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  • S. Wolf

    I don’t know which are the worst POSs the Democrats or the Republicans who didn’t vote but the GOP is up there.

  • retired military

    Well one good thing is we wont have Romney run again for President. Or if he does than he wont be the nominee.
    With the expected increase of 10 million latino voters thanks to amnesty the dems will have a permanent majority for years to come.
    My faith in Americans has gone downhill tremendously.
    Welcome to the 3rd world. $22 trillion in debt and 60% of the folks living off what 40% of the folks produce.

  • myohmy

    Lesson 1. No way to bit the media machine that is in the tank for the DNC.
    Lesson 2. Mitt is right. He cannot/will not be able to convinced 47% of the people who thrive on welfare and food stamp to go and get a job.
    Lesson 3: High unemployment is the new normal.
    Lesson 4: It is okay to let your kids live in the basement for the rest of their lives.
    Lesson 5: Women substituted men with Uncle Sam. Free contraceptions and abortions.

  • donh

    Right …blame the R base for not showing up when cry baby Boehner caved on the debt ceiling , and Judas Roberts enabled Obamacare…What about ” this is your last chance ” didn’t the party bosses get after the 2010 election message ? Republican Politicians break promises. The people keep them.

  • MN Jim

    My polling place was virtually empty at 4:00 pm and again at 6:30 pm. In other years, there was a line out the door and down the sidewalk.

  • snap boy

    Something is wrong with all these stats. Republican registration was up, democrat way down (and surely THAT was just a fact, not conjecture) and yet, despite palpable enthusiasm, large numbers of Republicans didn’t turn out to vote? Polls showed Romney taking Florida for the past three weeks, with the race close in PA, NH, CO and OH …

  • Granny

    #24 November 7, 2012 at 8:52 am
    donh commented:

    Right …blame the R base for not showing up when cry baby Boehner caved on the debt ceiling , and Judas Roberts enabled Obamacare…What about ” this is your last chance ” didn’t the party bosses get after the 2010 election message ? Republican Politicians break promises. The people keep them.

    You are assuming that the people will be given a chance to keep them. That is a pretty big assumption.

    On another front, one of my daughter’s facebook friends in Florida just told her that she waited 5 hours in line to vote, even though she has health problems that made it hard for her to do so. They called the election for Obama before she ever got a chance to cast a ballot.

  • wtd

    “Republican Turnout in 2012 Less than 2008 and 2004

    Gotta agree with this comment posted at Freep:

    “In actuality, this number is not the amount of voters…it’s the amount of votes tabulated.

    There is a difference.

  • Shaw Shaw

    The RINO GOP in a tag team with the liberal media and democrats, made sure Romney was the nominee. despite the fact ALL the anti Obama sentiment was about Obamacare. ..

    You didnt hear anyting negative about Obamacare in the last 4 months because of ……wait for it……wait…………Romneycare
    The GOP got the tea party groups to sit down and shut up so there was no getting out the vote. There was nothing to catch the attention of those 3 or 4 million who need something , anything to get them off their butts to the polls

  • Cargosquid

    I will blame the R base.

    The VOTERS are the ones ultimately responsible for the government that we get.
    You say that they didn’t show up because Boehner caved, or Roberts enabled ObamaCare, or …pick any excuse. What are they? Children that expect to be saved?

    They, and they alone, are the reason that Romney lost. They knew the stakes. And they decided that it was OK for Obama to win, that he was no worse than a Romney win.

    The no-show Republicans have no reason to bitch now. They got what they wanted. Yet another “lesson” shown to the GOP, for all that it will do.

    Of course, NOW, the GOP will move further left because all of their consultants will say that Obama won because Rommey was too far to the “right.”

  • Simsalabim

    Maybe we as conservatives have been looking for God through politics. Possibly we’ve been enlightened.

    Think of how over the last 4 years of how libs have thought that government was going to “save” them.

    Lesson from 1 Samuel 8
    Because Israel was demanding a king out of bad, carnal reasons, God will give them a bad, carnal king. Israel will get what they want, and will hurt because of it!

  • asdf

    Anecdotally, this makes no sense. People were reporting from all over a massive Republican turnout. This is fraud.

  • Drek

    Some clarity is needed here people.

    About F & Furious, ——- nothing will come of that, nor will anything additionally be brought to light. Republicans didn’t push it when it had the opportunity of swaying the vote of millions of Hispanics and Mexicans, because to push it would be “messy” and contentious.

    If they didn’t push it over the last 15 months, they’re not likely to push it in the next fifteen now are they?

    As for the Media, —————— if it hurts Democrats, it won’t be covered, it will be mentioned, it will be glossed over, it will be cursorily reported upon but mostly only to make the point that Republicans are “politicizing it.” “It” being whatever scandal has the potential of breaking the monolithic hold the Democrats now have.

