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Andrew Leonard at Salon wrote a piece this week titled, “The GOP’s horrible California nightmare.” The title of the piece should have been “California’s Democratic nightmare.”
From the article:

Before 1992, California had not given its electoral votes to a Democrat running for president since Lyndon Johnson’s 1964 electoral landslide. But in the early 1990s California became a majority-minority state, and since then the state has inexorably turned bluer and bluer (aided by ham-handed Republican legislation on immigration that profoundly alienated Hispanics). Only 30 percent of Californians are now registered Republicans, the lowest mark since record-keeping began. In 2012, every single statewide office belonged to Democrats, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein ran essentially unopposed. Arch-conservative Republican Dan Lungren was the state’s attorney general from 1991-1999. He lost his U.S. House of Representatives seat last night (Nov. 7).

Of course, Leonard and Democrats cheer this news because maintaining power has always been the goal of Democrats.

And after thirty years of absolute Democrat control the once Golden State looks like this…
Today California has the highest poverty rate in the nation.
Deseret News reported:

California’s poverty rate of 23.5 percent is the highest of any state in the country, according to new information from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The Census Bureau worked with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to compile a Supplemental Poverty Measure, which factors in government programs to assist low-income people and families that aren’t included in official, income-based poverty measures that were developed in the early 1960s.

The new measure’s thresholds factor in the amount families spend on a basic goods including food, clothing, shelter and utilities and a small additional amount to allow for other needs such as household supplies, personal care items and non-work-related transportation. It’s adjusted to factor in geographical differences in housing costs, and also includes resources beyond income, such as nutrition assistance, subsidized housing, and home energy credits.

The nearest three-year (2009 to 2011) poverty rate to California’s is the District of Columbia with 23.2 percent. The next-highest poverty rate for a state is Arizona at 19.8 percent.

And in 2011 California was the second brokest state. Only Illinois is more broke.

But Democrats see this as success. California is on the path to Third Worldism and Democrats cheer. After all, they’re in charge and that’s what matters. And now Obama wants to turn the rest of the country into California.

** This was cross-posted at FreedomWorks.



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  1. “California’s poverty rate of 23.5 percent is the highest of any state in the country, according to new information from the U.S. Census Bureau”

    Yes, but that was part of the plan. California is now a one party state, thanks to the Democrat Party’s 48 year project to replace the conservative population with a new, government dependent, socialist favoring population.

    And what they did to California, they will do to the rest of the country. They have elected a New People, who will allow them to dismantle the American system and replace it with the same Statist monstrosity that exists in the rest of the world. And if you don’t like it, it is because you are racist.

  2. Califailure has also enacted full-on enforceable Cap And Trade.

    No, really.

    They did.

    It was in the mainstream media news and everything.

    The Associated Press even reported it.

    California began auctioning permits Wednesday for greenhouse gas emissions………

    Pretty soon, you’ll need state approval if you want to leave…… and pay one hell of a heavy tax too.

    That second part is not there yet, but it’s coming.

    Wake up.

    Tool up.


  4. Please change lede:
    Under GOP Rule Leadership California Was Golden State-

  5. Most people here in California are out of their ********* minds which is why they keep electing the same bunch of Marxists time after time. Time to leave this stupid state.

  6. we cannot deal with them, it’s over.
    DIVORCE NOW! while we can still reach an amicable settlement
    sooner or later you’ll agree

  7. “After all, they’re in charge and that’s what matters.” — Exactly right. In the “Democrats good / Republicans bad” ideology, there’s no need to consider whether a policy makes things better or worse. That’s why they didn’t care much what was actually in the health care bill. It gave Dems more power, and therefore it had to be good. And they think they’re smarter than us ….

  8. the politicans have destroyed california, they are in the process of destroying the country and the majority of people still vote for them. its amazing what a college education will do for you.

  9. Wrong is Normal and Right isn’t.

    Seems Reagan Country of years gone by, has turned into an unrecognizable farce and soon a barren waste land.

