Puerto Rico Votes to Become 51st State

Puerto Rico voted yesterday to become the 51st state.

Barack Obama said he would honor their vote.
The BBC reported:

Voters in Puerto Rico have supported a non-binding referendum to become a full US state.

The measure will require approval from the US Congress, but President Barack Obama has said he will respect the vote.

The island is currently a US territory, which uses the dollar and whose citizens travel on US passports.

But it does not return senators to the US Congress and is represented in Washington by a non-voting delegate.

Almost 80% of the island’s electorate took part in the referendum, the fourth in the past 45 years.

With almost all the votes counted, almost 54% voted to change the island’s relationship with the US.

And in reply to a second question on what future they favoured, nearly two-thirds wanted full statehood…

…A young voter in the capital San Juan, Jerome Lefebre, said: “Puerto Rico has to be a state. There is no other option.

“We’re doing okay, but we could do better. We would receive more benefits, a lot more financial help.”

The Democrats will love to hear that.

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  • what could possibly go wrong with this?

  • it just occured to me: if they become a state, i wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the healthcare industry that currently is resident there up and moves away, since i would imagine all sorts of regulations and taxes they currently avoid due to the commonwealth status would go away with statehood.

  • JC

    Great more hispanics on the dole.

  • Mad Hatter

    I’m sure the Democrats had their Get Out The Vote in overdrive in Puerto Rico, in order to set this up as the, first step, that will lead to the next step. And what is the next step?

    Sometime in the next two or three years, Obama will “work with both sides of the isle” and show that American “must grow in these changing times” and be the President that gets Congress to grant them statehood.

    Furthermore, it will allow the Democrats to gain two Senate seats year in, and year out.

    If that happens, and there’s a good chance it will, the Democrats are going to lock up 90% of the Hispanic Vote for the next 100 years regardless who we run for office.

  • Sasja

    Isn’t that just marvy! More dependents. More and more each minute I am so happy we decided to stop playing the work your butt off and fork most of what you earn to the parasites, game.

    After the feds confiscate all what is left of the wealth of our nation, then we can really be like Greece. That shouldn’t take more than a few months if they try really hard.

  • myohmy

    What the heck…we are bankrupt as nation anyway. Just follow the line, welfare is on your left.

  • Jim

    Their benefits will change very little, but they WILL pay US taxes, and companies that went there for the tax shelter will move. Be careful what you desire, you may get it (heh heh heh).

  • anti-bho

    Just what we need, but what the hell, obama can afford it…..
    Man of the people my a$$.

    Obama Wins 8 of the Nation’s 10 Wealthiest Counties – CNBC


  • K-Bob

    Glenn Beck did a whole show about a referendum they had a couple of years ago that set this up. His point was that it will forever insure the demographic shift that is replacing black Americans as the main, client minority of the Democrat party.

  • LLiberty

    Should just sell them to Brazil or China. Raise some money and pay off some debt.

  • Time

    Obama numbers very close to that of Chavez, oh really ? Could this be why ? Hmmm… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko2ths1IR3w

  • john03

    Only 6 more states to go!

  • squeaky

    the governor who campaigned with Romney was also voted out.

  • anti-bho

    Let’s adopt ten or twelve more of those third world paradise while we’re at it.

  • Freddy

    There is a major disconnect in this vote. The Pelosi congress claimed they could become the first non-englishing speaking state. Their vote was based on that assumption.

    Are we really ready to balkanize the USA with nogo Spanish ONLY sections?

  • anti-bho

    We can rebuild them annually when the hurricanes blow away their little mud and grass shacks.

  • Bigkahuna

    No more parasites.nthey can’t meat all the zoning and EPA codes forget it. You can’t vote yourself in and only get free crap.

  • owl

    Absolutely NO.

    We control the House. Absolutely NO. This from someone who is not a ‘send em all back’ Republican. We Republicans needed to do illegal immigration fixes under Bush, we didn’t. Now it is too late but somebody better get in there and salvage what is left because there is not much left. But adding another entire Democrat state? NO WAY.

