WOW! What a Freak Show – Heckler Totally Hijacks Obama Rally – Gets Dragged Out By Police (Video)

A Pro-Life protester totally hijacked Barack Obama’s rally in Cincinnati on Sunday.
The heckler pulled out an abortion poster and started screaming for several minutes until the police came in and dragged him out.
The videographer yells “Get his ass!”

Barack Obama was totally thrown off his game… Too bad Bubba wasn’t there to bail him out.

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  • Texas_Treeroach

    Saw it; heard it. The telepromter message read: Say something — don’t look so stupid.
    Didn’t seem to help.

  • sybilll

    We are proud of killing babies, so shut your mouth!

  • I have been looking for this video. Thanks for posting it, Jim.

  • Practical Jane

    That was pitiful. The heckler was pitiful. The crowd was pitiful. The president was pitiful. God help us. Vote.

  • Where are Obama’s people? Didn’t the SEIU get the buses there? I thought this rally was a “big” one for him but he couldn’t even fill the high school gym?

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  • maria

    were are the supporter? looks pretty empty, like his policies , his history and heart

  • jojo

    People use to faint at his rallies, now they heckle!

  • bg


    looks like the same heckler from 08.. /s/


  • Take note of the staunch difference between Obama supporters and Romney supporters:
    Obama supporters chant four more years to silence a heckler…
    Romney supporters chant USA to silence a heckler…

    One cares about the man the other cares about the nation…

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  • onbe

    It has been a freak show for the last four years !

  • I thought leftists like Hussein were against police officers dragging away a peaceful dissenter. Just look at the occupy rabble started by Hussein operatives, it is still smelling up cities and has caused all kinds of civic havoc but cops don’t drag away the Hussein rabble. Yet a single citizen speaking his mind gets hauled away while bin Obama looks on.

  • Angel

    This clearly shows #1. The Videographer Is Either Deaf Or Wayyy Too Loud. #2. The “4 More Years” Chanters Are Completely In Love With “4 More Years” Of LIES, HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT, MISERY, SUFFERING & Did I Mention LIES?

  • CurseYouObama

    Inappropriate comment removed.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  • bg


    CurseYouObama #15 November 5, 2012 at 1:54 am

    please, we don’t need ‘racial speak’, leave that to Obama, k??


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  • CurseYouObama

    #16, It wasn’t racial speak. It was observation and I could almost bet that the black woman didn’t care too much for white folk. Being bi-racial myself, don’t assume I’m an old white person making racial comments, k? 😉

  • lars

    I was there, or rather in the over flow area where Obama came and spoke to the smaller crowd that couldn’t get into the 14,000 seat arena. I just wanted to see what the atmosphere was like at one of these things. Interestingly, Obama was more sympathetic when he gave a little talk to the overflow before his standard stump speech. It was kind of an impromptu expression of gratitude and not full of the rather debasing platform strategies of dissembling we’re so familiar with. Gotta say, his minions truly love the guy. As to the protestor/heckler, there was ample protest coverage outside, along the snaking lines to entry. Very peaceful and dignified, except one clown in a monk’s robe or something, with a huge fetus poster, putting on extremely aggressive and sarcastic airs. I didn’t think his attempt at ironic comic style was getting his point across too effectively. The Benghazi protests were excellent and also the right to life crowd generally. I’ve got some good pics if there’s a way to post them. Btw, the guy that got carted off – which did break the energy of the rally a bit – was reported by local news to be the same guy who ran out on the field of the first home game of the Giants/Reds playoff series with a sign about abortion sin and damnation, waiting to be chased down before the game started and create a maximum spectacle there. Not sure a baseball game is the proper venue for that kind of political showboating. the guy’s an inveterate rabble rouser it seems. But I agree, it’s free speech. Btw, he went down really easily at the ballgame as soon as some officers gave chase. I think he just slipped and fell on his face quite unathletically. He seemed to put up more of a fight this time.

  • Highlander

    The wheels are really coming off Obama’s campaign now. I CAN’T WAIT to hit the polls Tuesday ….

  • Granny

    #19 Lars – why was there any need for an “overflow”? There certainly appeared to be plenty of empty seats in that arena.

  • spotted reptile

    Granny, I suspect they had an overflow so they could say they had one.

  • If he or his crowd had any discipline they would have ignored this protester then this would not have been such a big deal. The hateful rhetoric that has spewed from Obama’s mouth this election has got his people in such a hateful frame of mind. Another observation. Had this been four years ago this guy would not have found a sparsely populated are of an indoor event location. Obama should have addressed this man. Normally you would not but when almost all the attention was directed to him you shouldn’t still try to read your speech. I believe that was a strong indicator of a very weak candidate. His people should have figured out by now he is an empty suit. Just one clever rhetorical phrase would have refocused the crowd on him but he has no skills to deal with that type of individual. This person is truly the emptiest of suits that has ever been raised to this level. When I saw the ineptness of Jimmy Carter I felt America would never elect such a person again. I guess I forgot about the first black person that would run for President.

  • Steve


    Wow, what an ad. If this doesn’t get you excited, don’t know what will…

  • SoLongSong

    That crowd looked mighty…..sparse. And obviously the crowd found what was going on in the crowd a LOT more interesting than the happless babble that was going on on the stage.

    I think Obama’s head is spinning right now, pre-explode. He can barely put two words next to each other in the same sentence that make any sense.

    Bless his “heart”.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    A lot of echo in that chamber. Obama’s base doesn’t care what he’s saying anywhoo.

  • squeaky

    what do we know about obama…..if he voted present a vast majority of the time…if he dragged his feet on a surge in afghanistan….if he dithered on gulf coast oil spill, etc. benghazi was something that needed a quick response – something that the o is uncomfortable with. when your man in the white house has to weigh the pros and cons and has to feel 99.9% confident he’ll come out on the right side……this could be another reason or maybe part of the equation. going to bed doesn’t let you off the hook.

  • gastorgrab

    Ummmm….what law did this man break?

    Is it illegal to be disruptive in a crowd full of screaming people?

  • Limousine Barry

    Um, I can’t see the teleprompter. I lost my mojo. Please rewind those last lines… Thank you.

    As my brother George once said, “0bama is lying con-man who would sell his own brother!”

    Who cares? I am his actual half brother. That’s a difference without a distinction!

    Let me be clear, if I get reelected I can cover my lies! A vote for 0bama is a vote for a liar!

    Keep 0bama lyin’ vote for 0bama and Biden!

    Smoke dope – Get High!

    Don’t vote for the Honest Guy!

    “…George teamed up with a British journalist Damien Lewis and the two of them published George’s story in a book called “Homeland.” Yet according to Lewis, shortly before the book’s publication in America, the publisher Simon & Schuster decided to shred the entire print run, more than 20,000 copies. Lewis tried unsuccessfully to get an explanation from Simon & Schuster but to no avail. He now suspects that the White House convinced Simon & Schuster that George’s story might prove embarrassing to the president. In 2010, George also applied for a visa to come to the United States and was refused. While George confesses that in his younger years he was a delinquent, he has never been convicted of any crime. Moreover, he has a very good reason to visit the United States: his mother Jael Otieno lives in Atlanta. So why would the U. S. embassy in Nairobi refuse a tourist visa to the brother of the president who just wants to spend time with his mother?”

  • Bob

    That was a very light turnout for the messiah. His flocks have left him….

  • Gary

    Gastorgrab 28


    I don’t see anything he did that merited being dragged out. If he’d been yelling as loudly as the black lady behind him, then sure. But by that measure, she should have been dragged out too.

  • Gary

    I was at a Paul Ryan rally a while back in a rural town in VA.
    Several kids from a nearby college were standing right beside me talking about things they were going to start yelling when Paul Ryan started talking.
    When the time came, their voices barely got louder than private conversation level, and when the people around us started staring, they pretty much shut up and stood there quietly for the rest of his speech.

  • D-Dash

    And THAT, my friends, is how Obama treats free speech. What a dangerous man.

  • Keyser

    Well, did we have another “don’t taze me Bro” moment?

  • It is quite striking the difference between how the two campaigns deal with hecklers. It’s been said but I want to say it again, one side is loyal to the man the other loyal to the nation.
    That is why they claim to want to riot if Obama loses and We claim to want to fight if Obama keeps violating the Constitution.

  • littleneroMustGo

    You don’t see people being dragged away in cuffs at Romney events…. lol

  • TexasGirl

    Interesting that the videographer and others around her were screaming and yelling for him to be taken out. And all because he didn’t agree with Obama. Yes, maybe he got out of hand with it, but their excitement in seeing him taken out showed more of a personal feeling of dislike, even hatred maybe, toward him. This is normal from Obama followers, and Obama himself, who take everything personally. Obama personally dislikes anyone who doesn’t agree with him, and this has been said and reported on. He has encouraged his followers to “get in people’s faces”, he has said nothing when scores of them threaten to riot and/or assassinate Romney if he wins, and has spent four years encouraging people to covet what more successful people have. I can’t wait until we see the last of him and his followers realize they better join America or shut up. I hope never to see what I saw last election night when Obama won … every employee at a local restaurant (all black), stopped serving and working and just danced in the parking lot, while all the customers waited. I will never forget that – it was so ridiculous and just showed they didn’t think they had to do a thing now – Obama was going to take care of them.


  • OhoiStatePatrolEmbarrased

    Ohio State Patrol handcuffs and drags out man. Good job cops, NOT.


    __________ G O V J A C K E D ___________

  • Obama the Baby Killer

    KICK HIM OUT!!! I love killing the babies!

  • Cuivre

    The protester kept the audience’s attention better than the SCOAMF did.

  • obama is just a tool.,not a black tool, not a white tool, just a tool.He has done nothing as POTUS and everyone seems surprised, but if you look at his record before he became THE ONE he did even less but nobody wants to bring that up

  • Mike

    they put the cuffs on the wrong person!!!!!

  • montanalablover

    God help us, please go vote. The usual parasitic welfare moochers out to see their Messiah. Screamin’ monkeys. “4 More Years” and we’re doomed as a nation. All those folks at the rally are too stupid to realize when this country goes socialistic and there is no more money to give them their freebies; they will then be told the free ride is over and they’ll be rioting, anarchy in the streets just like in Greece.

  • Frank Cotton

    I see alot of empty seats there….

  • jose

    see the violence inherent in the system! see the violence inherent in the system!

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  • May God bless that MAN. I think it was a picture of an aborted baby. Thank you, sir, for your courage and defense of the little ones. I’m sure God will reward you well.

  • barney fife

    The Democrats love abortion. Wrapped up tightly in their “Pro Choice ” mantra. Translation: abortion is an acceptable form of birth control.
    Reality: It is murder.
    Democrats must be so proud.

  • Daisy Girl

    Perhaps these cops should consider – – – this way they won’t appear to be more law officers from China than the US!

  • Proximo

    It’s a good thing the cops removed him….. otherwise, the mob would have likely beat him to death.

  • Shangrila

    That crowd was pathetic!

    Vote Romney/Ryan!

    We have to take our country back from the barbarians!

  • Rosalina

    It’s so sad that a political party in America gets money from the destruction of little babies in the womb. 53 million babies murdered since 1973. Shame on us, America!

  • glenp

    typical for teh flaming liberal leftists to call out the JACK BOOTS in thename of freedom of speech as long as it AGREES WITH THEIR FREE SPEECH!!!

  • DixT

    He’s never had a heckler “hand-cuffed and arrested” before—WHY NOW? That’s exactly what should have been done to the NAACP in Houston, TX—for VIOLATING FEDERAL AND STATE ELECTION LAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • grunk

    Look at 1:47 when the camera sweeps back to Obama speaking.

    All the press cameras are pointing up to the guy protesting.

  • Paul

    Shame on the Nazi, brownshirt Obama flock, and shame on the Univerisity of Cinncinati for allowing itself to be soiled by the likes of Barry OHitler and his Hitler Youth.

  • edwardo

    Vote for the babies! not revenge!

  • Roger Carter

    The man is a patriot.

  • crosshugger

    Baby blood and Benghazi blood and Fast and Furious blood is on the hands of obama and anyone who voted for him

  • p

    These people are TRASH!

  • Noma

    Thinking, moral, decent people realize bho is a scoundrel. Benghazi was the last straw for me. Every time he says, “I got your back” it only reinforces his lies. His daughters will learn the truth (if the history books aren’t re-written) and will be embarrassed.

  • amari

    “Foe Moe Yea’ah’s”

    …the Obama campaign in three words (sic).

  • edwardo

    Eric Holder will classify it as a hate crime, and he is surely a racist, Holder can prosecute him and the movie maker now in prison. Obamaism means jailing the free and the innocent and letting the perps go free. The perps are Demonrats.

  • Obamisesacommie

    It’s truly amazing how anyone even shows up to listen to this Marxist, racist, malignant Narcissist fraud. He excoriated Bush (and rightly so!) during the ’08 campaign for having half-trillion-dollar deficits every year. He then gets elected, doesn’t pass a single budget (impeachable offense right there) and increases Bush’s deficits by 500%.

    Everything he said, everything he promised is a lie. He promised the most transparent administration in history but has spent millions hiding all his personal, educational and medical records. He used Executive Privilege to bury the Fast & Furious evidence. The Democrats have proposed a bill that will seal ALL of Obama/Soetoro’s Presidential records – they want everything he’s done during his Presidency sealed.

    What honest man, proud of his accomplishments, would do this?

    This is the most failed and dangerous Presidency in the history of this nation. Obama/Soetoro is a civilizational alien to the USA and wants to tear it down with every fiber of his being. If Romney doesn’t win, the USA is dead. Get ready for re-education camps and gulags.

  • Josh Biggs

    Thou shalt not question Ze Fuhrer!!!

  • owl


    What overflow crowd??? The crowd was SPARSE, thank God. If I had watched this on tv, I would have never known the crowd was so thin.

    This clip makes me feel a lot better. I do not like nuts interrupting any speaker but we are so fortunate that they seem to run about a 1000 on their side to our one.

    The Dems and the Poop Scoopers rant about Tea Party and wingnuts doing as many bad things, etc. WHERE? Only thing I have ever observed is well mannered protests with people observing all the rules and cleaning up their trash. This man exhibits the behavior of a Dem except he has grabbed an issue.

  • modd kenwood

    democrats: the party of the hyena

  • Down with Obumber

    How odd…the Left actually cheering for the police.

