It’s an Obama world.
Those 47%ers sure get fired up when they’re lined up for the freebies.

2,000 people lined up in Columbus for free housing overnight.
The mob got pepper-sprayed in the morning as things got out of hand.
10TV reported:

Columbus Police sprayed Mace on several people in a crowd that had gathered to sign up for a list to get subsidized housing at a northwest Columbus apartment complex.

Police said the crowd started to gather Friday night for the Saturday morning event at The Heritage apartment complex on Gatewood Road near Sunbury Road in northeast Columbus.

Authorities said that its highest number, the crowd reached 2,000 people.

Residents in the area called police overnight and complained about the noise and number of cars in the neighborhood.

According to police, a melee broke out when the manager of the complex started to set up for the event just before 7 a.m. Saturday morning.

Several individuals were sprayed with Mace by police and treated at the scene by emergency crews.




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  1. They were all ungrateful, parasite Somali’s who already get everything paid for. Idiot liberals brought a hugebunch of them here for some idiotic reason. They are dirty, mean, rude, lazy, ungrateful act like they should be given everything. They trash their neighborhoods, dont assimilate, speak english or fit in. GIVE THEM FREE AIRFARE BACK HOME.

    Oh and Obama libarals bussed them to the nearbye polls for days illegally pushing them to vote Obama even though they cant read and most likely are not eleigible to even vote!

  2. gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimmee

  3. Hey, those are the same folks that showed up at Ohio early voting! Wonder who they voted for…

  4. 911 received the call via an Obamaphone…meanwhile Obama’s daughter complained that the $115,000 taxpayers spent for her Mexican springbreak was part of her “allowance”.

  5. “But then the crowd quickly became disorderly once they started to open the event to start giving away applications for the apartments. We had individuals in the crowd were being pushed, trampled.”

    Hey Jamie Foxx, how black is that?

  6. Send them back!

  7. Well hopefully soon Obama will have his civilian police force put together (gotta put college kids to work) and then they’ll get hit with clubs instead of pepper spray. It’ll save money.

  8. I see a number of headscarves so a large part of the crowd appears to be muslim. Which would explain the violent and unruly behavior. These appear to be Somalis so why are they getting the reduced cost housing and not American citizens?

  9. gimme my free stuff,gimme my free stuff!

  10. Weese wants ah free houzin’!!! Gimme gimme gimme…what chu mean I gotsta wait in line? You cint treat us like we is animals!!! I loooooooooooooves me Obama!!!

    Lets face facts…we need a final solution to deal with poverty and the free loading gutter trash in America.

  11. They already get tons of free stuff. The parasites keep breeding like rats and they cant pay for themselves. STOP FEEDING THE RATS

  12. Notice all of the nice cars they were driving. I guess when we pay for everything else, they can have a new car.

  13. Why, again, are we letting these Muslim animals into the country?

  14. Obama brought these people over here as “refugees”.

    Now I ask you, how are they refugees? They’re Muslim. THEY are the ones making refugees out of Christians and Jews on Africa. Now they think that the majority if us Christians owe them a loving. BS! Send them back.

  15. Hey Columbus, are you really better off than you were four years ago?

  16. Alvin..a few people are but mostly NO.. As is Nobody as a whole in this country. Obama is a distaster along with most ever liberal policy that kills this country little by little.

  17. #1 – you are absolutely right. Guess they now expect their payback for the Obama vote. They have to be sprayed like roaches. Da Ghetto ain’t gonna like dis moving into der hood.

  18. Obama’s Plan: See England, Norway, Sweden.

    Stop this now or we will not endure.

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