Union Thugs Leave School Children Without Their Hostess Baked Bread (Video)

Members of the Bakers Union left Tennessee children high and dry and without bread.
Hostess went out of business after union goons went on strike forcing the company to shut its doors.
WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports

WKRN-TV reported:

Several hundred workers statewide are out of a job following the wind down of Hostess Brands on Friday.

The company most well known for snack cakes like Twinkies, Ho-Hos and Ding Dongs officially closed all bakeries, distribution centers and bakery outlets on Friday.

The biggest impact was in east and west Tennessee. An estimated 300 workers lost their jobs at bakeries in Knoxville and Memphis.

For workers at the distribution center on Charlotte Avenue in Nashville, the news hit hard.

“You never think a big business like this is going to go down,” said delivery driver Jon Rayburn. “You’re like, ‘Well, they’ve been around forever. They’ll be around forever.'”

…At Metro Nashville Public Schools nutrition services officials are working to find another bread vendor. Hostess supplied loaves of bread, buns and other bread products to schools.

“We were notified earlier this afternoon that the bakery was no longer going to be in service as of 5 p.m. today,” Director of Nutrition Services Spencer Taylor said. “What my staff and I have been doing is putting out feelers to other regional providers in the area.”

Bread and grains are a federally required part of the 55,000 meals Metro Nashville Schools serve in its schools.

“The contingency plan right now is to find someone who can actually handle our volume,” Taylor said. “We will be getting ready to put out bids for more permanent services to carry us through the school year.”

Taylor said the district’s cafeterias have enough bread for meals through next week. The school week is only three days because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

If they district can not find a bread vendor, cafeterias will have to get creative.

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  • Patty

    Ask Trumka what to do.

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  • What

    Congradultions Obama…. helping close businesses since 2004…. Good Job

  • BurmaShave

    Let them eat cake

  • Sasja

    Not to worry. Barry will come to the rescue and the little skulls full of mush will be taught that evil private businesses don’t care about their being fed, but the all-caring daddy government will take care of their needs. Goes right along with how government cares more about their getting a nutritious lunch than their parents.

  • #5 Sasja … and how daddy government ‘cares more’ about their getting a ‘quality education’ than their parents as well.

  • Dagobomb

    Come on, let’s all sing together now! “Look for the union label….”

  • Mari

    How’s that Obama thing working out for ya???? Hope and change now in REALVILLE.

  • RE #7: I have gained a few pounds, due to eating nothing but crap processed CHEAP food these past couple of years, so I went out searching the second hand shops for a winter coat yesterday. Found a beautiful, perfect condition long wool coat. When I saw the ‘union label’ in it, it took all I had to force myself to pay the low price of 10 bucks for it! LOL

  • Sandy

    Patty #1 never ask someone with no forehead what to do. No forehead — no brains.

  • Pete

    I am gobsmacked at how prescient Rand was in ‘Atlas Shrugged’ at the insane sense of entitlement that politicians and the mobocracy that supports them continue to have even when the reality of their leftard philosophies come to fruition.

    What amazes me is how simple-minded these union workers are to not understand that a job with reduced benefits and pay is better than no job at all in a recession…and pending depression that is coming under Obama’s policies.

    I despair at people this economically obtuse being teachable…I do not believe these kind of people are capable of overcoming their jealousy and envy of others who have worked hard and earned what they have. As the economy worsens, it is my fear that Obama, Trumka and the rest of their evil ilk will continue to demonize the job producers (look what the left is trying to do to Appleby’s and Papa John’s for speaking the truth about the cost of Obamacare and the fiscal cliff) and then the misdirected anger of the mob will be unleashed.

    This is not our Father’s America. This is rapidly becoming a third world tin-plated dictatorship. The Judeo-Christian virtues and principles that brought a barely developed group of colonies to become the most powerful nation that the world has ever known in a matter of 150-200 years are now decaying into the filth of secular humanist self-idolatry.

  • Oliver

    OT: Did Obama Cheat? How to Answer the Question


    These two articles deal with just one of many documented voter fraud issues, i.e. that Obama lost in EVERY STATE with a photo ID law.


  • Trudy Beckstein

    Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children?

  • democraps suck

    Screw the union thugs…congratulations to Hostess

  • squeaky

    [Trumka blamed the company’s apparently imminent demise on “Bain-style Wall Street vultures.” He wants everyone to believe that it’s greedy, eeeevil Republican private-equity types who are on the brink of putting yet another company out of business. The “clever” framing of that quoted phrase appears to indicate that Trumka already knew better. It seems very likely that Cirilli also knew better. Three hours before the initial time stamp of Cirilli’s report, Zero Hedge re-exposed the heavy involvement of D-D-D-Democrats in Hostess’s management and advisors originally documented way back in july at CNNMoney by David Kaplan (additional paragraph breaks added by me; bolds are mine throughout this post):]

  • EBL
  • #16 EBL … great blog entry, LOVE IT! 😀

  • Sasja

    Trudy, surely you jest. You cannot be that stupid, blind, ignorant. Unless you’re a Barrybot.

  • Sparky

    The fact that people are getting their shorts in a knot about what the union thugs did is totally ridiculous. Why make yourself a hostage to the goons?

    Go out and find a replacement vendor.

    Good Lord, make a decision and stop being so unbelievably helpless!

  • Sasja

    Sparky, it is frustrating watching libs run around and around crying, “What to do?” What to do?”
    They still haven’t figured out how to help themselves in parts of NY and NJ since Sandy.
    Oh, what to do?

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  • CV1

    First, if Metro Nashville Public Schools are using Wonder Bread, then they are not too concerned about their food costs. Wonder Bread is expensive.

    Second, there are plenty of bread vendors out there.

    Third, if the Hostess decision to close took the school district by surprise, then it was not paying attention. There should have been a back up vendor in place and activated the next day.

  • raybojabo

    Send a short-bus to Wal-Mart for a bread run.

  • vityas

    Ever notice how the unions whine endlessly about how the rich are so greedy?

  • Patty

    Countless times in America and especially under Obama unions are destroying the good, the fun, the hope of America.

    Take them down. And nothing would give anyone of us more pleasure to see the day Trumka will never ever be welcome in OUR HOUSE. AMERICAN’S HOME, THE WHITE HOUSE.

  • charliewalksonwater

    I look for the union label. If its there, I dont buy it.

  • Finncrisp

    Twinkie must die. There is no limit to what unions will do to kill Twinkee.

  • Sasja

    Get in touch with this guy. He’s a loafer from way back.


  • EffingReally?

    Get off it seriously..

    The company tried to cut hourly pay by 8% and benefits by 32%..

    All while the CEO gave himself a 300% raise and many executives got 60% increases..

    These workers had every right to be pissed ad strike.. Bankruptcy should mean that everyone feels the pain, not just the people already struggling to make ends meet..

    Complain about the bakers union all you want.. But if you would’ve sat around and taken massive cuts to your pay and benefits while the top brass enjoyed even more.. Than I don’t even know what to say

  • feduptoo

    These Unions and some of their members, think they should control the companies they work for….

    How would they like it if they were to start up a company and have thug union leaders come in and force a union upon them, then in the future refuse to go to work and end their company?

    I understand now, the Hostess products maybe taken over by a Mexican company.

    Well, I do not eat any food that I know, came from certain countries, because I know their of their lack of sanitation!