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  • Bill Mitchell

    Romney had arguably the best, broadest and best financed GOTV operation in history and resulted in the lowest turnout in history? Even worse than.for the horrible John McCain?

  • Drek

    Let none of us too undercut the enormous influence that Roberts had on this election.

    When he declared what was an abomination lawful and Constitutional, he eroded the confidence of the rank and file in their leaders choosing good judges and justices.

    The Sebilius ruling overhung this election and campaign like an ominous cloud foreboding a storm to come.

  • Sparty

    I all I can say is “electronic hanging chads”.

    Even the UN observers were shocked at how unsecure our system is, and we know the dems are out to win at all cost.

  • Hugh

    Please. Romney outcampaigned and outdebated Hussein. As for Republicans who didn’t vote,or went third party,you are a disgrace.
    For the future,it is essential that Republican governors in bluish states like PA,MI,IA,WI do what MAine and Nebraska do,break it up by congressional district. Romney won 5 of 8 congressional districts in Wisconsin. I’m sure he won most of Michigans and PA’s too. It looks pretty rough to ever win these states outright,the only way is to do this. Likewise if MN ever gets a R governor.

  • Bill Mitchell

    I think we have to give serious consideration to the idea that Obama may be the AntiChrist.

    I mean cmon, he is losing by 7 points and then we get a freak winter hurricane that hits NYC dead on a week before the election? I mean look at Obamas entire career. It has been one astoundingly lucky break after another.

    I mean by winning re-election Obama has broken so.many historical precedents I cannot even begin to count them.

    I always said that God would not allow Obama to be re-elected, unless of course Obama was the AntiChrist and then nothing could stop it.

    I am.not 100% serious about this, but damn, it sure is strange.

  • Drek

    I worked the Pennsylvania GOTV effort yesterday, in SE Pennsylvania.

    It collapsed, it WASN’T COORDINATED with the Romney campaign.

    As it was described to me, they went back to “the tried and true.” Meaning, the failed and the wanting approach that has repeatedly lost Pennsylvania.

    The GOTV effort in Pennsylvania was a sick joke, a mockery of the enthusiasm of conservatives.

    That too needs to be addressed.

    The GOP relies too much on phone calls instead of in person canvasers. The Dems go door to door with their bought and sold union zombies.

    Republicans have to embrace a decentralized, neighbor to neighbor, door to door effort on election day. Which I’m going to be proposing within the next week to senior officials in Pennsylvania.

  • Amjean

    We must face reality. Americans voted for socialism, big daddy government, hand outs of
    free health care, housing, food, clothing, cell phones, etc. vs. working hard to make something of oneself, pride in doing that and personal responsibility.

    Your liberal neighbor wants some of your money to even the playing field.

    When that fails, these ninnies will come running to conservatives to save them from their
    loss of freedom (and ours). Will it be too late? Probably….perhaps not….who knows?

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  • bg


    Bill Mitchell #39 November 7, 2012 at 9:41 am

    pardon my repetition, but if he isn’t, he might as
    well be, as he can apparently act with impunity..

    there is only ONE party..

    call them whatever names you like, but they are the 1%..

    albeit not necessarily whom we’ve been led to believe the 1% are..

    they pull the strings via their insurmountable accumulative wealth, of
    which separates them from the reality of their however well intended
    evil deeds..


  • scituate_tgr

    There were more people at our polling place then I’ve every seen in the 15 years I’ve gone there. We actually couldn’t find a parking spot at 8am, came back at 1pm and the line was still out the door. My son voted at 7:30pm and said the place was packed.

    So if Obobo’s numbers were down, then where did all these votes go?

  • AuntieMadder

    #36 November 7, 2012 at 9:33 am
    Redwine commented: “Stalin once remarked that it’s not the votes but who counts the votes that makes the difference. We’ve been had. Another stolen election. Believe it.”

    Electronic voting machines. Early Romney voters reported that readout displayed “OBAMA” upon scanning their submitted ballots. Election place workers assured them it was only a software “glitch,” that said “glitch” only affected machine readout, that the scan software did, indeed, tally their vote as one more for Romney. But did it? Did the software “glitch” affect only the scanner readout? How would polling place workers know that? Was it a software “glitch” at all?

