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  • Tom

    Cuz conservatism was not on the ballot. Hows that working out? The Libertarian was pulling that vote

  • journeyman

    Not making any sense. Romney had crowd’s on the campaign trail the size of which McCain could only have in a wet dream. Yet McCain had 60 million votes compared to 57 million for Romney. Something is amiss & very disturbing with these numbers.

  • Militant Conservative

    Banana Republic here we are.

  • Linda

    I will never believe Dick Morris, Karl Rove or Michael Barone again. I will take all Rasmussen polls with a grain of salt. I will never listen to anything Chirs Christie has to say.

  • Paz

    Something is very fishy about these numbers. There was definitely more excitement for Romney than McCain. It’s all a fix.

  • bigkahuna

    I simply dont see how that is possible. However

    1. Romney /GOP never refuted the financial mess being Bushes fault instead of liberals imposing laws on banks to lower the loan standards

    2. Romney didnt use Obamas words against him… Fundememntally change America ???, Electricty rates will neccisarily skyrocket

    3. George Steph and called Obamacare a fee NOT a TAX then lied when it went to the supreme court.

    4. Romney let Bain be used against him but never used GM theft and unfair tax breaks to GM after being bailed out and laying off 10,000, closing 10 plants and killing 100,000 jobs at 2200 GM dealerships

    5. He barely challeneeged obama on Fast and Furious, Solyndra or Benghazi and let the media cover it up while he had the ability to force the issue and media to cover it.

    6. He passed Romneycare so that also hurt.

    7. Obamacare will really hurt jobs and peoples health bye bye private insurance.

    8. I hope many liberals lose their jobs on this vote

    9. I hope GM goes bankrupt again and is bought out by Bain and unions all busted.

    10. Well I guess most peoples taxes will go up and Obama will find his debt going higher.

    11. East coast will be screwed for months and Obama will fail there

    12. Obama will be shown as an incompetent leader and liar on F& F, Benghazi and Solyndra in the coming months

  • bg


    sorry, but i still believe Sandy and a lot of behind the scenes
    shenanigans had way much more to do with it than not..

    but hey, if it makes everyone feel better, keep drinking the koolaid
    via laying the blame and the pointing fingers at Reps again.. *sigh*

    heh, no need to ask how dumbed down we are any more..

    Congratulations to the powers that be, and
    i’ll pretend like we even had half a chance..

    oh yeah, and good luck with that revolution dream Barry.. 🙄


  • What the HECK? Why didn’t we get a bigger turnout than last time

  • Granny

    #5 November 7, 2012 at 8:29 am
    Paz commented:

    Something is very fishy about these numbers. There was definitely more excitement for Romney than McCain. It’s all a fix.

    Look at the numbers on this banner shown WEEKS ago stating that Obama had won . . . they look pretty familiar.

  • FromMissouri2

    I think the conspiracy people that talk about the “Illumanati”….may be on to something. McCain was the worst candidate we could have had and he got MORE votes than Romney? I just don’t see that…no way no how. This election was won months ago, in some dark evil room, and we only thought we had a say in it.

  • “Obama will be shown as an incompetent leader and liar on F& F, Benghazi and Solyndra in the coming months”

    No he won’t. The press won’t do it. And the GOP is spineless. If he wasn’t shown as an incompetent leader with FOUR YEARS of evidence, if his record and statements aren’t enough to make patriotic Americans crawl over broken glass to vote him out, he will NOT be held accountable.

  • daryl

    Happy now bg?

  • daryl
  • donh

    All I got from Mitt Romney were emails announcing drawings for chances to eat dinner with Mitt in return for a donation. ……His campaign was run like some cheezy bingo parlor raffle. He had zero credibility on cutting government. Tax cuts to increase jobs and revenue is not what people are looking for. VERY stale policy points. Government has to be cut way down to size for business to flourish. Mitt took more issues off the table than McCain….Mitt delayed the start of his campaign way to long…., hoarded his money too long…..He should have picked RUBIO as VP. He could have been nicer to Sarah Palin.

    Being cautious may work well for successful stock portfolio management but risk aversion does not win elections.

  • Linda

    Just lies and more lies!

  • Hoser

    If those are the actual numbers then there is something seriously rotten in Denmark.

  • To all of the “Republicans” that stayed home and did not vote for Romney:



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  • Wilbur

    So Obama has ten MILLION less voters for him than last time, and scored less overall votes than Bush or McCain did? Meanwhile Romney had a smaller drop from ’08 figures, but got nowhere near Bushes ’04 result (just for the record, I think Romney is a great guy- but nice guys don’t always win).

    There is a big opportunity there if Republicans can see it. It also means a lot of the talk about minority votes swinging things is hogwash.

  • Ann Ominous

    Where the hell were you when he needed you donh?
    Did you pull that hind sight out of your hind end?

  • I don’t know which are the worst POSs the Democrats or the Republicans who didn’t vote but the GOP is up there.

  • retired military

    Well one good thing is we wont have Romney run again for President. Or if he does than he wont be the nominee.
    With the expected increase of 10 million latino voters thanks to amnesty the dems will have a permanent majority for years to come.
    My faith in Americans has gone downhill tremendously.
    Welcome to the 3rd world. $22 trillion in debt and 60% of the folks living off what 40% of the folks produce.

  • myohmy

    Lesson 1. No way to bit the media machine that is in the tank for the DNC.
    Lesson 2. Mitt is right. He cannot/will not be able to convinced 47% of the people who thrive on welfare and food stamp to go and get a job.
    Lesson 3: High unemployment is the new normal.
    Lesson 4: It is okay to let your kids live in the basement for the rest of their lives.
    Lesson 5: Women substituted men with Uncle Sam. Free contraceptions and abortions.

  • donh

    Right …blame the R base for not showing up when cry baby Boehner caved on the debt ceiling , and Judas Roberts enabled Obamacare…What about ” this is your last chance ” didn’t the party bosses get after the 2010 election message ? Republican Politicians break promises. The people keep them.

