WOW! What a Freak Show – Heckler Totally Hijacks Obama Rally – Gets Dragged Out By Police (Video)

A Pro-Life protester totally hijacked Barack Obama’s rally in Cincinnati on Sunday.
The heckler pulled out an abortion poster and started screaming for several minutes until the police came in and dragged him out.
The videographer yells “Get his ass!”

Barack Obama was totally thrown off his game… Too bad Bubba wasn’t there to bail him out.

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  • Texas_Treeroach

    Saw it; heard it. The telepromter message read: Say something — don’t look so stupid.
    Didn’t seem to help.

  • sybilll

    We are proud of killing babies, so shut your mouth!

  • Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    I have been looking for this video. Thanks for posting it, Jim.

  • Practical Jane

    That was pitiful. The heckler was pitiful. The crowd was pitiful. The president was pitiful. God help us. Vote.

  • Steven W.

    Where are Obama’s people? Didn’t the SEIU get the buses there? I thought this rally was a “big” one for him but he couldn’t even fill the high school gym?

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  • maria

    were are the supporter? looks pretty empty, like his policies , his history and heart

  • jojo

    People use to faint at his rallies, now they heckle!

  • bg


    looks like the same heckler from 08.. /s/



    Take note of the staunch difference between Obama supporters and Romney supporters:
    Obama supporters chant four more years to silence a heckler…
    Romney supporters chant USA to silence a heckler…

    One cares about the man the other cares about the nation…

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  • onbe

    It has been a freak show for the last four years !

  • S. Wolf

    I thought leftists like Hussein were against police officers dragging away a peaceful dissenter. Just look at the occupy rabble started by Hussein operatives, it is still smelling up cities and has caused all kinds of civic havoc but cops don’t drag away the Hussein rabble. Yet a single citizen speaking his mind gets hauled away while bin Obama looks on.

  • Angel

    This clearly shows #1. The Videographer Is Either Deaf Or Wayyy Too Loud. #2. The “4 More Years” Chanters Are Completely In Love With “4 More Years” Of LIES, HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT, MISERY, SUFFERING & Did I Mention LIES?

  • CurseYouObama

    Inappropriate comment removed.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  • bg


    CurseYouObama #15 November 5, 2012 at 1:54 am

    please, we don’t need ‘racial speak’, leave that to Obama, k??


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  • CurseYouObama

    #16, It wasn’t racial speak. It was observation and I could almost bet that the black woman didn’t care too much for white folk. Being bi-racial myself, don’t assume I’m an old white person making racial comments, k? 😉

  • lars

    I was there, or rather in the over flow area where Obama came and spoke to the smaller crowd that couldn’t get into the 14,000 seat arena. I just wanted to see what the atmosphere was like at one of these things. Interestingly, Obama was more sympathetic when he gave a little talk to the overflow before his standard stump speech. It was kind of an impromptu expression of gratitude and not full of the rather debasing platform strategies of dissembling we’re so familiar with. Gotta say, his minions truly love the guy. As to the protestor/heckler, there was ample protest coverage outside, along the snaking lines to entry. Very peaceful and dignified, except one clown in a monk’s robe or something, with a huge fetus poster, putting on extremely aggressive and sarcastic airs. I didn’t think his attempt at ironic comic style was getting his point across too effectively. The Benghazi protests were excellent and also the right to life crowd generally. I’ve got some good pics if there’s a way to post them. Btw, the guy that got carted off – which did break the energy of the rally a bit – was reported by local news to be the same guy who ran out on the field of the first home game of the Giants/Reds playoff series with a sign about abortion sin and damnation, waiting to be chased down before the game started and create a maximum spectacle there. Not sure a baseball game is the proper venue for that kind of political showboating. the guy’s an inveterate rabble rouser it seems. But I agree, it’s free speech. Btw, he went down really easily at the ballgame as soon as some officers gave chase. I think he just slipped and fell on his face quite unathletically. He seemed to put up more of a fight this time.

  • Highlander

    The wheels are really coming off Obama’s campaign now. I CAN’T WAIT to hit the polls Tuesday ….