Retired Admiral Says Obama Needs to Come Clean on Benghazi (Video)

Retired Admiral James A. Lyons Jr., former Commander of the Pacific Fleet, was on with Lou Dobbs Wednsday on the FOX Business Network.

Admiral Lyons told Dobbs that, in his opinion, that the facts don’t add up.
Obama needs to come clean on Benghazi.

Admiral Lyons Jr.:

“I’m told General Ham never received any orders to execute… It’s peculiar that we never tried to secure our consulate. The CIA was for months tracking the Al-Sharia group in Libya. I find it incomprehensible that they didn’t know this attack was going to occur… The consulate had no confidence in the 17 February Martyrs Brigade who were assigned responsibility for consulate protection or the police force.”

Before It’s News has more.

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  • The Underground Conservative

    This was their October Surprise.

    This is treason. Everyone connected with this should be tried, convicted and hanged by the neck until dead.

  • shibumi

    There’s a strange blog called Lame Cherry. He called this weeks ago.

    Was supposed to prove the O was not Jimmy Carter and help him crush Romney in the last debate.

  • Liberty

    #1 Underground,

    It’s been a while since the US has used blindfolds and firing squads. That would be my preference…after trials, of course.

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  • flyover

    I too have heard this theory being floated out there. It would not surprise me at all.

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  • bg


    Thank You Admiral James A. Lyons Jr. (ret)..

    that (shiek-stevens-trade off), and the arms deals to Syrian
    rebels are two of the most logical theories we have going..


  • Yrral Dleifsarb

    Could Zero be that sinister? Better questions are: Has Zero ever demonstrated that he has any sense of honor? Has he ever shown a desire to do what is right over what promotes his cause? Has he ever displayed respect for truth? Given the answers to those questions, I have no doubt that the traitor Zero is capable of something as sinister as using Ambassador Stevens as a pawn in a game that would result in a treason conviction by any honest jury. Unfortunately, the most likely jury for his crimes will be the U.S. Senate, dominated by Democrats, the party of the lie.

  • JenBee

    #8, right on point.

    I never, ever thought this country would be taken down from within. Even if there are countless witnesses and undeniable evidence, he’ll never be taken down with this Senate in control. And who knows, if our RINO leadership pushes for amnesty for 11 million illegals, we might never again hold the Senate, or any other public office. Things sure are looking dismal from my pov.

  • bg


    damnit, something is wiping out all
    traces of a blind sheik at facebook..

    June 29, 2012

    Egypt’s new president vows to free blind sheik from
    Jersey City jailed for plotting 1993 WTC bombing

    [Egypt’s president-elect Mohammed Morsi has vowed to free the
    blind sheik jailed in the U.S. for a plot to blow up New York City

    In his first public speech addressing tens of thousands of mostly
    Islamist supporters, Morsi promised Saturday to work to free Omar
    Abdel-Rahman, the spiritual leader of men convicted in the 1993
    World Trade Center bombing.]

    ht Patty – September 17, 2012

    SHOCK (not): Obama To Apologize To Muslims For Mohammed
    Movie By Freeing Blind Sheikh Who Bombed World Trade Center

    September 20, 2012

    Committee Chairs Want Answers on Blind Sheikh Release

    [“I think the plan has been to agree to the Blind Sheikh’s release, but not
    to announce it or have it become public until after the election,” McCarthy
    said. “That is consistent with Obama’s pattern of trying to mollify Islamists.
    Obviously, they did not want this information to surface yet… but
    sometimes a situation can spin out of control.”

    i am certain they’ll get right on it, i mean why not, under Caliph in Chief
    Obama we have become the number one nation of not even bothering
    to close the barn doors after our horses get out… /sad but true sarc/

    WHITE HOUSE WAS WARNED – Islamists Said
    They Would “Burn the Embassy Down on 9-11″



  • bg


    re: #10 November 15, 2012 at 1:28 am bg

    Muslim Brotherhood Behind Benghazi Attack With Link to Obama


  • woody313

    Bothed kidnapping…? Maybe that was the plan, I would say the rank and file Islamos got to Stevens first, and their bloodlust got the better of them, not to mention their latent homosexuality… There I said it, coz its true.