  • squeaky

    [Lower Taxes, Pro-Growth Policies have Sparked an Economic Revival on the Island during the Governor’s First Term] and now he was bounced. maybe it really is about the free happy meals.


  • munchnstuf

    #12 November 7, 2012 at 4:10 pm
    john03 commented:

    Only 6 more states to go!

    LOL! But I think the real question is: What the heck happened to those other six??

  • American Woman

    Very Good Read:

    In Re-Electing President Obama, Americans Chose To Spend Other People’s Money by Richard M, Salsman

    Thanks to the superlative Romney-Ryan ticket and campaign, the just-concluded U.S. election entailed a clear choice. Too bad the wrong choice was made. But let us ask, at the least, why did America so choose?

    On the one hand (the right one), voters could get an America that was freer and more entrepreneurial, one that was far more respectful, as under Reagan in the 1980s, of success, money-making, and the military, an America less burdened by taxes, less oppressed by regulations, less dependent on government – a nation less divided and more intent on reviving some of the basic principles of America’s Founders and Framers.

    On the other hand (the left one), voters could have an America whose economy is stuck on stagnant, a nation sodden with envy, with a strong desire to “soak the rich,” with anti-capitalist bigotry, class-warfare rhetoric, and all the destructive policies such hatred breeds – an America where a growing share of people grow dependent on the state, use more food stamps, take jobless benefits for ever-longer durations, pay no federal income taxes, and insist unabashedly that their mooching and looting be paid for with “other people’s money” (OPM), as they send their bills to a minority class of the rich or to China’s central bank.

    The choice, however unclear it may have seemed to those not paying attention, or to those who paid attention too late, or to those with no attention span at all in our “social media” age, yet who vote anyway, was this: move more toward the vibrancy and liberty of laissez-faire capitalism, that is, toward greater personal-political independence, or, instead, move more toward the stagnancy and tyranny of socialism, that is, toward greater personal-political dependence. Last night, in voting to re-elect Obama-Biden, and their many cohorts in the U.S. Senate, a majority of Americans, by now addicted to OPM, chose still more dependence.

    More accurately, it was 58,720,700 (50.1%) Americans who voted for dependence, while 56,145,950 (48.4%) of them voted for independence. It’s surely a narrow margin, but this is our much-vaunted, highly-overrated democracy, where a God-like majority (50.1%) can run roughshod over a right-less minority (48.4%), which means: the majority can depend upon the minority, even while hating, insulting, taxing, and regulating it to death. “You didn’t build that,” they say, “but as it seems to throw off cash flow, I’ll take it, because I have a right to that, because that’s only fair, and because my gang needs it. Need, not greed, rules the day.” This is what democracy looks like. It’s ugly. It’s stupid. It’s evil. But above all, for me at least, it’s just sad to watch a once-great nation like America succumb to it, and in so sordid and wretched a manner, especially since it has seen better and should know better. Anyone who denies the viciousness of Obama’s campaign is just lying.

    Read the rest at: http://www.forbes.com/sites/richardsalsman/2012/11/07/in-re-electing-president-obama-americans-chose-to-spend-other-peoples-money/

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  • Stella Baskomb

    Puerto Rico is a beautiful island. Its people are already Americans.

    I think we should all be proud to welcome Puerto Rico as our 51st state.

  • stephen E. Morgan

    While we’re at it why not make all the countries on the African Continent States, as well as Mexico and South America… Plenty of Welfare “gib me dats” to go around.. Yes, yesterday was the final nail in the coffin of the United States of America.

  • RealMc

    Upon inclusion as a part of the United States, the residents of Boricua have also agreed to re-name the Island “Nation”

    The new name, which according to sources has already become the object of multiple lawsuits and accusations of copyright fermenting, will simply known as “Yo primero y el Gimme Gimmes” *.





    * Me First and the Give Me Give Me’s

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “We’re doing okay, but we could do better. We would receive more benefits, a lot more financial help.”

