Ann Coulter was in rare form last night.
The conservative author and pundit tore into the violent union goons last night on Hannity. This was after union thugs trampled and destroyed up a conservative group’s tent in Lansing filled with seniors and handicapped activists in wheelchairs. The goons also were caught on tape pummeling conservative Steven Crowder.

“This is mob violence and capitulating to the mob. It looks like the Arab Street. Michigan has become a state like Cuba. All the people who want to work have left the state.”

Of course, the liberal media hid this violent attack in Michigan from their viewers today.
It doesn’t fit their agenda.




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  1. Question: The guy who slams Crowder does so after he was on the ground. You can see mim getting up just before he hits Crowder. Does anyone know or does anyone know of a vid that tells how and why he was on the ground? Could be he thought Crowder pushed him or tripped him and was retaliating. From this vid it appears Crowder did nothing, but the guy was definitly on the ground before he hit Crowder.

  2. I suspect that this is barely the start. I thought the hate filled, moronic, & suicidal left would wait until after the Chief Beast was inaugerated, a mistake. I would add other components to the blue collar unions, such as the scum from OWS, various civil service parasites, especially the teachers, and leftist Net freaks who live for hate and are waiting to act on it.
    Well it was a great republic for a long time, as the saying goes nothing lasts forever. Hunker down folks.

  3. Coulter is so predictable – after stating only Romney could beat Obama and sniveling up to Christie – she pretends to be an outraged Conservative.

    No thanks – I’m not buying.

  4. Crowder shoulda kicked @$$ right then and there with hundreds of other goonions around. My ancestors from the Civil War woulda done…something violent—yeah!

  5. What ★FALCON★ said.

  6. xkaydet65;
    Actually if you listen you can hear Crowder say “you just assaulted me” as the guy was getting up, so clearly he got whipped once and was coming around for seconds.

  7. #1 December 12, 2012 at 9:30 am
    xkaydet65 commented:

    Yeah, give Crowder the Marcy Wheeler treatment. The fat f fell over his big fat gut trying to run at Crowder. In this case, weebles wobbled and actually fell down.

  8. #3 and #5 Falcon and Teach

    You guys probably stayed home or voted 3rd party on Nov. 6 because Romney was too RINO. Thanks a lot.

  9. +2 What Falcon said!!!!!!

  10. #9 December 12, 2012 at 9:52 am
    Tee Dub commented:

    Yeah, when they’re invited to share their opinion on a cable television program, then I’ll listen to them.

  11. I tuned in to ABC’s nightline last night to see something about this. Nary a word about it. Not even a blip.

    I also read that 40% of union members are for RTW.

  12. #9 December 12, 2012 at 9:52 am
    Tee Dub commented:

    #3 and #5 Falcon and Teach

    You guys probably stayed home or voted 3rd party on Nov. 6 because Romney was too RINO. Thanks a lot.

    Wrong, loser. I voted for Romney, and regret that vote.

  13. “I also read that 40% of union members are for RTW.” captive audiences…your union doesn’t work for you they work for themselves. any time the union i belonged too [forced] brought in a contract with increased wages, they in turn upped their dues.

  14. There was another casualty of the mob violence.

    Union Thugs Demolish Clint Tarver’s Iconic Lansing,Michigan Hot Dog Cart [Photo-Donation Link] Update: Thugs Yelled “N*Gger Uncle Tom”

    What on earth does tearing up a popular local hotdog stand have to do with any legitimate political discussion?

  15. #14 December 12, 2012 at 10:20 am
    squeaky commented:

    In California, the teachers’ union picks and chooses whom it will support. Quality of on-the-job performance is not a factor they want to consider.

  16. unions are the mob

    see that Fresno State University is shutting down free speech for students, but only if you disagree with the staff? Yikes. Here it comes.

  17. OK, we all know (or at lease SHOULD know) Unionism is a Socialist concept kidnapped by The Mob for financial purposes and doesn’t care a whit for the individual worker. We should also know this mod attack is part and parcel of the Unionist’s Grand Scheme to make sure workers keep payroll deductions flowing into Union coffers. This confluence makes it prime red meat for Ann Coulter.

    Anti-Individual, anti-capitalist, anti-intellectual boors like the person who sucker punched Mr. Crowder would not/can not understand Ann Coulter’s messages – the Bosses haven’t told them what to think (yet). I foresee nothing but escalating violence between Unionists and Capitalists over for much of the remaining half of this century. Somewhere, the Prince of the World is dancing for joy.

  18. Protesting in a minefield would be a better use of these thugs day planner scheduling. Sorry for the Metaphor trapped inside another metaphor conundrum.

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