  • MN Jim

    My polling place was virtually empty at 4:00 pm and again at 6:30 pm. In other years, there was a line out the door and down the sidewalk.

  • snap boy

    Something is wrong with all these stats. Republican registration was up, democrat way down (and surely THAT was just a fact, not conjecture) and yet, despite palpable enthusiasm, large numbers of Republicans didn’t turn out to vote? Polls showed Romney taking Florida for the past three weeks, with the race close in PA, NH, CO and OH …

  • Granny

    #24 November 7, 2012 at 8:52 am
    donh commented:

    Right …blame the R base for not showing up when cry baby Boehner caved on the debt ceiling , and Judas Roberts enabled Obamacare…What about ” this is your last chance ” didn’t the party bosses get after the 2010 election message ? Republican Politicians break promises. The people keep them.

    You are assuming that the people will be given a chance to keep them. That is a pretty big assumption.

    On another front, one of my daughter’s facebook friends in Florida just told her that she waited 5 hours in line to vote, even though she has health problems that made it hard for her to do so. They called the election for Obama before she ever got a chance to cast a ballot.

  • wtd

    “Republican Turnout in 2012 Less than 2008 and 2004

    Gotta agree with this comment posted at Freep:

    “In actuality, this number is not the amount of voters…it’s the amount of votes tabulated.

    There is a difference.

  • Shaw Shaw

    The RINO GOP in a tag team with the liberal media and democrats, made sure Romney was the nominee. despite the fact ALL the anti Obama sentiment was about Obamacare. ..

    You didnt hear anyting negative about Obamacare in the last 4 months because of ……wait for it……wait…………Romneycare
    The GOP got the tea party groups to sit down and shut up so there was no getting out the vote. There was nothing to catch the attention of those 3 or 4 million who need something , anything to get them off their butts to the polls

  • I will blame the R base.

    The VOTERS are the ones ultimately responsible for the government that we get.
    You say that they didn’t show up because Boehner caved, or Roberts enabled ObamaCare, or …pick any excuse. What are they? Children that expect to be saved?

    They, and they alone, are the reason that Romney lost. They knew the stakes. And they decided that it was OK for Obama to win, that he was no worse than a Romney win.

    The no-show Republicans have no reason to bitch now. They got what they wanted. Yet another “lesson” shown to the GOP, for all that it will do.

    Of course, NOW, the GOP will move further left because all of their consultants will say that Obama won because Rommey was too far to the “right.”

  • Simsalabim

    Maybe we as conservatives have been looking for God through politics. Possibly we’ve been enlightened.

    Think of how over the last 4 years of how libs have thought that government was going to “save” them.

    Lesson from 1 Samuel 8
    Because Israel was demanding a king out of bad, carnal reasons, God will give them a bad, carnal king. Israel will get what they want, and will hurt because of it!

  • asdf

    Anecdotally, this makes no sense. People were reporting from all over a massive Republican turnout. This is fraud.

  • Drek

    Some clarity is needed here people.

    About F & Furious, ——- nothing will come of that, nor will anything additionally be brought to light. Republicans didn’t push it when it had the opportunity of swaying the vote of millions of Hispanics and Mexicans, because to push it would be “messy” and contentious.

    If they didn’t push it over the last 15 months, they’re not likely to push it in the next fifteen now are they?

    As for the Media, —————— if it hurts Democrats, it won’t be covered, it will be mentioned, it will be glossed over, it will be cursorily reported upon but mostly only to make the point that Republicans are “politicizing it.” “It” being whatever scandal has the potential of breaking the monolithic hold the Democrats now have.

    Pennsylvania’s EV votes must be broken up, and can’t be allowed to be a winner take all state. Otherwise Pennsylvania is simply an East Coast Illinois, complete with urban pathology, criminality and fraud.

    Benghazi is going nowhere.

    It didn’t get any traction; again, Republicans didn’t push it, the media didn’t cover it, the public never heard really of the details thereof.

    The war against the Catholic Church just commenced in earnest.

    He’s going to have to go after the 401ks. The sum collected savings of millions of hard working Americans must be taxed to even begin to get a handle of the budget of the left. It’s all part of the racist revenge. Whitey must pay.

    Hundreds of thousands of aging whiteys are going to be effectively polished off via obamacare. Death panels will begin their work.

    Don’t get a stroke in the years to come. It won’t be treated, but merely “managed” until you kick the bucket!

    Aging whiteys are getting polished off, the border will be opened up, the voting power of ordinary Americans displaced by foreigners marinated in socialism, anti-Americanism, envy and greed. And of course, most of all, racism.

    America is being broken down before our eyes into a larger version of the prison yard.

    God help us……..

  • Calcon10

    Another possibility:

    Many people were deeply upset by Romney’s scorched earth tactics during the Primaries. It’s possible a lot of his opponents’ supporters who aren’t big political people didn’t show up.

    Also, the Evangelicals probably didn’t show up as a group, either. In ’08, one of them told Hannity that she couldn’t vote for Romney because he wasn’t an Evangelical.

    Never underestimate pique, spite, and bigotry.

  • MustComment

    Dick Morris can go f##k himself!

  • Redwine

    Talk about voter suppression! Millions of missing votes (most of them probably Republican), rampant fraud at the polls, discarded Rep votes, a thoroughly corrupt justice system…

    Stalin once remarked that it’s not the votes but who counts the votes that makes the difference. We’ve been had. Another stolen election. Believe it.

  • Drek

    Don’t go running off immediately concluding fraud.

    Republicans saw their party fail to pursue F & Furious, fail to fight obama on his budget, fail to make good on the election returns of 2010. They heard their leaders come out with this
    we only control one half of one third.”

    They lost confidence that their votes in fact would really change anything……..

    Isn’t that the truth?

    Real Americans are becoming disheartened. They’re dispirited by a media in open conspiracy against them and their country! Who amongst us hasn’t experienced that moment when in his gut he wonders how things can possibly be turned around with a media carrying obama, a media not reporting on crony deals arranged to provide soft cushions for Dem bundlers.