  • Greg Neubeck

    If, God forbid, Barack Obama wins tomorrow’s election the divide between the United States Military and their fictitious Commander-In-Chief will be cataclysmic for America’s National Security interests. Obama’s display of political cowardice in failing to dispatch assembled rescue assets to our besieged American citizens in Benghazi, a certain death sentence, will reverberate un-attenuated for as long as Obama remains in the WH. The essential bond of trust between this CINC and our military members, which was tenuous at best prior-to the Benghazi scandal, is now forever fractured. Barack, whatever the outcome of the election, you have disgraced the office, and you should be compelled to resign. Greg Neubeck

  • A preview of things to come if u disagree with these heathens…

  • Kelly

    I know free speech and all, but I don’t particularly care for hecklers on either side. I think they just embarrass themselves and their cause. Of course, the left loves this sort of thing, but are outraged when done to one of their own. Who can forget how they celebrated the shoe thrown at Bush? At least this guy isn’t a glitter fairy.

  • Joseph

    I’m glad this will all be over tomorrow and America can finally look Forward again without worrying what crazy stuff is coming out of Washington next year (post January). I believe we’ll see a major Landslide for Romney/Ryan and the GOP that will enable us to get out of this Depression at last. Thank God.

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  • Rocky from Siberia

    The doer’s vs. the freeloaders. The educated vs. the uneducated. The acheivers vs. the racist/communist affirmative action pass throughs. Those that love America and it’s Military vs. those that hate it. Those that want to rob and embrace crime vs. those that will protect there lives , loved ones and property. No need to say more, except that it looks like a lot of police (local and state) have jumped onto the wrong side of the fence to protect an African Dictator, tyranny and Naziism. Too many LE’s are part of the Communist AFL-CIO.
    Does not take much brains to know which party is which.

  • morgan

    I missed the part where the guy wasn’t begging to be dragged from the room. Seriously, he got exactly the reality he created. Blaming anyone but him for this scene is just not thinking straight.

  • Dan js

    Wow! Empty stands!

  • David Lemon

    How do we know this wasn’t a plant from the Obama campaign to make the right look like idiots? It wouldn’t surprise me.. I’m very skeptical of crap like this.. One guy.. really.. You’d think if this was a real effort by someone like this, there’d be a few more people there doing the same right next to him. It seems a little to obvious.
    If he was real.. then he was one brave idiot.. This isn’t the venue to protest.. you do it at the polls.. not somewhere where your actions do more harm than good. Ether way.. sad to see.

  • F-Man

    “WOW! What a Freak Show”

    But I bet you didn’t say the same thing when people protested against Bush…

  • The usual suspect


  • vonvervengarten

    If two WWE wrestlers showed up and started a little brawl drama…Obama would have had to leave. His supporters are so easily distracted…hey……

  • RufusVonDufus

    If it looks like Romney might win the election it will be extended as many weeks as necessary for the crooked Chicago politicians to make sure Obama wins. They won’t care how much of the U.S. Constitution they trample as they have already trampled 95% of it.

  • Reality Check

    Obama needs to invest some of the One Billion dollars he got from his Too Big to Fail Banker friends in a new sound system.

  • luxomni

    Didn’t the heckler know? The most precious right a woman has is to off her kid.

  • owl

    If he was ever to protest against abortion, he found the right target.

    Even for those of us that are not as hard core on the issue, Obama’s position of voting to kill a baby that survived abortion is murder. That is passing a law to make another person do the murder for you who voted.

  • FunkyZero

    Although I may agree with the man and I pray every day for a change away from the liberalism/socialism trend, this guy should be outside with his sign.
    It’s a RALLY for king obama and his minions.. err, I mean supporters. It’s rude to be disruptive. We don’t like it when they do it to us and it is no better the other way around.
    These people organized and gathered for the sole purpose of listening to obama propaganda and agree or not, they should be allowed to do it without disruption.

  • ThomasPain

    Fo Mo Yea! Fo Mo Yea!

  • Big Ed

    Well there’s 1 heckler at Obama’s rally… Obama’s crew is WAY ahead in heckling, disrupting and being out of control. At least you know this guy is there because of a strong belief and not one of those DNC paid hecklers that show up at Romney rallys.

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  • Stephen Fullerton

    On the plus side its always a good day for the cause of good when the only excitement in the room at an Obungle rally is a heckler. Proves how detached and out of the loop the ‘Walkers’ in the Demon party really are.

  • Archy

    Thou must not heckle The One. The Troopers probably saved the guy’s life from the intolerant crowd. If Barry’s re-elected, say goodbye to the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

  • TeaPartyPatriotTD

    @ Texas_Treeroach – Spot on! That comment alone will make me giggle for the rest of the day. Thank you for stating what so many people surely had to be thinking…

    God Bless Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in their quest to oust the dictator NObama and his trusty #2 “Say it ain’t so Joe” Biden.

    I’m still predicting 5%+ landslide for the RIGHT side of history!

  • Edward Riepe

    People will one day be cheering when you are hauled off by Homeland Security goons to my Fema Camp 37 for being a terrorist, because your protests were labeled as a threat to the country.

  • PatTheRat

    Loved watching the Democrats applauding and laughing at the old man being dragged out – they really showed their true colors here. The guy they dragged out has more heart in him and conviction to his beliefs than the whole arena combined – including “The One” himself. Abortion is murder and it’s time people started stepping up to the plate to call it what it is. God bless the old man for what he did – I just wish I had the intestinal fortitude to join him in the cause.

    As for Obama’s “rally” – if there are any fewer people at these things, pretty soon Obama’s just going to be talking to himself.

  • William John G. Balderama

    TelePrompTer flashes: ‘Contrary to popular belief, I am pro-life. I never signed any kind of legislation while I was in Illinois Senate that approves the killing of post-abortion baby. That is all a lie perpetrated by House Republicans. And it’s Bush’s fault…’

  • Joe in Kentucky

    Hey 0bummer, do you think the police acted stupidly

  • Joseph

    The people making racist comments here should know they’re only helping the Obama campaign. I suspect many of them are Obama supporters trying to make Obama look like a victim of racist demogogues–but just because racists naturally are attracted to whatever the opposition to a black President exists doesn’t make the opposition racist. There are about 10% of the white population who need to grow up and quit the ignorant and evil racist thought processes they’ve learned from whatever sick role models they imagine are ‘cool’.
    Vote Romney/Ryan on Tuesday.

  • Geno

    Sickening – the viciousness of Obama supporters. They are like wild animals. This is what we’ll get more of if he is re-elected. He acted like nothing was happening- on with the scripted rant. Pitiful.

  • poorhardworker

    This is what will be happening to anyone holding a different opinion than Obama…the uniforms might be different (maybe TSA or his “army” of unions thugs)…but it will be brought to you by Obama’s intolerance for opposing opinions.

  • Terry G

    It’s amazing to me that anyone could get elected to public office having an agenda that supports late term abortions and, “walk away” births. The very slap in the face to humanity deserves a human hurricane of dissenters. I can’t for the life of me see how any doctor, nurse, med tech, or mother could give birth and have the baby left in room alone to die. I didn’t even think something like that was possible. Humanity dictates we change presidents. Can you imagine the power these people will have with government health care?

  • Craig B

    Free speech – suppressed.

  • Crashing Boulder

    Herr Goebbels Obama and his not so packed house of loser supporters. God will sort you people out for your murderous ways.

  • David Williams

    Commies don’t like dissent.

  • GoMitt

    And the stupid sheep applaud the baby killer. Why is it ok to allow the other hecklers to heckle the 1st heckler?

  • Navy Mom

    I believe this man was just exercising his right to free speech! Maybe everyone should have just ignored him…that’s often the best remedy for someone causing a commotion! By the way, he wasn’t causing nearly the disturbance as those around him.

  • Libsick

    Obama teaches us to hate. Hate those with whom we don’t agree. Seek ‘revenge’. America the hateful. Hail Obama.

  • Harold

    If this had been an Obama heckler at a Romney event, he wouldn’t have been arrested, but rather invited to the White House for a beer.

  • Kitten

    Liberals condone free speech but only theirs. Obama is going to lose this election and the media is going to have egg all over their faces for the bias and lies they’ve told.

  • Runner57

    I saw this guy at all the Romney rallies near Cinci.He is against abortion but goes a little overboard.i saw some people politely take him aside and ask him to tone it down some there were children nearby and it was frightening them.

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  • Mune Shadowe

    When it happened to Bush he said “Hold it up!” and he continued his message with a sane mature crowd. Something is obviously missing here, maturity? Sanity? Apparently some people don’t like the shoe on the other foot.

  • A.Men

    pitiful Thug-In-Chief President Faux-Celebrity!!!

    Romney/Ryan 2012.

  • DD

    What savages at that sparsely filled rally. They get all riled up at the thought of someone getting pummeled. I’m surprise the Obama supporter didn’t turn the camera to her face and say ‘world star hip hop.’

  • Average Joe

    Four more years of government cheese. You wanna put America to work….cut off all the government cheese.Hunger is a great human motivator….Obumbler wouldn’t even be in the race if they were hungry.

  • Peacelover

    4 more years of endless, free abortions paid for by us Catholics!

  • BA

    Obama revealed exactly where is soul is really at way back when he was still a state senator in Illinois. He actually advocated the notion that a baby that somehow survives a botched, late-term abortion attempt should be denied medical care and left to die because the intent of the “mother” should be respected. That is just beastly, evil, cold-blooded and inhuman. That’s the real, essential Barry Obama.

  • NooYawkah

    I like the guy and his daughter to the left of the heckler. I can just hear him explaining to his kid, “That bad man wants to take away my right to kill you before you were born.”

  • RobbieK

    Wow, I see the Fuehrer’s order was to spread people out across the arena in hopes it would look like alot of people were there. That place is empty.

  • Obama, you sat in your big chair in the situation white house situation room and watched as those navy seals and your personal ambassador to Libya were murdered. You’re not fit to be commander in chief; you’re an imposter !

  • Donato Dominguez

    Dang, isn’t it sacrilegious to heckle the liberal Messiah?

  • jose


  • Jake Hamilton

    This is what happens when an elderly person has a different opinion then a liberal crowd. If this had happened in a conservative crowd the media would report it as front news page in the NYT and Yahoo News. Chris Matthews would say it was racist and Axelrod would blame Bush.

  • Greg c

    Obozo – what more can I say…

  • tim duncan

    SAD! Even Obama should be allowed to energize his crowd at his rally without this crap going on. I dislike Obama and am a lifelong Republican. I wish both sides would leave the other alone when it comes to their rallys.

  • Failed Obamessiah

    B. Hussein Obama: “The only good baby is a dead baby.”

  • george p burdell

    Who was the effeminate man at the podium with the big ears?

  • Jasper

    Obamo can not be a traitor, since he was never a real citizen, or president either.


    I’m a conservative and was embarrassed by this protester. Obama deserves to say what he wants to say uninterrupted as does Romney deserve the same courtesy. It was enlightening to hear how Obama’s audience responded with their wild cheers and defending the idea of killing babies. It just seemed like a bunch of holigans. Just how wicked has this generation become?

  • jimconch

    This is really sad, people are actually calling for this guy to be arrested because he dared express his opinion in the presence of obama. The crowd, who was shouting fo mo years, cheered when the guys was taken out by the police. This is a sad commentary about the state of our country. Please vote and vote for our country and the good of our children and grandchildren.

  • Harry Larry

    Seeing all the crowd jumping for joy, screaming and chanting to “get the man” makes me wonder if this is how it was back in Caesars day?

  • Runner57

    I am a staunch Romney supporter I’ve gone door to door and want to see Obama defeated but I believe people from both sides need to be civil and stop making excuses for rude,obnoxious, grandstanders, It is wrong no matter what party you are from.Lets vote and conduct ourselves for love of country not revenge

  • George Garrett

    Perhaps Obama’s idea of revenge is spreading beyond the ballot box..

  • Jasper

    Remember Bengahzi. That is if you have ever heard about it.

    Remember how the media has supported the lies and not reported any truth
    about this ‘administration’.

    It’s time for a real change, and a real president.

  • Sue

    Sybilll, you are “proud of killing babies”? This demonstrates how sick and evil Obama supporters actually are.

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  • I just hope the one man in that arena who thought the unborn life had value got out of there alive.

  • Artie

    Shut up Barry, no one cares what you’re blabbing about!

  • Joe E in the IE

    Such an obvious plant that one can almost see the potting soil on his ankles. How did he get that placard past the Secret Service and locally provided security?

  • GoldenRudy

    And just what type of “REVENGE” will the Obama regime serve up to this man? Will this protestor be thrown into the same cell as the producer of “that video”?

  • ipmala

    Obama is a piece of s**t .
    Pray that this Communist is defeated tomorrow and kicked out of office.
    Along with his fat ass wife .

  • FreedomFan

    Yeaaa! Crush that first amendment! Put the heckler in jail with the eeevil film maker and Chairman 0bama’s other political prisoners.

  • TravlnTexan

    FREE SPEECH – Obama style.

  • Tom

    I believe in free speech and maybe this guy should not have tried to do what he did.But i have also heard the heartbeat of a 28 day old unborn child yes it is a child and we must do everything possible to save the innocent babies.God help us if we don,t.

  • TravlnTexan

    where were the police when the NAACP marched INTO a Houston Polling place….handing out bottles of water and moving people around in the line. Oh I guess that’s another example of OBAMA STYLE FREEDOM.

  • MrSinclair

    I thought Larry David was a supporter of Bronco Bama

  • ollie123

    For those who made comments, that they love to kill babies, I think I have more compassion for a slug, than for a piece of human excrement that would entertain such a thought!!

  • They should have just tossed his heckling ass over the railing.

  • Ralloh

    A heckler is a heckler. What are ya gonna do. What I found interesting was that this was in a high school gym. They are not all that large. That video showed just a small part of it and there were a whole lot of empty seats. I found that rather refreshing. Vote Romney and Conservative tomorrow. Rid our country of this liberal trash.

  • CT

    I have no use for our petulant punk POTUS, but there is no excuse for this Asshat ‘heckler’. Had I been one of the arresting officers I would have drug him out by his feet bouncing his head on every step.

    Let the candidates speak and dig their own holes if they will, I don’t give a damn what some self-important heckler thinks about anything.

