Remember We’ve Been Here Before – Since Forever Democrats Have Been Pushing Their Socialist Agenda

Remember, fellow conservatives, we’ve been here before…
On November 3, 1949, President Harry Truman spoke in St. Paul, Minnesota, in conjunction with that state’s Truman Day Celebration, and that evening he delivered an address on the subject of opposition to Democratic efforts to promote the general welfare.

In response to his remarks the New York Daily News labeled his address a “pie-for-everybody” speech and published the following “Ode to a Welfare State” in response:

Here is the transcript:

Father, must I go to work?
No, my lucky son
We’re living on Easy Street
On dough from Washington

We’ve left it up to Uncle Sam,
So don’t get exercised
Nobody has to give a damn —
We’ve all been subsidized

But if Sam treats us all so well
And feeds us milk and honey
Please, daddy, tell me what the hell
He’s going to use for money

Don’t worry, bub, there’s not a hitch
In this here noble plan —
He simply soaks the filthy rich
And helps the common man

But father, won’t there come a time
When they run out of cash
And we have left them not a dime
When things will go to smash?

My faith in you is shrinking, son,
You nosy little brat;
You do too damn much thinking, son
To be a Democrat.

Remember this in the days ahead.
We’ve been here before.
We’ve met similar challenges before.
And we came out victorious.
Hat Tip Gini

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  • Remco Kimber

    If our enemies were not within, principally within the Democrat Party, we would NEVER have joined the United Nations (which was nothing more than the League of Nations), and would NEVER have tolerated having this beast sited within our actual borders.

    Repubs and Dems did this betrayal to the United States. The necessary votes ensnaring the USA in the UN came from both parties.

    The traitor within is always more dangerous and damaging than the enemy without.

  • anti-bho

    Things could already be looking up, cause it don’t look too good for jesse jr. Hope they throw the whole damned book at the thieving, crooked pos.

    Former U.S. Prosecutor Negotiating Plea Deal For Jackson Jr. « CBS Chicago

  • MJ

    This time, they will start killing people off after they get bored.

    MM will NEVER stop until we are all silenced.

    They will outlaw the term ‘illegal’, even though these people are here illegally:

    I *AM* 1/4 Seneca/Iroquois, these Mexicans, Columbians, chinese, Russians are here ILLEGALLY. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After Election Losses, Media Agree That Fox News Has Damaged The GOP:

    Fox news is not even conservative, it is moderate, even cow-towing to Obama, now for heavens sakes.

    They will look to silence Fox news. These people are not just Socialists, they are HARD CORE BOSHEVIKS.
    WHY CANT PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Read Horowitz’s book, The Radical Son and WAKE UP.

  • bg


    Rising Number of States Seeing One-Party Rule

    *if you think that’s a good thing, i implore you to think again..

    as most Republicans are now Democrats, and most Democrats
    are now Progressives(Socialists Communists, Marxists, Leninsts,
    Stalinists by any other names)..

    Obama’s Brave New One World Order

    Murder by Utopianism (by
    any aforementioned names)

    [But communists could not be wrong. After all, their knowledge was scientific, based on historical materialism, an understanding of the dialectical process in nature and human society, and a materialist (and thus realistic) view of nature. Marx has shown empirically where society has been and why, and he and his interpreters proved that it was destined for a communist end. No one could prevent this, but only stand in the way and delay it at the cost of more human misery. Those who disagreed with this world view and even with some of the proper interpretations of Marx and Lenin were, without a scintilla of doubt, wrong. After all, did not Marx or Lenin or Stalin or Mao say that. . . . In other words, communism was like a fanatical religion. It had its revealed text and chief interpreters. It had its priests and their ritualistic prose with all the answers. It had a heaven, and the proper behavior to reach it. It had its appeal to faith. And it had its crusade against nonbelievers.

