • thegoldman

    Tell me something that i did not know….

  • valerie

    This didn’t start with Obama, so I am not going to lay it on his administration, personally, but it’s still wrong. Once again, the news is incomplete. Here’s a story about people we pay to work for our government, deciding to fail to comply with our laws. We all know this kind of situation will result in deaths among our allies, which is why the law was enacted.

    Where are the names of the bureaucrats from State? WHO is part of the story, and it is missing.

    Afghans who befriended U.S. now left to face death

    Remember what our State Department did to our friends in Iraq? They’re doing it to the Afghans, now.


    “The United States has abandoned our most effective and loyal friends in Afghanistan by deliberately failing to implement the Afghan Allies Protection Act.”

    “In 2011, I served as the chief adviser on rule of law for the International Security Assistance Force, or ISAF, in Kabul. I witnessed the heroism and courage of our Afghan employees as they resisted threats from the Taliban and their government. Now, as we draw down and leave them vulnerable, our government refuses to follow its own laws to save them.”

    “The 2009 act provides up to 7,500 special immigrant visas for Afghans who worked for the United States for at least a year and who face an ongoing and serious threat to their safety. The U.S. Embassy resisted as soon as the law was passed, claiming that allowing these Afghans and their spouses and children to escape the threats to their lives would have a “deleterious impact” on the mission.”

    This article apparently appeared first as a special to the Washington Post. There have to be specific, individual names of US officials associated with it. Those names should be disclosed. We can’t trust the Washington Post to do the follow-up, because it will embarrass a purported Democratic administration, so that leaves the bloggers.

  • snewb

    Call me Pollyanna but I think those 53 Dem Senators, most of whom and whose friends and families are millionaires will not go down with the ship. To them, their 6 year cushy job is paramount (of course they could care less about their voters.) So when things go really south
    this summer I think an impeachment scenario is more likely. If we didn’t have a senate and just the house I would agree but at some point the more moderate Dem senators will want to save their own skin just like the Republican Senators did w/Nixon.Hope I’m right.

  • Sammy

    I blame Bush

  • bad actor

    Who was it who said: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”? I think he was referring to external threats, but it also applies the the internal threat that is the democrat party. We need an action plan. And we need to continue to elect tea party candidates to replace the rinos. 2014 is coming – we need to keep the House and win the Senate. That’s a start. My fear is who will the dems run after the cult figure ends his reign in 2016? My nightmare is Moochelle – I wouldn’t put it past them, either. The thought of that gives me chills.

  • BurmaShave

    It is always important to remember the SDS’s central credo:

    “You must first destroy a society before you can rebuild it.”

    The SDS: that would be Bill Ayers and his friends.

  • BurmaShave

    Why are media types overwhelming America hating progressives?

    Who else would get more enjoyment telling the world about the calamities and misfortunes befalling his fellow citizens than a Progressive who hates them?

  • Patty

    Naive Americans have been roped in on what Obama has been saying from day one. There is the youth for one, their are the blacks and then there are those who have fantasy delusions of what they believe is good for the world and that would include America.

    Obama promoted peace but of course this wasn’t in his mind at all. It was to do exactly what he did rope in the uneducated and most vulnerable. He was trained and educated for this change and hope delusion that would fool the public and the world but in actuality his plans were more dangerous and in simple words, socialize and don’t make the mistake he never had any other plan.

    The media is to blame along with Soros and liberal internet sites who are working for Obama or he is working for Soros to destroy the American way of life. He is succeeding and he should have been stopped but masterfully he keeps using the Sal Alinsky plan and the spineless in Washington are doing nothing and have going on 5 years, now.

    I still have faith that those who love America will rise above. We love our nation too much to see it destroyed. Whittle has been saying this for a long time now that Obama is wrong for America and this is nothing new.

  • 99ways2die

    All I have to say to this video is this,



    And this

    1. Frank Marshall Davis (communist journalist) <– Obmas mentor
    2. Jeremiah Wright (radical liberation theology minister) <– Obamas pastor and self admited man he
    looked up to even more then his father.
    3. Edward Said (extreme leftist anti-Isrrael professor)
    4. Bill Ayers (shameless '60s terrorist)

    Obamas founding fathers. People Obama looked up to and grew up with and idolized.

    Admitted by himself on many mainstream media video footage feeds and in his

    Book "dreams of my father"

    Need I say more?

  • Bobbymike

    It is the perfect storm this time

    Far left president
    50+% of the population are idiots or low information voter or gimme gimme money voters

    A media that is completely one sided to the point of outright lies and obfuscation for the democrats leftists.

  • Bobbymike

    The brilliance of the founders was that they knew this would happen because throughout history it always happened, that was why they were so restrictive to the power of the federal government. Then 100 or so years ago the leftists progressives figured out that unless they could circumvent this document they would never be able to implement their ‘utopian’ agenda.

    They have now succeeded we live in post Constitutional America with no real restrictions on what the government can do

  • bg


    Secrets of Communism (Utopian IslaMarxists
    by any other name, the results are the same)

    Murder by Communism (Utopian IslaMarxists
    by any other name, the results are the same)

    ~ Barry Dunham Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama
    (by any other factual, fictitious, or composite name)


    “When the revolution comes..”

    “The strongest reason for people to retain the right
    to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect
    themselves against tyranny in government.”

    ~ Thomas Jefferson


  • bg
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  • dee

    America has become liberalism’s wet dream and we are all living in it…..

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  • Beth

    The only problem I have with your comments on this is for Scott–I am afraid that it’s too late to go to the school boards, the city councils, etc. People want too much stuff for their children. Actually, let me rephrase that–People have been lead to believe that their children NEED all the ‘stuff’ that schools insist that they need to actually learn. If anyone objects to a local prop tax increase you are shouted down as being against the children. People have lost the ability to think for themselves and are perfectly content with having a school board, teachers unions, the DoE, NEA, medical establishments (AMA, AAP, CDC), transportation ‘officials’ and, of course, the government tell them what to do, what to say, etc.
    I think it’s too late all the way around. What we all need to do is learn to be self-sufficient and when it all comes crumbling down, we can pick up the pieces using the original foundation of this great country.