    Which of us hasn’t experienced that moment in the night wondering what’s to become of a country when one party uses money to win Presidential elections from China and Soros!

    Our neighbors are demoralized, disheartened and disenchanted with a leadership lacking the fire of a Giuliani or the imagination of a Gingrich.

    John Boehner lost this election as much as anybody

    And what are we to make of the fat man, a keynote that failed to go after obama and failed to extol the nominee, but instead wandered off about the dubious wonders of New Jersey. And that compounded by his idiotic worship of obama.

    Rush called it, he was a living Greek column!

    Our party leadership desperately needs wit, passion and most of all, IMAGINATION!

  • Drek

    I don’t think the rank and file were still disgusted with Romney over how he won the nomination. I don’t think most Republicans over the last six weeks even remembered it.

    Santorum would not have prevailed.

    Gingrich was rendered toxic long ago, just like Sarah Palin after him.

    Perry didn’t do himself proud with his debate performance, {pain killers for his back didn’t help …}.

    Romney ran a campaign good enough to win.

    Let all understand this thoroughy: THE MEDIA CARRIED OBAMA OVER THE FINISH LINE.

    Obama didn’t win reelection, President Man Country was carried by the media across, and the black vote is the most racist in recent memory.

    Black America is afflicted with a virulent, poisonous racism that isn’t going to run its course for decades to come.

    The racial divide is going to intensify.

    We’re going to see more of what we’ve seen of late, black gangs of youths, {women too!} teeing off on innocent Caucasians, that they never met, don’t know, and just use to vent their frustrations upon.

    We’ve all seen the surveillance videos, ——- we’ll see a great deal more.

    Obama represents an unleashing of evils, of poisons, of pathologies; he’s the cultural OK for all of that to emerge into the light of day.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Folks, SOMEONE was at the polls yesterday. It wasn’t Democrats who had 10 million fewer voters and it wasn’t Republicans who had 3 million fewer voters.

    Who the hell were they?

    Yes people, this stinks. Romney is getting 30k + at every speech. Rasmussen and Gallup both say Republican enthusiasm and party identification are off the charts. But then we have the lowest turnout as a % of the population ever?

    No, just no. Something very very corrupt took place here.

  • AuntieMadder


  • Bill Mitchell

    Romney had arguably the best, broadest and best financed GOTV operation in history and resulted in the lowest turnout in history? Even worse than.for the horrible John McCain?

  • Drek

    Let none of us too undercut the enormous influence that Roberts had on this election.

    When he declared what was an abomination lawful and Constitutional, he eroded the confidence of the rank and file in their leaders choosing good judges and justices.

    The Sebilius ruling overhung this election and campaign like an ominous cloud foreboding a storm to come.

  • Sparty

    I all I can say is “electronic hanging chads”.

    Even the UN observers were shocked at how unsecure our system is, and we know the dems are out to win at all cost.

  • Hugh

    Please. Romney outcampaigned and outdebated Hussein. As for Republicans who didn’t vote,or went third party,you are a disgrace.
    For the future,it is essential that Republican governors in bluish states like PA,MI,IA,WI do what MAine and Nebraska do,break it up by congressional district. Romney won 5 of 8 congressional districts in Wisconsin. I’m sure he won most of Michigans and PA’s too. It looks pretty rough to ever win these states outright,the only way is to do this. Likewise if MN ever gets a R governor.

  • Bill Mitchell

    I think we have to give serious consideration to the idea that Obama may be the AntiChrist.

    I mean cmon, he is losing by 7 points and then we get a freak winter hurricane that hits NYC dead on a week before the election? I mean look at Obamas entire career. It has been one astoundingly lucky break after another.

    I mean by winning re-election Obama has broken so.many historical precedents I cannot even begin to count them.

    I always said that God would not allow Obama to be re-elected, unless of course Obama was the AntiChrist and then nothing could stop it.

    I am.not 100% serious about this, but damn, it sure is strange.

  • Drek

    I worked the Pennsylvania GOTV effort yesterday, in SE Pennsylvania.

    It collapsed, it WASN’T COORDINATED with the Romney campaign.

    As it was described to me, they went back to “the tried and true.” Meaning, the failed and the wanting approach that has repeatedly lost Pennsylvania.

    The GOTV effort in Pennsylvania was a sick joke, a mockery of the enthusiasm of conservatives.

    That too needs to be addressed.

    The GOP relies too much on phone calls instead of in person canvasers. The Dems go door to door with their bought and sold union zombies.

    Republicans have to embrace a decentralized, neighbor to neighbor, door to door effort on election day. Which I’m going to be proposing within the next week to senior officials in Pennsylvania.

  • Amjean

    We must face reality. Americans voted for socialism, big daddy government, hand outs of
    free health care, housing, food, clothing, cell phones, etc. vs. working hard to make something of oneself, pride in doing that and personal responsibility.

    Your liberal neighbor wants some of your money to even the playing field.

    When that fails, these ninnies will come running to conservatives to save them from their
    loss of freedom (and ours). Will it be too late? Probably….perhaps not….who knows?

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  • bg


    Bill Mitchell #39 November 7, 2012 at 9:41 am

    pardon my repetition, but if he isn’t, he might as
    well be, as he can apparently act with impunity..

    there is only ONE party..

    call them whatever names you like, but they are the 1%..

    albeit not necessarily whom we’ve been led to believe the 1% are..

    they pull the strings via their insurmountable accumulative wealth, of
    which separates them from the reality of their however well intended
    evil deeds..


  • scituate_tgr

    There were more people at our polling place then I’ve every seen in the 15 years I’ve gone there. We actually couldn’t find a parking spot at 8am, came back at 1pm and the line was still out the door. My son voted at 7:30pm and said the place was packed.

    So if Obobo’s numbers were down, then where did all these votes go?

  • AuntieMadder

    #36 November 7, 2012 at 9:33 am
    Redwine commented: “Stalin once remarked that it’s not the votes but who counts the votes that makes the difference. We’ve been had. Another stolen election. Believe it.”

