WOW! 30,000-35,000 Turn Out to See Romney-Ryan in Ohio …(Obama Draws Crowds Less than 4,000)


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2,800 supporters turned out to see Obama in Hilliard, Ohio this morning.
4,000 turned out to see Obama in Springfield, Ohio this afternoon.
3,800 supporters turned out to see Barack Obama at his final campaign stop today in Lima, Ohio.

20,000 to 30,000 supporters turned out to see Mitt Romney in Chester, Ohio tonight!
** Carl Cameron just announced on FOX News that 20 to 30 thousand are at the Romney rally tonight in Ohio.
There were long lines to get into the event today.

It was the Mitt Romney’s largest rally to date. (Free Republic)

More… Obama crowd counts yesterday: 2,600 in Green Bay; 4,500 in Las Vegas. Not impressive for the last week of a campaign.
Hat Tip Mara

UPDATE: Rudy Giuliani, who was at the event, said there were from 30,000 to 35,000 people at the event.

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  • Patrick

    WEST Chester. There is a Chester, but it is on the eastern edge of the state. West Chester is (wait for it) on the west side of the state, a bedroom community of Cincinnati.

  • SoLongSong

    Heard numbers like this from Rush Limbaugh, too. WOOT!!!

  • Sandy

    To me the most accurate poll is the fact that Romney is outdrawing Obama everywhere he goes. Give the people something they want and they will come.

  • Spencer

    I cannot wait until Tuesday. Romney by a landslide.

  • bg


    Romney & Ryan = Right = Might!!


  • Sandy

    Obama is killing his own campaign with phrases like — we’ve come to far to turn back now. Does that mean we should follow Obama over a cliff because his approval is more important than the certainty of our demise?

  • Sandy

    BG #5 Well said.

  • Sandy

    Patrick #1 The rally is in West Chester, Ohio.

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  • SoLongSong

    Sorta on topic: Today I went to Fort Dodge, IOWA where Biden campaigned recently and counted signs.

    ROMNEY = 15

    OBAMA = 1

  • Granny


  • Joanne

    With the low numbers of people showing up to Obama’s events across the country, I can’t believe the polls, which are showing it to be a close race. I call Bull Sheite!

  • bg


    Sandy #7 November 2, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    stole if from cowboy GWB.. :-)


  • Joanne

    Sandy #6 “…..’we’ve come to far to turn back now’.”

    The problem is Obama is talking about ‘fundamentally changing America’. He is so close to taking the U.S. into complete socialism that he wants to go ‘forward’ to make sure he accomplishes his goals. Obama is easier to read than a book, even when he’s sealed all his documentation.

  • Look-Out

    Give thanks, people of faith!

    Let our prayers be answered on TUESDAY!!

    The American Dream is secure with Romney/Ryan!!

  • SoLongSong

    He may as well say, “I’m not finished with fundamentally destroying America yet!”

    I call “Bull Sheite” to the polls too.

  • Look-Out

    re #10 — thanks for that great IOWA report, SoLongSong!

  • American Woman

    The Orwellian media lies, ergo their polls lie.

  • Trevor (@TJexcite)

    Caught some of the rally in Wisconsin on CNN this morning. You could tell it was a huge crowd by the camera had the massive zoom on to Mitt to hid the thousands there. No wide shots allowed.

  • Look-Out

    Re #19 — thank you and here’s Barone’s guess on WISCONSIN from GP’s link:

    Wisconsin (10). Recent polling is discouraging for Republicans. But Gov. Scott Walker handily survived the recall effort in June with a great organizational push. Democrats depend heavily on margins in inner-city Milwaukee (population down) and the Madison university community. But early voting is down in university towns in other states. The Obama campaign is prepared to turn out a big student vote, but you don’t see many Obama signs on campuses. Romney.

    Come on, Wisconsin! Help save America!!