WOW! 30,000-35,000 Turn Out to See Romney-Ryan in Ohio …(Obama Draws Crowds Less than 4,000)


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2,800 supporters turned out to see Obama in Hilliard, Ohio this morning.
4,000 turned out to see Obama in Springfield, Ohio this afternoon.
3,800 supporters turned out to see Barack Obama at his final campaign stop today in Lima, Ohio.

20,000 to 30,000 supporters turned out to see Mitt Romney in Chester, Ohio tonight!
** Carl Cameron just announced on FOX News that 20 to 30 thousand are at the Romney rally tonight in Ohio.
There were long lines to get into the event today.

It was the Mitt Romney’s largest rally to date. (Free Republic)

More… Obama crowd counts yesterday: 2,600 in Green Bay; 4,500 in Las Vegas. Not impressive for the last week of a campaign.
Hat Tip Mara

UPDATE: Rudy Giuliani, who was at the event, said there were from 30,000 to 35,000 people at the event.

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  • WEST Chester. There is a Chester, but it is on the eastern edge of the state. West Chester is (wait for it) on the west side of the state, a bedroom community of Cincinnati.

  • SoLongSong

    Heard numbers like this from Rush Limbaugh, too. WOOT!!!

  • Sandy

    To me the most accurate poll is the fact that Romney is outdrawing Obama everywhere he goes. Give the people something they want and they will come.

  • Spencer

    I cannot wait until Tuesday. Romney by a landslide.

  • bg


    Romney & Ryan = Right = Might!!


  • Sandy

    Obama is killing his own campaign with phrases like — we’ve come to far to turn back now. Does that mean we should follow Obama over a cliff because his approval is more important than the certainty of our demise?

  • Sandy

    BG #5 Well said.

  • Sandy

    Patrick #1 The rally is in West Chester, Ohio.

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  • SoLongSong

    Sorta on topic: Today I went to Fort Dodge, IOWA where Biden campaigned recently and counted signs.

    ROMNEY = 15

    OBAMA = 1

  • Granny


  • Joanne

    With the low numbers of people showing up to Obama’s events across the country, I can’t believe the polls, which are showing it to be a close race. I call Bull Sheite!

  • bg


    Sandy #7 November 2, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    stole if from cowboy GWB.. 🙂


  • Joanne

    Sandy #6 “…..’we’ve come to far to turn back now’.”

    The problem is Obama is talking about ‘fundamentally changing America’. He is so close to taking the U.S. into complete socialism that he wants to go ‘forward’ to make sure he accomplishes his goals. Obama is easier to read than a book, even when he’s sealed all his documentation.

  • Look-Out

    Give thanks, people of faith!

    Let our prayers be answered on TUESDAY!!

    The American Dream is secure with Romney/Ryan!!

  • SoLongSong

    He may as well say, “I’m not finished with fundamentally destroying America yet!”

    I call “Bull Sheite” to the polls too.

  • Look-Out

    re #10 — thanks for that great IOWA report, SoLongSong!

  • American Woman

    The Orwellian media lies, ergo their polls lie.

  • Trevor (@TJexcite)

    Caught some of the rally in Wisconsin on CNN this morning. You could tell it was a huge crowd by the camera had the massive zoom on to Mitt to hid the thousands there. No wide shots allowed.

  • Look-Out

    Re #19 — thank you and here’s Barone’s guess on WISCONSIN from GP’s link:

    Wisconsin (10). Recent polling is discouraging for Republicans. But Gov. Scott Walker handily survived the recall effort in June with a great organizational push. Democrats depend heavily on margins in inner-city Milwaukee (population down) and the Madison university community. But early voting is down in university towns in other states. The Obama campaign is prepared to turn out a big student vote, but you don’t see many Obama signs on campuses. Romney.

    Come on, Wisconsin! Help save America!!

  • Derek

    Pasco County, FL (north of Tampa). 2 Obama signs….Countless R/R…

  • bear

    Great news about Ohio! My family has the pizza, popcorn and brewski all lined up for Tuesday nite!