    Electronic voting machines. Early Romney voters reported that readout displayed “OBAMA” upon scanning their submitted ballots. Election place workers assured them it was only a software “glitch,” that said “glitch” only affected machine readout, that the scan software did, indeed, tally their vote as one more for Romney. But did it? Did the software “glitch” affect only the scanner readout? How would polling place workers know that? Was it a software “glitch” at all?

    Did the software writer(s) intentionally write the code of the voting machine scanner software to give votes for Romney to his opponent? Did they also and intentionally write software to be installed on some voting machines/voting machine scanners to scan, display properly and then purge (or do nothing with, tally to no candidate) votes cast for Romney?

    Could the software writer(s) have intentionally written the code of the voting machine scanner software to ignore checking the name of the voter for a match in the precinct voter roll? Could it have been written to skip checking some names for having already cast a ballot? To skip checking duplicate names and/or duplicate ballots cast?

    At my precinct yesterday, just as it’s been since at least 2008, the scanner readout displayed the ballot number (the sequence number as it comes pre-printed on the ballot) of the ballot I cast. Did my ballot tally a vote for Romney, as it should have and as I trusted it did? Did it tally a vote for his opponent? (God, I hope not.) Did the software simply display the ballot number on the readout and then simply ignore all other data printed on that ballot sheet? I can’t possibly know. I can only hope that my ballot was read by the software and the data it contained processed properly.

    Fwiw, I cast ballot number 605 late yesterday. Not surprising to me as the precincts of this county are small. As it’s been since at least 2008, at least four precincts were set up at that tiny polling place, each with it’s own precinct book of registered voters, numbered ballots, and electronic voting machine. The next polling place was only a few miles away, also being used by four or more voting precincts. And another polling place a few miles from there. And so on…

  • AuntieMadder

    #31 November 7, 2012 at 9:13 am
    Simsalabim commented: Maybe we as conservatives have been looking for God through politics. Possibly we’ve been enlightened.

    That’s definitely something for me to think about.

  • Guess the Morman issue was too much for some Christians the only thing u can apply. Or maybe Conservatives are dying off

  • Joe Birmingham

    Does this include Florida’s votes? That will be atleast 3 to 4 million votes there.

  • DZ

    I blame it on three things…1) Romney wasn’t a conservative candidate. 2) Carl Rove and friends talking up a non-existant Romney landslide 3) Republicans and Teapartiers didn’t turn out to vote. Anyone making accusations of dem’s voter fraud here, it’s a bunch of malarky. Yes, the administration did everything they could to allow voter fraud, but I believe there were enough people watching that it couldn’t have been significant enough to sway the election by this much. We only have ourselves to blame, nobody else. Elections have consequences, and now the “somebody else will do it my vote doesn’t count” attitude may have just stuck a knife into what’s left of our great republic. Look at the bright side…the world may go to hell, but there’s always Antarctica.

  • Kate

    So I guess for those Republicans who couldn’t be bothered to vote, Obama is preferrable to Romney? Was it the Morman thing? Sometimes I think the far right religious are just as bad as the left. Those who didn’t vote just committed suicide. They will pay dearly for their stupidity. I am trying hard to be as Michelle Malkin so admirably said we should be, but it is really hard. So depressed. 4 years of hell to come and what damage will be able to be repaired? I guess all those Catholics didn’t listen to their Bishops either.

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  • Walknot

    Somthing is FUBAR. I saw WAY more Romney signs this year then OBama signs. Almost EVERYONE I spoke too who voted for Obama in 08 were saying they were voting for Romney. The polls had more folks this election than any election I can recall since 2000. I suspect we will learn more as these obvious questions begin to be explored.

  • ChillytheAlaskan

    What if the election machines are rigged and stealing votes by turning Romney votes into Obama votes? Maybe the turnout was the same or more if votes are being stolen, how would one know?

    People are bewildered because Romney had good support and crowds and polled well, but when the votes are tallied, doesn’t show.

    What IF, just to be skeptical, there is a cheat? We have an administration that lies and covers up with the assistance of the media, fast & furious, Bengahzi, green corruption, is willing to not enforce laws and willingly bypasses congress and trashes the constitution, is it a stretch of the imagination to think they would put a cheat in place?

  • grumpy gardina

    The numbers don’t add up.. This election was stolen…

  • Peter Warner

    #52 November 7, 2012 at 10:26 am
    AuntieMadder commented:

    #31 November 7, 2012 at 9:13 am
    Simsalabim commented: Maybe we as conservatives have been looking for God through politics. Possibly we’ve been enlightened.

    That’s definitely something for me to think about.

    Yes. The same thought was placed upon me in prayer today.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  • Right….”this is your last chance.”

    Well, it sure was. I hope the Republicans that didn’t vote are happy. They took their toys and went home because of the debt ceiling…etc. Last I checked..THE HOUSE still won seats.
    Romney had nothing to do with anything.
    And so…the Republican voters caved. You get what you deserve.

    And the Democrats smiled.

  • Pleasance

    I know several people who would not vote for Romney as he is Mormon. These same people honestly believe BHO is a Christian. Nothing you can do with dumb and dumber.

  • owl

    Drek #33/37/38/42 Agree

    *About F & Furious, ——- nothing will come of that………..If they didn’t push it over the last 15 months, they’re not likely to push it in the next fifteen now are they?

    *As for the Media, —————— if it hurts Democrats, it won’t be covered, it will be mentioned, it will be glossed over, it

    *Benghazi is going nowhere. It didn’t get any traction; again, Republicans didn’t push it, the media didn’t cover it, the public never heard really of the details thereof.

    *Aging whiteys are getting polished off, the border will be opened up, the voting power of ordinary Americans displaced by foreigners marinated in socialism, anti-Americanism, envy and greed. And of course, most of all, racism.

    *John Boehner lost this election as much as anybody.

    *Santorum would not have prevailed.

    *Black America is afflicted with a virulent, poisonous racism that isn’t going to run its course for decades to come.

    Yes, to all of your above. You laid it out.

