Thousands Called for the Overthrow of Dictator King Abdullah today in massive street protests.

The Jordanian king is one of the last pro-American leaders in the region.
News AU reported:

A “GUNMAN” has been killed and 12 Jordanian policemen wounded as a police station came under attack in the northern city of Irbid in Jordan, state media reported.

The incident came a day after Jordan was hit by a wave of angry protests over a huge rise in fuel prices, with rioting and clashes erupting in Amman and other cities and another police station attacked.

“Twelve policemen were injured when a group of gunmen attacked a police station in Irbid. One of the gunmen died in a shootout, while four others were wounded,” said a police statement carried by state-run Petra news agency.

“All the wounded were taken to hospital. Some of the policemen are in serious condition,” it said.

A sudden fuel price hike has drawn sharp condemnation from Jordan’s opposition Islamists, who warned of civil disobedience and increased opposition to the government in the run-up to general elections in January, which they are boycotting.

Angry protesters on Wednesday blocked a main road in downtown Amman as police warned they would use force if necessary to open the road.




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  1. Oh dear. Jordan has been one of the most stable countries in the mideast – if not THE most stable other than Israel, for close to a hundred years.

    This is the last place the world needs an “arab spring.”

  2. SO now BenghaziBarrak wants to kill Abdullah of Jordan too ?

  3. What could go wrong…………

  4. They will topple this gov’t too and soon the Muslim Brotherhood will have Israel surrounded. No thanks to Obama, with the help of our tax money. Soon they’ll have their Caliphate empire.

  5. Things seem to be getting real bad real quick. To quote Han Solo, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

  6. the protests are probably organized by our state dept. are we senting them guns yet?

  7. If I didn’t know better from my schooling at the NYT School of Truth, I might get the impression that these Muslims are rather violent people motivated by the teachings found in their koran.

    BTW, Jordan is Palestine.

  8. I liked him in Star Trek.

  9. Now hold on a moment. King Abdullah is said to be a direct descendent of Mohammad and didn’t Sheik Nazim not too long ago declare him to be Caliph? So what’s the problem?

  10. And Obama calls for the King of Jordan to step down in 3, 2, 1…

  11. A sudden fuel price hike has drawn sharp condemnation from Jordan’s opposition Islamists,…

    What is it with these crybabies? Do they expect to be pampered all of their damned lives?

    If something happens in Jordan, I hope Abdullah returns to Calfiornia. It would be nice to run into him every now and then while riding around on my motorcycle (he’s a fellow rider).

  12. “THOUSANDS Protest Pro-American King in Jordan – One Killed”
    Only one? drats.

  13. UN Security Council will meet in about an hour from now to discuss Israel military airstrike

  14. Right on cue….Obama’s World Peace plan marches forward…>

  15. Obumbles hasn’t yet put down his Benghazi inquiry and he’s moving on his next target.

    The Anti-Christ has nothing on Obama.

    Fraudulent elections, murdered border agents, murdered SEALS, murdered Ambassadors, deals with the Godless Kremlin, FEMA Camps, body scanners, carbon hoax, railing against those that have made an honest living, and telling the laziest, most worthless that they have been cheated out of a fortune they never lifted a finger to retrieve.

    I only pray I am still alive to see this insane vandal of America’s glory and humanity’s rightful place get his.

  16. #16 November 14, 2012 at 6:53 pm
    TeachX3 commented:

    UN Security Council will meet in about an hour from now to discuss Israel military airstrike

    That’s called a target rich environment. I hope our space based missile system malfunctions like the voting software.

  17. Make no mistake – the UN and Obama will move against Israel. That was what the “Responsibility to Protect” was all about.

    Obama and the UN are messing with a deadly deadly fire.

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