Yesterday, Barack Obama thrilled the junk science community and urged action on global warming climate change.

President Obama on Wednesday vowed new efforts to tackle global warming during his second term but offered no concrete agenda to expand on current administration policies to address what he called a major threat.

He must have missed this headline…
The Antarctic Continues to See Record Growth in Sea Ice
The Wall Street Journal has video:

Global Warming stopped 16 years ago.




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  1. But that is weather change which is a disaster for the world or something like that they tell me. Didn’t we just see Sandy and Katrina….we all know big storms have never ever hit the US before, and the destruction was unprecedented.

    Fascists/Communist/Liberals using anything they can to get their Marxist way.

  2. Since when does the truth matter to the great leap FORWARD?

  3. Remember, one of the biggest “green” movements of the 20th century was the NAZI party in Germany…

  4. Global warming is the greatest fraud perpetrated on mankind.

    The Earth was here long before us, it will be here long after us. The temperature has always changed and will continue to change. To think that humans would be able to take any deliberate actions that would control something as massive and complex as climate is awfully arrogant.

    Hugo Chavez thinks the United States has an earthquake generating machine. Global warming and carbon taxes are on par with that kind of thinking.

  5. “The Antarctic Continues to See Record Growth in Sea Ice”

    Bbbbbbut wait, there’s a simple explanation.

    See, the Antarctic ice grows by freezing more water. The water must be coming from someplace. More ice in the Antarctic takes water from the ocean, So the ocean level should be dropping. But climate scientists tell us the ocean level is rising. So more water must be flowing into the oceans. But from where? Aha! I know! It’s coming from MELTING ice somewhere else in the world. So you see – – the earth IS warming!

    Actually, I think there is no doubt that the earth is warming. It’s still emerging from the last ice age, you see. And one day the earth will cool and re-enter another ice age. This cycle has been going on for hundreds of millions of years. Something other than humans is clearly the reason. Which do you think is likely more threatening to human life? More warming? Or another ice age?

    Anyway, why aren’t the climate scientists and people like Al Gore telling us these geological facts?

    I think they aren’t telling us because many of them are INVESTED in companies that stand to gain from government pouring oceans of our money into those companies. The more we are frightened of “warming” the more they stand to profit. Not to put too fine a point on it – they are pimping us.

  6. to the left global warming is a weapon in the war to establish a one-world government. they don’t care what the earth is doing.all they care about is how can they get their way. you can show this kind of evidence to a marxist all day long, the truth doesn’t matter to them. there is no such thing as truth to a marxist.

  7. The POS is nothing but a mooslime puppet doing the work for his brothers to destroy this country….. BUCK FOBAMA

  8. Absolutely #8… aiming for one-world govt. Plus Arctic ice is melting due to the fact that Al Goracle spends most of his time bloviating and spewing in the Northern Hemisphere.

  9. ++


    Risking lives to save ‘hero’ Obama

    [“The Obama administration now confirms to a federal court that it released sensitive information to help with a film that was set to portray Barack Obama as ‘gutsy.’ If this is true, then the Obama administration was lying to the American people when it said the leaks were no big deal,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The public has a right to get to the bottom of this scandal and the Obama administration should comply with the open records law and disclose the names that were leaked.”]


  10. The left doesn’t care about blacks, homosexuals, women rights or choices, human rights or whatever the weather is doing. It is a means to an end to use to destroy the U.S. Obama just loves to spend monies the U.S. doesn’t have to spend and oh yah, stop the production of oil wherever the exploding numbers of polar bears exist.

  11. Sigh…listen, do you guys at least believe that the holocaust happened? Can you give me that? You’re not holocaust deniers, are you?

  12. “The left doesn’t care about blacks, homosexuals, women rights or choices, human rights or whatever the weather is doing. It is a means to an end to use to destroy the U.S. Obama just loves to spend monies the U.S. doesn’t have to spend and oh yah, stop the production of oil wherever the exploding numbers of polar bears exist”

    See, that strikes me as an insane statement, because why would liberals want to destroy the US? What benefit would that bring me, a liberal man, to have my country dissolved? It’s like when some left-wingers used to say that George W. Bush woke up each morning trying to think of ways to ruin our reputation. I never agreed with that, because why? What motivation could any average citizen have for wanting their country destroyed? Can someone give me a rational answer?

  13. The Obama Administration today announced that the cause of rising sea levels is an anti-Islamic video.

  14. Seriously?

    The size indeed doubled, it DOUBLED from its ALL TIME MINIMUM level. Lets use an example here.
    If you have an Oreo cookie, and take a huge bite out of it and there is only a 1/4 left, what happens if you had the ability to double that? Would you have a full Oreo cookie? No, you would have HALF of your original size. Lets take another bite shall we? You now only have an 1/8th of your cookie left. Lets double that with our magical Oreo Re-generator Machine, what happens then.. Full Oreo? Nope you still only have a 1/4.

    I know you all really want to ignore Climate Change (Climate and Weather are not interchangeable terms BTW). But, in the case of Arctic Sea Ice it is fact that is declining at a rather rapid rate.

    I am sure NASA and NOAA in 1979 were part of some massive plot by the Muslims and liberals to trick us. But that is neither here nor there.

    I only ask one question. Suppose Global Warming is a huge liberal hoax and we create this world of low carbon footprints, cleaner air, renewable energy and less pollution, is that a bad thing? What is so horrible about making the world a better/cleaner place?

  15. Why does Obama hate science?

  16. ++

    November 14, 2012

    Watts Up With That?


  17. The truth and facts mean nothing to this administration, Hell they even got the CIA to claim that global warming is a bigger threat to national security the the terrorist are. The fools in this country bet their lives on a megalomaniac and they are going to lose that bet. Politics corrupts everything it comes in contact with.

  18. Stella, if you fill a glass halfway with ice cubes and then fill it the rest of the way with water, let it sit in a warm room and allow the ice to melt, does the water level rise in The glass causing it to overflow? No it doesn’t. It’s called displacement. The mass of the ice causes the water in a half filled glass to rise towards to the top. As The ice melts it adds more water to The glass which would make it rise but the lowered amount of ice displaces less water which simultaneously lowers The water level. So if All the iceburgs in The world melted the earth would not turn into Water World. It would stay the sane because of displacement.


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