    Did they steal it? How would I know? I watched Dems hauling and paying voters forty years ago and it just looks like a polished version. Plus, they have all those machines. Chads were evil. Why not polish their stealing? It could be like Drek’s point about racism. We all know that most of the racism is not coming from whites but that certainly does not mean that all blacks are racists. Thomas Sowell a racist? That’s crazy as Herman Cain or an Allen West. But at the same time we know who is creating the racism. It sits in the AG office in plain sight.

    Democrats are able to put people in boxes and keep them there. Republicans have never understood that they could not allow the Dems to get their hands on all the Mexicans as they have the blacks. Too late.

    Anyone interested in fixing anything going forward must understand that 1)their media must be destroyed 2) ELECTED voices must fight as dirty and loudly as Dems 3)we have to claim our share of the new voting block, better known as illegals. \

    If they really did not completely steal it, then they were able to put the boxes together in such a fashion to make it impossible to ever win again unless we can steal a couple of their boxes.

  • seguin

    Re: The Libertarian (Gary Johnson) only pulled 1 million votes, and as far as I can tell, fairly equally between R and D (the D because of civil liberties).

  • Sgt. York

    Maybe an actual Conservative candidate might be what’s needed. Neither McCain nor Romney …or even Bush…could be described as conservative.

    The Republican establishment operates on a misguided policy of running a “centrist” in the hopes of pulling votes away from the Left. This has failed miserably in two elections now.

    Run a genuine Conservative. Or don’t count on getting a Republican in the White house ever again.

  • Vinny

    Thanks Gary Johnson and Chris Christie.

  • maker

    This loss has been predicted for weeks. The only reason you are surprised is because you only listen to Fox and Rush and others who are only too glad to tell you what you want to hear. Today you wake up and instead of realizing you were told BS – you make up conspiracy theories. That’s sad. No, the polls aren’t biased against you and Nate Silver is not the devil. It’s called statistics and its an actual science, not just opinion. So pick yourselves up, deal with losing and figure out how to do better. After all, we had to deal with 8 years of W wrecking the country (9/11 (it was on his watch!), 2 wars, and the Great Recession). And you dare act like we’re insane for not wanting his party in the WH? Don’t worry the pendulum will swing back in your favor sooner or later.

  • midusdew

    I’ll say it again, BS!!!

  • obama got ten million fewer votes and still won. something is fishy in this election.

    when i voted yesterday there were more people at the polls then in the twenty-seven years i have been voting in that location.

    its hard to believe that there were 13 million fewer voters in this election then 2008.

  • 5ftflirt

    Vote. Fraud.

    We have no idea how many Republicans voted.

  • Camille

    I suspect this is more evidence of the deep divisions within the party. Extremism is a hard sell. Sure, the folks at the far right were all fired up and ready to froth for the media, but the more moderate Republicans who have been the party’s true base were less than enthusiastic about their candidate.

  • LOL

  • Time

    That is what they want all of you to believe. Read the polls, they are playing mind games with all of you. No way, no how was there less turn out. It was up, and no how through those machines now, with this new software can you prove it. They made sure of it. Removed all traces of any type of trail of who actually voted and for whom. Only numbers are the ones sent over seas to the server. Cannot cross reference any of them. This is how it works in third world countries when one wants to steal an election. Well guess what, we are third world now and they stole it. Believe it, live it and know it…

  • Oh please

    Lol, are you all serious? Yes, you sure will be taken seriously when you only spout hatred and BS. Or compare a president to Hitler. I think some people seem to have forgotten history. Grow up.

  • Oh please

    Yes! Comment #68 from Maker. Dead on.

  • owl

    #66 “Maybe an actual Conservative candidate might be what’s needed. Neither McCain nor Romney …or even Bush…could be described as conservative.”

    What in heaven’s name makes someone believe that?

    Do you honestly believe so many conservative voters still hiding out there that you can pull them in to vote when they didn’t come after 4 years of Obama? I do not believe it and you can not show me any proof. Yep. I voted Reagan, loved Reagan and he helped change my world both good and bad (illegals). Human. Big tent. Former Democrat. Great President. He would not be elected today. He was close to perfect to me but not one bit better than Bush as a president. Both good men for their time.

    We need those conservatives in Congress. They need to learn to fight dirty, loudly to get in the game and help us. We elect them to do this job and they are pi** poor at it. First we must win the election. We did. We won the House. The money. Where in the holy crap are they? The fighters?

    Oh, I just heard Big Boehner say compromise again. Is he nuts?

  • Sandy

    I agree Granny. I can’t believe that all those thousands of Republicans would turn out to see Romney in the cold and yet not vote. There’s something else that disturbs me Fox News called it for Obama with only 74% of the vote in. The Republicans districts had not yet reported in. The whole thing stinks like a dead fish.

  • Sandy

    Sorry Granny that would be in Ohio.

  • Aquinas Dad

    Social Conservatives stayed home. And why shouldn’t we?
    Protip: Libertarians lose elections.

  • Tj

    If you guys would actually read what you are posting, you would see you are the crazy nut jobs that are what’s wrong with America.

  • Morgan

    This just does not make sense. By all indications, Republicans were far more motivated to vote in 2012 than 2008. It beggars belief that our turnout could have actually been down.

  • Takeastepback

    Take a step back a second. The reason the GOP is dwindling is because it has adopted the beliefs of a 1800’s medieval country in terms of immigration and social issues. It is clearly influenced by the opinion of old white males. I hate to break it to you, but this is and always will be a country of immigrants, and old white males are just not the massive group they used to be in comparison to some other demographics.

    Maybe instead of having arcane and medieval views on abortion, same sex marriage, and immigration, the party should treat them as non issues and focus on what they are good at: smaller government. If they played on this exclusively and let people marry whoever the hell they want and encourage immigration you would be sitting on a presidency and a house right now. Stop focusing on alienating this neanderthal party from the fastest growing and most promising areas of the voter base. Focus on appealing to people instead of alienating them at every possible turn.