  • Luke

    I guess freedom of speech only comes into play when someone is heckling Romney. God forbid that someone lash out at the prez for his policies. I was at a rally for Romney and he had hecklers and protesters at his rally but no one had them removed. Screw obummer and all his brainwashed followers.

  • Don

    As in the case of the videographer, birth control and abortion should not only be optional but mandatory. Fools like her should not be able to pass degenerating genes to future generations.

  • kwishperer

    God, it’s going to be sweet come Wednesday morning when the frothing classes realize it wasn’t even that close. Mitt simply can’t catch Obama.

  • ObamaRevengeIsGodAwful

    It is sad that Obama is getting booted out in such a humiliating manner. On the one hand, it is a moral imperative to defeat Obama and crush the Obama ideology of tyranny and get America off the Obama road to serfdom, but on the other hand, it is awful to see a fellow American fall so hard and so fast.

    Obama would being polling even worse if it was not for the perverted love the left has for Horny BooBoo Bill Clinton that spills over onto the Marxist tyrant Obama.

  • Crazy uncle joe

    They gonna put y’all back in chains!

  • ollie123

    For those who commented that they approve of killing innocent babies, I have more compassion for a slug, then for a piece of human excrement that you have become, you have become so corrupt and have no soul!!!

  • gwhh

    I wish I knew who this guy was. I would send him a 6 pack of beer for all his good work!

  • Steve

    Mitt Romney’s closing ad is amazing!!


  • KARL


  • ohme

    The Heckler may have been extreme to Obama and his supporters, but God is watching and counting on us to do as He would want us to do and that is to stand for our beliefs and protect the unborn and ourselves and vote Romney in.

  • The Morrigan’s Pet

    Progtard tolerance and misanthropy on display.

  • HansJurgen

    We will “get his a**” and vote the scumbag back to Kenya!!! To bad his mother didn’t abort him! The world would have been better without him. In fact, the world would be better now without him!!!! Vote his a** out!!!

  • DanFromMo

    Obviously a plant to get the crowd up and excited…..

  • Sickofyercrap

    I am so sick of proabortion zealots. Don’t african americans realize that Margaret Sanger wanted to eliminate them as a race. Systematically kill all unborn black babies? Why are they SO in the tank for this ideology? Please look at this link and THINK HARD.. THEN VOTE OBARFO OUT OF OFFICE!

  • Andrew

    Did the Obama supporters get their “revenge” on the protester?

  • Dart

    Obama is a piece of crap. He doesn’t care about anyone, or this nation. He only cares about pushing his bankrupt ideology of dependance and slavery.

  • David Addison

    Looks like Larry David!

  • lars

    For those who inquired: There were lengthy lines and quite a bit of crowd wending their way through the UC campus. Us last ones – about 700-1000 maybe? – were told by a rather haughty young operative – that unfortunately there was only availability to us for an audio feed in an overflow area and were directed there. It happened to be the old UC Fieldhouse which I hadn’t been at in years:

    It was a decent crowd, although 1/2 the number for Romney’s Friday night outdoor event if the 5/3 arena was nearly filled at least; don’t know why there were some open seats up above but they could have been filled it seems. maybe the campaign just wanted an “overflow” area for media reporting purposes (“There was an overflow crowd…..” etc).

    Here’a few of the protest shots I mentioned, to give an idea of the scene:

    This was the sign I liked best:

  • Tom Roff

    Did you hear how Obama was stammering….. without teleprompted comments?


  • Mark Carlton

    Time for a show of hands: Who’s personally better off now than they were four years ago?


    Didn’t think so.

    Can’t spin that, can they?

    VOTE on November 6th!

  • walkingman717

    Pathetic. The speaker at the presidential podium and the crowd simply can’t deal with anyone who doesn’t agree. Surprised he didn’t immediately issue an executive order against heckling. Required three troopers and a pair of handcuffs to suppress one guy holding a small sign in the upper deck.

  • Kramer

    I am a conservative and we do not need Pro Lifers doing this before the election. Say it with your vote and leave the rudeness to the liberals. We are way above this garbage.

  • Suzanne

    To the #10comment by….HOW VERY VERY TRUE of what you said!!!!! Too bad all people didn’t have the eyes to see and hear the truth

  • Kim

    The man standing up for the most vunerable among us–our preborn brothers and sisters–is to be commended, and there was NOTHING pitiful about him. Pitiful is the fact that society and Barack Obama think that the murder of innocent babies is acceptable. Not only that, but Obama voted to deny treatment to babies who actually survived abortions. How evil is that! Pray, Pray, PRAY that Obama doesn’t get a second term!!!!!

  • One and Done

    Looks pretty sparse. Obama must have run out of free phones to give to the moochers. LOL

  • Dave

    America is screwed and doesn’t even know it. Or doesn’t care. Either way, the sheeple will get what they deserve.

  • fred

    Yea the Dems are so proud of all the babys they have killed over the years!

  • ollie123

    There is nothing more precious than that of an innocent new born child, a joy, miracle, what kind of madness would enter into ones heart to think that killing that life in the womb is a good thing! This I will never understand, “It is appointed onto mankind once to DIE!, than after this the JUDGEMENT!! The innocent children will be redeemed!

  • Tony

    The crowd was small looking for Obama

  • vincent joy

    Never forget, the “People” elected the nitwit we have in the White House. When morons are allowed to vote, morons invariably get elected!

  • fred

    Wow this is a rare event, I mean i’m used to seeing zombies hijack Romney rallies, but had never seen a rationale person hijack a zombie rally. Way to go dude.

  • chuker

    When Netanyahu, was addressing an audience in the USA he was heckled.
    His reply to the heckler was.
    “You can do that in a free country” and continued to speak.

  • Simsalabim

    You are either Pro-Life or Pro-Death.

    “I set before you life and death…” Deuteronomy 30:19

    The Democrats have changed the argument with the b.s. “pro-choice” mantra.

  • Paolo

    It’s not permitted to speak against Mien Fuhrer.

  • Henry K

    This is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like “America Deceived II”.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely censored:

  • Berto

    I completely support the ending of legalized murder of the unborn but this man’s disruption was no better than the disruption of conservative rallies by liberal opposition. Mr. Obama, as much as I dislike him and what he has done to our country, has a right to speak, as does Mr. Romney. Our nation is so much more fragmented and subjective after four years of this man’s presidency. Minorities see any disagreement as racism, sacrificing our right to freedom of speech on the altar of bullied intimidation. Conservative caucasians are threatened by comments from the likes of Bill Maher, the NBP, among many others. I hope tomorrow’s election is just the first step in undoing the damage and repairing the divisions between fellow citizens. God help us.

  • Jasper

    The only reason this election is supposed to be this close, is the MASSIVE CHEATING of
    the obama-bots.

    If this was a truly honest election b.o. would be crushed.

    The people are sick of him and his lies.

    The people are also sick of Soros and rest of the crew that put him in.

    God save our country.

  • Oh, geez, I’m dizzy! The “videographer” needs to take some lessons or find a new line of work.

    What a disgraceful way to treat a peaceful protestor. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Meanwhile the secret service ignores threats of violence against Gov. Romney.

  • Ralloh

    This needs to be seen by everyone.

  • dw323

    If we really want to get rid of this man who dragged us through the last 4 miserable years, PLEASE all of us need to “drag” at least one person with us to vote for Mr. Romney. Someone who might not vote without our help….an older relative, an undecided voter (yes, I huess there really are some of them). Stop by a retirement home and see who needs a ride. Remember George W after all the votes were counted won Florida by just under 1000 votes.

  • K

    ALL the people yelling were distrupting as much as the guy they hauled away forcefully. Why did they not haul everyone away?

  • scott

    I never thought my America could elect such an idiot. Goes to show how gullible people can be.. obummer voters it’s time to correct your mistake that has cost your children, your paycheck, your honor. Kick the socialist b*stard out. Send him to caddie some golf course for tips.

  • Five burly cops, one old man, what a show!

  • donh

    The graphic of heckler being handcuffed by 5 uniformed police officers is Obama’s closing image posted at places like Drudge for the final 24 hours. Typical Obama media image mismanagement that has cast a shadow of darkness over his entire campaign.

  • Johnny Walker

    Everyone loves thug cops when they are abusing someone on the “other team”.

  • MJ

    ‘Heckler Totally Hijacks Obama Rally’


  • The reason the race is even tight is because Romney is right about the 47% comment. Many of the free loaders on government cheese are fearful Romney will take away their free benefits, such as food stamps. He won’t. In fact, he’ll probably increase food stamps when he eliminates all the federal overhead as he pushes the program to the states. But, the fact remains, the free loaders don’t care about Romney’s plan for millions of new jobs, because they don’t want or need jobs. They want to sit back and collect their free government cheese. I pray to God Almighty that the majority of true Americans still outnumber the amalgamation of free loaders, gay marriage proponents, proponents of tax-subsidized abortions and illegal aliens. God save America if this sorry excuse for a president is re-elected.

  • Obama keeps saying we’ve tried the Republican ideas under Bush and they failed. Then he uses Clinton’s policies as the same policies he used during this first term as successful. But if that were true, then why are there no jobs now after four years? Unemployment rate is actually higher than when Obama took office. The reason is Obama is full of it. Had Romney been elected four years ago, America would already be booming and prosperous and have millions of new jobs. The only person who will vote for this fraud that the country is doing great, are people who really don’t want a job or the country to prosper. You know, the one’s getting food stamps while stealing dead people’s social security numbers to request billions of dollars in fraudulent tax refunds, while slinging untaxed dope and pimping their whores on the street corners.

  • Forg

    What is the need for these dumb women these days to scream WHOOOOOOOOOOOO at every event? Shut up ya brainwashed Obama Zombie.

  • For all of you on the fence about whether to re-elect this divisive, non-transparent, snide-acting, excuse-making, do-nothing president for another miserable four years without jobs, no hope, and plenty of fear of the future, along with a liberal media that is in the bag for him so they won’t lose their gay marriage and tax-subsidized, free-for-all abortions, ala, the Benghazi coverup where they won’t cover the Nixonian/Benghazi scandal, you need to look at these amazingly, shocking videos about allegations about our alleged crack smacking, closet homosexual president, that have also been buried by the liberal press:

    You should also listen to Obama’s college classmate here:

  • Leslie

    I’ve lived in a near all black neighborhood and the people, sadly, have been locked into this mentality for a long time. Obama and his cronies came out just in time for the harvesting of fools. They will, I assure you with the exception of one or too decent black folk, will stand by and watch someone get killed, raped or dragged away. They will also take photos. They do not see themselves as American citizens nor do they feel the impulse to stand up for a fellow citizen. They are ignorant of the truth and inheritance of freedom.

  • Larry Speier

    The nation was started by Christians to be a city on a hill. Now, an Antichrist is “governing” the country. What should we expect, though? The supreme court forced abortion down the throats of the nation’s Christian values (and we acquiesced ) and the media labels anyone who opposes it as an extremist. Extremist? Really. Our Christian value system has been almost completely displaced. The world is now ready for the kingdom of the beast. As the devil said, man will give anything for his skin. Obama plays the same card as he binds their souls to this doomed world system.

  • saved4ever

    I cannot wait until 11/6 to vote Osama Ben Gahzi out of office! Romney – Ryan 2012!

  • I will vote early today to terminate, fire, let go, that jack ass obama

  • Was this video shot from an Obama Phone ! The welfare scum should not be aloud to vote !
    the audience was full of victims.

  • Chuhyona

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him president.”

    The foregoing is attributed to an article published in the Czech Republic.

  • Dr. Forceps

    Just for that, I’m going to kill more babies.

  • Mike

    Just remember, if Obama wins this re-election, it is you who put him there and you alone who deserves what is coming to you.

    “Whitey” will no longer be there to bail you out.

    I look forward to the next four years.

  • Born American

    This is change?! Someone speaks out against the King and they are hauled away in chains??!!
    This used to be a daily practice in the dark ages but I thought this country had a constitution to protect everyone, even the poor guy that spoke up.
    America is waking up to realize this President has not lived up to his promises. Time for a real change.

  • jc

    god bless him…lol

  • Brendan

    Oh man, you’re right, he was totally throw off his game – except that he still gave the speech, is still president and currently stands an 86% chance of winning the election 307 – 230.

    Anybody-but-Bush didn’t work for liberals in 2004, aren’t you embarrassed to think anybody-but-Obama is a strong position in 2012?

  • nolongermiddleclass

    Its ok people.. Just a few more days and Obama will be escorted out in pretty much the same manner..
    Then I get that tingling feeling running down MY leg..

  • Political Girl

    We all have a clear understanding what will happen if BO loses, dont we?

  • Lee

    Wow! Obama can’t even fill a gym these days..

  • Thomas Collins

    Dim and his mindless droogies…

  • Bignuts

    Why are there so many empty seats?????? hmmmmmm


    The democrat electorate has settled for so little for so long and they have been hypnotized by catchy phrases and mean-spirited attacks. They are fine with a guy who just visits New Jersey, but can’t bring himself to send rescue personnel to save our ambassador in Benghazi and his associates and the two Seals who went in to assist. A Shameful disgrace the Fraud-in-Chief is. This nation deserves better. It is for us to make a legacy for our children and for those who have gone before us in battle. One legacy, free of debt or oppression from those who would do us harm; one to be proud of, not one of compulsory taxes and compulsory lifestyles brought on by fear (is lam).

  • Thomas Skew

    @sybill You are an idiot.

  • Anton the Hammer

    I hope this guy voted early beacause I bet he is in jail on Tuesday!

  • The Bruce

    Think of all the revenue the government would be getting today if we hadn’t killed 40 million babies over the last 40 years…

    And could someone explain why 9 out of 10 abortion clinics are in minority neighborhoods?

  • mameshki

    And People think I am nuts when I say our police force/stinking politicians/and government officials are no different than the current or former soviet union, handcuffs, brute force, wresting…WTF, over. Tells us a lot to where our political system is these days. I can only imagine what the future will bring.

  • Flintstone F.

    After carefully reading each comment…

    They said 20,000 at the event. Dave Matthews was needed to draw some in. The place looked sparse and sounded hollow. The guy with the camera seemed really careful not to steady the shot anywhere else except directly on the protester or Obama.

    So long The One, you certainly were and probably will continue to be in the future.

    Oh, oh, oh, it’s zero. I’ll miss you “chair.”