    May God bless and keep this nation. Out with the godless, anti-life, anti-Constitution, anti-Americans.

  • Cheryl in CA

    Is it safe to say that IF Benghazi Obama wins…he cheated…again?

  • American Woman

    I worry they will steal it. The false polls give them cover.

    Last time around the Progressive brought busloads of people over state lines to get the results Axelrod wanted. They are sure to do the same again.

    Dear God, please protect and save our country.

  • Militant Conservative

    Early voting closed today in Carroll county in Georgia.

    of the 125,000 residents. 60,000 early voted.

    Obama is going down hard.

  • lizzy84

    Stay in prayer and trust.

  • Look-Out

    #22,23 — it’s the only way he can win at this point. And why they’ve started saying the Republicans are stealing the election as someone else mentioned. Projection. Also makes it harder for us to point out the truth later.

    Prayers, lots of prayers and getting to the polls will hopefully save us.

  • PlymouthMom

    Praying…. but there’s a lot of ill-informed “folks” (as Obama refers to everyone) out there…

  • Look-Out

    re #27 == that’s RE #23,24

  • Ghost

    Now would be a good time to refresh the memory banks on lyrics to our patriotic songs.
    Now would be a good time to conjure up even more appropriately heart-pounding tunes.

    “I Got the Feeling” that music will be a great accompaniment to what’s coming.

    EVERY signal points in one direction. I’m singing in my head, can’t wait to sing out loud,

    “Happy Days are here again
    the skies above are clear again
    so let’s sing a song of cheer again,
    ‘cuz Happy Days are here again”

    -my personal favorite is, “…that our flag was STILL THERE-“

  • bg


    polling projection

    If the election were held today Mitt Romney would win 311 electoral
    votes while Barack Obama would win in states worth 227 electoral
    votes according to the latest polling data available today.


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  • Adi

    B..b..b..but small crowds are more personal, or something.

  • jim m

    With the amount of fraud the dems are perpetrating that would yield about a 2% advantage to obama. It isn’t enough to win the vote, we have to win it by enough to surpass the margin of fraud.

  • Patty

    They played music before the politicians arrived and the older and younger were shaking but not from the cold air, they loved the music and their enthusiasm was breath taking.

    It’s is called real change and momentum. You have always loved America but this gives us hope.

  • Just saw a red cross commercial on fox starring obama. Anyone else see it?

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  • bg


    November 2, 2012

    Obama camp accused of illegal war-chest stuffing

    FEC complaint calls for audit to reveal foreign contributions

    Osama Obama

    Media Matters

    Famous DEAD GUY solicits foreign donors for Obama

    Page openly identifies ‘terror chief’ calling for ‘holy foreign’ funders

    White House blasted for classified information leaks

    ‘Citizens grand jury’ accuses administration
    of using secrets to ‘bolster’ political standing


  • Patty

    #36 November 2, 2012 at 8:14 pm
    TeachX3 commented:

    I saw the pathetic loser. He is AWOL. We need the Air Force to deliver goods to these people we need every force available going door to door helping those in need. We need organization and not words. Obama is a showboat and he has been leading from behind.

    He should be out there helping every American and doing it without the media and being only some photo op.

  • Granny

    #39 November 2, 2012 at 8:21 pm
    Patty commented:

    #36 November 2, 2012 at 8:14 pm
    TeachX3 commented:

    I saw the pathetic loser. He is AWOL. We need the Air Force to deliver goods to these people we need every force available going door to door helping those in need. We need organization and not words. Obama is a showboat and he has been leading from behind.


    Thanks Patty for reminding me that President Bush sent in regular millitary troops from bases in Texas and Georgia when Katrina struck to look for bodies, rescue anyone they could and distribute food and water. There are huge military bases in Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, North Carolina . . . . it has been three days. Why haven’t these governors asked for and received help from the military other than their own National Guard?

  • Patty #39… you said it, exactly. It turned my stomach.

  • Look-Out

    Re #36 — just caught *sight* of it (his face) here…GLAD THE SOUND WAS OFF…about puked when I saw Red Cross at the end.

