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  • Tom

    Cuz conservatism was not on the ballot. Hows that working out? The Libertarian was pulling that vote

  • journeyman

    Not making any sense. Romney had crowd’s on the campaign trail the size of which McCain could only have in a wet dream. Yet McCain had 60 million votes compared to 57 million for Romney. Something is amiss & very disturbing with these numbers.

  • Militant Conservative

    Banana Republic here we are.

  • Linda

    I will never believe Dick Morris, Karl Rove or Michael Barone again. I will take all Rasmussen polls with a grain of salt. I will never listen to anything Chirs Christie has to say.

  • Paz

    Something is very fishy about these numbers. There was definitely more excitement for Romney than McCain. It’s all a fix.

  • bigkahuna

    I simply dont see how that is possible. However

    1. Romney /GOP never refuted the financial mess being Bushes fault instead of liberals imposing laws on banks to lower the loan standards

    2. Romney didnt use Obamas words against him… Fundememntally change America ???, Electricty rates will neccisarily skyrocket

    3. George Steph and called Obamacare a fee NOT a TAX then lied when it went to the supreme court.

    4. Romney let Bain be used against him but never used GM theft and unfair tax breaks to GM after being bailed out and laying off 10,000, closing 10 plants and killing 100,000 jobs at 2200 GM dealerships

    5. He barely challeneeged obama on Fast and Furious, Solyndra or Benghazi and let the media cover it up while he had the ability to force the issue and media to cover it.

    6. He passed Romneycare so that also hurt.

    7. Obamacare will really hurt jobs and peoples health bye bye private insurance.

    8. I hope many liberals lose their jobs on this vote

    9. I hope GM goes bankrupt again and is bought out by Bain and unions all busted.

    10. Well I guess most peoples taxes will go up and Obama will find his debt going higher.

    11. East coast will be screwed for months and Obama will fail there

    12. Obama will be shown as an incompetent leader and liar on F& F, Benghazi and Solyndra in the coming months

  • bg


    sorry, but i still believe Sandy and a lot of behind the scenes
    shenanigans had way much more to do with it than not..

    but hey, if it makes everyone feel better, keep drinking the koolaid
    via laying the blame and the pointing fingers at Reps again.. *sigh*

    heh, no need to ask how dumbed down we are any more..

    Congratulations to the powers that be, and
    i’ll pretend like we even had half a chance..

    oh yeah, and good luck with that revolution dream Barry.. :roll:


  • Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    What the HECK? Why didn’t we get a bigger turnout than last time

  • Granny

    #5 November 7, 2012 at 8:29 am
    Paz commented:

    Something is very fishy about these numbers. There was definitely more excitement for Romney than McCain. It’s all a fix.

    Look at the numbers on this banner shown WEEKS ago stating that Obama had won . . . they look pretty familiar.

  • FromMissouri2

    I think the conspiracy people that talk about the “Illumanati”….may be on to something. McCain was the worst candidate we could have had and he got MORE votes than Romney? I just don’t see that…no way no how. This election was won months ago, in some dark evil room, and we only thought we had a say in it.

  • Cargosquid

    “Obama will be shown as an incompetent leader and liar on F& F, Benghazi and Solyndra in the coming months”

    No he won’t. The press won’t do it. And the GOP is spineless. If he wasn’t shown as an incompetent leader with FOUR YEARS of evidence, if his record and statements aren’t enough to make patriotic Americans crawl over broken glass to vote him out, he will NOT be held accountable.

  • daryl

    Happy now bg?

  • daryl
  • donh

    All I got from Mitt Romney were emails announcing drawings for chances to eat dinner with Mitt in return for a donation. ……His campaign was run like some cheezy bingo parlor raffle. He had zero credibility on cutting government. Tax cuts to increase jobs and revenue is not what people are looking for. VERY stale policy points. Government has to be cut way down to size for business to flourish. Mitt took more issues off the table than McCain….Mitt delayed the start of his campaign way to long…., hoarded his money too long…..He should have picked RUBIO as VP. He could have been nicer to Sarah Palin.

    Being cautious may work well for successful stock portfolio management but risk aversion does not win elections.

  • Linda

    Just lies and more lies!

  • Hoser

    If those are the actual numbers then there is something seriously rotten in Denmark.

  • Cargosquid

    To all of the “Republicans” that stayed home and did not vote for Romney:



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  • Wilbur

    So Obama has ten MILLION less voters for him than last time, and scored less overall votes than Bush or McCain did? Meanwhile Romney had a smaller drop from ’08 figures, but got nowhere near Bushes ’04 result (just for the record, I think Romney is a great guy- but nice guys don’t always win).

    There is a big opportunity there if Republicans can see it. It also means a lot of the talk about minority votes swinging things is hogwash.

  • Ann Ominous

    Where the hell were you when he needed you donh?
    Did you pull that hind sight out of your hind end?