  • Seth Koch

    It’s sad to see all those people acting like they have a choice about this country. They don’t realize that Obama is but a puppet and Romney is but a puppet. There is nothing wrong with being ignorant, but to be ignorant and have a vociferous opinion is dangerous. Educate yourselves people. Quit believing the lies the media tells you.

  • sueinmi

    Guess these people like the violation of the 2nd Amendment/religious freedom and the killing of innocents.

  • squeaky

    “We all have a clear understanding what will happen if BO loses, dont we?” and a clear understanding of what will happen if he wins. but, much like obamacare you’d have to re-elect him to see just who he really is. he’ll have more flexibility so to speak. letting his inner anger out.

  • John

    The crowd was really cheering the cops, and that’s nice…..gonna watch it again just to hear the cheering

  • B4its2late

    Sure a lot of empty seats……

  • Bobba

    @#19. Well duh, of course he went down faster at the ball game. There was more access to beers & cracker jacks before the game than there is at an Obama convention.

    @22, Maybe the overflow was where they put people who were flagged as Romney supporters?

  • Big Tom

    This is what you will be getting under another Obama term. Not only is he turning this nation into a Socialist/ Communist nation, he now has his Gustapo police roughing up and handcuffing a single heckler. Hopefully the heckler will sue the police for violating his rights. This was a typical union thug rally and is why the nation is turning against unions.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Bringing a sign to a Obama rally is just too little, what needed to be brought to his rally is, Tar and Feathers along with a Post Oak Rail.

  • ChadroG

    And this my friends, is a video of democracy dying along with the freedom of speak, though, and expression. A true patriot (what a president should be) would tell the police to leave the man alone as he is only flexing his rights, followed by “don’t worry, I have a microphone and a PA system, I can’t talk over him if I need to!”. It’s not too late to change this people…..The man on the stage is an IDIOT!!! Vote him out tomorrow!!!

  • SafeTea

    It appeared the man was holding up pictures of an aborted fetus while shouting how vile an act abortion is, and the crowd was chanting “Four more years!” while applauding his arrest.

    That about sums up the demonrat party, alright.

  • And not one member of that howling mob paid one nanosecond more of attention to Dear Leader’s halting, stumbling, dumbass speech.

  • freeme2

    This guy was and is a hero. Listen to theses creaming dogs howling so they can murder the unborn. Filth blood thirsty dogs.

  • ragu4u

    So much for Obama’s view of free speech!

  • Mike H

    Guy looked peaceful enough to me. Just expressing his opinion by holding up a sign until the law showed up and removed him. Hat-tip to this brave man. If O hadn’t been there he would have been torn apart.

    “You have the right to express your opinion as long as it’s ours.” says the left.

    Looks like maybe he’s holding a modest anti-abortion sign? Interesting how those that approve killing babies by the millions are dead-set on taking firearms away from us.

  • yankeefan

    Nobody is paying any attention to Obama; all eyes are on the protester getting dragged out. Obama just blew 1/2 a day traveling to Cincinnati only to have his speech drowned out.

  • Obama

    You folks like shooting yourselves in the foot don’t ya…

  • Johnny

    Obama is a loser. He’s got about a day left. Looking forward to him losing along with all his supporters. However, I will leave my table scraps outside so they can get a meal.

  • Tom Roff

    THANK GOD…..

    this is about over:


  • Tim Crowley

    THE GOP = Can’t win with logic and reason so they scream and cause a ruckus.

  • Slimbo27

    Nice to see liberals support free speech.

  • makka

    Obama makes sure the First Amendment is dead in the US.
    Just ask the guy who made the video they lied about saying it was the cause of ambassador Stevens’ death. He’s still in jail!
    Free speech is muzzled by Obama and his fascist crew

  • Tom Roff

    Tim Crowley commented: “THE GOP = Can’t win with logic and reason so they scream and cause a ruckus.”

    Lets talk about that on Wed morning…. LOL

  • Angry Black

    After Obama wins tomorrow night, Ann Romney will go black and she’ll never come back!!!

  • Pat Magroin

    That was Larry David wasn’t it?

  • 24 More Hours

    20 score and 4 hours from now, and we’ll finally be rid of the cancer that is this excuse for a president. He disgraces the office. Time for some real Americans to take the helm.

  • Tom Roff

    Hey Angry Black, why so angry?


  • Voice of Reason

    Partisan politics has destroyed this nation. Religion has played a hand as well. It’s sad that we used to be the greatest country in the world and because Democrats and Republicans bicker more than they work together, our country is the laughingstock of the world.

  • Joe

    Isn’t it sick that the crazed dems cheer when they take someone out standing up for babies slaughtered by the dem’s policies?

  • Jose Noway

    Obama will win 4 more years. America will still stand and we all still win. God bless the USA and our President

  • John

    Dumb pirates being used all the time.

  • Darth Voter

    Not only was the place not even full, the spirit of the crowd was low and the enthusiasm was lacking.
    I don’t like hecklers but this helped underscore the fact that support for Obama is just not there. I don’t believe any phony polls saying its close. Romney is no prize, but he’s ahead by at least 5 points just by default. I’m starting to think the last three elections were doctored as well.

  • Pingback: Pro-life heckler "totally throws Obama's game" at Sunday campaign stop()

  • Newbie

    You really couldn’t hear the “heckler” saying anything. Just holding up his anti-abortion sign. Which, needless to say, is something that these baby-killers can’t stand having around.

    If he did say anything, it was totally drowned out by the mob, and by some woman shouting “Faw Maw Years!” Oh, yes, clearly a well informed mob.

  • Jsmith


    Don’t be intimidated by the OSCE, Black Panthers, Al Sharpton, or Union goons!

  • John Knight

    Was that Joe Biden they removed from the stands?

  • JustFollowing

    I was there in the overflow crowd, and I was unimpressed by Obama. I’m either not voting tomorrow or going to hold my nose and vote for Mitt. Wow, what an arrogant son of a …!

  • Mr. Feverhead

    Lots of empty seats in that video.

  • ajhnson

    Wow listen to all the anti-American communists chanting 4 more years! These people better hope there’s never a second civil war!

  • Michael

    This is just a shadow of what is to come if this clown is re-elected, since obama and putin are such good friends obama is going to employe putin tactics of silencing his opponents.

  • RJ

    Post #227 Chuhyona – Thank you. Well said. I would use a different descriptor than fool, but the foundation of your argument is solid.

  • lee

    Let see it is OK to do it to Rommey becuase the libs say it free speech. But do it to OBAMA it is Not.
    IF OBAMA get back in you will see more People being dragged off who disagrees with OBAMA

  • mowowie

    If Obama commanded that crowd to attack they would have torn that guy from limb to limb.

  • Obama is a complete moron!
    No economy would recover with “Jimmy Carter II” style approach.
    Of course gasoline has doubled!
    Of course the debt has doubled!
    Of course foodstamps doubled!
    Of course poverty is way up!
    Pick the founder of any U.S. company – Home Depot, Apple, IBM, GE, ect. and all will tell you they could not and would not start the same company today with Obama’s tax/regulations.
    Even if your as dumb as Obama, you must see this!
    In 1980 – Carter and the U.S. media claimed America would never see job growth of more than 150k a month – In Sept 1983 after Reagan undid the Carter mess….
    America created 1.1 million jons in Sept 1983 – and 30 million over the next couple years.
    Polls are meaningless and designed to limit Republican voters
    Reagan on Election day in 1980 was down by 10 points and won a landslide
    I can put a poll together today – that shows Carter would win re-election in 2016 if you’d like

  • Political Polly

    Like . . . . totally, man . . . .

  • Tom Roff

    I’d take Ann over ‘ole horse face anyday


  • Pouncekitty

    Obama should be heckled wherever he dares to spew out his lies. He should be heckled 24/7 and after he’s fired he should be heckled in retirement, if we can all afford to go to Hawaii.

  • kimdi01

    Watch the NBC’s, ABC, CBS and CNN tomorrow night. How many “commentators,” otherwise called Obama campaigners, will actually cry, other than Chris Matthews? How long after the first polls close at 7 PM (eastern) will it take for those same commentators to claim voter fraud even though they have been telling us there is no such thing as voter fraud for weeks now?

  • H. Johnson

    I guess that whole First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America thing means nothing to Hussein Obama or his little bitch police force. What a bunch of sissies.

  • TonyV

    Wow, that place looked a bit empty, definitely not filled. Mary Katherine Ham actually went to a Bill Clinton Rally in Ohio just for the hell of it… and she said it was a high school gymnasium THAT WASN’T EVEN HALF FILLED. She described it as a “sad site”

    The media has been trying to drag this dead horse carcass of a campaign over the finish line, and I’m not buying it. I don’t care what the juiced polls say, Obama is toast.

  • DrEdu

    Obama was voiceless for a while…
    …Like the babies

  • Marine

    No wonder Chavez, Castro, and Putin love the Nobel Peace Laureate.

  • NEXT UP: The IRS audits him, his family, and everyone who knows him.

  • Jason, NYC Law

    Wow, obama handled this event like a complete idiot…I understand he wet himself behind the podium and that as he left people caught a pretty foul scent and saw what appeared to be a brown stain in the area of his butt!

  • Dave

    Listen to all the people cheering.. They love the police state. Until they’re the ones being dragged away.

  • Paul

    He reminds me of the guy in that picture going around where everyone in the huge crowd is saluting Hitler except one guy with his arms crossed.

  • Scooter Rooter

    Welcome to the New Amerika — We’ll see how November 6th goes ( then we’ll see how far we’ve slipped to ) Abortion – is not a civil “right” – Its a medical procedure. Its a baby – not a piece of meat. You can excercise your “choice” by keeping your knees closed !

  • John Patterson

    A little tip for all of you folks carrying camera phones, camcorders, etc. Learn to shoot. Always keep your subject in frame and stop jerking left and right. Also, zooming in and out is very distracting. If you need to do any of that, at least have an idea of where you are going and what you’re doing. It really lends credibility to your videos.

  • Buzz

    I was watching a Romney speech last night and there was some Obama moron booing very loudly for several minutes. Romney and the crowd completely ignored the moron. I attended a Romney rally Saturday. Just before Romney arrived the Boy Scouts presented the United States Flag and the State Flag. We then sang the national anthem and recited the pledge of alligence to the Flag. Have you ever seen that at an Obama socialists rally?

  • Michael Allen

    The empty chair could not retort since the electricity was out on the teleprompter.

  • G0m3r646

    While I find this a bit funny that guy had no right to be this disruptive so he was rightfully removed. I would have been more supporting of this guy had be simply posed questions to Obama regarding his pro-choice stance. I hate when people turn this into a freak show.

  • Was that Michelle screaming
    in the background?

  • Buzz

    Scooter Rooter commented:

    “Welcome to the New Amerika — We’ll see how November 6th goes ( then we’ll see how far we’ve slipped to ) Abortion – is not a civil “right” – Its a medical procedure. Its a baby – not a piece of meat. You can excercise your “choice” by keeping your knees closed !”

    The dim-witted wet-pantie libs support the killing of an unborn baby, but are against putting to death someone who rapes and murders a child. Could one of you wet-pantiel liberals please explain the rational of that?

  • pj13

    Enough of “Chicago Politics” on a national level. Obama and his thugs have hijacked our country and constitution. Vote the bonehead and his followers out tomorrow! If anyone still believes that he is about anything other than himself, you are fools…….

  • Ronny Perkins

    You can see and FEEL the difference between the two candidates. Gov. Romney fills the stage with his grace and presence and Mr. Obama shrinks behind the podium with catty and sarcastic remarks. Please America, let Gov. Romney breathe life back into our country. Vote for REAL change tomorrow.

  • Mike Asher

    The second beast performs spectacular signs. It even makes fire come down from heaven to earth in front of people.
    Rev 13:13

  • Whosiwhatzit

    Dear Leader does not tolerate dissent. You WILL chant for Dear Leader or you will be handcuffed and taken away.

  • Joanne

    All those people attending that rally, except the heckler and those having a lookie-loo, are the walking dead as spoken of in the Bible.

  • carlsalo

    America think for a minute. How can you support Obama who supports late term out of the womb abortion.

  • Ted

    Response to anti abortion protester: Four more years. That’s all I need to know.

  • John

    Wow, one older man protesting peacefully and he is being handcuffed and dragged away by four policemen accompanied by hysterical yells of the obamaniacs?
    Some class act!
    The practical and civilized thing to do would have been to ignore the man.
    How stupid can you get; talking about instant negative advertising one day before the elections!!!
    Wonder how many votes went to Romney because of this gestapo like spectacle.

  • William Penn

    Looks like the Communist Party rallies are drawing less and less people.

  • J Stuart

    Notice the crowd consists mainly of sons and daughters of Barak. They go by color.

  • jim

    Cops are all bad ass when there’s 10 of them. LIVE free or die.

  • funjkmaster

    So much for free speech.

  • Yllem

    Now these are classy voters… “Get his ass”

  • SamIam

    I don’t support the heckler’s veto, period. It’s usually my side that is attacked by them but I don’t support it being done against my opponnents either.

  • Bob

    Sounded like the Obama free phone lady in the background so maybe this was another free phone gathering

  • Frank Lee

    LOL, you Teabaggers are going to be in a world of pain when you wake up Wednesday morning with the refrain “Four More Years! Four More Years! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!” raging through your throbbing heads.

    And if that’s not enough, you also have the looming spectre of a dual Clinton presidency in 2016!

  • steve

    Old Proverb:
    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.
    Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.
    2012 Updated Revision:
    Give a man a welfare check, a free cell phone with unlimited free minutes, free internet, cash for his clunker, food stamps, section 8 housing, free contraceptives, Medicaid, ninety-nine weeks of unemployment, free medicine, and he will vote Democratic the rest of his life…even after he’s dead.

  • iluvjesus

    Kind of reminds me of what the prophets went through. They were telling the people to repent and the people just wanted to kill God’s messenger. When I watch this I see God’s destruction
    coming upon these people and its very alarming. They don’t even care what the Bible says
    and that is scary.

  • larry

    obama’s basic message is this.. “you can’t expect me to dismantle this economy in just 4 years.. it took 2 centuries to create it, I need at least another 4 to fully sink the economy and turn this place into a Chinese labor camp.. but give me 4 more years and I promise,, by 2016 I will be able to get all you lazy shiftless stand around do nothing liberal minded unambitious labor union card carrying slugs a piece of the american nightmare.. I mean dream… yeah,, dream… remember… don’t ask what you can do for your country! ask what your country has done for you?!!!! VOTE OBAMA 2012”

  • eemgee

    He put up a good struggle, like a lot of fetuses do. But they eventually got him.