    What made this secular religion so utterly lethal was its seizure of all the state’s instrument of force and coercion and their immediate use to destroy or control all independent sources of power, such as the church, the professions, private businesses, schools, and, of course, the family.]

    much more at link..

    [* for the benefit of any trqansparty Obots..]


  • Militant Conservative

    I still see it getting far worse. It sadly has to before you get the “common” man

    on your side. Socialism is just fine killing its citizens for the “common” good of

    the goal of power for the elites. We were the last light that has to be snuffed out.

    I think skippy is going to get schooled by the capitalist system.

    Revenue will flee and be unavailable to the socialists and the collapse will be

    VERY ugly. Many no longer know how to hunt or provide for themselves.

    Survival skills are rare, This is going to get UGLY.

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  • ★FALCON★

    America may have been “here” before but never had a miscreant run against the bedrock of all things American. That’s why this is different.

    Obama pit races against race – class against class – government against religion.

    I believe it’s easy to look back at history and find all types of comparisons, and I can take it all the way back to Rome, as we all often do. But more importantly, we have lost at least one entire generation and possibly two. We’re not going to suddenly shake this parasite society into a new mind set that conquers emotions and “feelings”.

    That’s where the distinction end.

  • donh

    Yes mankind has been here before….but NEVER America…These are the days of Jeremiah

    Jeremiah 16 (The Message)
    1 GOD’s Message to me:2 “Jeremiah, don’t get married. Don’t raise a family here.3 I have signed the death warrant on all the children born in this country, the mothers who bear them and the fathers who beget them–4 an epidemic of death. Death unlamented, the dead unburied, dead bodies decomposing and stinking like dung, all the killed and starved corpses served up as meals for carrion crows and mongrel dogs!”5 GOD continued: “Don’t enter a house where there’s mourning. Don’t go to the funeral. Don’t sympathize. I’ve quit caring about what happens to this people.” GOD’s Decree. “No more loyal love on my part, no more compassion.6 The famous and obscure will die alike here, unlamented and unburied. No funerals will be conducted, no one will give them a second thought,7 no one will care, no one will say, ‘I’m sorry,’ no one will so much as offer a cup of tea, not even for the mother or father.8 “And if there happens to be a feast celebrated, don’t go there either to enjoy the festivities.”9 GOD-of-the-Angel-Armies, the God of Israel, says, “Watch this! I’m about to banish smiles and laughter from this place. No more brides and bridegrooms celebrating. And I’m doing it in your lifetime, before your very eyes.


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  • Mutnodjmet
  • Ghost

    I too believe we can survive and even thrive again- after the Separation.

    It is not courageous to continue fighting a battle that is lost, losing valuable time regrouping for a War we can win. Face it, we will never convince them and they will never persuade us.

    Divorce Now! while we can still reach an amicable agreement. Sooner or later, you’ll agree.
    The sooner we begin working up the Divorce Papers the better the split will be. Keep in mind a valuable point- they hate us as much as we hate them and will be happy to separate too!

    I know many will disagree, okay fine- please persuade me that we should go down the toilet with them. Why should we be doomed to suffer the coming catastrophe with them?

    I’ve already thought about the many complications, in short, it can be done. Let THEM collapse and suffer attacks- we will be Strong, United with Common Principles and Create Prosperity for ourselves- and not for THEM to leech away from the hard-working folks.

    Of course it won’t be easy, so what?! I’d rather live in the New Free States of America than continue moping along in the Union of Socialist States of Amerika. y’know whut ah mean?

    Last Point: immediately after Solomon’s Golden Reign, the ancient Nation of Israel split in two also. The Southern Two Tribe Kingdom remained loyal to Israel’s Founding while the rebellious Ten Tribe Kingdom suffered an early death and became the Lost Tribes scattered among the nations of the world. hmmmm

  • bg
  • dmacleo

    until we (as a nation) truly suffer we will not realize the folly.
    it has to get worse.
    bandaids will just add to the misery.
    we need to tough love the country.
    and I say that knowing full well it may literally kill me.
    I just don’t care anymore.