    That explains their vote for statehood right there.

    My suspicion is that it’s not so much about any sort of commitment to American principles of freedom and liberty than it is about what statehood would give them access to, finance-wise and resource-wise.

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  • Aarradin

    @Jim Hoft Do your homework on this, its not so simple as you present. This was a two stage vote for a reason.

    A majority of Puerto Ricans do NOT want to become a state. Every referendum, every poll, where there is a clear choice of maintaining their current status vs becoming a state, they always choose to maintain their current status.

    Here’s what happened: Polls over the years have consistently shown that a strong minority want to maintain current status, a slightly smaller minority wants to become a state while a still smaller minority want full independence. Someone figured out that those last two together form a slight majority.

    So, they rigged a two-tiered vote process. The first quest asked only if they wanted to maintain current status or change to a new status, without specifying what that status would be. They did this to get people that want full independence to vote the same way as people that want to become a state. 54% did so. Then, with that question supposedly settled, the second question was: what do you want that new status to be: independence vs statehood. So, if they can no longer maintain current status, 2/3 prefer statehood, 1/3 prefer full independence.

    Its BS. They rigged the game. The real question is: maintain current status vs statehood. That’s a clear victory for maintaining current status.

    The whole thing is being run by DC Democrats. They want 2 more D Senators and 6 or 7 more D Congresscritters plus 8 or 9 more EV votes for President. They don’t give a flying crap about the people of Puerto Rico or what is in their best interest.

    Currently, there are a LOT of US companies relocating to Puerto Rico. The Pharmaceutical industry is very prominent down there. They are doing so ONLY because of its special status. If the island becomes our 51st state there will be zero incentive to be there (and a strong one to move back to the US or to other countries: the workforce in PR isn’t particularly skilled).

  • Tom

    58th state

  • Monkey Wrench

    It would be a blue state, at least in the beginning. At some point the GOP needs to do something about its image with Latinos. Last night Obama won 75% of the Latino vote! If things don’t change, Texas will soon be a swing state. Latinos now make up 10% of the U.S. electorate.

  • Patty

    who didn’t see this coming?

  • Patty


    Now, this is a true story. A black man with his gold teeth, and with skully cap on head, ran through the Walgreen’s store up and down the isles, yelling, Obama won a second time, Obama won a second time!!!

  • bg


    hmmm, can’t imagine hat the new flag for 57, uh, 51 states is going to
    look like, but for some reason i can only picture something with stripes,
    no stars, well may be Jay-Z or McCartney kissing Obama’s cheek.. /s/


  • Sasja
  • squeaky

    of side interest…..another election observer chimes in. seems there was some other tall skinny guy who called clinton out for his actions particularily in some place called somalia. now what was that guys name? hmmm???
    [“They were defeated in Iraq and they are withdrawing from Afghanistan and their ambassador in Benghazi was killed and the flags of their embassies were lowered in Cairo and Sanaa (Yemen),” a translation of the message published by the online Long War Journal read.]

  • bg


    re: #33 November 7, 2012 at 5:02 pm bg

    imagine hat the = imagine what the


  • bg


    Aarradin #28 November 7, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    thank you..


  • bg


    American Woman #21 November 7, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    thank you..

    this election was so rigged they didn’t even bother reporting the
    outright notable fraud.. not to mention how Obama screwed our
    beloved Troops out of their votes.. 🙁


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Last night Obama won 75% of the Latino vote! If things don’t change, Texas will soon be a swing state. Latinos now make up 10% of the U.S. electorate.

    There is likely no way to change that unless something is done to eliminate liberal influence at the educational level. After all, liberals are the ones for whom ethnicity is some sort of big deal that needs to be flaunted as much as possible. Latino kids need to be raised to be Americans, not Mexicans, Guatemalans, or Salvadoreans. The tribalism that is being promoted nowadays has to be junked and the values that were taught when we were younger that got us to the 21st century need to be taught again.

    Left unchanged, yes, the Latino bloc of voters will turn ever bluer as their population increases.

