Unreal… Juan Williams: Jews Need to Watch the “Overkill” When at War With Hamas (Video)

Spoken like a true blue Jew-blaming leftist…
It doesn’t matter how many times you explain to the left that Hamas fires its rockets from schools, soccer fields, mosques, apartment buildings – That Hamas terrorists hide in ambulances and journalist’s cars. They just don’t get it. Or they don’t want to get it.

Juan Williams tonight on Special Report said Israel needs to watch the “overkill” when at war with Hamas.

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  • bg
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  • Why are Liberals getting even more angry and mean? They won the Presidency and kept the Senate for goodness sakes! I guess they will never be happy.

  • ★FALCON★

    Williams just might be the dumbest bigot on the air. He is richly deserving of termination from Fox.

  • #1 bg… excellent photo

    I cannot stomach Juan Williams and when he said this, besides feeling sick, it made my skin crawl and my ears burn! Seriously, when he speaks, I have a negative physical response.

    Terrorists LIE and the not so bright eat it up like candy.

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  • Freddy

    What these shows really need is someone that calls out stupid racist remarks when they are made?

  • Economan

    Hey Juan! How about overkill by Hamas? Don’t you think just ONE rocket fired at innocent Israeli civilians is overkill stupid?

  • Joe College

    Frankly, I never bought the story that PBS fired this guy for Muslim remarks. I think he was dropping racist bombs on Jews and maybe others over the water cooler for years.

  • when is “fair and balanced” juan going to warn hamas?

  • ★FALCON★

    It doesn’t matter how many times you explain to the left that Hamas fires its rockets from schools, soccer fields, mosques, apartment buildings – That Hamas terrorists hide in ambulances and journalist’s cars. They just don’t get it. Or they don’t want to get it.

    If Hamas killed a few of these communist “journaOlists” Juan Williams would might issue a strongly worded bitch rant.

  • MathMom

    Pave Gaza. That will solve the problem.

  • George

    I agree with Joe

  • He’s calling for the number of deaths to be redistributed?

    What… seriously?

  • Mad Hatter

    Fox needs to rid itself of this NPR reject.

  • Patty

    You know, since recently, Juan Williams gets an evil look on his faced, seems to remind me of Obama when he was defending a woman named Rice.

    It is particularly repulsive and sickening expression and he need not say word because the expression of anger and evil speaks for itself.

    When you don’t think before you speak and you haven’t a real clue about what you are speaking of, you look terribly foolish and self serving. HE SHOULD LEAVE TODAY AND GO TO ISRAEL AND FACE WHAT THESE PEOPLE HAVE HAD TO FOR YEARS AND YEARS. Then maybe I will listen to what he has to say.

  • Remember the last time, Hamas was suprised that Israel hit them so hard for only a couple of people being killed.

    Here is a FB page for Israel Under Fire: https://www.facebook.com/IsraelUnderFireLive

    Will Hillary Clinton claim credit for a cease fire?

  • King

    War shouldn’t be proportional. It should be won. Juan sides with evil once again.

  • Patty


    Federal Workers to Congress: Leave Us Out of Deficit Deal




  • Granny

    #1 November 20, 2012 at 6:31 pm
    bg commented:




    That picture is VERY familiar BG. I am reasonably sure it is actually from the Summer War with Lebanon . . . . part of a series of fauxtographs.

  • #18 November 20, 2012 at 6:57 pm
    King commented:

    War shouldn’t be proportional. It should be won.

    HEAR, HEAR!!

  • srdem65

    At last count, fewer people were killed by this mini-war than the total number of young people killed on any weekend in Chicago.

  • retired military

    Juan Wiliams is nothing but a tool. Whenever I see him or Colmes on Fox I just change the channel. What little bit I watch Fox.

  • Will

    I would hope Juan wouldn’t get overly aggressive in rhetoric toward someone who did something as innocuous as putting a white sheet over their head. I mean what’s the biggie?

  • mike191

    Hey Juan : Was you’re termination from PBS,overkill?

  • RealMc
  • BaconFat

    ………Overkill? The purpose of war is not equal force, play fair,etc. The purpose is to win. I say the greater the “overkill” the faster the surrender, and with unconditional surrender comes peace. Call me a caveman Juan, its just true.

  • myohmy

    Liberals definition of “just war” when both side have same number of casualties. Liberalism is not only a disease but insanity.

  • Navy seal

    Hamas knows better, I don’t know what they are thinking? Israel would demolish them with just bombs from aircraft!! But civilians would be killed, I say do it because they DO NOT believe in Christ, but try & spare the children please!!!! They don’t know any better…

  • bg



    November 20, 2012

    GOP legally barred from fighting vote fraud

    [Voting machines suspiciously defaulting to Barack Obama? Buses
    loaded with strangers appearing at polling stations? Even ballots
    turning out 100 percent for one candidate in precinct reports?