  • Kate

    History repeats itself because the ignorant don’t read and study history so mistakes are done over again. Why do we always have to hit bottom before the “giant” wakes up and fights the liberal despots in our government? People are stuck on stupid. Anyone who voted for Obama again after the past four years….the next four are on you! Too bad we all have to suffer for Obama voters’ supporting a marxist who is trying to make the US into a failure like Europe.

  • dmacleo

    #13 thanks for posting that

  • myohmy

    Titanic falling to the abyss. Full speed ahead!

  • Faye

    Our nation and culture has changed greatly since 1949. We now have over 4 generations that have NEVER had a job nor do they have a clue how to fined one and if someone is dim enough to hire them, they don’t and or won’t work the job properly.
    This attitude has infected far beyond the welfare rolls. Young people from my part of Nebraska, ranching country, will refuse to even look for a job cause their parents pay for everything and there is no reason to work for the newest games or music or clothes. These young people think they are entitled to anything they want. They are nightmares waiting to be hired from some future employer if they ever leave mommy’s basement.
    Only one young man in the past decade has worked for us in the hayfield and that is because his folks own a small restaurant and the young man wants to buy a pick up so he is working for it. He will be an excellent employee and probably a future business owner like his parents and grandparents.
    The nation has flipped to where the Takers out number the Makers. And by Makers I mean anyone who works for a living and does not live off the public dole. They MAKE their own living.
    Don’t think Romney did very much wrong, he ran a good campaign but he was fighting a losing battle long before he won the primary. There will never be another Republican elected POTUS in this nation because the socialist dems along with the socialist msm and school system have indoctrinated the citizens into thinking anyone who writes the pay roll check is evil, anyone who is a success is evil and anyone who believes in absolute truth is a terrorist.
    Our nation has changed that much since 1949.

  • ★FALCON★

    Faye – the only thing I believe Romney did wrong was not run negative ads – or enough negative ads on Obama. It worked against the Republican primary opponents – and if we were bound to lose – Obama’s failures should have been driven home like a plaque upon his house.

  • Ghost

    Reagan’s Farewell address
    (includes video!)

    “Finally, there is a great tradition of warnings in Presidential farewells, and I’ve got one that’s been on my mind for some time.

    But oddly enough it starts with one of the things I’m proudest of in the past 8 years: the resurgence of national pride that I called, “The New Patriotism.” This national feeling is good, but it won’t count for much, and it won’t last unless it’s grounded in thoughtfulness and knowledge.

    An informed patriotism is what we want. And are we doing a good enough job teaching our children what America is and what she represents in the long history of the world? Those of us who are over 35 years of age grew up in a different America.
    (I was 35 in 1989, that’s why I always remembered this speech)

    We were taught, very directly, what it means to be an American. And we absorbed, almost in the air, a love of country and an appreciation of its institutions. If you didn’t get these things from your family you got them from the neighborhood, from the father down the street who fought in Korea or the family who lost someone at Anzio. Or you could get a sense of patriotism from school.

    And if all else failed you could get a sense of patriotism from the popular culture. The movies celebrated democratic values and implicitly reinforced the idea that America was special.
    TV was like that, too, through the mid-sixties.

    But now, we’re about to enter the (1990s), and some things have changed.
    Younger parents aren’t sure that an unambivalent appreciation of America is the right thing to teach modern children.
    And as for those who create the popular culture, well-grounded patriotism is no longer the style.

    Our spirit is back, but we haven’t reinstitutionalized it. We’ve got to do a better job of getting across that America is freedom — freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of enterprise. And freedom is special and rare. It’s fragile; it needs protection.”

    That folks, is a SPECTACULAR! Warning
    So, how did we go from Reagan to Maobama in 20 years? one word: Bush (or, if you prefer, RINO, same difference)