  10. Just heard a very interesting comment on another subject called “Fiscal Cliff” and what I heard was the obvious and the sooner the Republicans recognize and repair this nation will never be the once great in the world power.

    We are weakening our resources and unless Obama reconsiders opening up are greatest resources we will not recover. And California shores are some of the richest in oil resources.

    How simple it would be to turn away from the Cliff. March to a different drummer and become the nation we have always been and need to be.

    So, what I heard by some guests on Fox was. COMPROMISE, that is a funny word and has been used often by Obama. He has managed to bury the Republican party in that word.

    If the COMPROMISE the Republicans look bad and if they don’t they do too. This was in reference to that “Fiscal Cliff.”

    Higher taxes, Obama lies about is shaky math and no real cuts in our disastrous Debt.

    IT IS ALL ABOUT THE OIL. And Palin is right.

  11. From visits to family spread across northern California, the following has been clear for several years: 1. The lawmaking bodies, bureaucracies, courts, schools and colleges are firmly in the hands of Marxists. 2. the welfare and health systems have run amok. 3. illegal aliens are a significant economic and social drain. 4. corruption is bad and growing. 5. economic activity and wealth are draining away. 6. rules and regulations are strangling the state.

    The democrats I spoke with don’t see any hope of a fix even though they see the disaster happening around them and understand the economic and social death spiral in which they find themselves.

    The irony is that even those who admitted to helping by their own hands, duplicitously or not, to start California down this road feel absolutely powerless to stop it. They believe that, as a drunkard must hit rock bottom, so must their state. As expressed to me, there is little faith that California, once hitting rock bottom, will ever recover.

  12. What’s so terrible? It is obvious most of those who live in California like things the way they are and keep voting for it.


  13. This article is absolutely correct. Born in Ca and have lived here 62 years and have watched the decline. The only good thing about the current situation is that dems can’t blame repubs anymore–although I’m sure they’ll lie and do it and the lemming dems will believe it. Own a small biz and will be running it down and leaving the state. Eveyone I know is also planning on getting out. I hope some of the red states stand up to creeping socialism, we need a refuse. Really sad what our ‘leaders’ have done to this state. This is your future USA.


    Rush Limbaugh “The True Meaning of Thanksgiving”


  15. People need to understand that democrats/socialists/leftard liberals are brainwashed and that is why it is a waste of breath to convince them that their policies, etc. do not work and will never work.


    How to Brainwash a nation – by Yuri Bremenov – an x-KGB agent. Listen up to minute 4:30, at least, to hear how once these people are brainwashed, they won’t wake up until they have the military boot on their neck. Yuri credited the U.S. to being so easily brainwashed because of immorality.

  16. Administration Blocks Oil Development on 1.6 Million Acres

    The Interior Department issued a final plan to close 1.6 million acres of federally owned land that had originally been slated for oil shale development by the Bush Administration.

    Interior Department spokesman, Blake Androff explained that “injecting more fossil-based fuels into the mix would be both unbalanced and disruptive. The President is trying to wean the country off of energy sources dependent on the burning of fossil fuels. Bringing more sources of such fuels on-stream would work to thwart this objective.”

    Androff also cited “the potentially damaging international impacts of lower prices for fossil-based fuels. Many of this country’s allies in the Middle East would be hard hit if fuel prices declined. The President’s efforts to build better relations with these countries would be negatively affected if we were to bring an excessive quantity of competing oil onto the market.”

    Senator Mark Udall (D-Colo) praised the plan. “Increasing supplies of oil depresses the price,” Udall observed. “This only further delays the country’s transition toward a more environmentally-friendly way of life. Keeping supplies tight will encourage more people to avoid unnecessary travel and to choose public transportation for the trips they feel they have to make.”


  17. You know why there are many poor in California? Almost all retailers, movie theaters and restaurant all accept EBT cards. So,…why work?

  18. When one state drills and others can follow, AMERICA WILL BE THE RICHEST NATION IN THE WORLD.

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