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  • Patty


    Address this Obie!!

    Yeah mustache explain this:

    Drivers Waiting 6 Hours For Gas in NYC…
    Tempers Rise in Wake of Storm…
    ‘Finding bodies left and right’…
    Restaurant, hotel prices skyrocket…
    CRAIGSLIST: $15 a gallon…
    Utility workers pelted with eggs…
    ‘We have nothing’…
    Residents Furious RED CROSS Offering Cookies & Hot Chocolate, Not Blankets Or Clothes…
    Jet Fuel Supply Fast Becoming Concern At Airports…
    Staten Islanders Plead for Help: ‘We Need Food’…
    ‘Please don’t leave us’…
    VIDEO: Stranded New Yorkers Defecating in Apartment Buildings…
    NJ counties enact 70s style gas rationing… Developing…

  • Look-Out

    ROVE says ROmney should win with 275+. “Won’t know til early morning hrs. on Wednesday”

    Talking with Hannity, he says those sights Patty #44 writes of aren’t doing BHO any good…

  • Patty


    Look at this Biotch!!

    Valerie Jarret: ‘After We Win This Election, It’s Our Turn Payback Time’

    Openly declared as “Obama’s Brain”, and the figure whose second story West Wing office has been described by political insiders as the true Oval Office of the Obama White House, Valerie Jarrett is letting it be known that if Barack Obama secures election victory next week, there may be, quite literally, hell to pay for those who opposed him.

    NOTE: This update was forwarded to me by Wall Street Insider who indicated they received it this morning via a direct source associated with Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters in Chicago.

    Thought you would be very interested to hear of this. It appears this Jarrett creature is quite confident of a victory, and has every intention of making those who opposed her, and her boy, of paying dearly for their seeming crimes against them. As Election Day is nearly upon us, more and more are willing to speak outside the inner circle. Such is the case with this message received by me this morning from a source who has been working for us via Chicago for several months now. Their campaign appears increasingly confident, I assume, due to the now adoring media coverage of their boy’s little march with the commoners following this week’s storm.

    It has been a revolting display by some in our media has it not? Here then is the most recent report I received our Chicago source. I first passed it along to our mutual friend with no response, so now I pass it along to you in the hopes you deem it worthy to publish as its sharing will serve a related purpose with another I hope to secure a favor from in the very near future. And if you have any concerns regarding the source – don’t. They are being thoroughly protected despite their understandable trepidation. As you have been. {………………….}

  • Look-Out

    Rove’s worried about the heavy snow in So. Virginia keeping the coal people (who support Romney) from voting. Say prayers it melts, or help them get out to vote, etc.

  • Granny

    #45 November 2, 2012 at 8:37 pm
    Look-Out commented:

    ROVE says ROmney should win with 275+. “Won’t know til early morning hrs. on Wednesday”

    Talking with Hannity, he says those sights Patty #44 writes of aren’t doing BHO any good…

    Question that just arose on one of my very many Facebook posts today about the critical situation in NYC . . . anybody remember just how long after Katrina the media started crucifying President Bush?

  • Patty

    #45 November 2, 2012 at 8:37 pm
    Look-Out commented:

    I heard that. Now, on the electoral votes. BIGGER, that’s my opinion. I really don’t care about Polls it is about the turnouts. And Americans are turning out. We are going to win in BIGGER NUMBERS. IMO

  • Patty


    Welcome, Granny.

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  • Look-Out

    Re #46 — someone else posted that link/news — glad it’s posted again —

    She’s awfully sure he’ll be reelected. Alot of FRAUD afoot?


  • Granny

    Well, here is AMAZON’s take on who will win, based on their sales of “red” versus “blue” books –

    BTW, that seems as likely an unbiased reflection of true intentions as any of the polls do, at least to me.

  • There have been a LOT of breaking news information come out in the past couple of days about Benghazi… has obama not addressed any of it?

  • Fionnagh

    MAN, I sure wish I could have been there!

    On the other hand, I’d rather be in D.C. when R is sworn in:)

  • TXPatriot

    Obama told the “crowd” today they should vote for “revenge!”

