**Ugh** Mia Love Loses Utah Congressional Race

And with Mia Love’s loss the GOP slaughter is complete…

Conservative Mia Love lost a close race in Utah tonight.
The Washington Post reported:

Rep. Jim Matheson (D-Utah) survived a tough challenge from Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love (R), edging out the challenger by little more than a single percentage point.

With all precincts reporting, Matheson led Love by less than 3,000 votes — a margin so slim that the Associated Press had yet to call the race in favor of the Democrat. But Love conceded early Wednesday morning, offering Matheson her congratulations and thanking her supporters.

“Congratulations to Jim on a hard-fought victory,” Love said in a statement. “It was a close race, but ultimately the voters of Utah have spoken. I want to thank the hundreds of volunteers and staff who worked tirelessly for my campaign, and am humbled by their dedication and commitment to the betterment of Utah and our nation. I plan on continuing to work on promoting conservative issues and look forward to returning to Saratoga Springs and spending more time with my family.”

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  • Redwine

    Everything is upside down and inside out. Nothing is as it should have been. Disaster.
    We face a very frightening future.

  • Jungle John

    America is over.

  • ChicagoJenn

    #1 Redwine, I agree completely. How on earth did Mia Love lose???

  • Pat262

    What is wrong with this country? It is doomed.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    How on earth did Mia Love lose???

    Had she been a Democrat and lost against a Republican, it would surely and immediately be blamed on racism.

  • gracepmc

    Loves loss reflects the decline of America on the national level. Stupid spoiled props who deserve who they coed for.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    What is wrong with this country?

    My gut tells me the virtual leftist takeover of the education system has a lot to do with it.

  • Blackbird

    Crying shame. I guess we have reached the tipping point. Time to stand up, lift our chins and take it like a man.

  • bg


    hate rules.. 😥


  • waicool

    claire mccaskill loves jim hoff

  • Mekan

    It is because she said a damn crazy thing about legit rape.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Wasn’t she far ahead in the polls? Nothing that happened tonight made any sense. Exit polls had Romney winning Independent votes in VA by 13 points but he lost? How is that mathematically possible? Rasmussen tells us the electorate is R+6 yet we get crushed on election day?

    Seriously, how the hell did Obama win? Romney was speaking to 30,000. Obama was speaking to 2500. I would claim cheating but how do you cheat at this level?

    Is Obama the AntiChrist? What other possible explanation can there be? There were no Obama yard signs. Romney yard signs were everywhere. Republican enthusiasm was off charts. Obama was losing Independents by 15 and 20 points everywhere.

    It simply does not make sense.

  • briscuit

    Geez~another 4 years without a pres but a black muslim tyrant…….the American people deserve what they get

  • ChicagoJenn

    My 10 yr old told me yesterday that one of her girl scout mates said she wanted to spit on a picture of Mitt Romney. Her mom is a Chicago Public School teacher, so you know where this child’s hostility comes from. Here in Chicago there is no hope, except to move far away.

  • Ghost

    alas, you offered the perfect statement,
    “And with Mia Love’s loss the GOP slaughter is complete…”

    I can’t sleep, I don’t know when I’ll be able to go to sleep
    (like Sam talking to Rick in “Casablanca”)
    the last time I felt like this was 9/11/2001

    after all the special elections, Governor victories and the 2010 mid-term election, very awful, hard truths need to be faced-
    the long list of inexplicable Senate defeats has me trembling in fear,
    yes really.

    Rush liked to say, he’ll let us know when it’s time to panic, well, no need to say it now-
    we were teetering on the ledge and now we are falling with nothing left but the thud.

    an old joke: a man jumps off a skyscraper and as he’s passing the 57th floor, an office worker looks out the window and yells out, “hey, how’s it going?” the man replies, “so far, so good.”
    America is now that man falling to his death.

    For God’s sakes, Maryland voted to allow invaders in-state tuition! So, we are now in the routine habit of voting for our own destruction.
    It’s a Communist/Islamist wet dream come true.

    As Lincoln famously said to his Cabinet, “We cannot escape history…”
    We have suffered a catastrophe with a worst catastrophe coming.
    Obamacare is now PERMANENT. the Keystone Pipeline veto is now PERMANENT. America’s energy resources are now in PERMANENT FREEFALL. Prices for everything are PERMANENTLY on the rise. We will suffer a total financial collapse, complete with mass chaos.

    Mideast strife and islamic terrorism will continue to rise, Israel must now go it alone, Iran will not give up their nuclear ambitions and North Korea will threaten Japan and China will threaten Taiwan, and have I forgotten anything? I’m just popping off the easy ones.

    With our military now PERMANENTLY being dismantled,
    Will the wolves circling America now determine when it’s the best time to launch a First Strike, assured that the American President will surrender to nuclear blackmail?

    I don’t want to hear any talk about restructuring the now PROVEN WORTHLESS! repubican party, or even starting a New Tea Party. That opportunity has passed.

    It’s DIVORCE NOW, or go down the toilet with the Union of Socialist States of Amerika.
    I say, All Hail the birth of the New FREE STATES of AMERICA- “A New Birth of Freedom”
    and the hell with any delay of the inevitable. we must avoid the total death of Liberty.
    “Those who have known Liberty and Lost It, never saw it again” -who said that?