    In short, suspicions of vote fraud?

    That’s too bad, because a race-based consent decree negotiated by
    Democrats against the Republican National Committee a generation
    ago still has tied the RNC’s hands, and GOP officials could be cited for
    contempt – or worse – if they try to make sure American elections
    are clean.


    No. Fact.]

    not sure i want to read the rest.. 🙄


  • Sally

    Why is it OK for everyone to hate Jews but Mel Gibson?

  • Kimberly

    I think we need to look into Jauns background and see who he hangs with, he clearly seems to be leaning for hamas.


    War is not nice. When someone attacks you you hit them so hard they never think about trying it again. This be nice war crap is just that..crap.

  • Bill Beckel, Geraldo Rivera, and Juan Williams are the three weakest links in the stable of Fox News reporters and columnists.

  • Look-Out

    I’m just sick of people believing the lies…I just now took the computer away from a 7 yr. old who wanted to watch “Mitt Romney Style” on youtube…He said, “you’ll love this” —

    I saw only a bit of it before telling him it wasn’t appropriate and then saw how many others just like them there were in the column to the right – dozens, it looked like. I asked him how he learned about it. “At school”…imagine the kids are talking/sharing these videos.

    He told me he wished he could have voted for BHO, but that his mother’d voted for MR. This is how it’s going to be: kids are going to grow up with the “good guys” being ridiculed continuously in a myriad of ways by the Left (late night comics, etc. as well as these video people). Didn’t we hear the Left had hired the “arts” crowd to do this very thing…

    Depressing. This just adds to yesterday learning about Michelle Rhee’s leftie ties. They’re destroying our kids. It’ll take alot to beat these b*$&#^ds.

  • Morgan

    NPR got rid of Juan. Fox, not that smart, it seems.

  • Milwaukee

    Perhaps what the IDF should do is identify launch sites, and then destroy every building within 2 kilometers of that site. Then they can’t hide the launch sites. If the Israelis do invade they need to destroy the infrastructure: bridges, power grid, water and sanitation, communications facilities, the whole lot. If these people, the Gazan who elected Hamas want to live in the 12th century, then the IDF can help.

  • dwdude

    obama second term grants all media leftists a license to hate without reprisal someday they will become the targets, but they just can’t see it…

  • dwdude

    is he trying to get his npr gig back?

  • attagirl

    Now , if Israel launched an atom bomb against Gaza, I would consider that an overkill. However, is Israel supposed to launch one rocket every time rockets are launched against Israel? Are we playing, tit for tat? Maybe the proper response would be for Israel to throw firecrackers into Gaza. Would that be the appropriate proportioned response? What nonsense. Does Hamas expect to carry on its bombardment, and Israel is supposed to do nothing? In any event. No matter what Israel does or doesn’t, it is condemned. So…………..it might as well do what it has to.

  • JdR

    The idea of a “disproportionate response” is INSANITY.

    What, should Israel just be equally and randomly lobbing rockets at Gaza, and specifically targeting their schools, hospitals, playgrounds, daycares, and population centers, using little-to-untrained operators?

    Would that be “fair” enough for you, you idiot imbecile progs?

    Should police officers have to use the same exact amount of force to take down a perp?

    “Oh sh&t, he’s on meth and only using a tree-branch for a weapon! Quick, partner, get me my meth pipe! And get the tree-branch out of the trunk of the cruiser! I need to smoke some meth and take him down FAIRLY.”

    You libs are retarded beyond all comprehension, save that of those who know why you have been so blinded to reality.

    God blinded the Pharoah, too. Plague after plague, explanation after explanation.

  • JdR

    We haven’t had the guts to win a war since Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  • Sandy

    Juan Williams earns 2 Million a year — wonder if he plans to redistribute his wealth. The Israeli Jews have decided not to be victims — get over it Juan.

  • JdR


    Google Images. Search terms “Hip Hop Album Cover”.

    I wonder has Mitt Romney ever posed holding a fistful of C-notes next to a gold Lamborghini while licking Cristal out of a high-priced hooker’s navel?

    Oh but rich people are bad. Some of them.

    What an insane, doomed country.

  • Amash

    Juan needs to go to MSNBC. He would fit in well there. He’s really beginning to let his extremist views filter into his opinions. He’s hidden them well up to no.
    Goodbye, Juan. We won’t miss you.

  • Rose

    If the RINOS think they are going to make us sit still for this garbage, they are about to be rudely brought up short.

  • JdR

    Mr. Williams knows, I know. He knows exactly what the Democratic Party has done to Black Americans. He has just decided to play Judas and sell himself.

    Didn’t turn out good for Judas.