  • gastorgrab

    Last year there was an article (I forget where) that discussed how the American Democratic party was coercing the people of Puerto Rico into statehood.

    Their plan was to create a new, welfare-dependent state, that would give them a permanent electoral advantage.

    This is being done to create a single party domination of the country.

  • That will mean they will get 5 House Seats and 2 Senators.

    Guess in 2020 Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois and New York will lose more House Seats.

    We may have 440 House members for a short period of time till new Census.

    Going to be a huge shift in 2020 with more seats going to Texas, California and now Puerto Rico, meaning some 14-16 seats will be lost in the other states.

  • David

    I think we should take in the whole of Africa but give their natural resources to China and Iran

  • Ella

    Can we please call that POS in the White House “Barry Benghazi” from now on?

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Gee, don’t you just love the idea of entire PARASITIC nations joining the Union? Makes perfect sense to me!

  • We don’t want them! Let the poor downtrodden Puerto Ricans go free, and don’t let the door hit you in the arse.

    I would no more allow P.R. to vote to attach itself to our country, than I would allow a tick to vote to attach itself to my body. Don’t WE have a say in this?

  • amazing all the racist tone towards Puerto Ricans. They are Americans, and they are very responsible people. They are literally “taxation without representation”.

    Oh well, guess it is time to move on.

  • kato

    A Puerto Rican woman told me years ago that the people back home don’t want statehood because they get handouts without taxation. But under the subprime redistributor, the calculus may have changed.

  • flyoverland

    I’m thinking, No.

  • the Boodge

    How about Texas leaves the union and becomes it own nation and Puerto Rico can take our spot!

  • JenBee

    Great. Didn’t think this nightmare could get any worse. Canada is looking better and better every day, and dear God who would have thought truly socialist Canada would have a more powerful dollar, lower debt, lower corporate taxes, and more economic freedom than the United States. There is no turning back from this or fixing this.

  • Francesca

    Sweet! They want to be a state so they can receive more support and more help from us. The takers are multiplying as we speak! What are they planning to offer the US if they become a state? Culture? Literature? Music? Art? Taxes? It sounds like more all taking and no giving.

  • RS

    My wife says we should use velcro for the new star, just in case we need to remove it when California is dumped.

  • JT

    I was in P.R. on vacation back in 2006. Drove all around the island. Outside of San Juan it’s still has a 3rd world feel to it. Poor people in run down housing with bars on their windows, stray dogs everywhere, people still getting around on horses. I’m sure this will be 2 permanent Democratic U.S. Senators and 1 Democratic Congressman.

  • Walknot

    Puerto Ricans are quite conservative from my experience.

  • JT

    Walknut: It’s a poor country with most of it’s citizens on food stamps, gov’t assistance, or, if they are luck, state jobs. Don’t kid yourself, this will be one of the bluest states.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    They are literally “taxation without representation”.

    That can be solved rather quickly by cutting them loose from their commonwealth status.

    I don’t see anything wrong with that at all…

  • flyoverland

    How about we treat it like the NFL where if you want to join the league, you have to buy your way in.

  • Hold it. Hold it. Hoooooold it!!

    For years and years and years now, Canada has referred to itself as the 51st State. Puerto Rico will just have to settle for 52.

  • Contessa61

    Obama Wins 8 of the Nation’s 10 Wealthiest Counties – CNBC

    then forget raising taxes on the people making 250k and over. Just have a few more tax brackets… 1 million, 5 million, 10 million and 20 million..that ought to make them shut up.

  • Winston Wolfe

    Fine. Let them. I couldn’t possibly care less.

    The sooner we all crash and burn, the better.

  • Contessa61


    I’ll take Canada anyday. If they want to be the 51st state, perhaps they can make enough noise to get Obama to pass the Keystone pipeline.

  • Contessa61


    I’ll take Canada anyday. If they want to be the 51st state, perhaps they can make enough noise to get Obama to pass the Keystone pipeline. Also, we can drop the US dollar and all go to Canadian dollar. It is doing much better than the US dollar.