  • Josh Splarf

    Retired Military said: “Welcome to the 3rd world. $22 trillion in debt and 60% of the folks living off what 40% of the folks produce.”

    Actually, in the 3rd world, which are usually dictatorships propped up by the U.S. military, it’s more like the extremely wealthy 0.04% of the population living off what the impoverished 99% produce, with debt paid to U.S. and European bondholders. Almost like a GOP fantasy land, right? Not sure how you could be so blatantly wrong in your picture of the 3rd world, but now I’m sure you won’t be repeating such false ideas. Certainly. Because if the GOP is anything, it is factually correct and not dishonest. Right?

  • Neil Tanner

    This… this changes everything. I’m done. I’m defeated. I’ll have to lay off most of my staff, maybe even close my company. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to cover my own family’s health care thanks to Obama.

    Thanks America for royally screwing over the hard-working, self-dependent class. They say that the whites are becoming a minority…

  • Rovelan

    #23, myohmy said:

    “Lesson 2. Mitt is right. He cannot/will not be able to convinced 47% of the people who thrive on welfare and food stamp to go and get a job.
    Lesson 3: High unemployment is the new normal.”

    Unemployment means one cannot get a job. How can someone convince some to get a job, when you admit Lesson 3 is a fact.

    Also, your lesson 2 is wrong on two counts. One, a decent number of people on walfare right now are older, and the elderly tended to vote FOR romney. The 47% he was referring to were in fact lower income bracket, but no, he did not imply that 47% of the US was on welfare and food stamps, though it did encompass that minority of the 47% he was in fact referring to. By saying that he did mean that nearly 50% of America was useless, you are disrespecting him. People have taken his quote out of context who hate him, but you are doing it too, and I don’t think it’s your intention.

    To the rest of the crowd, I liked McCain more than any other republican nominee of my lifetime. To this day he actually aligns with my beliefs more than Bush or Romney did. My two cents here, is that I think undecided voters may have had a leaning towards Obama this time.

    Hopefully next election there will be less talk about rape and religion, and more things that are important to the ENTIRE population of the US. Such as ECONOMY. A president needs to cater to a broad, modern American audience, which I think McCain did far far more than Romney. Half the time I thought Mitt was reaching out to mormons more than republicans! Look at his votes in Utah. If we were all Mormon, he’d have won by a landslide. But guess what, we’re not. There’s too much diversity in our nation for that. Embrace it.

  • John Burbstrom

    hurrr durr romney hurr durr

  • Eccles

    I was going to get out and vote for Romney, but then I came to my senses and stayed home instead.

  • Evan

    Do I really need to be the first person to point out, 12 hours after this post was published, THAT VOTES ARE STILL BEING COUNTED? Of course Obama and Romney have smaller numbers then the Rs and Ds posted in 2008 and 2004. We’re still counting votes, people! Not only do plenty of states have precincts yet to report (Washington state is only 51% in at the time that I write this), but provisional ballots and absentee ballots aren’t yet included in the 2012 numbers for some states.

    Knock it off with the conspiracy theories. Romney lost–someone always has to lose. And, frankly, if you followed any of the several poll aggregation websites available, then the final result wasn’t the least bit unexpected.

  • YouAreDumb

    Hahaha! Soooooo much Republican tears in these comments and I LOVE IT!

  • Chris

    Neil Tanner – If you have to close your doors due to Obama you deserve to go out of business. Your business model is not good enough. Your fault so start taking responsibility for yourself.

  • Christian

    It’s simple, they did turn out, but a lot of them voted 3rd party or even for Obama. Keep in mind even though Romney is a moderate conservative, the GOP was bat nuts insane, and turned a lot of people off. A lot of conservative republicans vote based on economic policy, and are not into the ‘rape is a gift from god’ crazy christian point of view which the GOP seemed engrossed in this election. Obama’s policies will help a lot of americans, and won’t cost them an arm and leg getting entangled in new wars and military spending- but the biggest thing is that Mitt never solidified any economic plan that people felt comfortable with.

  • Grifman

    The conspiracy theory stuff is just plain stupid. Were the Republican governors of Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Wisconsin (all swing states) in on the Democratic conspiracy? Did they let their voting machines be rigged? And if the Dems were rigging things, then why didn’t the Dem governor of NC deliver her state to Obama instead of it going to Romney. And how are all these machines going to be rigged since you have both Dems and Republcans both working in state govt and state and local elections boards. You all ought to listen to yourselves, you sound like a bunch of silly twits.

  • You all need to lay off the kool-aid, stop pointing fingers and starting some insane “conspiracy” theories. Just take the drubbing as men/women and work to fix the damned party which is SO out of touch with the general and sane progressive populace of this country. It’s your/our own fault for going with the Roves, Morrises, Faux news punditry, and many more crazy and out-dated ideological bigotry. The US is changing. Adjust. Adapt. Get some new leaders who actually have a pulse and know how to manipulate the citizens. Hell, the millions upon millions spent with ZERO results is just dumb. Go back and rework the angst into something positive. Sound like a bunch of neanderthals.


    Some crazy fiscally conservative/socially liberal person whacking the molls who are in dis-belief.

    Enjoy the ride, cause if the party/platform does not change, this will happen for a long time to come. Guess the disgruntled/angered can move to Canada now.

  • ron

    Since most here are missing the obvious I will take two seconds and point it out. The GOP does not learn from its mistakes. They continue to think they can ignore those who want real change in this country. If they had been concerned with more than the same eliteist BS attitude and presented us with someone, hell anyone whom people could relate to, and stop the infighting Obama would have been out in a landslide. As it was they picked their choice and not ours, and they will now pay dearly for their mistake. If insanity is making the same mistake twice and expecting different results, they are certifiable at this point. All of the conservatives I know stayed home and voted no confidience, as the GOP’s attitude was that of we do not care what you voters want, but hey you still should vote for us. This country is going over a cliff, and the GOP did little to try and present a direction people of intelligence could stand behind. You can try and blame the liberals, but you should be blaming yourselves. The whole voting system is broken, and we have had years to fix it, but few care. If this country cannot prove the validity and honesty of its voting system, then we are neither morally nor legally obliged to follow its laws. How can you still believe anyhting these career polieticans tell you, when they repeatedly show you how little you matter to them. Most are filthy rich, and it is on the backs of you and your children that they make their money. Wake up, and act… Voting is not action, but it does confirm you believe the lies they keep presenting. Look around people, the two party system is a scam, it is two different colored wings of the same bird, and I cannot support it anymore. I have bled for this country, and lost brothers to greedy men who know nothing of honor, or courage or commitment. I am complicit in this no more.

