Washington College OK’s Exposure of Young Girls to Transgender Male in Locker Room

Colleen Francis was using the sauna in a women’s locker room inside the recreation center at the school late in September. (KIRO)

College officials at Washington’s Evergreen College gave approval to a transgender male to expose himself to young girls in the locker room. The college told the young girls to dress behind a curtain if they don’t like it.
Alliance Defending Freedom reported:

Alliance Defending Freedom sent a letter to Washington’s Evergreen State College Thursday after college officials claimed that its non-discrimination policy doesn’t allow the school to stop a man from exposing himself to girls as young as six years old in a women’s locker room. A local district attorney has also stated that he doesn’t plan to enforce the state’s indecent exposure statute to protect the girls.

The 45-year-old male student, who dresses as a woman and goes by the name Colleen Francis, undressed and exposed his male genitalia on several occasions in the presence of young girls who use the college’s locker rooms. Students from Olympia High School and children in the Evergreen Swim Club and Aquatics Academy share use of the locker rooms with the college. Rather than prevent the man from using the locker room, the school has installed curtains and asked the girls to change behind them.

“Little girls should not be exposed to naked men, period. A college’s notions about ‘non-discrimination’ don’t change that,” said Senior Legal Counsel David Hacker. “The idea that the college and the local district attorney will not act to protect young girls is appalling. What Americans are seeing here is the poisoned fruit of so-called ‘non-discrimination’ laws and policies. Placing this man’s proclivities ahead of protecting little girls is beyond unacceptable.”

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  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    hah, just finished posting about that..

    Planned Parenthood praises sexual pleasure for kids

    unfortunately, nothing new.. :-(

    mentally deficient ‘nondiscrimination’

    well, FB is not only censoring Bengahzai, but the above and below
    in my next post as well, asked them why they aren’t proud of their
    Presidents causes?? /s/


  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg
  • dwd

    It’s an Obama world. Do recall that our “Commander in Chief” was raised by a transgendered nanny.

  • Morgan


    Did you ever notice how certain behaviors are described as “inappropriate?” Like someone wore white after Memorial Day, or cut-offs at a country club…

    This sort of activity used to be criminal. It still is as far as I’m concerned.

  • billypaintbrush

    My guess is that “Colleen” will have an accident soon.

  • donh

    but why hasn’t the swim club found another pool to rent instead of bringing the little girls to a place where there is a known pervert ?

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    Morgan #4 November 1, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    apples v oranges

    but think i get what you
    mean, if not, no biggie..


  • Mitch Rapp

    Thanks to Democrats for this lesson in self esteem for perverts

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg
  • maria

    What a sick World

  • valerie

    This problem would have never come up if Mr. Francis had had the good sense to dress behind a curtain, himself.

    This guy isn’t a transgendered female, he’s an exhibitionist.

  • Flintstone F.

    A man who wears women’s attire and pretends to be a woman is not transgender. This is yet another liberal attack on language to confuse the issues (like equating carbon with carbon dioxide). This is a Transvestite.

    There is nothing female about him.

  • Hugh

    UNbelievable! Words fail me. The world is upside down . . . and the people who allow/facilitate this are sick.

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  • Sasja

    Gee, I’d love to read what the parents think about the school allowing a pervert to expose himself to their children and what, as parents, they are going to do about it. Since the children are still using the facilities, I have to conclude the parents have no problem with this “arrangement.” Now, if it were my child, this sub-human would disappear for good.

  • Jeannie

    bg, though nobody will read it till I’m blue in the face ALL oF THIS has been available for hte public to see in the gay bible that outlines from late 1980s till now exactly the steps to change the perception of homosexuality from an aberration to an identity. In the process there was no question religion had to take a dive and children were to ultimately be completely vulnerable to pedophilia and NAMBLA, because in their minds the whole idea that pedophilia is a perversion is a ridiculous notion.

    IF we had a REAL education it could be taught to this ‘enlightened’ era that EVERY culture that has taken this path has gone on a disastrous dive….and the labor laws to protect children were only the most recent. It is breathtaking to see laws put in place in the 1800s to protect children, which became very strong in teh 1940s and 1950s, have completely been oblitered by PC (covered in the book), by radical justices (in the book) and by rabid socialist government (in the book)

    It’s now back in print and AVIDLY studied. It’s all very professional by these marketing stars, until the end when the rabid hostility and activism is exposed.

    “After The Ball”.

    READ it and pass it along. . .or, now that you know about it, be guilty of selling out your country and your childrn

  • Sasja

    This transgender crap is just what it is. Crap. Getting a sex change or claiming you are transgender gives the creep an out when It wants to look at young naked girls.

  • Hatey Hateman

    How is making the young girls dress behind a curtain going to prevent them from exposure to its junk?

  • FurryGuy

    Gee, the KIRO report is from 5 October 2012, more than enough time to use this as election fodder to guilt whip people into approving R-74.

  • FurryGuy

    #11 November 1, 2012 at 8:38 pm
    valerie commented:

    This problem would have never come up if Mr. Francis had had the good sense to dress behind a curtain, himself.

    *DING-DING-DING* A actual idea that would have solved the “issue” before it became news-worthy. Which is why it was never thought of because changing society to cater to the abnormal is the agenda.