    “Revenge” against whom, may I ask?

  • American Woman

    Krauthammer in the Washington Post today:

    Obama’s intention has always been to re-normalize, to reverse ideological course, to be the anti-Reagan — the author of a new liberal ascendancy. Nor did he hide his ambition. In his February 2009 address to Congress he declared his intention to transform America. This was no abstraction. He would do it in three areas: health care, education and energy.

    Think about that. Health care is one-sixth of the economy. Education is the future. And energy is the lifeblood of any advanced country — control pricing and production, and you’ve controlled the industrial economy.

    And it wasn’t just rhetoric. He enacted liberalism’s holy grail: the nationalization of health care. His $830 billion stimulus, by far the largest spending bill in U.S. history, massively injected government into the free market — lavishing immense amounts of tax dollars on favored companies and industries in a naked display of industrial policy.

    And what Obama failed to pass through Congress, he enacted unilaterally by executive action. He could not pass cap-and-trade, but his EPA is killing coal. (No new coal-fired power plant would ever be built.) In 2006, liberals failed legislatively to gut welfare’s work requirement. Obama’s new Health and Human Services rule does that by fiat. Continued in a second term, it would abolish welfare reform as we know it — just as in a second term, natural gas will follow coal, as Obama’s EPA regulates fracking into noncompetitiveness.

    Government grows in size and power as the individual shrinks into dependency. Until the tipping point where dependency becomes the new norm — as it is in Europe, where even minor retrenchment of the entitlement state has led to despair and, for the more energetic, rioting.

    An Obama second term means that the movement toward European-style social democracy continues, in part by legislation, in part by executive decree. The American experiment — the more individualistic, energetic, innovative, risk-taking model of democratic governance — continues to recede, yielding to the supervised life of the entitlement state.

    If Obama loses, however, his presidency becomes a historical parenthesis, a passing interlude of overreaching hyper-liberalism, rejected by a center-right country that is 80 percent nonliberal….
    Every four years we are told that the coming election is the most important of one’s life. This time it might actually be true. At stake is the relation between citizen and state, the very nature of the American social contract.

    Read the whole thing at:

  • owl

    #23 yep, the creep.

    #54 No Teach, but he did turn his Poop Scoopers loose on it. They are shaping the facts as of yesterday when Christie made Obama’s day. They have pulled him into the free zone. Now it is just a matter of reporting their facts over and over until it is old news.

  • owl

    Wow…………..that crowd is impressive. Go Mitt……….

  • Flintstone F.

    #40 Granny

    Money. When it comes to war their first concern is the money. When it comes to aiding in disaster their first concern is money. Blanco refused to ask Bush for help before the levee’s broke after Katrina because of the money.

    In regard to the crowd sizes at the events people have to travel larger distances to gather as a group of 20,000 vs crowds one tenth the size. Obama is just not worth the effort in Ohio. Three events to total about half the number of people. They’ll walk across the street to see him but that’s about it.

    He says “Our work is not yet done…” It might be because nobody is working.

  • Restless

    The polls just don’t seem to be reflecting what’s happening in the real world. At the university where I work (12,000 students), we’ve had early voting in the campus union, and fewer than 40 students per day showed up the first three days… and it went downhill after that for the next six days. The woman at the voting location said early voting numbers for students are “way down” from 2008. (Our campus voted overwhelmingly for Obama four years ago.) The magic is gone, Barry. Also, around campus, there are very few Obama stickers on cars. Four years ago, they were everywhere. His base is not energized, as his rallies in Ohio showed today.

  • Fionnagh

    #46 Almost sorry you posted that link, because I read the article. Here’s part of it:

    ““After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go.”

    Excuse me – “…two judges ready to go?” What does THAT mean? Two to rule that R/R didn’t win next Tuesday? Two who mysteriously die off or retire, leaving vacancies?

    Excuse my tin foil hat, but…does this not sound like a dictatorship?

