Despite protests Republicans passed right to work legislation this week in Michigan.

At least 26,000 students will miss school in Michigan today after their teachers called in sick to protest new right-to-work legislation.
Michigan Capitol Confidential reported:

At least 26,000 children will miss school today because their teachers called in sick or took a vacation day to protest proposed right-to-work legislation, which is expected to pass today.

Warren Consolidated Schools, Taylor School District and Fitzgerald Public Schools are confirmed to be closed. It is also suggested that schools in Detroit and St. Johns may be missing a significant number of teachers.

“We’ve had an excessive number of teachers call in,” Warren district spokesperson Robert Freehan said Monday afternoon. “We’re concerned about the safety and security of the students, so we’re treating it as a snow day.”

Ben Lazarus is a school board member-elect for Warren Consolidated. He believes the district, but not the teachers, made the right call.

“I think that political agendas shouldn’t take precedence over student learning,” said Lazarus. “I think the superintendent made the best decision with the facts available.”



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  1. Fire all who show up at the protests from their “sick bed”. They prove the point that every state needs to be a “right to work” state, especially when it comes to public employees. It’s time to stop funding these communist organizations that extort money from the workers to elect corrupt, lying, unpatriotic people like Obama. Are you wishing for a return of Jimmy Carter yet? He’s looking better and better than this racist, class-warring jerk.

  2. They won’t be much worse off out of class given what they are being taught in it.
    Just my humble opinion.

  3. But, Jim, you don’t understand. To quote Shiela Jackson Lee, “It’s for the chil-ren.”

    So it become clear that preserving their ability to financially rape the taxpayers of Michigan via salary, benefits and pensions, is more important to the Michigan teachers than actually doing their jobs and educating the kids that are the wards of the state via public schools.

    It seems to me that Michigan needs more than just right-to-work laws, it needs a strong home school movement. Nevermind that the once great city of Detroit has now become a vast wasteland with crumbling buildings and could have been used to film THC’s After People.

    And what great acheivements are those teachers able to lay claim to? Is Michigan high on the national rates of high school graduates? Are they pumping out kids that are at the top of the national ACT/SAT test scores? No, they hang on to their jobs, demanding more and more salary, more and more in pensions, while their state crumbles around them. It would be a shame if those teachers actually had to earn their pay by producing good students.

  4. Once again the unions hold kids hostage for the sake of making a political point. They demonstrate to everyone once again why they are irrelevant and a plague on this country.

  5. I hope the good people of Michigan stand up in droves against the Union scum.This is the mother of all battles for the heart and soul of America! #War

  6. Would’nt the men who stormed Normandy beach be proud of what Americans have
    become? Disgusting.

  7. Teachers protesting abolition of a type of slavery. That pretty much sums up everything that’s wrong with academia today.

  8. #7 it would be if the schools taught the kids what Normandy beach was.

    Not unlike the idiot drunks and druggies the union thugs forced Chrysler to rehire yesterday this is the perfect example of why unions are too powerful and need a restrained. It shows they are scared that people will not pay up anymore because this gives them the right to choose. Can’t have that now can we?

  9. FOX NEWS calls it “anti-union bill.” Same as the rest of the of the left-wing media.

  10. Nows the time for the governator to do a Reagan and let them stay home – Get some good teachers that want to teach and dump the scum bags that are more loyal to the union thugs.

  11. And we ask – Why are schools FAILING?

  12. Union Flick days are now the norm. Shows where their priorities are. These dopes refuse to accept that at the state or federal level, elections have consequences. In this case, their party at taxpayer expense enters a new phase in Michigan.

  13. Should call it the right to choose bill. That would confuse the liberals.

  14. One less day of ‘liberal indoctrination camp’….

  15. Déjà vu

  16. But, but, but, “it’s for the chiiiiildren.”

  17. … However, Nosmo @ 10:00 However, Nosmo @ 10:05 AM has an extremely important point.

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