    This will be a HELLUVA test for our beloved talk radio show hosts, won’t it?

  • Bigkahuna

    Time to start withholding taxes from Washington. Let them deal with less money to waste

  • mike191

    Fraud, more conumers than producers ,and a Media that makes Pravada proud has made this Republic insolvent and impotent.

  • squeaky

    i read a previous opinion well before the selection of the republican candidate. the thought was that the number of people who would choose to sit out the election if a mormon was the candidate outweighed those who would sit out the election with obama as the candidate. Mia is also mormon so…….. i’ve heard a lot of reasons given for not voting Romney and i guess people went with the semi-known candidate who’s direction they might not like but it’s a known direction. downwardly mobile rules the day.

  • Look-Out

    Now I’m sure of fraud. Mia was way up, maybe 9 pts. last I heard.

    This is what happens when you give power to a Communist. You’ve voted in your last election. The commies run this country now.

  • squeaky

    you could make a case against obama but it would never fit in a nut shell. obviously anything bigger than a nut shell is too much for our abridged society. they get stuck on soundbites and empty promises. i wonder if obama’s flexibility starts today……so many promises to break and expiration of exemptions to process,

  • squeaky

    “The commies run this country now.” paging nicolae ceausescu…paging nicolae ceausescu.

  • Bill Mitchell



    1996 – 94,683,948
    2000 – 101,455,899 (+7%)
    2004 – 121,069,054 (+19%)
    2008 – 129,389,711 (+7%)
    2012 – 115,562,372 (-11%) <<< WTF?

    So after at least 7% voter growth every election since 1996, in 2012 we drop 11%!!!! Has anything like this ever happened before? If you look at voters as a % of population the drop is even more staggering.

    And yet, polling stations had to remain open extra hours because of their sheer volume of voters?


    If you look at normal voter growth (+7%), we should have had 138,446,990 voters in 2012.

    So we underperformed just normal growth by 22,884,618!

    What the hell happened to 22 million voters?

    I vote for alien abduction.

  • markusl

    I predict that in the next four years at least “one” nuclear warhead will be detonated in the middle east. And Barrack will be saying “I don’t know how this happened….

  • Smoke Fire

    Elections have consequences. It is clear that whatever happens the next 4 years, it cannot not be blamed on; 1. The Tea Party, 2. George Bush.

  • Grandma Perkins

    Uh, the Dems will be blaming Bush for the next 35-40 years.

  • Smoke Fire

    Think on this. America, where you can elect people like Obama, Elizabeth Warren,Jesse Jackson Jr., from a rubber room, I might add, Alan Grayson, but not people like Mitt Romney, Mia Love, Allen West, and Scott Brown.

    We have lost our collective minds, and our souls.

    We are going down a path, that will destroy us all.

  • goodbye America, it was nice knowing you… statists voted themselves more binging on the treasury teat… but alas, there is no more money…

    bunker down, hide your weapons, ammo, stock up on food, gold… black clouds of entitlment zombies are on the horizon – more takers exist now than producers…

    you must go Galt
    you must starve the beast

    50 years of public “education” has now give America over to the statists…

    goodbye America

  • squeaky

    “it cannot not be blamed on; 1. The Tea Party, 2. George Bush.” but they’ll try. questions whether the numbnuts who voted for o will buy into it or hit their limit of what they’ll willingly digest to maintain the delusion of obamabrilliance mega.

  • squeaky

    “Uh, the Dems will be blaming Bush for the next 35-40 years.” fortunately there’s medication for that. and to think i wondered what happened to the former residents of the state and local mental healthcare facilities…..

  • Look-Out

    These elections were a joke. Total fraud. They got to pick and choose who they wanted to win each contest. Why do you think they bought up all that ammo recently? It occurred to them more than a few of us would figure it out. They’re prepared.

  • Linda



    We had been previously been warned about that…we prayed it would not be allowed…but God in his Sovereignty allowed it for good reason!


  • Karen

    We knew we lost when Akins talked rape. Then we had the first debate, and there was a chance. Murdock then talked rape, and we lost. Romney and Scott Brown had to talk about rape instead of the economy. Anti-big government conservatives were promoting the idea that the government could forbid a rape victim from getting an abortion. Conservative men made women worried about the economy more worried about their ability to get an abortion if they were raped. What on earth are these men doing talking casually about a woman’s worst nightmare????

    Rape is against the law, and first term abortion is settled law. Stop the madness in the republican primaries. This was not about reaching out to minorities. It is about republican men saying things that make everyone but them cringe.

  • Granny

    Read this in an article about Scott Brown’s loss but it is very apropo to the “election” in general –

    But all of it counted for nothing. He couldn’t beat “the machine.”

  • squeaky

    “But all of it counted for nothing. He couldn’t beat “the machine.”” should be a message to christie. to elect warren people had to ignore a lot. one of my friends actually thought that she was a ma native. people seem to get the point they want to hear and shut their ears to anything contrary.

