The Endless Campaign Rolls On… Obama Asks Supporters to Make Videos on How They Want to Bilk the Rich

Obama is calling for supporters to make youtube videos to promote his plan to bilk the rich.

(World News Wire)

The New York Times reported:

With lawmakers scheduled to return to work on Monday to begin intense discussions before a looming fiscal deadline, Mr. Obama’s aides are trying to harness the passions that returned him to the White House, hoping to pressure Republicans in Congress to accept tax increases on the wealthy. The president’s strategists are turning first to the millions of e-mail addresses assembled by the campaign and the White House.

Already, supporters are being asked to record YouTube videos of themselves talking about the importance of raising taxes on the rich. Aides said those videos would be shared on Facebook and Twitter and would be forwarded to centrist Democrats, as well as to mainstream Republicans, who they hope will break with their Tea Party colleagues.

** If you want to make your own video calling on Obama to quit playing games and start taking the fiscal crisis seriously, please email them to The Gateway Pundit and we will post them.
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  • 8 My Foot

    “…Roles on…”?

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  • And as we ride off into the sunset as a country, we just passed by the latest road kill on the side of the road….private property…and up ahead…on your left you’ll see the next target- government owned farms and food processing facilities.

  • Sam Stone

    Saul Alinsky community organizing on steroids.

  • Sam Stone

    Why not do what this community organizer is doing? It worked and he was elected twice by America’s illiterate and uneducated.
    He and Rev Jim Jones and David Coresh have much in common. Even throw in Charles Manson. All held their believers in some trance and led them to their deaths.

  • Indiana

    How sad….Obama has killed our Heritage.

  • Neil

    Why just tax the rich? Let’s string them up. Bring on the pitchforks, nooses and torches. If you are going to wage a class warfare stop pussyfooting around with the tax code and commit. This debate is tiresome.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Wait until the class warriors who actually work discover they too are rich.

  • Sam Stone

    “Two-thirds of millionaires left Britain to avoid 50p tax rate
    Almost two-thirds of the country’s million-pound earners disappeared from Britain after the introduction of the 50p top rate of tax, figures have disclosed. ”

  • Granny

    You know, Obama is one of “The Rich” himself! And since he is, perhaps he can set a good example for all the rest of The Rich by immediately turning over 90% of his assets to the Federal Government and foregoing any salary, since he is “The Rich.”

    Also, since Obama is one of “The Rich” and a multimillionaire, he can immediately start to fund his ultra-extravagant lifestyle from his own pocket, footing the bill for all of his own parties and vacations, including the FULL cost of the extraordinary amount of travel enjoyed by him and his family.

    Until he does this, his words are nothing more than the howls of a communist agitator.

  • dwd

    Ace is right on the money with the theory that Democrats are controlling the culture, and that culture drives political decisions. Republicans need to get with the program… arguing policy isn’t going to cut it when the average voter is bombarded with Democrat propaganda daily through popular culture.

    We all know Obama’s wrong, we all know this is why:

    But your average low-information voter isn’t going to watch a 9 minute video that is rational and well argued, while they will click from 30 second video to 30 second video of people having pipe dreams about what they’re going to do with all that money they think they’re going to get lottery-style by taxing the rich.

  • dreamkitten61

    Someone should do a youtube video of the Obamas on their many vacations. Show the properties of all the rich Democrats in Congress and the rich left that voted for Obama. Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and David Letterman all get huge farm subsidies. The Dems in the Obama administration that owed taxes when they came to office and still owe taxes.

  • Earthmover

    I know what to do, make everyones paycheck on direct deposit with the government and
    they can decide how much money we get because they know whats best for you.

  • Andrew X

    New nickname, and any googling of it from here forward must come back to me, because I’m just coining it now. Drum roll, please…..


    The perfect description, of your typical third-world, demagogic, re-distributionist, ‘my tribe above all’, dictatorial leader. Who we voted for, to replace the First World United States of America with North American Third World pest-hole #119. And who is well on his way. Yes, we voted for that, and that is what we will get, at the hands of….


    Heard it here first.

  • Since 8 of the 10 richest counties, Buffett, Hollywood, etc all voted for Obama…I say tax the damn rich. No home deductions on homes over 500,000 dollars. Tax the foundations of Buffet, etc where they hide their wealth. Tax the multi billion dollar endowments of Harvard, etc., repeal the Eisenhower hollywood tax cuts. Target whatever “rich” situation is mostly found in the blue states.
    Tax the poor too. 60 million Democrats and 10 million nonvoting Republicans put him back into office, therefore they want more spending.

    Make them pay for it. ObamaCare…make them pay for it. I’m done with this low tax rule. Low taxes DO help the economy. But Americans don’t want it. 50% don’t pay ANY taxes now. So, the CONSERVATIVE thing to do, is EVERYONE pays their “fair share.”
    Screw ’em.

  • AnnaS

    Will this nightmare have no end?

  • Sam Stone

    Obama taking a page from Castro?

    “In Communist Cuba, the Tax Man Cometh
    Most Cubans have not paid taxes for half a century, but that will change under a new code starting January 1.The landmark regulations will change the relations of Cubans with their government and are a signal that market-oriented reforms, launched since President Raul Castro succeeded his brother, Fidel Castro, in 2008, are here to stay.”

  • TinLizzy

    Cargosquid, I love your comment. That is exactly what Obama has campaigned on all of these years. It is all about fairness. So let’s be “fair” to everyone. And let the chips fall where they may!

  • Brian

    The really scary part, he hasn’t even started his second term. I weep for the future….

  • snewb

    The sad part is they work for US!!
    Not some privileged elite class who answer to no one.
    They are firmly entrenched in power now and we are their slaves.

