Team Obama is giving away free pizza at Miami Dade County early voting location.

Jordan Gehrke reported:

“Asked the Obama supporter giving out free pizza at polls who she was with. She said nobody, then flashed Obama pin.”

Meanwhile, in New York City they’re running out of water.




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  1. Whaaaaaa!? Where’s my cell phone?

  2. I’d take my slice of pizza and say , ” thanks sucka ” and promptly pull the lever for Romney !

  3. “I’d take my slice of pizza and say . . . ”

    Miss Peach, the pizza is not meant to get someone like YOU to the polls.

    And btw – how exactly is this different from handing out $5 bills?

  4. In the style of Pina Colada the Escape song…

    ♪ ♫
    If you like pizza and cell phones…
    come and work for our campaign,
    If your not into freedom…
    but the ‘leaning forward’ chant we sing,
    if you spend other peoples money…
    without regard to what they say,
    than your the one that we look for…
    vote for obama’s hopeNchange!
    ♬ ♩

  5. If I was going to vote for Obama, which I am certainly not, I may change my vote. Anyone with a sense of right and wrong would not be swayed by such an act. God forbid that someone would be persuaded by a piece of pizza

  6. Free pizza sprinkled with birth control pills ?

  7. Barry is losing; his base is panicking. Need I remind anyone that what this person is doing is illegal? Did the precinct workers not show her the door at the very least? She should have been arrested. Until we get serious about our elections and start enforcing the laws, this sort of thing will continue.

  8. I would say Thanks for the pizza…you are under arrest for voter bribes and will now be enjoying prison

  9. #3

    My thought exactly!!

  10. My first thought was that that’s illegal and they should be arrested.

  11. Maybe the dems can get the black panthers to dispense the free pizza.

  12. I bet pizza would sound pretty good to the ones in NY / NJ without anything to eat right now!

  13. Poll workers should go to jail

  14. Pizza is kinda bottom of the barrel for Democrat’s usual “walking around money” … but Obama already had to take out a $15 million loan and they’re giving away all the rest of Obamaphones in Philadelphia now. “Let them eat Pizza” is BHO’s retort to Marie Antoinette! ;) GO R&R GO!

  15. #8 Buddy G

    Hey…good idea. We certainly don’t want this variety to reproduce!!

  16. Illegal!

  17. Was it delivered by Little Ceasar ?

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