  • Paula

    Don’t know exactly why but I feel so extreme peace that I have that Romney is going to win with a landslide.Do t think it will take much past midnight to hear that Romney is our next President already have Squamata and those small pop it things that make
    Noise have the backyard decorated with republican things cause here yu put you’re life in danger if you have things republican outside.I want too so bad but don’t want repeat of what happened to my carwhen Budh ran 2nd time.Go Romney/Ryan we need you so badly I desperately need a job been out of work since Feb.

  • Flintstone F.

    Re: previous post by me

    Granny did not say what is below her name. It’s my response to her post.

  • Fionnagh

    #56 Answer: see the link to Jarrett article posted by #46. Chilling, if it’s true.

  • Mad Hatter

    The total count was in the 30,000 ballpark. Last time I remember seeing crowds like this, was from four years ago. The difference is this crowd isn’t caught up in cheap chants.

  • bg


    November 2, 2012

    A closing argument they can’t ignore

    [We were told economic decline and high unemployment is the “new normal” but we’re not believing it. We won’t accept a path to second world status for America that is inevitable. We don’t believe we should have a president that tours the world and apologizes for the country. How did we go from having a president united us after September 11, 2001 to one that divides us by race, class and every other demographic category that benefits him politically to divide us and favor some at expense of the evil “one percent?”]


  • valerie
  • valerie

    #36 November 2, 2012 at 8:14 pm
    TeachX3 commented:

    I saw the Obama commercial. It was run while Greta van Sustren was doing a devastating update on the Benghazi scandal, which she views as a murder investigation.

    Obama didn’t do himself any favors by showing up on her show.

  • Joanne

    Election Day and during early voting, people need to keep their ears and eyes open to any possible acts of fraud. The Democrats can only steal the election if the Republicans let them. Be vigilante.

  • Fionnagh
  • That’s my new home! You can see the building that houses my new office, far off in the background (of the daylight picture).

    I think I’m going to enjoy West Chester, OH, greatly. 🙂

  • Sandy

    JoAnn #14. You’re right Obama is easy to read because he is proud of being so close to destroying us. I believe with all my heart that he will not succeed. We have seen the dirty underbelly of this mob and their time in the Sun is over.

  • wayne

    Dont you more intelligent people here just feel dirty sometimes?

  • bg


    wayne #74 November 2, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    only when you fly overs drop a turd or two..


  • bg


    wayne #74 November 2, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    btw, f— your parents, it’s the intelligent thing to do.. /s/


  • Fionnagh

    #27 “…they’ve started saying the Republicans are stealing the election…”

    Someone at work pulled that line on me a few days go. I countered with the machines automatically tallying votes for BHO in Ohio, Kansas, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. (If I missed any of the 57 states, feel free to add to the list:) She just clamped her mouth shut tight and walked away. It was beauteous 🙂

  • Limousine Barry

    I have an excuse!

    Although, my campaign sucks, we ran out of money to buy expensive diesel fuel for the bus loads of boozed-up pot smoking 0bama cronies!

    Further, with unemployment at new highs most of my voters are jobless and on food stamps. It’s natural for them to have a mild disdain for me when I visit Ohio!

    But, with four more years in office think of the additional economic damage I can do! Ninety-five percent of Americans across the 57 states will be on food stamps! Fee food stamps for all!

    I you like the way I fleece the taxpayers then vote for me! And, this is important! Send me $30,666.00 before midnight. It takes a lot of money to keep the union cronies on my payroll! It’s bankrupted my campaign. Send more money now! Good day.

  • Fionnagh

    #74 In a word, “Nope.”

  • Look-Out

    #71 Fionnagh — thanks for that link…a great moment/response from Mitt! The crowd went wild.
    Another moment a crowd went wild. Watch Ray Charles’ reaction at the end. “America, the Beautiful.” He was the best to ever sing it.

    This version of his remembers those we loved and lost eleven years ago, the 4 brave souls we lost in Libya and all the men and women in uniform who’ve fought and sacrificed everything to keep us safe. God bless them all.

    Now, more than ever, we need to keep our “sweet America” beautiful. Vote for those who show they love her and give thanks for the men and women who gave their lives to defend our freedoms.