  • Mr.CommonSense

    Speaking of videos, whatever happened to obamagirl? The chick that was making the “superzero” videos. Haven’t seen her at all.

  • Lixi

    Look at all those liberals ticked off that a conservative wants to save the life of the next Trayvon Martin, Obama’s son.

  • Jerry

    What law was the guy breaking ? I hope he sues their ass for false arrest and gets millions. Heaven forbid someone says something that doesn’t tow the BHO line. Welcome to communist Amerika…

  • Interesting contrast. Yesterday, I watched Ann Romney introducing her husband. A small contingent of Obama supporters loudly booed her between each break in sentences. And did it again to Mitt Romney. They continued to interrupt and heckle while the Romneys ignored them. A sort time later, the Romney crowed turned and started chanting Mitt, Mitt and USA, USA and shamed these dispicable hired thugs! Obama and his union thug mafiosa machine is absolutely the dregs of the Earth.

  • How exactly did this one guy manage to grind a rally to a hault? Isn’t he clear on the other side of the arena?

  • Craig

    Obama could kill his wife and her waiter friend and these people would still vote for him.

  • Chris Edens

    The commentary from the person by the camera was enough to make me want to puke. What a loud mouthed broad and seemed as annoying as the protestor. I guess she wants 4 more years on the urban plantation courtesy of the democrats. She votes and supports the same people that hold her down. More blacks are aborted than any other race so I guess she finds that a good thing! Abortion was started as mainly a means to cull the black population and she is all for it! Way to go stupid! Can I get up and celebrate your races genocide as well?? Or would I be a racist?

  • Richard

    Since when did the Ohio State Patrol turn into fat asses

  • Craig

    Imagine if that had happened at a Romney event and the guy was black.

  • ToddinOhio

    I was not at this rally, but reading all the above comments makes me wonder what planet most of you are living on. I was at multiple Romney Rally’s this year, and I witnessed several people getting “DRAGGED OUT” by police for attempting to disrupt the rally. I saw a couple removed because they had “Obama” stickers on. It happens at most Rally’s. People are very passionate on both sides, I understand this. But, please, please, please, don’t try to portray the message to the world, that “OUR SIDE” is completely civilized, and the “OBAMA SIDE” is a bunch of thugs. It just is not true. What kind of a nation are we becoming when we use these forums to spread lies, hate and propaganda. Don’t any of you remember that this is the exact same methods that Soviet Russia used to lie to their own people and the world? Both political parties in this country have extremist on each side. Both parties have mislead and lied to the American people. That is shameful and disappointing. We are so blessed to have these forums in Social Media, yet we abuse them and attempt to “fudge the facts” to our fellow countrymen and the rest of the world. I’m voting Republican, but I’m not proud of either party. Does anyone truly have a conscious anymore? The comments on this site are embarrassing.

  • faubacher

    I don’t agree with Mr. Obana on most everything… BUT he is still the President and he must be protected. I’m sure his military aide was nearby with the “football”… so we must protect him and our country. The pro-life heckler could have been more of threat than just a lot of screaming.

  • Fred Rick

    Liberal plant

  • mmilesll

    What did the clown do, this wasn’t on his teleprompter And listen to the robots, they are as stupid as he is

  • JR in Ohio

    Ohio Highway Patrol did not arrest the guy… look at the patches… not everyone in a stetson is OSP… 🙂

  • ToddinOhio

    I just went to youtube and found this one of protesters being arrested at Paul Ryan’s campaign speech.

  • Soetoro Commieboy

    President Baby Killer gets the crowd excited. The stuttering president,
    I think all liberals should kill their unborn. Don’t you ?

  • Jeff Burgdorf

    Wow – much ado about nothing.

    Just another person that doesn’t understand our constitution, posing a threat to himself, the crowd, etc. Obama didn’t overreact, Secret Service didn’t overreact, state troopers handled it excellently.

  • barry1817

    Funny thing if these were liberals disrupting a conservative speaker, the media would be having a cow, telling us that this person has freedom of speech and other such situational ethics, as to make the lame stream media and how they cover events a laughing stock

  • taosnow we have moved from people who were paid to faint in 2008 ,to paid Hecklers..

  • artemis133

    Dear Lord. What have we become?

    So embarrassing. Obama was floundering. And someone needed to stuff a sock in the mouth of that woman (using the term very loosely) that kept screaming “WOOOOOOOO”.

  • Al

    This nightmare Obama administration will be all old news tomorrow night and then the country can get back healing!

  • Josh

    My heart aches at the thought of 4 more years of Obama. He has disgraced our great nation in infinite, unspeakable ways.

  • Nobama in 2012

    The Dissenter will be joined shortly by his family in the gulags.

  • KimH

    Sorry, I was distracted by all the empty seats…..

  • amorsacaamor

    Humanity will be saved with abortion.
    Rid the world of rift raft and the worst type of DNA. Abortion is progressive alright progress for the pasty whites. Just keep enough of minorities to have around to clean your toilets for minimum wage.

    I know the white liberal game. !Que tragedia para la raza latina.

    This so going to backfire- just wait for the rage when the population numbers show this road to extinction in two decades.
    You whites will see.

  • Jeff Burgdorf

    Heh … all your commentors about Obama’s disgrace.

    Even the Republicans separated themselves very, very, far away from Bush. They all realize (now) that he bankrupted the country, dragged us into unnecessary wars, gave our military secrets to the Chinese 4 months into his administration, etc.

    Might you cast your eyes in that direction any time soon? Nope, thought not.

  • The only thing sparse that I can see is lack of brains from all you neaderthal posters. OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!!

  • Enough

    “Fo mo yees! Fo Mo Yees!” Thank god they all got their Obama phones or we’d never get to see this!


    Gosh, remember when they did that to black folks? Now look! What a difference a day makes! The blacks are drowning out the anti-abortion guy….because he is white.
    Unfortunately, the race that suffers most directly from Abortion on Demand are blacks. Think about it: your population loss: 1 out of 3 black babies are aborted before being born. This has been going on since 1972, for a total death toll of 14 Million black babies. And the fact that the founder of Planned Parenthood was Margaret Sanger, who HATED you black people….yet you still vote democrat. OK, whatever you like.

  • Jeff Burgdorf

    Racist much?

  • Obama Kills Abortion Survivors

    Cheering baby murders.

    Not to mention killing of free speech.

  • Right Side on the Left Coast

    Wow…just imagine if O’s peeps would have responded that fast in Libya! Lives would have been saved. But priorities are priorities…NO one interrupts BO while he’s reading him prompters.

  • Joey83

    Based upon the number of empty seats, they probably should have let the dude stay.

  • Gork

    Phone call for all of you – your bib overalls are ready to be picked up, we’ve let the ass out in them again…

  • Vote for Romney

    Obama must be defeated, get out and vote!!!! No excuses….Obama is a disgrace, he is bringing down this country and dividing this country…that is what the Muslim Brotherhood does.

  • DomerGrad

    This is what happened at the Notre Dame graduation Obama spoke at in 2009. Highly controversial speech that was terribly divisive to the Notre Dame community. A protester in the upper section started chanting anti-abortion comments. Obama was like a deer in headlights. He was dumbstruck. Then came another protester and then a third. Obama was stammering, having no idea of what to do in the situation. By the time the third protester started going off, those of us who wanted to see our kids and loved ones graduate were getting tired of it, and started chanting “We are ND!”. Obama thought the cheers were for him, and transformed back into the cool cat character he portrays on teleprompter.

    One other interesting thing about that day. On-campus buildings were on lock-down, due to threats to the university president. It was so intensely emotional. So Obama gets the honorary degree that many thought he should not have been awarded. Then he sits down and DOESN’T EVEN PRETEND TO LISTEN to the honorary degree candidates who had done amazing things all over the globe. Instead, he sat there, visibly bored like a 10 year-old, flipping through the program and looking around…as he sat on the stage. Unbelievable….

  • nomobama

    @JustFollowing… Please consider voting for Mitt Romney. Surely, you must have seen the difference in their presentation. Obama’s lies of being a uniter are plain to see. He is encouraging division while Romney is encouraging a love of country. If anything, Romney understands the business of jobs, and how they are created and maintained. Obama has never, and we all know this by his actions which have nearly killed our economy. I am a lifelong Democrat, and this will be only the second time in my voting history that I am voting for the Republican. The first time was in 2008. Obama is not where it’s at. Obama and his Democrat cohorts have created a Democrat party that is no longer recognizable to me. I am done with them.

  • Bill

    Obama is like evolution, everything is going to take a long time. This man is full of it, and will destroy America unless he is removed from office Nov. 6, 2012.

  • Bill

    By the way, there is no real proof of evolution. It’s one false precept, built unop another, and then stated as fact.

  • Freedom of Speach taken away!

  • Marcus Fleming

    How Doth Thou Question our King!

  • heatherfeather

    That guy was very brave. I’m surprised one of Obama’s 80-IQ, low-impulse control dependents didn’t push him over the railing.

  • OHIO Nut fan

    Obama has to go! I can’t stand listening to his lies any longer.

  • CleanFun

    When you allow political correctness to dictate what you can and can not say, there will always be someone more fluent in the language who will use it to silence you on any and every issue. Speak your mind, speak the truth, and do so without any reservations.

  • carbo

    Where’s Waldo? Oh ya, he’s on the stage talking, or is that just an empty suit?

  • Tom

    We’ll see who will be shouting and crying tomorrow.
    Obama is the biggest insult to our country and our people.
    He knows nothing about America and wants to do everything to destroy our constitution.
    ROMNEY 2012!

  • Ray

    I bet he is so pro-life that he would insist that a 14 year old carry the baby to term if she was raped by her father. Wait, that’s Romney and Ryan’s policy.

    Obama will win tomorrow.

    The GOP is running out of voters….

  • Chauncey Freeman

    The most staggering thing is how empty the venue was even the most desirable seats. Compare this warm cozy venue with the Romney rally last night in PA where nearly 30,000 people waited outdoors in freezing cold for hours to see Romney. The change has come and we have a new and American president. Goodbye to bad Bolshevik rubbish and the rabble who worship the human garbage can.

  • Dean Leach

    The blacks wanted to kill that dude. They would have if given a chance. Obama has ruined this nation.

  • carbo

    Be careful democrats. You may think it’s a fun thing to get arrested for speaking out, but some day Obama will turn on you, and you will be the one arrested. Vote Republican to create good jobs, and then you will have the happiness and freedom that you want. Obama is not good for you or for America.

  • ManOnPoint

    Yes!!! Don’t agree with us we will supress your free speech rights!!!

  • Jim

    Hardly do we see conservative hecklers. However, when liberals are heckled, how they do not like it, yet it is one of their favorite tactics.

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  • john

    who is the idiot doing all the yelling acting like a bigger fool than obama, (as if that could happen). lol… cant wait ntill tomorrow, when we rid ourselves of these idiot, lying, cheating obama fans. Not to mention get rid of obama as well. God help us all….

  • Chris H

    Barack Obama was totally thrown off his game…

    I’m glad he is “off his game,” when he’s “on his game” he runs up the deficit, and passes healthcare bills we can’t afford and don’t want.


    Good thing this guy didn’t make an anti Obama or anti mohammed movie, he’d probably disappear entirely.

  • GoMitt

    Free speech, Chicago style. The thug at the podium is the Monkey Master who controls abc, cbs, & nbc.

  • carbo

    Ohio and Florida people. You think Obama can help you with free stuf. Wake up! You are selling your soul for what you think is a ticket to happiness, but you will soon find that this guy is not looking out for you. He wants to control you and make you forever his slave. Gosh, I wish I could get through to the black people of America. They are so prefudice and branwashed with hate for white people, and america. It’s a sad thing to watch. Everything they have, including freedom is because of good white people, and they are about to throw it all away for their own selfishness. I will say a prayer for the black people of America. Some may see the light and vote for Romney, but it will be very few.

  • Phineas

    Hey pro-life minions…reign it in a bit. Don’t make us look like morons!! I hate abortion, but this idiot does our cause no good! We will win the lifes of future millions on the strength of our arguments and with God’s help. Not by shouting someone down. Don’t stoop to the tactics of the left, or give them any reason to assail our sincereity.

  • jim

    The real danger to America is not a hurricane nor gay Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a filthy muslim sodomite like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a gay Obama presidency than to restore the necessary,commonsense ,Godliness and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a creature for their president.

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the gay fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. “The Republic can survive a gay Obama, who is, after all, merely a gay fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

  • cris stevens

    “This recovery is going to take a long time” How many times do we have to hear Barry say this? The only thing he didnt do was blame Bush for Sandy… but he may do that before its all over

  • Okieflyover

    Obama is flying across country for crowds this size. How much is this costing us per participant?

  • Russ

    Imam Obama was apparently still speaking, however, with all the noise from the crowd, Imams words were going nowhere. That REALLY doesn’t matter though since he (Obama) really has nothing to say anyway. When he can’t follow his TelePrompTer and he certainly can’t respond to real emergencies (Benghazi and Sandy) it only shows he has no freakin clue.

  • Johnny5

    This IS NOT 2008 anymore DemocRats.

  • The1

    The heckler was the only normal human being there.

  • Bob

    Wow..I could have sworn i was back in the jungle listening to the sounds of the howler monkey.

  • xcipher

    This is the definition of brave. To be surrounded by democrats and still shout your message. To confront the leader of the opposite side while surrounded by his minions, very very brave. Now on the other hand, he was rude, disrupting, and he was never going to change anything with what he did, he just wanted to get attention, and he accomplished that.

  • Eddie Gaston

    That guy was way out of line trying to speak out against the slaughter of the unborn.
    They are not even 2/3’s human and can’t even vote for Obama.
    Guy, I understand your passion but Obama supporters don’t have a soul and conscience to offend. Wasted effort.

  • Lori Thorne

    Tomorrow is BIG GARBAGE DAY at the White House…Don’t forget to throw out the trash!