  • Suppressed Voter

    Hey Cargosquid. You said…..

    To all of the “Republicans” that stayed home and did not vote for Romney:



    1. Turn your caps lock off.

    2. We were told “We don’t want your kind in our party”

    3. My state’s electorial votes went to Romney.

    Well???? Seems it is you who are screaming up and down crying like a child that didn’t get its way.

  • ICDogg

    It’s simple. There were only a handful of battleground states, thus depressing turnout in other states.

  • Allan Watts

    You guys are ridiculous. Almost every non-third world country sees that Romney was a walking disaster for your country. You’re collectively acting like a bunch of abused housewives who still think they can ‘fix’ their spouse after nursing years worth of black eyes and bruised torso’s.

  • Stuck On Stunned

    2008 – Total popular votes tallied: 131,393,990
    Obama: 69,498,215 / 52.93%
    McCain: 59,948,240 / 45.66%

    2012 – Total popular vote tallied:
    Obama: 60,660,135 / 50%
    Romney: 57,817,973 / 48%

    Obama LOST: 8,838,080 votes
    RNC LOST: 2,120,267 votes
    Total LOST VOTES: 10,969,347

    2012 – Popular Votes between the two O & R: 138,478,108
    2008 – Popular Votes of ALL the candidates: 131,393,990
    O&R VOTERS COMBIGNED IN 2012 up from 2008: 6,084,118

    Therefore, the two candidates Obama and Romney had 6 million more voters combigned than ALL the 2008 candidates together.
    BUT each Candidate LOST a Total of 10 million voters from the 2008 election,

    Where are they? and how ?


  • AF

    Problem is that it is (at least) two parties. If I was a small government person & pro-choice, I’d rather vote Dem than against values (and if you think government should decide in your reproduction, you are not for smaller government). Since the fringe right has hijacked the party imposing that the candidate must have extreme opinions to be nominated, it will be almost impossible for that candidate to win (which requires a moderate). Governor Romney could have won the election, but the primary-transformed “severely conservative” Romney really had no chance. Add to that the contamination of Akin-like people, and Romney was doomed. GOP needs to nominate a centrist/moderate, period. The US deserves a conservative AND a moderate republican party. And the only way to get there is to abolish the EC.

  • TS99

    3 million fewer votes for Romney? Sounds like a bunch of angry white people died in the last 4 years and it’s going to get worse for you…. This was the death knell of the republican party as you’ve known it. Now please go have your civil war and purge those “not conservative enough” and hopefully a real vibrant third party comes of it that is fiscally conservative and keeps the hell out of peoples private lives….

  • Dave

    Funny how none of the TV news outlets mention the two words “Ron” & “Paul” when discussing post election results.
    My guess is that several million RP fans stayed home on the 6th.
    If the RNC keeps trying to force more big government slaves to Israel who masquerade as “Republicans”, I shall remain at home on election day.
    Get with the program or keep losing.

  • Russell

    First, Ron Paul voters knew that Romney STOLE the nomination with vote fraud. Second, the disrespectful way that Ron Paul and his supporters were treated at the convention gave them little incentive to support Romney. Memo to Republican Party Morons: Don’t alienate voters that you need to win!

  • Richard Johnson

    The Republican elites including Rush, Hannity, Beck, RNC, hated Ron Paul with a passion and did everything they could to stop him in the primaries. Ron Paul was the overwhelming favorite among rank and file Republicans and had the support of millions of Democrats. If Ron Paul was running, he would’ve won in a landslide. He wasn’t even allowed to speak at the convention. So, I, like millions of other Ron Paul supporters, stayed home on election day. I know personally of 9 friends who stayed home in protest of the fraud committed against Ron Paul in the primaries. The Ron Paul supporters sunk Romney’s candidacy. We’re not going to vote for a Massachusetts liberal especially after the elites stole the nomination from Ron Paul through fraudulent means. If other Republicans don’t like it, then GFYS. I’m not putting up with these RINOS stealing elections. The Republican Party has to be taught a lesson and if they never learn that lesson, then they’ll never win again.

  • Richard Johnson

    One more thing. This election exposes the phony conservatism of Rush, Hannity, Beck, Coulter, etc. They’re all RINOS. They’re just shills for the 1% and Israel and using the cover of conservatism to hide their real agenda. Millions fell for it but this election has exposed these phony-cons.

  • Mr. Pim from VT

    Romney lost because: (1) Majority of Americans don’t want to see a self-declared demigod putting religious ideology at the forefront of a presidency. “God tells me so” is not a way to lead. Leave your religious toys at home. (2) Who’s going to trust a billionaire who off-shored jobs, closed down factories, and behaves like a spoiled kid when he doesn’t get his way? (3) GOP is known as the party of the woman-hating (Akin & Mourdock), civil-rights stomping (gay persons rights), (4) fact-denying & fact-manipulating (FOX news), fear mongering (terrorists! terrorists! everyone run and hide from the terrorists! give up your rights because of terrorists!), (5) war-inducing (Bush’s useless wars, always more money for bombs, planes, millitary but never any money for kid’s food stamps?) party of the last century.

    Because of far-right lunatics like Limbaugh, Akin, Ryan, O’Reily, Coulter, etc … whom the GOP loves and basically christens “These are my people”, Republicans lost and will continue to lose.