    Mr. Williams, I would have a beer with you, talk with you. You know damn well that the Dems were the party of slavery, and are to this very day. You know that voting and being “Democrat” (in lieu of “American”) is today’s picking cotton and tending the fields for most of Black America. You know damn well. You know that the Bugatti-driving thugs in the hip-hop/R&B industry which so brainwashes this culture* are just the tea-sipping, nice-clothes-having Porch M&nkeys who would have NONE of that insane wealth if they didn’t work so tirelessly to convince the field workers to REMAIN IN THE FIELDS.

    These diamond-pendant-dollar-sign-wearing fools, these Bugatti-driving tools — and that’s all they are — are WHERE they are because they say to their adoring fans: “Stay ignorant. Be violent. Be hateful. Love yourself above all else. Love the ‘Hood. Our Master is Good to Us! Don’t Ever Leave the Democrat Plantation

    *(not race — culture: cf Mychal Massie, Walter Williams, Armstrong Williams, Alfonzo Rachel, Thomas Sowell,, and a thousand more black Conservatives who understand what happened, and is happening regarding the continued, post-Civil War enslavement of black Americans.)

  • bg


    he sure has come a long way
    since he wrote this.. /sarc/

    oh wait,

    up is down,

    back is forward,

    freedom is slavery,

    2 + 2 = 5 and there’s
    ing in your soc, V out..



  • bg


    JdR #47 November 20, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    albeit sad, Amen..


  • kato

    Juan Williams, like Thomas Friedman, is one of the media’s simple minds. His analysis is guaranteed to be shallow. At least his writing is better than the cliche-larded prose of Friedman, who writes as poorly as he thinks.

  • Patty

    #25 November 20, 2012 at 7:31 pm
    mike191 commented:
    npr not pbs.

  • People like Juan who “Group Think” are simply ignorant. Juan cannot take facts and reach a logical conclusion on his own. Instead, he gets his answers from “the group talking points”. Unfortunately, when talking to someone who knows the facts and can show Juan where he is wrong he resorts to name calling and rude outrageous behavior to hide his ignorance. Throw it back at him by saying directly “Racist doesn’t fit the dialog, Juan, you either don’t understand the topic or you are calling me names to irritate me and get me to stop telling the truth!”
    These people need a bucket of cold water in the face but, that isn’t acceptable behavior so point out to the audience just how uninformed the perp is and how he is insulting the intelligence of the people who want to hear a real discussion.

  • US Navy Corpseman

    Time for Juan to go elsewhere – he’s a jerk. Tired of his whining and always spewing DNC talking points.

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  • OldSailor

    When defending against terror there is no such thing as a “fair fight.” Juan ignores the lessons of military history … overkill is under-rated.

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  • Finncrisp

    Juan, the election is over; time to get more conservative again. His patronizing knows no end. He may come to be known as an Uncle Juan.

  • Jsmith


    Hamas are terrorists and terrorists are the lowest form of scumbag. They deserve nothing more than a bullet in the head and a toss in a roadside ditch.

  • Time

    Juan needs to watch his mouth… Lost his charm long ago..

  • Mizo

    Yet 69% of the Jewish vote went to the Dumbos and the European elites like the American Liberal establishment increasingly are anti-Israel?

  • Gracie

    One thing Liberals and extremist Muslims have in common – Lie, lie, lie.

  • snewb

    Saying that Juan had an I.Q. above 25 would be “overkill.”

  • Catherine

    Remember this guy lost his job at PBR for saying when he sees arabs he walks to the other side of the street yes a coward democrat.

    I say for all these leftist democrats what if someone came to your streets and just started shooting a gun now and then. some times it went nowhere but sometimes it came through their windows or walls hit some and this goes on and on.
    Then we tell them to just live with it.


  • dunce

    The proper ratio of Palestinian terrorists to Israelis was set by the suggested trade of one Israeli prisoner (the kidnapped soldier) for 1500 prisoners that were granted a trial and imprisoned for terrorist acts. That is what the terrorists asked for, i do not remember what the Israelis actually settled on. I think 1500 dead Palestinians for each Israeli killed is not quite enough but it was their idea.

  • Indiana

    Hey Juan….Might I recommend you take a Thanksgiving trip….you need a vacation. I know this great little hotel right in the middle of Gaza….it sit’s atop three missle launchers. If you make it back….then you can explain your “overkill” comment. You fu##head.

  • AuntieMadder

    Juan Williams should stfu.

    “Even while under attack, Israel sends food and medical equipment into Gaza.”
    November 18, 2012
    Eighty Truckloads
    Leo Rennert

  • paul52

    Great logic, Juan. You wanna bring in Morsi as a mediator. Morsi is part of Muslim Bro’hood+ Hamas is part of Muslim Bro’hood. And Israel should not “overkill”. Go away, Juan. If a bully punches you everyday, and you decide to retaliate; you don’t punch him once, you rearrange his facial structure. War is not fair nor is it redistribution.