Ruh-Roh… Obama Camp makes mad dash to Cleveland–
The Obama Campaign just sent Joe Biden to Cleveland for an unplanned campaign stop.
Obama Campaign spokesperson Stephanie Cutter said it was planned a couple days ago and it was not in response to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s rally there today.

“We had decided a couple of days ago. But this type of stuff is called an off the record stop so that we don’t have interrupt traffic. We don’t have to interrupt people trying to go vote.”


The Romney Campaign reported earlier that GOP turnout looks good in Ohio.




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  1. I know how the Biden speech will start,

    “Hello everyone. It’s good to be back in Iowa.”

  2. obama campaign prepares to blame the loss of Ohio on Biden.

  3. So, Biden will be on the next flight to Illinois? Or, Wisconsin? One or the other. Whatever.

  4. Oh, I see, NOW you’re all of a sudden concerned with disrupting traffic/lives. Riiiiiiiight.

  5. “We had decided a couple of days ago. But this type of stuff is called an off the record stop so that we don’t have interrupt traffic. We don’t have to interrupt people trying to go vote.”

    Haha! That’s just fing stupid! Obviously if u send this buffoon ON ELECTION DAY , it would affect voting more than if a “couple of days” prior!
    Maybe Ms cutter is already looking for a new job, I think she is laser focused on the position of that other brainiac Debbie Wasserman Shulz.

  6. BFD=befuddled foolish dope

  7. Poor old Joe Biden has such horrific brain damage from those two aneurisms and subsequent brain surgeries that he really needs an evaluation for dementia, not a campaign stop anywhere. He does not know where he is half the time, does not know who is or was president, appears to be drunk more often than not, cannot even get the name right of someone he is supposed to be introducing.

    The very thought of Joe Biden in the driver’s seat is horrendous – disturbing beyond all belief. But, maybe that is why Obama chose him and has kept him around. Job insurance.

  8. Let the Cleveland folks alone.

    Let them stay home, or at work nice and quietly.

    Don’t get them excited.

    Shhhhhhh !

  9. So what they are saying is that an unplanned, uncoordinated visit by the Vice President of the United States with accompanying Secret Service detail sprung on the locals at the last minute while they are in the middle of the chaos of voting is less disruptive than if they had coordinated with local authorities in advance.

    If they actually believe that it would explain a lot about how we are where we are today after four years of Obama and Biden at the helm. It seems like the same strategy they are using for the economy, for Benghazi, for immigration, for…

  10. Seriously these are very poor PR skills via the Obama administration. Good spin should believable, coherent and logical. Ms Cutter and increasingly Axelrod and Carneys statements fail on all counts. They are not even trying anymore , the media can cover their ass only so much. Arrogance and complacence always leads to downfall

  11. Actually they did not announce it ahead of time as they were worried there would be another RR tractor rally across the street complete with cranes, a 20′ by 40′ American flag, Veterans, spot lights and outhouses. My favorite campaign story of the season.

  12. Chickens with their heads cut off are more organized than these people.

  13. I hope the malibu/biteme dim party has record deficits after the campaign. I have no doubts they have run up huge bills.

  14. Wow when you care enough to send the very best . Joe Biden to the rescue. Look forward to hearing about what he says and does on conservative blogs.

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