  • woody313

    Botched. Doh..

  • bg


    re: #10 November 15, 2012 at 1:28 am bg

    SHOCK (not): Obama To Apologize To Muslims For Mohammed
    Movie By Freeing Blind Sheikh Who Bombed World Trade Center

    [The negotiations are allegedly part of the ongoing discussions with
    the Egyptian government to resolve the crisis plaguing the Middle
    East, the source told TheBlaze. Calls to the State Department for
    comment referred us to the Department of Justice, and nothing has
    been confirmed.]

    Producer Of Anti-Islam Film Was Fed Snitch

    [SEPTEMBER 14–In remarks stressing that the U.S. government had
    “absolutely nothing to do with” the anti-Islam film that has touched off
    violence in the Middle East, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton yesterday
    sought to quash Arab concerns that the “disgusting and reprehensible”
    movie was somehow produced or condoned by American officials.

    However, Clinton’s attempt to distance the U.S. from “Innocence
    of Muslims” –and, by extension, its felonious producer –may be
    complicated by the revelation that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula
    became a government informant after his 2009 arrest for bank
    fraud, The Smoking Gun has learned.

    Though many key documents from the U.S. District Court case
    remain sealed, a June 2010 sentencing transcript provides an
    account of Nakoula’s cooperation with federal investigators in
    Los Angeles (and how his prison sentence was reduced as a

    Innocence of Muslims Film was Made by Terrorists

    [Court documents reveal that Nakoula Bacile Nakoula, producer of the
    movie Innocence of Muslims, partnered in a scheme with Eiad Salameh,
    my first cousin.

    Eiad is a Muslim terror supporter and is not an Egyptian Copt.]

    No protest before Benghazi attack, wounded Libyan guard says

    even before they purportedly knew what happened, Hillary strongly
    stated that “internet video we had NOTHING to do with it” (which
    even if they did know, in and of itself is a very odd, and imho, quite
    a revealing, not to mention totally unnecessary, statement to make
    at that specific point in time, ergo, begs the question why did she
    say that when she said it?? we know, but the coverup kiss O butt
    MSM refuses to report)..


    [fully expect all of this info and much more to be sucked up by Obama’s
    black hole machine when we least expect, so i hope someone with the
    know-how is keeping a protected file somewhere]


  • bg


    re: #10 November 15, 2012 at 1:28 am bg

    re: Egypt Prez (fimmaker/blind shiek/et al)

    Hillary tied to new Muslim Brotherhood president

    [Saleha Mahmood Abedin, the mother of Hillary Clinton’s chief
    of staff, reportedly served in the women’s division of the Muslim
    Brotherhood alongside the wife of Egypt’s new president, the
    Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi.]

    bits more of much more here, in connecting links, and threads..


  • bg


    woody313 #12 November 15, 2012 at 1:41 am

    not to mention blatant.. :-(


  • -Ed.

    Er,… excuse me,… the linked video interview with Dobbs and Lyons makes no mention of a possible kidnapping or prisoner exchange. Unless I’ve slid off into some parallel space/time/FoxNews continuum and can’t hear anymore.

  • Daisy

    I heard that back in September. Despicable if it’s true.

  • Steve

    Don’t tell the State Controlled Media but the US is actually trending Republican since 2008 and we have the Raw Data and maps to prove it!

  • Bitter Clinger

    When you look at the video of the jihadists who found the ambassador, they shout out “He’s alive” and then Allah achbar (sp). They take him to the hospital and try to save him. Why? They needed him to trade for the Blind Sheik, that’s why. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Otherwise, if they wanted to kill him outright, they would have done it when they found him still barely breathing. And yes, Obama et al are that sinister. Time for a coup d’tat.