THOUSANDS Turn Out for Paul Ryan Minnesota Rally

THOUSANDS OF SUPPORTERS turned out today to meet VP Candidate Paul Ryan in Minnesota.

Rep. Michele Bachmann met Paul Ryan at the hangar.
There was a HUGE overflow crowd.

Power Line has a terrific post up with several pictures from the rally today.

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  • God’s speed Paul

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  • In the past couple of weeks, there has been one word that keeps coming to my mind, every single time I see a photo, interview, speech, etc… from Romney or Ryan: GENUINE

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    great link, thanks PL & GP..

    via CNN 😯

    Paul Ryan rallies GOP in Minnesota

    [Republicans in Democratic-leaning Minnesota made a show of
    force when Paul Ryan campaigned in the state two days before
    Election Day.

    The Minneapolis rally with Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running
    mate drew an impressive and enthusiastic crowd – it was one of
    Ryan’s largest solo events since he joined the ticket – gives
    Republicans anecdotal evidence that their map to 270 electoral
    votes could be expanding.]


  • bg



    just have to share this pathetic, from beginning to end, story..

    November 3, 2012

    Few knew about Stevie Wonder appearance for President
    Barack Obama at Cleveland State University on Saturday


  • Sasja

    By pathetic, I take it you mean the dems using it as an excuse for such a low turnout. In that context, it is pathetic.

  • Fionnagh

    Teachx3, I gotta tell ya: every single time you post, your words hit me right in the heart – in a good way. Like this time – yes, the word is indeed “genuine” for R/R, but it is for you, too.

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  • Thank you Fionnagh 😀 that is very kind of you!

  • Patty

    Americans have been waiting and rather patiently all things considered for this nation to come together and they are exactly doing what they do best. Finally, their ears are opened their minds understand and with heart filled with optimism.

    I have waited for this since Obama was elected. It has been a long four years for me and all of us. We have seen attacks, freedoms taken away, downgrading of our economy, green projects that have failed, jobless rate grow, businesses holding on to their money as they don’t know what is going to happen next, families having to say goodbye to a home they have lived in for years, more people struggling for food and on food stamps, Dictator style Health care, contraception must be given to employees of Catholic hospitals in insurance plan, and worst of all the killings of four Americans that could have been diverted had we had a Commander in Chief who acted like a real leader.

    More regulations then any of us realize on our food, drink, life styles and taxes that are killing the Middle Class. Obama knows how to direct wars, HERE, on women, Catholics, Fox news, Military, Guns and essentially every part of our Health care. These are the wars he is so intent on dictating and most interested in, not protecting Americans.

    We are hopeful, though, we have Romney and Ryan and we do have a decision and it is NOT REVENGE, It is for America and all the freedoms we have held dear. I have been praying so hard that this nation will all come together as we have so often in one of the most important elections of our life.

    We need honor, respect and a president who will serve us well and that is Romney/Ryan.

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  • Patrick Cotton

    Via -True North
    Check out this cool 360 panoramic image — courtesy of Zeke Miller, BuzzFeed politics reporter.

  • Mingo


    The excuse re: the story of only 200 or so people showing up for the Obama/Stevie Wonder event sounds fishy to me. In this day of INSTANT everything, surely people would be messaging other people, and so on and so on, until a large crowd had gathered. I believe the real truth is, they’re both yesterday’s news…

  • bg


    Mingo #14 November 4, 2012 at 11:44 pm

    doesn’t sound fishy to me, especially coming from a local
    written by a self declared Humanist.. eh, read the
    tweets for yourself

    Ohio: Stevie Wonder Obama Rally Draws Less Than 200


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  • ratsofred

    Look what the liberal statists have done to America . Why compromise with these liars ? . Beat them Tuesday and bury them forever ! .

  • MN Jim

    I hope the predictions of a MN Republican win are correct, but remember that MN gave us Jesse Ventura, Al Franken and Keith Ellison. Proof that cold weather damages brain cells.