  • R.R.Mitchell

    If you are so dissatisfied with the results, then why don’t you guys just group up and leave? Isnt that kinda how this country was founded? Things that stay the same become obsolete, they stagnate then die. So with that being maybe a change of scenery would be good for you. Just saying.

  • R.R.Mitchell

    Also just so you know, red states recieve the most help from the fed government, not blue. The 47% Mitt Romney spoke live in mostly conservative red states meaning he spoke very ill of people who still voted for him. But you guys will never admit that, you’ll just scream and cry and TYPE IN ALL CAPS. The fact still remains we are all Americans, countrymen and if we are to truly survive and flourish we must all make sacrifices, and cooperate.

  • It seems like more people are voting because they aren’t happy with either party.

  • Pop Korn

    To Journeyman, you stated, “Romney had crowd’s on the campaign trail the size of which McCain could only have in a wet dream.”

    No Sir! Romney had poorly photo shopped photos of crowds.

  • Andrew

    You conservatives crack me up. It’s pretty simple why you didn’t have a big turnout compared with 2008. Your base is made up of old people who are dying off. It’s not rocket science.

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  • Bill Towne

    Well, I must say that reading these comments has been enlightening.

    You think Romney lost because of fraud? Really?

    Clearly, voting machines with no paper trail are are terrible idea and should be replaced. But do you really think that the machines were skewed toward Obama? Who could have done that? The election officials; the machine manufacturers?

    In Ohio, the election officials are Republicans. If you have been following the news (not Fox News) you would have seen that the Secretary of State in Ohio has been trying as hard as he could to tilt the playing field toward the Republicans, by, for instance, limiting voting hours in the Democratic precincts and lengthening them in Republican precincts. Did this partisan Republican official fix or allow fixing of the machines under his control?

    The machines are built and programmed by companies owned by Republicans who are active in supporting the Republican party. Did they allow their machines to be fixed for the Democrats. This is all crazy talk.

    If this loss came as a surprise, then you were not paying attention, or only listening to Fox and Limbaugh. It is not true that the polls were saying Romney was ahead before the election. The polls were predicting with 90% certainty that Obama would win. There was a big argument before the election by Republicans saying that the polls were biased and that Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight was a hack, rigging results to support Obama. Before the election, Silver was showing Florida leaning Obama. Only Rasmussen and Gallup were leaning toward Romney, and these were outliers. The final results matched exactly what the polls were predicting unless you were listening only to conservative sources that were touting only the two polls leaning their way.

    You need to stop listening only to conservative news sources. The corporate news sources are not biased against conservatives. The major news sources are all owned by large, conservative corporations. If you watched CBS coverage, where Bob Schieffer denigrated Obama’s win as purely a tactical victory that carried no mandate, it is hard to see that he is “in the tank” for Obama. Maybe big corporations do not adhere strictly to your brand of conservatism, but they were not supporting Obama. If you are too sensitive to hear anyone who does not tout your party line, then just listen to the conservative news, but don’t be shocked when reality intrudes and you are taken by surprise.

  • Bobby Ar

    As Sarah says, “This is a perplexing time.” Over 2 mill fewer Repubs came out for Romney than cameout for McCain, supposedly. Based on what a lot of us saw before the election, this low turnout was impossible. How could it have occurred? Remember the fixing of the World Series? Think vote fraud the other day!–Bobby Ar

  • Bobby Ar

    After all, if you’re going to do a crime, make it so BIG(like not counting >2mill votes) that noone will even imagine it having happened.

  • R.R.Mitchell

    Bobby Ar- grow up. You sound like a crazy person.

  • Barack Obama had nearly 10 million fewer votes last night than in 2008.
    But it was enough to win.
    Fewer Republicans turned out to vote for Mitt Romney
    Mitt won only 57 million votes.

    I would change the wording on this a bit. Romney got about 3 million fewer vote, but we don’t know how many of those votes were from registered independents.

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  • Vanessa Pitts

    So I have to go to bed tonight knowing that my own party defeated itself ? How ridiculous and moronic do you have to be? I thought the libs had cornered the market on self importance. Are you kidding me? You thought you were making some kind of self righteous stand? You were afraid of winning with a Mormon. whose life, btw, puts alot of so called Evangelicals to shame? You were afraid he would work with Democrats? You thought he was too moderate? Too nice? He wasn’t conservative enough? WTF? I am so sick of you people standing on social issues and some kind of blind conviction to this libertarian contrarium that DOES NOT WIN ELECTIONS IN THE REAL WORLD!!!!!!! When the other guy is selling free birth control and a lack of moral character to college kids and using his office to buy government dependance and allowing illegals to vote through poor state controls, YOU HAVE TO BE A FIGHTER!!! So he wasn’t your guy in the primary and he wouldn’t have been your first pick, life doesn’t always go your way!!! BUT, have you idiots ever heard of the greater good? You re-elected the antichrist because you chose to stay home and whine! You lost senate, congressional, state and local races. You furthered gay marriage, legalized pot, and set your own cause and country back decades! You blew it! And now the rest of us that did our job, fought the fight, gave the money, put out the signs, stood in line….etc., have to live with your selfish immaturity. Get over yourselves before another ballot for dog catcher is printed, get in the game, be a functional member of the party OR GET OUT!!!

  • Zimriel


    I am proud not to have participated in this sham of an election.

    America has a date with the Gods of the Copybook Headings. It would be rude to show up late.

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  • RealRepublican

    In case you’re wondering why 3 million Republicans like myself didn’t show up to vote, it’s because we’re trying to send a message. We’re sick and tired of catering to Tea Party fascist/Racists. Inclusion is the only way to move the GOP in the next generation.

    I’m so glad we are finally moving away from you Conservative redneck inbreed retards. We REAL Republicans have learned our lesson and this Tea Party stupidity will finally come to an end. Now Boehner can reach an agreement with the left and begin moving our country forward.

    Go form your own party and be as irrelevant as the Green Party. Leave the GOP alone!!!

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  • Grace

    So, here we are with our moral compass spinning. and no true idea of where we are going. The numbers don’t add up and the truth about our elections ….will remain unknown.

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