    Pennsylvania’s EV votes must be broken up, and can’t be allowed to be a winner take all state. Otherwise Pennsylvania is simply an East Coast Illinois, complete with urban pathology, criminality and fraud.

    Benghazi is going nowhere.

    It didn’t get any traction; again, Republicans didn’t push it, the media didn’t cover it, the public never heard really of the details thereof.

    The war against the Catholic Church just commenced in earnest.

    He’s going to have to go after the 401ks. The sum collected savings of millions of hard working Americans must be taxed to even begin to get a handle of the budget of the left. It’s all part of the racist revenge. Whitey must pay.

    Hundreds of thousands of aging whiteys are going to be effectively polished off via obamacare. Death panels will begin their work.

    Don’t get a stroke in the years to come. It won’t be treated, but merely “managed” until you kick the bucket!

    Aging whiteys are getting polished off, the border will be opened up, the voting power of ordinary Americans displaced by foreigners marinated in socialism, anti-Americanism, envy and greed. And of course, most of all, racism.

    America is being broken down before our eyes into a larger version of the prison yard.

    God help us……..

  • Calcon10

    Another possibility:

    Many people were deeply upset by Romney’s scorched earth tactics during the Primaries. It’s possible a lot of his opponents’ supporters who aren’t big political people didn’t show up.

    Also, the Evangelicals probably didn’t show up as a group, either. In ’08, one of them told Hannity that she couldn’t vote for Romney because he wasn’t an Evangelical.

    Never underestimate pique, spite, and bigotry.

  • MustComment

    Dick Morris can go f##k himself!

  • Redwine

    Talk about voter suppression! Millions of missing votes (most of them probably Republican), rampant fraud at the polls, discarded Rep votes, a thoroughly corrupt justice system…

    Stalin once remarked that it’s not the votes but who counts the votes that makes the difference. We’ve been had. Another stolen election. Believe it.

  • Drek

    Don’t go running off immediately concluding fraud.

    Republicans saw their party fail to pursue F & Furious, fail to fight obama on his budget, fail to make good on the election returns of 2010. They heard their leaders come out with this
    we only control one half of one third.”

    They lost confidence that their votes in fact would really change anything……..

    Isn’t that the truth?

    Real Americans are becoming disheartened. They’re dispirited by a media in open conspiracy against them and their country! Who amongst us hasn’t experienced that moment when in his gut he wonders how things can possibly be turned around with a media carrying obama, a media not reporting on crony deals arranged to provide soft cushions for Dem bundlers.

    Which of us hasn’t experienced that moment in the night wondering what’s to become of a country when one party uses money to win Presidential elections from China and Soros!

    Our neighbors are demoralized, disheartened and disenchanted with a leadership lacking the fire of a Giuliani or the imagination of a Gingrich.

    John Boehner lost this election as much as anybody

    And what are we to make of the fat man, a keynote that failed to go after obama and failed to extol the nominee, but instead wandered off about the dubious wonders of New Jersey. And that compounded by his idiotic worship of obama.

    Rush called it, he was a living Greek column!

    Our party leadership desperately needs wit, passion and most of all, IMAGINATION!

  • Drek

    I don’t think the rank and file were still disgusted with Romney over how he won the nomination. I don’t think most Republicans over the last six weeks even remembered it.

    Santorum would not have prevailed.

    Gingrich was rendered toxic long ago, just like Sarah Palin after him.

    Perry didn’t do himself proud with his debate performance, {pain killers for his back didn’t help …}.

    Romney ran a campaign good enough to win.

    Let all understand this thoroughy: THE MEDIA CARRIED OBAMA OVER THE FINISH LINE.

    Obama didn’t win reelection, President Man Country was carried by the media across, and the black vote is the most racist in recent memory.

    Black America is afflicted with a virulent, poisonous racism that isn’t going to run its course for decades to come.

    The racial divide is going to intensify.

    We’re going to see more of what we’ve seen of late, black gangs of youths, {women too!} teeing off on innocent Caucasians, that they never met, don’t know, and just use to vent their frustrations upon.

    We’ve all seen the surveillance videos, ——- we’ll see a great deal more.

    Obama represents an unleashing of evils, of poisons, of pathologies; he’s the cultural OK for all of that to emerge into the light of day.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Folks, SOMEONE was at the polls yesterday. It wasn’t Democrats who had 10 million fewer voters and it wasn’t Republicans who had 3 million fewer voters.

    Who the hell were they?

    Yes people, this stinks. Romney is getting 30k + at every speech. Rasmussen and Gallup both say Republican enthusiasm and party identification are off the charts. But then we have the lowest turnout as a % of the population ever?

    No, just no. Something very very corrupt took place here.

  • AuntieMadder