A Christian hostage has five days to come up with ransom money or lose his kidneys.
BosNewsLife reported:

Time was running out Thursday, November 22, for an abducted Christian Eritrean man in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula after his kidnappers told him to pay $25,000 or face “organ harvesting” and be killed, he and Christian rights activists said.

“If they don’t get the money, they will kill me in five days,” explained 25-year-old Philemon Semere, who has been held for three months, in published remarks.

Semere is among several refugees and migrants from the Horn of Africa, who are abducted and abused by people traffickers in Sinai, added advocacy group Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) in a statement to BosNewsLife.

He escaped from Eritrea, where at least over 2,000 devoted Christians are detained for their faith in prison facilities ranging from shipping containers to military camps, according to human rights groups.

The young man reportedly arrived in the Adi Harish Refugee Camp in Ethiopia in 2010, where he sang in the church choir.


Early in 2012, he traveled to Sudan attempting to reach Israel, but was abducted by Rashaida traffickers and taken to what CSW called “one of several torture and extortion facilities in the Sinai.”

Semere was allegedly beaten and abused regularly by captors who asked him to find $33,000 to ensure his release, or lose a kidney.




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  1. obama, “the Christian is acting stupidly”.

  2. ‘Terrorists Threaten to Harvest Infidel’s Kidneys If Ransom Is Not Paid’

    These fine humans should come and run for office in the Dem party. The Liberals would be PROUD to have these creeps

  3. Semere was allegedly beaten and abused regularly by captors who asked him to find $33,000 to ensure his release, or lose a kidney.

    If this Semere had $33,000 dollars he certainly would have booked the first flight out of there.

  4. New ROI, kill an islamonutbaq, cut out his liver.

  5. Do they just sit around and try to think of new ways to kill someone? I guess beheading is “so yesterday”.

  6. Mind boggling. The muslims can kidnap, murder, rape, maim christians and jews at will and nobody could care less. When are we all going to start standing up for all the innocents out there?

  7. Oh, were giving the ‘Arab Spring’ participants guns and money to impose Obamacare worldwide.

    I’d never thought of that. Will they be running the death panels as well? Since there’s no provision for future docs or hospitals.


  8. These butchers seem to be operating pretty openly.

    How much tax money do we send to Egypt every year? Isn’t it in the billions?

    Isn’t the Sinai Peninsula part of Egypt?

    It’s terrifying enough that my government doesn’t mind these atrocities- it just occurs to me that some of our tax money is working its way through various connections of corruption, to actually be subsidizing these barbarians.

    I remember when the American government actually took an interest in promoting liberty.

    Mournfully, Peter Warner.


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