    Did the software writer(s) intentionally write the code of the voting machine scanner software to give votes for Romney to his opponent? Did they also and intentionally write software to be installed on some voting machines/voting machine scanners to scan, display properly and then purge (or do nothing with, tally to no candidate) votes cast for Romney?

    Could the software writer(s) have intentionally written the code of the voting machine scanner software to ignore checking the name of the voter for a match in the precinct voter roll? Could it have been written to skip checking some names for having already cast a ballot? To skip checking duplicate names and/or duplicate ballots cast?

    At my precinct yesterday, just as it’s been since at least 2008, the scanner readout displayed the ballot number (the sequence number as it comes pre-printed on the ballot) of the ballot I cast. Did my ballot tally a vote for Romney, as it should have and as I trusted it did? Did it tally a vote for his opponent? (God, I hope not.) Did the software simply display the ballot number on the readout and then simply ignore all other data printed on that ballot sheet? I can’t possibly know. I can only hope that my ballot was read by the software and the data it contained processed properly.

    Fwiw, I cast ballot number 605 late yesterday. Not surprising to me as the precincts of this county are small. As it’s been since at least 2008, at least four precincts were set up at that tiny polling place, each with it’s own precinct book of registered voters, numbered ballots, and electronic voting machine. The next polling place was only a few miles away, also being used by four or more voting precincts. And another polling place a few miles from there. And so on…

  • AuntieMadder

    #31 November 7, 2012 at 9:13 am
    Simsalabim commented: Maybe we as conservatives have been looking for God through politics. Possibly we’ve been enlightened.

    That’s definitely something for me to think about.

  • Brave Catholic

    Guess the Morman issue was too much for some Christians the only thing u can apply. Or maybe Conservatives are dying off

  • Joe Birmingham

    Does this include Florida’s votes? That will be atleast 3 to 4 million votes there.

  • DZ

    I blame it on three things…1) Romney wasn’t a conservative candidate. 2) Carl Rove and friends talking up a non-existant Romney landslide 3) Republicans and Teapartiers didn’t turn out to vote. Anyone making accusations of dem’s voter fraud here, it’s a bunch of malarky. Yes, the administration did everything they could to allow voter fraud, but I believe there were enough people watching that it couldn’t have been significant enough to sway the election by this much. We only have ourselves to blame, nobody else. Elections have consequences, and now the “somebody else will do it my vote doesn’t count” attitude may have just stuck a knife into what’s left of our great republic. Look at the bright side…the world may go to hell, but there’s always Antarctica.

  • Kate

    So I guess for those Republicans who couldn’t be bothered to vote, Obama is preferrable to Romney? Was it the Morman thing? Sometimes I think the far right religious are just as bad as the left. Those who didn’t vote just committed suicide. They will pay dearly for their stupidity. I am trying hard to be as Michelle Malkin so admirably said we should be, but it is really hard. So depressed. 4 years of hell to come and what damage will be able to be repaired? I guess all those Catholics didn’t listen to their Bishops either.

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  • Walknot

    Somthing is FUBAR. I saw WAY more Romney signs this year then OBama signs. Almost EVERYONE I spoke too who voted for Obama in 08 were saying they were voting for Romney. The polls had more folks this election than any election I can recall since 2000. I suspect we will learn more as these obvious questions begin to be explored.

  • ChillytheAlaskan

    What if the election machines are rigged and stealing votes by turning Romney votes into Obama votes? Maybe the turnout was the same or more if votes are being stolen, how would one know?

    People are bewildered because Romney had good support and crowds and polled well, but when the votes are tallied, doesn’t show.

    What IF, just to be skeptical, there is a cheat? We have an administration that lies and covers up with the assistance of the media, fast & furious, Bengahzi, green corruption, is willing to not enforce laws and willingly bypasses congress and trashes the constitution, is it a stretch of the imagination to think they would put a cheat in place?

  • grumpy gardina

    The numbers don’t add up.. This election was stolen…