Senior Hamas Terrorist Disguises Himself as Journalist

Hamas terrorist Muhammed Shamalah disguised himself as a journalist in a car marked TV.

Shamalah’s car was targeted today in a strike in southern Gaza.
Muhammed Shamalah didn’t make it.
The IDF Blog reported:

When terrorists disguised themselves as civilians, it can only end badly for civilians. Today, a senior Hamas operative was targeted while driving a press vehicle, effectively disguising himself as a reporter. By doing so, he risked the lives of all journalists in the Gaza Strip.

Over the past several days, the IDF has carefully pinpointed and targeted sites used by terror groups in the Gaza Strip, most notably the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. Terrorists complicate the task by systematically using civilian facilities and locations as a cover for their operations.

The “human shield” method, as it is commonly known, has forced the IDF to target seemingly non-military targets, resulting in some of the civilian casualties. It has also endangered all residents of the Gaza Strip who, without their consent, were unwittingly dragged into the conflict.

One such example came in today, when a senior Hamas operative was targeted while driving a press vehicle. Muhammed Shamalah, commander of Hamas forces in the southern Strip and head of the Hamas militant training programs, was targeted by an Israeli air strike while driving a car clearly labelled “TV”, indicating it to be a press vehicle, abusing the protection afforded to journalists.

The incident occurred on the same day that four senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives took over a floor of the foreign press building in Gaza and used it as a meeting place, risking the lives of all journalists inside.

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  • Oh Pleeeeeeeeeese take over the HQ of the New York Slimes and the Washington Post and Associated Press, and ABC and CBS and NBC and MSLSD and ……….

  • Enjoy your eternity in Hell, Muhammed

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  • Beth

    Pretty well all media aid and abet the terrorists so… fair game I say.

  • Patty


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  • Patty

    Special Report: Muslims in Israel shout, “Obama is our friend”


    A message from Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel

    In the days following Barack Obama’s reelection, radical Muslims have fired over 300 rockets from Gaza into Israel, dramatically escalating the violence in the Middle East.

    Is it just a coincidence that radical Islamists now feel inspired to renew their attacks on Israel just after the U.S. presidential election took place?

    As a friend of mine in Israel recently walked through the Arab Muslim quarter of Jerusalem, she heard Muslims shouting in the streets, “Obama is our friend!” That’s no coincidence.

    ++Israelis are deeply concerned about the U.S. leadership.

    The day after President Obama’s reelection, Rabbi Abraham Cooper wrote to Fox News that Israelis were “worried.” He went on to say:

    …if the president decides to secure his foreign policy legacy in the Middle East, Israelis will need to see real progress in removing Iran’s existential threat and in America’s leadership in blunting the virulent anti-Semitism of the Muslim Brotherhood, before considering further risk-taking with a shaky Palestinian partner.

    In a related event, The Jerusalem Post reported that Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas effectively snubbed the President of the United States in the request to withdraw a request for Palestinian Statehood to the U.N. Abbas has become emboldened to take an even stronger anti-Israel position by Obama’s reelection, as has the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Further, the Associated Press reported that Iran’s Vice President made a strongly belligerent post-election statement:

    Tehran will break the “grasping hands” of newly re-elected President Barack Obama.

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  • cedarhill

    Just confirms journalist = terrorist. Nothing new here.

  • Jsmith

    Just glad he’s dead, disguised or not. Now go kill some more of them.

  • Musketball

    The question is, why bother ‘disguising’ himself as a journalist? The words ‘terrorist’ and ‘journalist’ are nearly interchangeable at this point.

  • jb books

    I love happy endings.

  • David A.

    You guys aren’t being entirely fair to Journalists – I have recently run across one online, Amber Lyon (amberlyonlive [dot] com) who is a investigative journalist of the old school. She believes in finding and telling the TRUTH, and is NOT just another propagandist (like those who have taken over Western “Mainstream” media).

    She and her ENTIRE division were fired from CNN when she revealed that CNN was broadcasting political advertorials without warning viewers that they were paid advertisements.

    Of course (unlike this Hamas terrorist) SHE wouldn’t be in a vehicle marked “TV” – to get her stories, she has gone on foot into crowds countless times and been shot at and pepper-sprayed.

  • bear

    From now on the press AND the jihadists will paint a new i.d. on their vehicles: “TV…REALLY!! PINKY-SWEAR!!

    The photo didn’t show the rest of their I.D. on muhammed’s trunk, which said, “death to jews and their babies!” oops.

    Since the IDF hasn’t announced the deaths of any jihadist successors to leadership, we must assume the conversation among those next in line goes something like: “Your turn!…No, your turn!…Don’t look at me. I don’t like virgins. …Let’s make Ahmad do it. Nobody likes him, anyway. …Hey, Hussein should be the one. I’ve had my eye on his herd of goats for a while. There are a couple of real cuties in there.”

    Accepting leadership for the jihadists is like suicide without the vest…..easier and they don’t have to pay for the explosives or have to travel.

  • David

    The New York Times, reuters, BBC etc are far more dangerous than this terrorist was

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  • Amanda

    Interestingly, Reuters just reported that a journalist/cameraman was killed in Gaza. Could it be that they were referring to this militant?

  • dunce

    These so called reporters are as neutral about hamas as msnbc is about democrats. You might say that they are the public relations wing of hamas. I believe many actively collect information not for reporting, but for planning terror attacks.

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