What did you expect?
He was weaned on Alinsky, after all.

President Obama settled on a new closing catchphrase today.
Via FOX Nation:



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  1. Declaring war on the American people. Just like his puppetmistress Valerie Jarrett. Spoken like a true street thug. Bring it on, you despicable bastard!

  2. Actually…I agree.

    I’ve already voted…er, taken revenge…AGAINST Obama and his Collective.

  3. While New Yorkers defecate in apartment buildings, OBOZO continues to defecate on America.

  4. THE ugliest campaign by a presidential candidate that I’ve ever seen. There is nothing redeeming about this “man”. Nothing.

  5. I hope he remembers his words when he loses next Tuesday.

  6. #1 The Underground Conservative

    Wow…you said what I was just thinking.

    Thanks-you Benghazi Obama…you’ve just pulled back the OZ curtain and revealed “WHAT” you are …you don’t qualify for a “who”

  7. The worst campaign from the worst president. What did any of us expect? Is anyone truly surprised?

  8. I have Romnesia – what is he taliking about?

  9. Revenge for what ? For opening the eyes of the American people to see what an absolute failure you have been as a President ? Spoken like a true Chicago thug. Listen to the words of this man people ! He is angry and if he is reelected, he will exact his revenge on the American people, and all will pay ! That has been his agenda all along. He hates America and wants to bring this great country to her knees, and if he is reelected, that is what he will do and America as it once was will be gone. Vote wisely people !

  10. He almost sounds like an Islamist Mullah vowing revenge against “The Evil Joo!”

    What was the offense? Existing?

  11. I plan on taking revenge by voting for Republicans and anyone else that is not a Democrat on Tuesday.

  12. Revenge! Revolucion! Reparations! Death to America! Obama 2012!

  13. So he’s not going to be a uniter, but a divider? Who knew!

  14. Not surprising considering his divisive rhetoric all along… ‘Get in their face’ … ‘Bring a gun to a knife-fight’… ‘Punish our enemies’… this man positioned himself as POTUS of only HALF of the electorate the day he was elected, while labeling the other half of the electorate – the ‘haves’ – as his enemy which must be punished, taxed, and regulated out of existence.

    I, for one, am ready for my OWN form of ‘revenge’ on Nov 6th, and I’ll carry it out in the voting booth instead of threatening riots and assassinations like the other side.

  15. Just think of the major hit to his ego when he goes down in flames. Will he curl up in a fetal position underneath the desk in the Oval office and refuse to come out?

  16. Reward Your Friends.
    Punish Your Enemies

  17. as they say be kind to the people you meet going up because they’ll be the same people you meet going down.

  18. Revenge?

    This guy is disgusting and angry and has to lose.
    He breeds hatred and divisiveness.

    We’ll show him REVENGE.

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