  • Not Likely

    America rejects Jim Hoft.

  • squeaky

    obama attended how many security briefings? linda mc mahons opponent chris murphy must have taken a page from o’s playbook.[ U.S. Rep. Christopher Murphy, D-5th, was absent 78 percent of the time during his committee and subcommittee hearings in the 110th Congress, according to a Hearst Connecticut Newspapers analysis that is consistent with a series of hard-hitting television ads by Murphy’s GOP Senate opponent, Linda McMahon.] murphy being a life long politico with no private sector experience……..why should he start now.

  • listingstarboard

    Its not the votes that counts, its who counts the votes.

  • #23…when i walked out of the voting machine yesterday for the first time in my life i wondered if my vote would even be counted. i wonder if it was. everybody was saying they never saw so many people at the polls voting and yet we end up with fewer votes being cast.

  • ClinkinKY

    How did Mia Love lose when the last poll had her up by 10%?…hmmm.

  • ChicagoJenn

    #33 Karen, absolutely right. I heard from some pundit the other day that a white male republican should never have the words rape and abortion coming out of his mouth. Boy that is an understatement. Mourdock and Akin both weren’t savvy enough to keep their mouths shut.

  • Robodog7

    Just like Starr Parker in 2010, the demonrats have prevented another great conservative black woman from being in the GOP Congress. I too think that this election was rigged more than we will ever know.

  • asdf

    Fraud. She was way up. Fraud has been committed. The election has been stolen.

  • Rachelle

    we contributed to her campaign…think she is great. I hope she stays in the field and hits them again.

  • Dale

    Like it or not – Jim Matheson is a Mormon and a conservative democrat – Mormons like stability and hierarchial leadership and returning the “old guard” – i.e. Orin Hatch and his 5,000 terms as Senator – not surprised Mia lost.

  • Alex

    I’ll tell you exactly what happened. You can not win an election by alienating so many minority constituents:
    1) Gutting social safety nets in return for tax cuts – lose the poor – 10% of electorate
    2) Constitutional ban on gay marriage – lose 5% of electorate
    3) No amnesty for children of illegal immigrants (this is a huge issue for legally naturalized citizens) – lose 13% of electorate
    4) Making “male” decisions on women’s health issues – lose 25% of electorate

    Add all that up, you get more than 50%. It’s simple math. You can not win the country by taking only a large majority of like-minded idealists. There has to be moderation on “red meat” Republican issues that the majority of America has clearly rejected.

    The Republican tent has to get bigger, or we will become a relic of the past like the Whigs and Federalists who never kept up with the times.

  • B Dayhoff

    I can’t for the life of me understand how Mia Love lost in a state that Romney carried with nearly 73% of the vote. The other 3 districts went to the Republican candidate with 72, 62, and 76% of the votes respectively.

    According to wikipedia: “The district includes parts of Utah County and Salt Lake County.” Utah County went 88% to Romney, Salt Lake County went 58% to Romney.

    Is Jim Matheson some kind of super-congressman (he’s been there for 12 years)? Or – and I really really really hate to bring this up and sound like Al Sharpton here – could the voters in Utah’s 4th district be … the “R” word?

  • bbowens8

    I am an African American and I wouldn’t dare vote for someone like Mia Love she doesn’t represent me in any way and it is not racism by Democrats Utah is a red state and if she didn’t win blame the people of Utah, I find this hard to believe white people on here crying and sobbing over a black woman and using the race card because she lost, the blacks in Utah probably didn’t vote for her either, just because you get a black face to run for your party doesn’t mean anything if the persons ideals are the same as yours, Blacks will still vote against the ideals rather than vote on color that would be racists so to all of you who don’t know that is the truth, as is the case with Allen West, Obama won the black vote Allen got the boot, and Rightfully so if Mia Love runs again on the same platform she’ll be back here sobbing again. and of course everyone will be crying fraud. now you know stop crying and change your ways.


    Go President Obama, he has risen above all the so called rising stars while they have to go back home and cry, cry, cry. No racism here what bought out the vote was all this division and hatred and our beloved President is here to get this country back to where it should be and he will Mr West and Mrs. Love ar really pawns who stood for nothing and in the end had to face the truth nobody believed you could make a difference.

  • rob lapidus

    Someone said that if Love had been a democrat and lost, the dems’d holler “racism.” Heck, I’ll say it now.

    Utah’s a deeply hued red state with a voting demographic that went for Romney by almost 75 pct. It’s one of the whitest, most conservative states in the Union. A part of that state voted for the white, DEMOCRATIC candidate over the black republican one for a congressional seat. Tell ME what happened?

  • josh jones 37334

    Is there not one GOPer who can take a whipping like a man? What a bunch of sour grapes sucking whiners. Go Galt. You’re free to leave if you can’t tolerate this socialist wasteland. GTFO WHINERS. Take your mutant progeny with you.

  • Polarize4321

    I smell something fishy.
    First Allen West…
    Now Mia Love…
    Both winning until the very last moment when unexpected discrepancies occurred.
    Both of them formidable Black Republicans with bright political futures.
    Both targets of the Chicago political machine???