  • ar05075

    More welfare dollars for Obowma to spend…get used to dumpster diving and food stamp parties America.

  • Sparky

    Spoken like perfect socialist Democrats. They will fit right in with all the other free-loaders in America.

  • bg


    Winston Wolfe #60 November 7, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    yes, once Obama gives them what they think they want,
    guess who”ll be yelling “stop the world i want to get off”
    the loudest?? 🙄


  • paul52

    Freedom for Puerto Rico. Let ’em go. Been hanging around since the Spanish-American War. Maybe they could be annexed by Fidel and his pals. You know, that Marxist utopia. We don need no steeeeenking parasites.

  • bg


    November 7, 2012

    Nothing’s Changed

    by Mychal Massie

    [I would have awakened still very much aware that the GOP hierarchy was no more our friend than Obama. I would have still awakened fully cognizant that John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, John McCain, et al, were two-faced and working diligently to ensure they get what they want at our expense. I would have still awakened with the understanding that it was going to be even more difficult to succeed at real conservative causes and reduce the size of government, because Republican voters would be filled with a euphoria that would blind them to what it really will take to move this country in a right direction.


    Obama’s winning a second term doesn’t mean he will be tempered. It doesn’t mean he will suddenly move to the center or become more personable. It means he will become even more drunk with his image in the mirror. And it means he will go even further outside the permissible rule of law. It means that like Mr. Nixon, he will seek retribution against his perceived and/or real enemies.

    Obama is spiteful, vindictive, pernicious, and his narcissism has brought him to the brink of emotional instability. That is a dangerous alchemy for a potentate with a messianic complex.

    Fast and Furious is still out there and believe me, someone knows the truth about how close it is to Obama. Benghazi is still out there and believe me someone knows the truth about what really happened. The rewarding of failing companies with taxpayer billions is still out there and someone knows the truth about it. And those are but three of the things that will haunt Obama regardless of his arrogant gestures.]

    albeit i don’t totally agree with everything he writes, he has a way of
    offering a different perspectives that can be quite eye opening, ergo,
    hope you rtwt..


  • Viper

    You people just have NO clue. Your ignorance would be unbelievable if it weren’t completely normal for Conservatives.

    Puerto Rico has a “1st world” economy. Granted, it doesn’t rank with the U.S., but no other country on the planet does.

    If Puerto Rico were a state, it would have a GDP greater than 15 CURRENT U.S. states.

    Before you fools talk about homeless people, completely dependent on welfare and living in mud huts, do some research.

    Your ignorance makes it sound like you simply don’t like brown people… and Conservatives don’t need any more of that bad press, do they….

  • jackson_murrell

    What’s in it for the rest of us? Chupacabras!

  • bg


    Viper #68 November 7, 2012 at 7:15 pm

    oh not to worry so much, if PR becomes the 51st state,
    Obama the Butcher of Benghazi will “fix” that for them…


  • Tabby

    America will look so different in 4 years. We have a state joining just as many others that are conservative are wanting just the opposite. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  • Patty

    Well, well, well this will make ya happy, it does me.

    Nancy Pelosi’s Napa County vacation home broken into

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/11/07/nancy-pelosis-napa-county-vacation-home-broken-into/#ixzz2Bai5lk5P

  • Militant Conservative

    Viper the basement dwelling parasite.

    Obama is just wanting more in the system so as to crash it.

    not hard to fathom. It’s his goal and purpose all along.

  • do the american people get a vote on this?

  • viper puerto ricans are not brown, they are white, black and every shade in between.

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  • Right of Way

    I want to know which states want out ?

  • Felicia


  • Right of Way

    After this election, I’m now wondering how many states want out?


    What the heck, at least 10% of the island is on SSI right now. More benefits? For sure Sheik Obama will have more, MORE, MORE.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    viper puerto ricans are not brown, they are white, black and every shade in between.

    Ain’t it interesting how the one that so readily hurls the racist accusations is not only a racist himself, but an ignorant one at that?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque


    Citizenship isn’t what people are taking issue with.