  • MarieP

    Romney MUST win by landslide to make sure the liberals’ cheatings won’t matter…..

  • MarieP

    #44 Patty…those people should show their “appreciation” on Tuesday at the voting booths…….

  • Look-Out

    The Friday Night PBSer (David Brooks) is saying Mitt had his best speech today – his hopes/plans more eloquently put – and some say it should have been his convention speech. “Probably too late to change anything..”

    Well, put the best lines in ads, Mitt. Let’s hear it!

  • bg


    Mitt-mentum!! 🙂


  • safvet

    #62 – I think she was referring to Supreme Court candidates – two are getting pretty old and want to retire.

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  • MojiburRahman

    To the Hillary .Remove me thanks all dear Friend mojiburrahman.From Dhaka to USA Time in 14.Hour very impotent Health care

  • Zoltanne

    Obama is going to be handed his black a$$ Tuesday!

    Romney/Ryan 2012!

  • Crickeymom

    I am in Whitesburg, close to Carrollton. I am waiting until election day so I don’t miss the party atmosphere!!!!!

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  • Chuck

    That is a lot of people to draw to a rally. I live 15 minutes from there. But to put it in perspective, Bush drew 55,00 for a rally there in 2004. Palin drew 30,00 the last election. It is truly the reddest part of the state.

  • Seymour del-Uziens

    We were promised candy before the oblama rally, but all we got was bull****!

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  • valerie

    I wonder if this has something to do with the relative turnouts?

    Even with the withdrawal of huge numbers of workers from the labor market, UNEMPLOYMENT HIGHER THAN OBAMA PREDICTED FOR OCT. 2012 WITHOUT STIMULUS

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  • Patty

    Giuliani: Obama’s ‘Incompetence’ Has Killed Americans, He Should

  • Patty

    Americans Must Learn How to Win Again

    Exclusive: Americans have been beaten down by International leftists for so long that they have totally lost sight of how to win


    Electing Romney is not a home run, it is a base hit, keeping the other offense off the field, loading the bases, and running up the score. Removing Obama & Co. will not win the game—it will only take their offense off the field and put our offense on the field. There is no other way to win.

    Obama & Co. are not a failure—they are an enormous success, at defeating Americans and destroying America. Until Americans take Obama’s offense off the field and load the bases for themselves, one single at a time, hitting a double once in a while, and an occasional home run, they will continue to lose.

    As Americans go out to vote, they should be hearing the words to the 1908 song, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. There’s a reason why baseball has always been America’s sport… The metaphor of life in a free republic.

    The most famous line of baseball’s anthem is: “It’s one, two, three strikes you’re out at the old ballgame.”

    Tuesday is America’s last chance to strike Obama out and begin to load up the bases.

    The pinch hitter is getting ready to face the mound; giving everything he’s got to whack the ball over the fence. Let the cheers of the fans be heard all over the world.

    American Voters Will Politically Hang Obama for Benghazi
    How Far will Obama Go to Win?

    Baseball “Take Me Out to The Ball Game” (1908) Watch

  • Patty

    Obama’s Debt: The Numbers & The Record


  • Patty

    Mitt Romney Delivers The Weekly Republican Address – November 3,

  • Patty


    Reid: We Won’t Work With Romney

    Today, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pledged to stonewall any attempt by Mitt Romney to pass his agenda if elected. “Mitt Romney’s fantasy that Senate Democrats will work with him to pass his ‘severely conservative’ agenda is laughable,” spat Reid. Of course, when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) suggested two years into President Obama’s presidency (after the stimulus package and Obamacare) that Obama’s failures to lead in bipartisan fashion made his defeat his first political priority, the left went insane; they still cite the line as evidence that McConnell wouldn’t let Obama get anything done. But Reid is doing it before Romney even takes office.

    Said Reid: “Senate Democrats are committed to defending the middle class, and we will do everything in our power to defend them against Mitt Romney’s Tea Party agenda.”

    This is the supposed bipartisanship the Democrats stand for.