  • carbo

    Where’s Waldo? Oh ya, he’s on the stage…

  • nomobama

    I did a small sign waving event for a Hillsborough County Florida Romney victory office on Saturday in North Tampa, Fl. I stood by myself on one corner of a major intersection while a group of 7 or 8 other ROmney supporters stood opposite of me across 6 lanes of traffic. I did not coordinate with the other sign wavers, but I jad heard that they were going ti be there. There was mostly a positive reception from passing motorists, but the Obama supporters who decided to respond were nasty with their words and gestures. Four black females raided my location with an Obama sign. They were acting like idiots, especially the one with the sign. Now get this. She was making comments like “Obama! I want my welfare!”. I was dumbfounded because she wasn’t kidding. She was SERIOUS! Shameful in my opinion. When they left, I witnessed one of these punks tear my Romney sign off the back of my truck. I did not appreciate that, but it didn’t surprise me that it happened at the hands of one of these ghetto (and they were, believe me) brats.

  • Miss Kitty

    The crowd was sparse because they did not have watermelon and fried chicken…. :0

  • Nan231

    This is what it will look like when they come for you! The only problem is most people think it will not happen to them, of course they will be the first to go!

  • carbo

    Sorry Waldo!

  • bpf53

    Guess the Left-wing open minded progressives don’t like a taste of their own medicine, they can dish it out but can’t take it. But maybe they should have given out some more free phones to these progressive free loaders, that would make the crowd happy!

  • It doesn’t matter who we vote for, since according to Bill Clinton’s mentor, Prof. Carrol Quigley, its the CFR that actually runs the USA (since late 1800s, and probably long before).

    WHAT MATTERS is that we make ALL public servants (aka “government officials”, aka lying politicians) OBEY our income tax law, then they wouldn’t have OUR money for all the illegal black ops, illegal undeclared wars, stomping on freedom of speech, etc, etc.


    1. “Exempt income” – 26 CFR 1.861-8T(d)(2)(ii)

    2. “Income that is not” – 26 CFR 1.861-8T(d)(2)(iii)

    ecfr DOT gpoaccess DOT gov

    According to U.S. Income tax law, MOST income is exempt (i.e. not taxable), while very LITTLE income is not exempt (i.e. taxable).

  • Tom

    Now imagine if this guy was black…..Would they be whoopin’ & hollerin’?

  • Jay

    I don’t think that it was right of them to get rid of the protester. It violated his rights! But I have to agree with the decision to do so. Seeing as most of the political fan boys were all around that guy yelling and giving off a menacing vibe, it was necessary to keep the peace by removing him. Otherwise, those with no sense of maturity would have started a riot and without a doubt Jackie e killed that man.

  • swissik

    Great display of America’s screaming womanhood. With people like this it is no surprise the country is on its way to Hades.

  • Jay

    In response to my last comment: “would have ” sorry, auto correct

  • Bob

    Obama is a LOSER!

  • LongLiveTheRepublic

    What happend to Freedom of Speech? Isn’t that what the Benghazi YouTube video was all about? Or have we all forgotton?

  • Steve

    Chant from the person on the mike: “Fo’ Mo’ years!”

  • Carmine Fragione

    Planned Parenthood owns the Democrat Party and the largest number of children they end up killing by Abortion is Black People, and so a White man comes to protest that this is evil. but the crowd, including many Black People, boos and chants to throw the protester out, and thus approves of Family Planning being supported by Taxpayer Money , when the aim has clearly been shown for fifty years, a plan to kill mostly Black People.

  • Stevden

    “……Just another person that doesn’t understand our constitution, posing a threat to himself, the crowd…..”

    Oh yeah, you must be talking about the part of the constitution that says it is perfectly fine to murder an innocent, helpless, unborn child.

  • Robert

    It appears the crowd was much smaller than last time, of course the media kept telling us how big it was. Most of Obama’s crowds have been much smaller this time around. People have lost their excitement about Obummer. No hope left and the change was the wrong kind. I was listening to economist talking and they said if Obama is reelected he will add more regulations on businesses and he’ll beef up the EPA to attack energy companies and he will raise taxes even more than Obamacare already does. This will cause a substantial loss of jobs. Obama can get us to 40% unemployment in 4 more years.

  • LongLiveTheRepublic

    Give a man a welfare check, a free cell phone with unlimited free minutes, free internet, cash for his clunker, food stamps, section 8 housing, free contraceptives, Medicade, ninety-nine weeks of unemployment, free medicine, and he will vote Democratic the rest of his life…even after he’s dead.

  • Sin Sin Natty

    Unnatural sexual practicees are for four more years of this?

  • Jim

    Mitt will not win this election. He is nothing more than a consolation to a failed primary. The republican party has split and lost a lot of support. The negative primary took a toll on many voters. To say merely voting against someone for the sake of party and not intelligently looking over the merits and intentions of all choices is severely underestimating our ability to accept what is right and what is wrong. If you make over $250,000/yr and vote for Romney that is a smart decision. ( i would) anything less then there’s is an obvious lack of accepting truth to spin. Good Luck America and God Bless All Americans!

  • nomobama

    One More Day!

  • Constitution First

    Desperate times, desperate measures. Not proud, just calling it like I see it.

  • BHirsh

    Negro socialist robots are poopstink.

  • Walt Peterson

    Idiot. Doesn’t he know that freedom of speech is reserved for criticizing Obama’s opponents? Otherwise, it’s racism.
    And, what was he hollering about? Abortion being baby-killing? He can’t criticize a woman’s God given right to kill her own baby. That makes him a misogynist, too, for crying out loud.

  • Pingback: VIDEO: Heckler handcuffed, dragged out of Obama rally… « Billionaire Trust Fund()

  • BHirsh

    Hey, Jim.

    Yes he will, and no he isn’t.

    The economy is a wreck. Mitt is a fixer. He will fix it. The social fabric has socialist tears in it. He will mend them. The Democrats are ruthless manipulators of poltical power. He will wrest it from them, and we will see to it that they never get it again.

  • Thomas Bosco

    God bless the heckler for defending the unborn.

  • enough is enough

    Obama can’t you hear the people? They’re saying Good bye!!

  • Undettered

    Off to the re-education camp for this man. His act of hate speech will be beaten from his body. He will learn that killing unborn parasites in a woman uterus is a right that will not be infringed upon.

  • AmericaWILL

    So O calls in 4 troopers to take our 1 poster carrying protester and our Ambassador got nobody against armed terrorists. hmmmm

    Joe Wilson deserves a Medal.

  • Bobaloo

    and they led him away to be crucified


  • Zipperhead

    Democrat plant…to further the narrative that those evil conservatives want to take away your abortion rights….easy to see through, the libs are so predictable.

  • Thom

    Too bad we’ll not see the administration, and public unions, dragged out in handcuffs!!!

  • Mancub72

    This is the BEST they can do for a RALLY? They can’t even fill a high school gym 2 days before the Election…. I love it. Romney’s gonna WIN OHIO HUGE and win the rest by LANDSLIDE!!!

  • Dan Higgins

    Obama- worst President EVER !!!!
    If you are an idiot- vote Obama/Biden…… otherwise Vote AGAINST the idiot known as Obama….Michelle was quoted as stating that she does not like white people….

  • cd

    Please SHOW ME,10 Real TAX PAYERS in the entire RALLY!

  • Lex Terrae

    Whatever happened to free speech?

    Shouldn’t people who disagree with a politician be allowed to show up and voice their opinions? I think so and so did those who wrote the constitution.

    I realize that the venue was paid for by the campaign, but by putting on the speech they are in effect creating an attraction. That moths come to the flame should be no reason for blaming the moth.

    What if there had been 50 . . . a 100 . . . a 1,000 who had showed up and heckled the speaker, should they have been man-handled by fascistic police?

    If you build it, they will come. If you cannot handle it, stay the Hell at home. We entrust this man with all the power and might of the US federal government yet he seems to lack the wit to handle a single heckler?

    God forbid that he should win – or steal – the election tomorrow!

  • Abortion murders innocent unborn babies. Barack Obama supports babykillers. He’s the most extreme pro-abortion president in my lifetime. Ironically, abortion murders more black babies per capita than any other race, so Obama is also supporting racial genocide. Follow and FilmDoctor on Twitter. . .

  • Otis

    Why is he being arrested for heckling??? Escorting him out I understand, but handcuffs? I would love for Romney to win but with a show of force over something that simple you have to wonder how fair this election will be…..

  • Leeza

    No such thing as free speech at an Obama rally.

  • mart

    Did anyone notice all the cheering???? Just goes to show u the mentality of the liberal left. Where’s the tolerance?

  • FedUpWithZero

    Methinks Lars is an 0 supporter.

  • Otis

    He’s from Chicago – he’ll cheat! Don’t be surprised if Obama wins……there’s already been machine tampering in several states……

  • John Socow

    It takes a single heckler to disrupt an Obama rally for this long? Shows just how interested Obama supporters are interested in what the President has to say. If he had normal crowds of 80k, this heckler wouldn’t have been noticed…my how 4 years of utter disaster can change one’s perspective.

  • Andy

    Wack job, he got what he deserved…….

  • Richard L. Fortin

    He was taken away by the police. Why, where were the Secret Service? Probably under the stage getting some quick nooky from some local hooker.

  • SoyBean

    #98 Joseph. I agree with the 10% of the white population needing to grow up. However, the same can be said for the black population and its a lot more than 10% of them.

  • bill1942

    So much for freedom of speech in the presence of the Grand Exalted Poobah Hussein Obama. What a failed social experiment he turned out to be. Time to bring America roaring back with a real leader.

  • Michael Czech

    Mike Check (mike check)

    I thought that these people (I thought that these people)

    Were into disrupting (were into disrupting)

    The scheduled speeches of anyone (the scheduled speeches of anyone)

    Who is part of the 1%. (who is part of the 1%)

    I guess that stuff doesn’t fly, when it’s their man up there? (I guess that stuff doesn’t fly, when it’s their man up there)

  • Hiram Davis

    Fo mo years! Fo mo years! Surprised they can count to fo.

  • Dominic

    Does Obama now want revenge against this man?

  • michael

    Obamas Legacy

    Ultimate Personification of Incompetence.

  • Susy

    Wanna bet the heckler was a plant by the Obama administration/campaign staff?
    That REALLY makes Romney and the Republicans look bad. Not going to work anymore Barry.

  • michael

    Obama Legacy

    Untimate personification of incompetence

  • tis what happens when we elect individuals who are more interested in their personal adgenda or that of the ones who finance them to accepting to be a pon!

  • Roger Dane

    Yeah, America is exporting with taxpayer dollars the full spectrum of abortion on demand, any time, any reason. 53 Million here in America so far since Doe and Roe (Doe being the real decision)… 53 million and didn’t we hear that the ‘work force’ was minus needed attributes for the next decade? Hmmm… 53 Million ‘mistakes’ made by women who just decided their body was their own… after they let some man impregnate them. Cart before the horse, bad decision making and then they want to make another decision to offset their first bad choice.
    Yup… vote… vote for bringing back some sense of “thoughtfulness” before action.

  • Thomas Paine

    The Obama police state in full bloom. When you don’t have an argument, call out the police to silence dissent.

  • Brett Tibbitts

    What a sad commentary on the President and his party.
    A man peacefully holds up a small pro-life sign at a rally and the crowd goes bananas with its hatred toward the man. They can’t wait to get him thrown out for the simple act of holding up a small sign. They are indignant at anyone who says that a baby inside a woman is anything other than HER healthcare decision alone. And we have a President that doesn’t know what to do. His teleprompter doesn’t show him the way on this one. He stumbles and stumbles and tries to ignore the man exercising his free speech rights. He doesn’t have the decency to speak up for the man’s rights because it doesn’t fit within his framework on the “war on women”.

    Wake up Christians in America. It’s time to vote for Biblical values and stop throwing our fists in our Heavenly Father’s face.

  • TanborFudgely

    Gary Johnson 2012

  • Lel


  • charles

    a scene we should all feel so proud of. zeik hiel

  • charles

    a scene we all can be proud of; ZEIK HIEL


  • Tom Truthteller

    More power to the heckler. The crowd’s comments sounded blood-thirsty just like Obama-followers are blood-thirsty to kill unborn babies by the millions. Planned Parenthood kills over 900 babies a day…………but we are led to believe that abortion is just a “small part of their business.” Obama voted for infanticide four times. If you don’t know, that’s when you have a healthy baby that is outside the womb and breathing and then you murder the living human baby. He goes beyond believing in killing the unborn and extends it to something that most ethical people could never support. Since most of the country’s gang-bangers are also Obama supporters, it’s amazing that the heckler wasn’t killed while the video ran. Of course, then it would not be shown.

  • Jason

    Let the president speak! I’m not voting for him but I wouldn’t disrupt, or be disrespectful, at any public event. Express yourself with your pocketbook and vote!

  • bestimmt

    How can a sitting President watch a citizen of the United States be arrested for making a political statement at a POLITICAL RALLY and not do something to stop it? Show you this moron views the Constitution with complete and utter contempt.

  • Drake Jones

    That was FUNNY!

  • Not Sayin

    It’s all over but the crying. He’ll be a 2-term president.

  • No More Years

    The guy is an idiot saw him outside playoff game.He deserved to be removed from arena. The place was sold out and had thousands outside hoping to get in and see their candidate. I don’t think the rally is the place for this lunatics rantings. That being said I hope to God Romney wins tomorrow and agree with the guy they arrested but wrong place for it

  • Jim

    Crazy. Please pray and ask God for help for our country. The current president may have secured his next four years, by handing out welfare and unemployment checks, free cell phones and foodstamps to anyone willing to take them. This “hand-out” domestic policy is destroying our economy, driving the national debt and crippling our workforce. Who will choose to do manual labor 40-60 hours a week, when you get food, shelter, clothes, cell phone and a fat “tax refund check” every April without lifting a finger?

    If you pay taxes and can stand in line tomorrow, please vote!

  • Thomas Paine

    Obama’s ass is grass tomorrow!! Bye, bye Barack and don’t come back!!

  • Bill

    the douche bag racist fraud will shortly be gone along with his ragtag band of racist white haters holder being no.1, holder must do time in jail we whites are demanding him be put awqay for 25 years foe his crimes. do you understand that Romney 25 years.

  • AirForceVet

    Nice to see Adolph Hussein Obama have a private citizen handcuffed and dragged out of a public event and his crowd have hatemonger leftists cheering was just disgusting. This is typical of these goosestepping leftists.