    It’s interesting though, taking note of your apparent first reaction, which was pretty much to call just about everyone here “haters”, instead of chastising your fellow countryman (assuming you are indeed Puerto Rican) for advancing a mistaken, and damaging, idea of what the drive for statehood is all about.

  • go read a book

    To start, his article is copy and pasted, verbatim, from another site, but not in its entirety. Go read the whole story. This post gives a grossly distorted view of the situation.

    Puerto Rico is a territory of the US, it’s essentially already a state that doesn’t pay federal taxes or vote.

    Puerto Rico uses US passports, and the currency is the dollar. There is even a representative from Puerto Rico in congress with extremely limited voting powers. BOTH Republicans AND Democrats official party stance is to SUPPORT Puerto Rico statehood.

    Furthermore, no territory has EVER been denied a petition for admittance to this great Union of the United States of America.

    Puerto Rico is a beautiful island, with ONLY 1 million people. That’s the population of Rhode Island, yet it is strategically placed to capitalize on trade routes between emerging markets like Brazil. Located south of Cuba, and just north of Venezuela, you’re a fool not to recognize that its development and success as a state could help spread CAPITALISM throughout the region.

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  • sup

    OMG LOOK AT THIS! 8===|) emoiconpisns

  • bg


    go read a book #83 November 8, 2012 at 12:45 am

    forget reading a book, try reading a post or two first.. and/or, also
    provide a link to your supposedly overwhelming astute information..


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Check out my penis at fart.penis.fartfart.com

    Wanna see thousands of dicks? Democratic Underground is the place to go.

    Warning: A shower may be necessary afterward.

  • Chris

    The Peurto Rican people are good. They really do not know what they are getting into if they become a state. They are better off staying in limbo. all of the “handouts” the US gives them is in exchange for two navy bases on the island that we desperately need.

    We don’t want tonlose Peurto Rico and have a rerun of losing Clark Field and Subic Bay like we did in The Philippines. The biggest downside of statehood I see is the cost of rhum is going to skyrocket once the US government starts taxing it.

  • MM

    Soooo many ignorants writing in this wall!!! Most of you do not even know where the heck to locate Puerto Rico in a world map! You are all a bunch of…Americans! No further comments needed! Lol!!!!!!

  • Gorgy

    Im a puerto rican and it disgusts me to read this people can be so insensitive when it comes to a different ratial type its funny though when I work i believe i pay from my check the same social security, medicare and state tax as any other american does maybe we are parasites but i believe in my little island, our population is not run down living in huts and dying of starvation we are very efficiant people with prioritys and growth but i guess since it isnt you mother or sister or friend you can just sell us like slaves sure just get rid of another american citizen oh and remove our troops that die along with any other american trying to give back to his country but i guess i have to go back to look for leaves to cover my rooftop cuase i guess thats how live people can be so ignorant sheesh

  • HS

    Very sad to read a lot if these ignorant comments … People don’t do their homework before talking … We have live and die for America … People read about and get the facts before you pass judgement … smh

  • “I will have a *CIVILIAN ARMY* larger than the one now standing” per barrak obama 2008 election….. most will become muslim to get on obamas nanny train which will eventually crash we (US) are headed for a Depression that will take 35 years to revive if at all and I doubt it will ,because obama is the last elected [though not by honestly] it was by rigged voting machines,strong arm of the muslim brotherhood,black panthers and UN Thugs and then you had the Christians and others who sit at home, and the voting freebies , etc.
    if I have obama figured correct he will desire to be called king not president anyone who he thinks does not serve a purpose ….. well they will get his special health care ,no charge they are free the pills he has for g-pa and g-ma will be provided for all who does not have anything to contribute … enjoy your freebies now because you will share them and they will soon run low, but before they run out your time will run out for getting frebies that free thing you will get if not by choice it will be by force is the well as obama put it ” you be better off taking the pill ” besides its free…. and you like free stuff.

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