  • Fionnagh

    Not a single styrofoam column in sight. And I’d wager not a single piece of trash left lying around after all the attendees left the rally.

    On Wednesday morning let us all say, “America, welcome back.”

  • Steve

    WOW! Huge Romney/Ryan rally in Ohio (Full Video)

  • Hatey Hateman

    Wow, a lot of racist in Ohio, huh? /sarc

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  • Militant Conservative

    Harry Reid is obviously assuming the Dem’s will retain the Senate.

    Got news for you 33 seats up for re election. 23 of them Democrat.

    I like these odds under the current conditions. IF we retain 10 seats and takes five

    we are at 54 seats. Waht if we take 10? Democrats are getting ready to reap

    what they have sewn. A might bitter harvest of the ire of the American people.

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  • Votin Romney/Ryan


  • lisa

    Don’t believe the close polls. I see R and R signs 7:1 to Obama and that is in S. California!!! Every time you get discouraged, pray! God will save put us back on the right path using Romney as president.

  • Cube

    Drudge put that Obama 4,000 number into context tonight. Obama drew 80,000 in heavily Democrat Cleveland in 2008, this year just 4,000. That’s a factor of 20 drop! Maybe the Democrats are just a tad discouraged?

    They’ve believed their own propaganda for too long. Obama is going down in Ohio.

  • Joe

    You folks are deluding yourselves. Mr. Romney is not going to win.

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  • CincyMom

    Jim Hoft , I took my kids to the rally. We were in the front row and my kids got to shake Mitt, Ann and Paul’s hand. It was beyond electrifying!!!!

    There was so many people that there was an overflow to other areas outside the venue.

    Heard at the rally from someone who works at University of Cincinnati (where Obama is having his rally today). They cannot get enough college students to attend the rally. Obamaites are saying that it is sold out but that is false. He can barely fill the current venues and Mitt filled them by 2/3 compared to Odumba.

    On another note, I see you follow Ashbrook Center. I am a former Ashbrook Scholar back in the 80’s 🙂

    Go MITT!!!!!

  • I wonder how many were there to see Kid Rock for free.

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  • Mann

    “FORWARD” has been a communist buzzword since the mid 1800’s.

    What does “Forward” (Obama’s campaign keyword) mean around the world….the coincidence makes one wonder.


    Forward (Greenland), a social democratic political party in Greenland
    Socialist League Vpered (“Forward”), a Russian political party


    Avante! (“Forward!”), a publication of the Portuguese Communist Party.
    Avanti! (Italian newspaper) (“Forward!”), a publication of the Italian Socialist Party.
    Eteenpäin (“Forward”) Communist Party USA Finnish language newspaper in the United States.
    Forward Magazine-a Syrian English language news magazine.
    Új Előre (“New Forward”), a Communist Hungarian-language newspaper in the United States.
    Vorwärts (“Forward”), publication of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.
    Vorwärts! (“Forward!”), published from Paris in 1844, in support of Communism.

  • Drumbeato

    There is no WOW here at all. This is in West Chester, Ohio, which is in Butler County. In 2008, when Obama WON the State of Ohio, Butler County voted for McCain/Palin 70% to 30%. This would have only been a surprise if Romney DIDN’T pull a crowd of this size there.

  • Drumbeato

    MANN: “Forward is a Communist slogan”. REALLY? Richard Nixon was a Communist? Forward was his slogan too. Take your silly BS somewhere else, you sound like an idiot.

  • Drumbeato

    MANN – Not only did Richard Nixon use the slogan FORWARD, the word Forward is also THE STATE MOTTO OF WISCONSIN. It also appears on their flag. Are those cheese loving Wisconsinites also Communists?

  • [email protected]

    The only remaining question of any relevance is……Can the ‘rats gin up enough fraud to steal it electorally?

  • A

    Well…it looks like “crowds” didn’t matter anyway eh? Because as you can see Obama WON ELECTORAL VOTE AND POPULAR VOTE. smh….. Some republicans…sigh.

  • Bob Hucks

    Romney won the first debate and had bigger turnouts for his rallies. He should get a trophy for that or something.