    I did not realize that the Ohio State Troopers now do part-time work as Obama’s Gestapo.

  • Cecil Nims

    I don’t know who was more sickening, the president, the cops, or the crowd.

  • mdg60

    I may not like the fact that people heckle, but he should be allowed. This is protected under free speech.

  • BigSkyBear

    This Election cannot be close.

    The Media prop job on this guys campaign is damn near criminal.

    AP News service = 21st century code for American Pravda or what?

  • George F Somsel

    Police thugs. I note that there was a bunch of empty space there. Who wants to hear a loser speak? Especially when we have heard far too much from him already.

  • Charlie Harper

    I personally am tired of being placed in a situation that requires me to be able to yell louder than my neighbor in order to be heard. It is about time they started throwing the idiots who disrupt the whole process for others in jail.

  • ldomin

    It is not a crime to stand for what is right. I applaud this guy for his courage and commitment. I just hope we all can be like him. WAKE UP AMERICA AND BE HEARD. WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED AND WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN.

  • RT

    Bad manners seem rampant in the GOP/TP. But I seriously doubt that the guy was even heard over the cheers for the President. Buh-bye, crazy guy!

  • No More Years

    Be like him? He’s a homeless Kook. Seen him around town. Noone would want him near them even if he was on your side. The place was not empty is was full. With more people outside. ROMNEY/RYAN for the Win

  • david

    the pathetic thing about this video is the fact that obama has expressed his hatred of the white race in so many ways, yet in this rally most of the people are white. now that says a lot for their being informed about his politics and beliefs. it is well documented fact, that even in his own books he expresses his hatred. white idiots

  • Pingback: Heckler Completely Disrupts Obama Cincinnati Rally on Sunday [Video] |

  • Rafo

    Heckler is a heckler….nobody wants the speeches get interrupted. The funny thing is, even with the shouting over him, he still could be heard. A LOT of empty seats…empty seats for an empty suit.

  • sturdeebeggar

    Yes, the B, Hussein O. support is just a shade of what it once was. The few remaining faithful have to be really spooked about now.

  • tadchem

    The abortion *rate* (abortions per 1000 females age 15-44) is over three times as high for blacks as it is for whites.
    If some white supremacist/racist/facist wanted to set up a program to gradually reduce the black population in favor of the whites, it would be hard to design one that was both legal and more effective.
    Why would blacks *want* to support this kind of slow genocide, especially a black President?

  • Too bad the “Heckler” waited this long. Where does Free Speech come in? I say Bless his
    Heart and Soul. Would love to have been there. Too bad Obama didn’t take a hike.
    GO ROMNEY!!!!

  • Jasper

    Found this, enjoy. And pay up baitches. That is if bo gets to finish the job on America.

    Obama Man

    (Sung to the tune of “The Candy Man”)

    Who can take nothing,
    Spin it full of lies
    Covers it in bull crap
    And NBC falls in love
    Obama man
    Obama man
    Obama man can
    Obama man can
    Obama man can,
    cause he hides who he is
    And says HIS CHANGE is for the good

    Who hangs with a psycho Reverend,
    Who hates white America
    Associates with radicals
    That bombed our Capitol
    Obama man
    Obama man
    Obama man can
    Obama man can
    Obama man can,
    cause he spins and lies and hides
    And he does it oh so good…

    The Obama man will tax
    EVERYTHING you make
    And spend it on whatever he wishes
    On socialist, Buy-A-Vote issues
    You wanted CHANGE,
    So PAY UP, biatches!!!

    Who can take America,
    And truly send it down the tubes
    Sold his lies to hollow-headed
    Democrat rubes
    Obama man
    Obama man
    Obama man can
    Obama man can
    Obama man can,
    cause he’s just a communist
    And makes his lies sound good

    And the country will be good
    Because Obama man will change it
    As HE thinks it should.

    God help us all.

  • Another last ditch effort ” THIS WAS A PLANT TO PRETEND REPUBS. ARE LIKE DEMS—-:)–These commies have no values!!!

  • Connor

    The guy should have handcuffed himself to a railing with one of those
    specialtyl cuffs that can only be unlocked with a certain key.
    Obama bin Laden would have to deal with him because he was
    distracting the crowd bigtime. Imagine. One guy speaking for
    the unborn citizens, yet all the bloodthirsty crowd wanted him silenced.

  • No More Years

    He was not a plant. He is a local nut job.

  • edwardo

    Jackboots for Obama!


    You’ll notice toward the end he says, “This recover will take a long time.” And they cheer.

  • Billy Bob

    He was a plant. You can’t have a Democratic rally without the stereotypical anti-abortion zealot. By the way, where are all the fainting women?

  • Broncobilly

    Good for a laugh, as the Obummer campaign finishes its hateful, divisive 2012 run. Agree that the crowd enjoyed the show down below Obama a lot more than the tiresome rhetoric on the stage. Something good is going on, and it’s not on the Obama front. It will be a real shot in America’s arm to see a real AMERICAN sworn in on Jan. 20. All the leftist pukes can read whatever they want into that final comment.

  • Kevin

    Lucky that wasn’t me One or Two Cops would have been tossed over the balcony !

  • Jacob’s Bubble

    If abortion were legalized in 1945? Obama would have had ten people in that audience.

  • What low down people in obama’s audience. The man was right, abortion is murder. If an obama lover was at a Romney conferance he would not have been removed. This man did nothing wrong, he expressed his feelings.
    Every picture I see of obama when he travels is with his stand and with his symbol. How arrogance.

  • ann

    welcome to the POLICE STATE UNDER OBAMA…no free speech for you…yep that what those morons who vote for the pos obama want…to live the slave life…they like the plantation…

  • AfriSynergy

    This hardly threw Obama off his game. Generally, I don’t agree with abortions but many of these same people who oppose it strongly either directly or through proxy support the killings by the US government in Libya, Syria, Somalia and elsewhere. This makes their protests against abortions suspect.

    There is a very high likelihood that Obama will win the election by a very comfortable margin tomorrow.

  • Paul M

    Probably a plant, or probably someone off his meds.

    I’m glad the police handcuffed and dragged him off the way they did… only the unhinged lefties try to do these kinds of things.

  • Mike

    Four more years. Yeah.

  • Roddy Piper

    Liberals can protest – but conservatives can’t?

    More open-mindedness and civility shown by the Left.

  • Truth Monger

    If Obama gets reelected, this type of thing will happen on a regular basis — anyone protesting him or his administration will be carted off to jail.

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  • Hemorrita

    I swear I had the impression, in the beginning of the video, that Pink Floyd would start playing “Run Like Hell” and we would end up seeing the hammers parading….


    Abortion is horrible enough, but Obama’s “Stand Down” commands are even worse. Lots of otherwise good and descent people think a human “fetus” is a caterpillar because “non-profit” Planned Parenthood has taught them that … but even poor old Margaret Sanger would shudder at the erstwhile Democrat Party Commander-in-Chief’s demand to “Stand Down” and let the gentle ambassador be tortured and murdered … and let the Seals who refused that same order be murdered as well … is the depravity of the century.

  • Sunshine

    Mr Obama is a BIG PARTY MAN!—-AND—–I’m not talking about a political party! We gave him a chance—-he BLEW IT—-way above his qualifications—–Now it’s time to say goog bye and thanks for NOT so good memories!! After tomorrow— he can party hardy w/Hollywood and all his —-(want to be like them)—– basketball/rock buddies!! OOPPPS—if he get an invite!!! Michelle—hopefully your fault aspirations of feeling like a movie star will not be too hard to over come.
    Best Wishes, Sunshine

  • Where are crazy Jihadist when you need them?

  • Obama gets away with this.
    EVERY President does.
    They are treated as ROYALTY

  • JeffersonWeeps

    Agree with practical Jane. Support the right to free speech, but rambling rants serve no purpose other than to disrupt. They were right to yank him out. On the other hand, if O gets reelected, this will become a common spectacle, as the Thought Police will not tolerate any public display that humiliates, challenges, or demands accountability from Dear Leader. He must always appear poised, glib, and completely in command before his adoring worshipers.

  • gerard

    While I hate this country’s descent into socialism, I have to say that the heckler was dragged out because he disobeyed orders from state police, and that is something you don’t do. They spent maybe thirty seconds asking him nicely, then they asked the other way. I don’t see how this reflects on President Obama or the crowd. Drudge is off on this one.

  • flackjacket5

    This mob sounds like the ones twittering & posting shoot, burn down, kill, etc messages in the event Obama loses. Good thing the cops hauled him off…or he’d be dead.

  • Don

    When Obama is defeated he will be happy. He had no idea that he was expected to lead our country. He will no longer have to run away from the White House when he gets trapped into doing something. After Tuesday, he doesn’t have to feel sad that he doesn’t get respect.

    I know Obama and I differ on the “Thou shall not kill” commandment/issue, but I’m still glad he was not aborted. I can imagine how sad he will be when he finally comes to grip with the fact that he was responsible for thousand of deaths. God help him, please.

  • yarply

    At one of his rallies as always he was saying romney is not change. A vote for romney is not for change but a continuance of the same… His supporters clapped and hollered. Can’t they even hear what obama is saying. it just doesn’t compute. For them or Romney supporters.

  • Thomas

    Even here in Maryland the support for Obama has gone to hell. When Maryland falls to the right you know there is something seriously wrong in Camp Obama. I predict a landslide victory for Mitt Romney and the people of the United States of America tomorrow.

  • PAT

    Turning our country into something we don’t recognize. Doing away with God. Making us a Socialist, communist country. Thank heavens he will be gone in a day.

  • dJ

    Obama (or his teleprompter) had no idea how to react.

  • Beth

    It only took one “average Joe” to throw the leader of the free world off his game….Interesting…

  • 1MoreDay

    I see a half empty stadium! LOL! Obama = Empty chair = Empty suit = Empty Stadium!

  • john lynch

    this makes my heart soar, one man, standing on the truth, speaking truth to a lie, upsets so many people and doesnt back down. thats a MAN

  • Mac

    Hey! It’s Larry David!!

  • Benghazi Massacre


  • Patrick Cullinan, Jr.

    >[overflow] crowd that couldn’t get into the 14,000 seat arena

    Bunk. The rally was sparsely attended. See for yourself.

    In the name of Almighty God, since when must decent men and women remain silent when babies are being ripped apart in the womb?!

  • jamesferrel

    sounds like animals on the war path

  • Stephanie

    What happened to freedom of speech? The man wasn’t being violent, he merely held up a poster and yelled about what he believed in. Ridiculous!

  • I’m all for hope & change. I hope we change presidents!!!

  • Frank

    They should have tried to silence the silly heckler by joining with their comrade Democrats in chanting “A-BOR-TION! A-BOR-TION!” over and over. Dems can really unite behind something they love so much.

  • lars

    #417: I’m hardly an Obama guy lol. You think I went through that effort just to troll here? I wanted to see what went down at these things and then reported back here from a local perspective fwiw. Sorry for the accuracy painting the actual event. I was in the “overflow” area so didn’t see the protester escorted away until the video footage here and so figured I’d chime in. All we heard was Obama halting his usual spiel and repeating overe and over: “It’s OK, it’s OK….” and I mentioned to my friend (who does like O) that there must have been some disruption. Interestingly, the audio feed kind of negated the audience noise, so it almost sounded like Obama was speaking to a very quiet room and I mentioned it sounded kind of morose in there. From the TV video coverage I saw afterward, it was actually louder and the Obama fandom was doing their usual hosannaing. He could have read the phone book and the Pavlovian response would have been the same. You could tell the energy was there in the crowd though – and it was a pretty good sized crowd; nothing like the mass Woodstock style revival meetings of 2008 though. I figured I’d witness the Obama mania now or never as an historical cultural phenomenon, so I waited the few hours in line and snap pics and such to document – without the crazy eyes of an adulatory acolyte. So there it is.

  • fark obummer

    What a sick display of obama fans. What a joke Obama is. Our country is f—-ed with 4 more years of that idiot in power. I’m sure they would cheer if the cop pulled out a gun and shot him right there.

  • JustMe

    The ‘hecklers’ at Ron Paul rallys were peacefully allowed their freedom of speech. No Ron Paul supporters yelling for security to ‘get him out’. Ron Paul’s rallys truly were packed!

  • Big Al

    It shows how dumb the electorate really is,obummer has been conning them for four years,all the welfarites are on his side, even the young nose candy artists,who want the government aid.The country is going backwards.

  • JohnC

    Unbelievabley rude; acting like a liberal.

  • jonathan

    What a f*ckin c*cksucker the president and his SS henchmen are

  • Griefman

    28 hours until the uninstall is complete.
    For everyone who voted for this clown; thanks for the four worst years this country has ever seen.

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  • LyingRomney

    Mitt the liar…….

  • rob
  • Honestly

    Sums up the Republicans: Interrupts a speech about donating to the Red Cross to blab about a wedge issue that divides people. Same thing Republicans did when they blocked the jobs bill.

  • Winston Wolfe

    @ 514

    Shut up and go riot somewhere, your worthless leftist phuck.

  • elaine elliott

    Obama is not a black president. He is 50 percent caucasion, 37.5 percent middle eastern and only 12.5 percent black. I think that this sort of bullying people who have different opinions than he is just the tip of the iceberg. If he gets four more years this won’t be an odd occurrance but business as usual. Vote for our country.

  • Steve In San Diego

    #19 lars: DIDN’T READ!

    #23 Tom 63010: Excellent post. I agree 100%.

  • Bob

    Awesome!! The dude totally owned Obama.

  • Steve In San Diego

    #504 lars: DIDN’T READ!

    #512 and #514 are Massengil and Summer’s Eve bags.

  • Vic Benedict

    Where are we living in Nazi Germandy?
    Those 5 FAT GOONS need to lose a whole lot of weight.

  • Stacey

    Obama is a filthy baby killer, so is Romney. I wouldn’t vote for either of these scumbags.

  • MikeHenrySC

    I don’t like President Obama. I hope Romney wins, but ALL hecklers should be removed from political rallies. It’s disruptive and can cause trouble if the crowd is agitated. The president’s campaign sponsored/paid to use the venue. Anyone who disrupts should be removed. Public safety and private property trump any argument about “freedom of speech.”

  • Bill

    No free speech in Aldolf Obamas country

  • A. Serrao

    November 6th, the Stars and Stripes will rise again. God bless America!

