Here’s the latest from the death cult–

Daughter of Al-Homs: “I want to fire missiles at the Jews and be martyred like my father.”

The young children of Hamas member Muhammad Al-Homs, who was killed with Ahmad Jaabari, were featured on Palestinian TV this week:
“We Want to Be Martyred Like Our Dad”

MEMRI has the transcript.




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  1. I bet she can’t wait to be covered head to toe with a rag and beaten because she was raped because she wanted to go to school too.

  2. I’m sure you’ll get your wish. Say hello to your dad when you meet in Hell.

  3. Meanwhile, the Libtards are all up in arms because a school in America wanted to take the students to see “Charlie Brown’s Christmas”.

  4. “We Want to Be Martyred Like Our Dad”

    It can be arranged,

  5. Cute children, so sad they are brainwashed to become so evil.

  6. #4 November 21, 2012 at 10:12 pm
    Opaobie commented:

    That was so much fun for my sons when they were younger. Everything that is fun, taken away, for a complaint by one or two people. This is what we have allowed ourselves to become. Well, not me.

  7. Sad, just too sad for words. Innocent children brainwashed to wish for death.

  8. Golda Meir…”We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us”

  9. Can we confirm the translation?

    This is alarming

  10. The sooner the IDF lays waste to Gaza, the better. Give those idiots in the West Bank something to contemplate.

  11. Why wait? Jump off a bridge.

  12. Maroons ….

  13. Millstones. I hear millstones.

  14. Do it for the children, IDF!

  15. 0bama wants to be martyred too… and bathe in the blood of jews.

    we should at least be considerate and grant 0bama the first half of his wish…

  16. Great, stick you tongue in that electrical socket over there then, you little idiots

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