  • Rose

    Cargo squid has the best comment on here. Do it. They need to feel the pain. Tell your Rep. Bring it on and let Obama own it. Tax all of Hollywood, all sports stars, news casters. They all make millions and voted for him.

  • burt

    The American Royal Family lives well. FDR taxed anyone who made over $25,000 a year at a rate of 100%, odd it never seemed to apply to those who were his friends. In 1944 he was still running against Hoover’s depression.

  • Bob

    Sadly America has 51% of our voters who are either too ignorant, clueless, liberal or entitled to see through what Obama has done and is doing.
    Obama will not rest until he can take over every industry and wealth of individuals.

  • Doug Edelman has a chapter on “The Government is not Robin Hood”. You may find interesting!

  • senah

    For over a 5 decades, I have yet to receive any governemt money yet. I’m starting to feel left out. I can’t get an Obama phone, no welfare, EBT, unemployement and all the other free crap. I’m thinking it pays to be lazy.

  • owl

    Obama was all over the screen today with asking everyone to tweet to force Congress to obey.

    I will repeat my new rant. Republicans need to hire a Democrat to run the party PR or at least a street thug. Since one does not seem to be available, I offer up my services to these moron ELECTED voices.

    He was on tv. You…………as a group…………..get your azzes on tv.

    Write it out in BIG PRINT so Bonehead can read it and tell him to SHOUT. No big words. Got that? Zero gentleman conduct and do n…o…t allow a single big word. Ask Obama questions? Why the he** are you out campaigning instead of ever working? Why don’t you work instead of running your mouth all the time? Where is the budget from 4 years ago? What have you been doing besides campaigning and playing golf in between vacations?

    Does it show that I really, really have grown to dislike this bunch of ELECTED voices? It started under Bush. What kind of morons allow their President to be trashed and even participate in it? Anyone notice The Meaning of “Is” Clinton with the Cigar headlining the convention for the DEMS? What kind of idiots/morons/eating-your-own-monsters on our side allow their self destruction with such behavior?

    Republicans allowed and participated in the destruction of someone worth 1000 times more than Clinton. Some bought the Scooper lies just as if it was gospel. All because they could not get exactly what they wanted so they blamed their own. That is sicker than Dems.

    This bunch needs to get on camera (as a group) and declare that they will not spend ONE cent more until Obama passes a budget. Point at Obama and say he is determined to crash it and they do not like dictators.

  • minuteman

    Remember to wear your Brown Shirt when you do your video.

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  • more money for the politicans less money for the workers. and the union leaders cheer!

  • This was never about so call tax the rich, its all about destroying the job creators and having everyone depending on big government to feed and cloth and house us…..what better way for commies to be able to control the public.

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    the divider-in-cheif aka DIC is working hard. cant wait for the soup kitchen lines. i hope the 51% that voted for him gets hit the hardest, where do i sign for my free stuff



  • smashicus

    Obama is rich. I suggest he get no pay, not only for the next 4 years but for his retirement as well.

  • AmericaWILL

    We need to get some videos out there. We’ve got some really creative folks that could come up with some funny, yet realistic, portrayals of how to fix our issues. Come on folks! Start rolling….

  • Whistleblower

    When will the Chicago Sun Times get their copies of the Blagojevich tapes and transcripts?

  • O:F

    Why is it no one seems to get this… Robin Hood stole tax money and gave it back to the people. Just lower the taxes and we don’t need him.

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  • Amalgamated Cliff Divers, Local 157


  • Jting50

    Our elected officials should take a 50% pay cut, this included the president. Their wealth will subject to 25% tax rate. This will free up some of our tax dollars. It is disgusting to talk like they are different and better than us. Last time I checked those people work for us.

  • sebassh

    If there is one ironic cloud on the horizon, while those of you who voted right for a real American president and congress did so, the people that voted to trade their liberties will be the most shock when they find they lost their freedoms and comfort both and are now slaves. Just too bad that good people will suffer too. But at least it will be the useful idiots that rise up first and are put down by a commie government.

  • Great Colored Inventors

    How can we best bilk/sabotage the democrat “party”?

  • Deter

    I believe the rich should start laying off all employee’s they don’t need. Let’s see how that works for obama.

  • IBoat

    How about a MILLION MAN MILITARY VETERRN march on the Corrupt District of this nation to REMOVE this SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Syd

    Crazy commies trying to bring it all down when they already brought it all down, man! In a related story, Detroit will begin using Chinese metal shipping containers as housing. These are the good times because we can still afford to paint the metal boxes in pretty colors. In the future, these protesters will be complaining because the “rich” can afford to paint their metal box house.

  • Rick

    As soon as I learn to speak Spanish better, I’m moving to a country in South America. I’m done with this one. They will reap what they’ve sown. 30 years of Military service and they just throw it away. I will read what happens in the newpaper… in Spanish. Good luck!

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  • the rich people in america are the politicans they are the people that need to be taxed. a reduction in taxes on the american workers is a tax increase on the politicans. please tweet the president to tell him we are in favor on increasing taxes on the rich politicans to give money back to the people that worked for and earned that money instead of letting people that confiscated it have the money.

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  • Beth Martin

    Doug Edelman commented . . . “has a chapter on “The Government is not Robin Hood””

    Hey, thanks. I suggested to my husband last night that the “Republicans” in Washington concede exactly that.

    My plan is for them to call a press conference. Boehner would stand next to a huge cardboard ‘Robin Hood”. He would solemnly announce: The United States voters voted for a Robin Hood government and we’re going to let the voters have their wish.

    We have received extensive voter calls to do this. Our voters” first recommendation is to confiscate all of Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, assets in excess of $1 billion. Furthermore, we will limit the amount billionaires can hide from the tax collectors to $1 billion for any reason, including death taxes, and so-called charity.