With fiscal cliff looming and no deal in sight.

Barack Obama went golfing in Hawaii today.




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  1. Why wouldn’t he go golfing? The fiscal cliff is ideal for the Democrats. They get taxes on everybody, and they get to gut the military. Two life-long liberal fantasies come true.

    The problem isn’t Obama. He’s like the scorpion that stings because stinging is in its nature. The problem is the Republican leadership. They don’t have any skin in the game.

    All our congressmen are allowed by law to engage in insider trading. They’re allowed by law to hide their assets. They get free top-notch health care for life. And if they’re voted out, they become lobbyists.

    All Republican politicians will be fine no matter what happens. How hard do you expect someone to fight if he faces no adverse consequences if he loses?

  2. Oh, that would be nice for my family too, but,we are on a strict budget. While We the People are having our small Christmas at home with the famiy. The liberal media will grace our tvs’ with the Big Obama Vacation. How nice to get a tan in winter, run your feet through that Hawiian sand and enjoy a 4 millian trip on us little people. The Class Warfare Agenda and the fiscal cliff retoric is wearing thin. We the People, not divided by percentages.
    Work hard young American because Obama has left yoou with a huge bill to pay.

  3. From me, Sasja, to all at GP: Mele Kalikimaka!

  4. We must be sure to thank all the lazy, parasitic, low-information voters for the next four years. A pox on all their houses.

  5. He sucks at golf too.

  6. Golfing or Goofing?

  7. ++


    btw, we need a “fistpump” icon in his honor.. /s/


  8. The empty chair was re-elected.

  9. When the credit card company declines new charges on your account….
    ……..get more credit cards……

  10. I’ve seen better legs on a bar stool. Sorry, all you bar stools out there.

  11. No apologies to all the ‘stools’ who voted for Barry, though.

  12. I would love to comment but Jim Hoft & crew won’t let me say what I want to, so I’ll keep it to myself….

  13. i don’t like commenting, but i can’t not comment here.

    obama is SO gay. he’s about a 4 on a 1 to 5 scale.

    obvious, to the casual observer.

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