  • bob

    Obama and his supporters are freaks. If I had the money to move out of this country I would.

  • justaguyDP

    Wow, that arena is thin thin. Come on Romney!

  • John Galt

    Meanwhile, Romney was playing to 30,000 screaming conservatives ready to storm the ballot boxes…
    November 6th, 2012 The End Of An Error



  • Nancy Lawson

    What’s going on in Ohio? Obama’s winning. Romney lied about Jeep production moving to China. Obama supported the auto bail out that has saved thousands of American manufacturing jobs. There you have two things happening in Ohio that can swing the election. Romney’s lies seem to finally be catching up with him, Ohio isn’t having any of it.

  • PaulNYCUS

    He’s lucky it was cops that came to arrest him. Everybody knows that Democrat extremists (I know — that’s redundant) hate Christians. And they’re violent as hell.

    So, good for you, pal; glad you did it and that you survived the gang of criminal thugs that usually show up at Obama events.

  • MyBody MyBusiness

    The name says it all. I don’t want ANY man making decisions for me and my body. PERIOD. Church and state are suppose to be seperate issues in this country. Your moral/religous beliefs have nothing to do with my body or my government. Stay out of my business. The only other reason they are biittching about abortion is money. Let those who want it to pay for it out their own pockets and then no one will complain. Promote birth control if you’re so hard pressed. If abortion was illegal then you’d all be biittching about all the welfare kids you have to support in the system instead. Bottomline make sense with your debates/arguments. Get government back to work doing what is actually in their job description. Stay out of personal choices. It is none of your business. Any true believer knows God will be sorting them out, punishing according and it is not your job or governments.

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  • God Blessed The U.S. Constitution

    And the Racial Wars Are Off..!!! and running… stronger than they have since the 1800s.. I believe that Obama is pretty much enjoying and laughing AT THE HECKLERS.. and would have been heckling ..if only the teleprompter instructed him too… But his superior didn’t want to put Obama in a bad light.. He does very well..of that himself….. and he knows this.. He is instigating this whole racial war… unresting in the arms of the Honorable Dr. Martin Luther King.. (although…. didn’t Martin.. do the same thing that Obama is doing??) WE SHALL OVERCOME……..??? OVERCOME WHAT!!!!?? WAKING UP FROM A FOUR YEAR ITCH OF DONKEY-DUNG…AND LIES..TO END IT ALL..??…. There Is Noooooo Shame In Obama’s Game… You’d Better Wake Up…Obama-Mama… Dreamers.. Your Nightmare Will Come If There Might Be Another 4 Years…of this impeachable, disgusting, pathetic, witch-doctor, snake-oil salesman, who has a poison apple to share with all of us….ARE YOU GOING TO PARTAKE OF THE TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL…AGAIN??!! Will TRUE BIBLICAL HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF..AGAIN?! It’s Your Choice…!!!

  • Jug Ears

    So empty looking.. .that looked ridiculous just days before a presidential election. It looks like a high school pep rally.

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  • tk

    surprise surprise its a male. mens opinion on this ‘debate’ is meaningless. they will never have to make this decision.

    having said that Romney is about to be our next president and that is a step in getting this country back on track.

  • It’s time to do it Again

    I would still like to hear where Mr. Romney intends on pulling out these 12 million jobs? And you know it will not happen in a year, two years, or even eight years. The qualifications of Romney, seems to me to be that he was a good shrewd businessman. If Romney is so wonderful, why isn’t his state of MA he governed voting for him? Why isn’t WI voting for the Ryan/Romney ticket, the state Ryan is from? Why isn’t Romney home state he was born in, MI, voting for him? What experience does Romney have? ZERO foreign policy…….. he was a one term governor. Anyone can research what a lousy governor he proved to be. All the flip flopping and changing to what fits his agenda…. The man has done nothing..even research his ventures with Bain…how many really went bankrupt….Willy Mitt Romney is a very agreeable person! Any position you have he has at one point agreed with. I’ve never seen such a flip-flop idiot before. He is so wrong on so many levels. Economy? He plans to spend 7 trillion right off the bat, paying for that by closing deductions and loopholes. What a bunch of crap. Where are his tax returns? What is he hiding? He claims to want to “protect” Medicare — by privatising it. The good thing about Romney is that he is such a flip-flop that everyone in America can say he has agreed with him at point or another. Think

  • FO MO Yeahs. Get his ass!!! Typical Obama supporter. Probably filmed it on an Obama Phone. How Pathetic. How Frightening.

  • Jug Ears

    hey Nancy Lawson you idiot….you said

    “What’s going on in Ohio? Obama’s winning. Romney lied about Jeep production moving to China. ”

    I work for a car company in a car plant. We pay attention to this stuff. Fiat owns Jeep now and the growth in the market, and the logistics or the parts and the lack of regulation and low wages, that is EXACTLY what is happening at Jeep.
    Mitt Romney has less to do with it than that empty suit, shoe shine boy from the South Side of Chicago. With gas unnecessarily at $4 a gal, that’s what happens. How can you be so stupid? Don’t vote, get sterilized, you shouldn’t be allowed to breed. The stupid idiot took out a credit card in the name of every single person in America and charged $16,000 and half of those people don’t earn $16K in a year. That;s what 7 trillion in borrowed debt looks like.

  • VOM

    Another very sparse audience. No doubt the photogs are telling them to spread out.

  • It’s time to do it Again

    The Jeep story should be a big deal. Romney rushed to tell voters a story designed to stoke their fears for their livelihoods without bothering to vet it for basic accuracy. This is not a small thing. It reveals the depth of Romney’s blithe lack of concern for the truth — and the subservience of it to his own political ambitions. If elected, his lies will make all past presidents before him look like Eagle Scouts. The people in Ohio, though, remember that Obama bailed out the auto industry. One eighth of jobs in Ohio are tied to the auto industry. Romney proposed to let Detroit go bankrupt without federal funds. Since no one except the federal government had the money to loan to the auto companies (the banks were broke too and needed their own bailout) the companies would not have come out of bankruptcy. They would have liquidated. This is enough to keep Romney from winning Ohio, and therefore he will not win the election.

  • Shran

    It appeared that the crowd was drawing more attention to him than he was to himself. I guess free speech is reserved for dirty, jobless hippies protesting conservative values. BTW #39, that was not the Ohio State Patrol, it was UC campus police snatching him up like the last jelly filled donut.

  • vietvet68

    I’m all for aborting liberals. They will abort themselves out of existence in 10 years.

  • vietvet68

    No, the real freak show is the democrat party…….

  • Phil

    Fake, staged event, much like four years ago when women fainted, please….. Romney will win…

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  • Michael

    Just so everyone is aware… the Obama machine has mobilized and WILL steal this election if it is close. Even if it is a landslide victory for Romney, the lawyers will be out in force claiming election fraud and disenfranchisement to minority voters. We had a snap shot of that tactic with Gore and again with Kerry. It didn’t work then and it shouldn’t work now but there is one thing different. Don’t believe for one second that Obama won’t rile up the minority base, causing riots and mayhem in the name of revenge. The man is truly that low. In the event of an Obama victory, no matter how achieved, you can bet that he will do end runs around Congress to get his agenda pushed through and the Dems and the media will get straight to work on that pesky little two term limit rule. Mark my words! I heard in 2008, from some source that I now can not recall… that that would be the last true election. I scoffed at the notion at the time but now I’m not so sure.

  • Abortion is legal and will continue to be when Obama wins on Tuesday. Anti-abortion people are so obnoxious.

  • Eric

    I saw this guy at the vice presidental debate. He climbed into a tree and was shouting anti-abortion stuff.

  • Joe Larose

    Easy win for Obama tomorrow, you Drudgies need to chill out!! He’s the lesser of two evils in a 2 headed monster system. D and R is virtually the same thing. Anyway the R party is done tomorrow thank you your ridiculous TEA Party jokers for ruining your party. Bachman?? Santorum??? Perry??? LOL….that’s all you could come up with?? Thank God for NY and CA.

  • oneblankspace

    Reagan did not campaign for reelection with the Presidential Seal.

  • Larynx

    “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.” -George Orwell

  • Kams912

    Why is he not allowed to display his opinion? What happened to free speech?

  • What a worthless piece of human waste these protesters ( aka republican plants ) are. Obama 2012

  • Tom Smithers

    This guy, whats-his-name, has no class at all! He’s been perpetrating a fraud for the last 4 years and is about to be shown a mirror and exposed to HIMSELF. People have been telling this meglomaniac that he’s great, smart, highly intelligent, etc. Obama will find out tomorrow what the COUNTRY thinks of him. Not the MSM who stroke his meat everyday, but from the American people, who’ve had a chance to see this “snake-oil-salesman” for what he is…A 100% Complete Fraud!

    OMG!=Obama Must Go!

    OMG! November 6, 2012

  • Joe Larose

    Easy win for Obama tomorrow night. I can’t wait to see Hannity blow up. lolll

  • Tom Smithers

    Obama is currently in the midst of the biggest cover-up this country has ever seen. For you blacks out there yes it’s even bigger than the AIDS experiments on blacks.
    Obama watched the American Ambassador in Libya, along with 3 other brave men, get murdered and did NOTHING about it! Not only did he do nothing(as he usually does) he instructed others to do the same. The “stand-down” order came straight from Obama… OBAMA LIED AND AMERICANS DIED!

  • Tom Smithers

    There is not a single positive message, this person who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama, can express while campaigning. All he’s got after 4 years is that 12 guys that work for the military killed Osama bin Laden, with no help from Barry. Barry didn’t shoot him in the head. Barry didn’t repel out of the choppers while being shot at. Barry was the guy that look scared in the press images they released. Barry is a sissy. Barry is being evicted TOMORROW!!!!

  • Tom Smithers

    What’s the difference between Barack Hussein Obama and the Anti-christ?
    The Anti-christ was born in the U.S.(Obama frequently has anal with Anti-christ, they’re disgusting animals)

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  • Obama Stinks

    I guess the First Ammendment doesn’t apply at Obama rallies.

  • Obama Stinks

    Liberals are all about freedom of expression, diversity, inclusion, etc, etc…….unless you disagree with them. Then they want to shut you down, personally attack and, apparently, have you arrested.

  • Fawkes

    Oh come on. This is a bit of a double standard, isn’t it? If a liberal pulled this at a Romney rally, you’d be applauding the police. But when the situation is reversed,the cops are evil, just for doing their jobs? Sometimes I don’t get people.

  • alanwillingham

    Liberals never seem to consider that Conservatives who oppose them killing their innocent babies might very well lose every election if they didn’t

  • marijuana mike

    its time to forget all the elephant and donkey time to try some thing that will actually work.

  • scott thompson

    The strength of the Dems…”Don’t go to war to protect America. The people we may have to fight are grown ups with real guns! Let’s kill the babies. They cannot defend themselves; as we have sworn not to defend anything!”

  • Russ

    I listened toa Romney speach and there was someone way back shouting “BOO” over and over. Romney just ignored this BOOing idiot and went on speaking. Thats the big difference between Nobama and Romney. Nobama would have a protestor arrested. Romney just ignored him.

  • Russ

    I listened to a Romney speach and there was someone way back shouting “BOO” over and over. Romney just ignored this BOOing idiot and went on speaking. Thats the big difference between Nobama and Romney. Nobama would have a protestor arrested. Romney just ignored him.

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  • Funny Reeferman

    And Obama hijacked the economy.

  • Kelly Kafir

    Of course, when the Occutards kept disrupting the Santorum rally in Tacoma… the police couldn’t be bothered to take them off in cuffs!!!

  • Northlander

    Get him outta there. Go vote to preserve our liberty.

  • joe

    I am not an obama fan but i am sick to death of these freaks carrying on about abortion. It is a personal matter between the womand God. No one else. I once saw a bumber sticker that really summed it up well. only five words: AGAINST ABORTION, DON’T HAVE ONE. This jerk tht disrupted everyone needed his 15 minutes of fame. They should have never shown his face, rather threw him down the damn stairs.

  • Todd

    Goodbye President Obama, no one really knew you.

  • asd

    That’s what will happen to all of us if Obama get’s reelected.

  • derf

    Gotta love those baby murdering democrats, don’t’cha? Get that heckler’s a**! And while your at it, Dems, get you some baby a**! Cut a piece off one of those innocent little fellows you slaughtered just this morning and eat it with your effing eggs! You sick freaks! Every g.d. one of you who casts a democrat ballot is nothing but a f’ing monster! GTH! GTH! GTH! And rot there!

  • WonSamm

    Sounds like a solid plan to me dude.

  • ruth

    Praise for that Man who confronted the evil of killing of the Unborn in their mothers womb…..
    Ezekiel 35:6 ….Therefore, as I live, saith the LORD GOD, I will prepare thee unto blood, and blood shall pursue thee: since thou hast not hateth blood (shed,) even blood (shed) shall pursue thee.”

  • crotchgrabber

    His god is no pro life. Read the bible.

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  • kimdi01

    FREEDOM of SPEECH anywhere except around Barack Hussein Obama!

  • kimdi01

    Maybe I should have said FREEDOM of Speech anywhere except where it conflicts with Barack Hussein Obama. Just look at the short anti-Muslim film producer in California being held, STILL!, for weeks because his film conflicted with the pro-Muslim stance of the president.

  • 4th Party Voter

    Keep drawing for straws Drudgetards. The end of your slick, flip-flopping, polygamist, venture capitalist is nigh.

  • GeorgiaPeachie

    I don’t believe in interrupting someone as they speak. I personally can’t stand obama and wouldn’t care if he disappeared tomorrow off the face of the earth…but what this guy did was wrong.

  • Charlie Harper

    It is about time. The kind of low-life who feels it is his job to disrupt the normal democratic process for others needs to do some time in jail. The rest of us are entitled to go about our business without being harassed.

  • C-Christian Soldier

    BRAVE PRO LIFE MAN-Where was his back up!

  • KingKaos

    Imagine if that would have been a black protestor at a Romney event, the lady filming would have been yelling about slavery and RACISM! All I can say is we, as white people, need to start reevaluationg what the meaning of that word is and maybe even USE IT FOR ourselves… According to how the poor discriminated against folk use it anyway, it sure seems to fit my world alot more.
    Im SICK OF THIS CRAP!!! Stupid is as STUPID DOES.

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  • It’s time to do it Again
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