‘Progressive’ Governor Chaffee Loses It on O’Reilly Factor: “Your Show, FOX News, You Guys Are Too Angry” (Video)

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chaffee lashed out at Bill O’Reilly and FOX News tonight. After O’Reilly embarrassed the “progressive” governor over his “Holiday Tree” policy, Chaffee came unglued.
“Your show, FOX News, you guys are too angry.”

What a jerk.

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  • Jim Hoft does our conservative movement no favors when he distorts reality to sensationalize events. Lincoln Chafee loses it and lashes out? Really?

  • Joanne

    Anyone is angry if they disagree with the leftards, according to the leftards. They always resort back to talking points when they know that don’t have a leg to stand on.

  • Patty


    30-minute notice given for RI state tree lighting

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) – Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee (CHAY’-fee) gave the public 30 minutes’ notice for this year’s tree lighting ceremony at the Statehouse, saying he wanted to avoid what happened last year when protesters crashed the event and it devolved into chaos.

    Chafee’s office announced at 11:31 a.m. on Thursday that the governor would host a lighting of the tree at noon. Typically, several days’ notice is given for such events.

    Chafee said before flipping the switch at the sparsely attended ceremony that he gave short notice this year because last year the event turned into a “disrespectful gathering.”

    Protesters who opposed Chafee’s use of the term “holiday tree,” rather than “Christmas tree,” last year crashed the ceremony and interrupted a children’s chorus with their own rendition of “O Christmas Tree.”


  • bg


    “Merry Christmas”

    done deal.. 🙂


  • Patty

    We are angry white, Bible thumbing, gun clingers, racists, sexists, killers, extremists and radicals, whatever. It comes TERRITORY.

    Libtards feel emboldened!

  • bg


    Brendon Carr #1 November 29, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    yes, always positively negative.. *sigh*


  • Radegunda

    Have to agree with Brendon #1. This is not the first time that Jim’s headline and/or comments have not accurately described what’s in the video or quotation he’s posting. Jim, I visit your site nearly every day, and I’d rather you left the distortion to the other side.

  • They both suck.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    Complete non-issue.

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  • cavt

    “Lashed out” may not be the correct verb. However, I did watch the show and the quote is absolutely correct and his statement was meant as a chop or insult. Of course, MSNBC and it’s anchors are never angry. Never hear an angry word from a lib.

  • Rudy

    #2 Joanne,

    I dont like to be one to correct spelling errors but, in this case I believe you will appreciate being corrected.

    It’s not “leftards”.

    It’s “lefturds”, dear.

    It’s something that happens to those who get backed up and the crap has no other alternative than to come out of the upper torso.

  • Jim Hoft does our conservative movement a great service everytime he calls the lefturds on their despicable behavior. Of course they project their anger and frustration on the right. It’s just their “Blame Bush” mentality!

  • Christmas always seems to bring out the worst in the atheist left.

  • john b

    Chafee : “Governor” “Independent” and this douche-bag was a US Senator under the Republican banner???????? wow…. no wonder we conservatives got sold down the river.

  • The question that Chaffee should wonder about is why HE’S not angry at the the way liberals have distorted American traditions and tried to make Americans ashamed to follow wonderful traditions.

  • Cathy S.

    The man served in Senate how many yrs and he wasn’t able to handle a couple minutes of an interview to explain his position? The Fox News is Angry comment is typical of someone who doesn’t have legitimate argument to support his beliefs, i.e. MSNBC calling Repubs racist any time they questioned Pres. actions. Reminds me of sibling fights, I know you are but what am I? Ridiculous!

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  • Freddy

    When Chaffee could not defend his absurd position of attacking Christmas, he tried the old tactic of ‘blaming the messenger’. Chaffee is completely ignorant of the US Constitution and the first ammendment. It is about freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.

    The destruction of religious values is a cornerstone of the marxist philosophy. Is Chaffee a marxist or a usefull idiot?

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  • CV1

    Major Blowhard vs. Major Wimp.

  • RE #1 … when clicking on the ‘Brendon Carr’ link, this is what comes up:

    Ghostery prevented a redirect from
    bcarr . com to domains . googlesyndication . com,
    which is part of Google Adsense.

    Just a heads up.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “Your show, FOX News, you guys are too angry.”

    Our current economic situation is a direct result of not being angry enough.

  • American Woman

    Chafee, the Republican Senator who became an “Independent” Governor, because he was afraid declaring himself truthfully as a Progressive would reveal his duplicitous character.

    Just another example of the problem with the RNC. It is filled with RINOS like him, who want desperately to break loose and embrace their Progressive roots.

    Conservatives either need to purge the RNC of the RINO riffraff or embrace a third party.

  • Hey, this means I left my domain lapse by mistake! Thanks for the heads up.

  • Ugh, they want $2500 to get it back.


    @#1 Brendan Carr
    Do you think the only way of losing it and lashing out is by jumping up and down screaming with spittle coming out of your mouth? When the man accuses the entire FOX news group as being angry—ie ugly— he was losing it and lashing out. The Chaffee fool could not even stand up to his decision to call it a tree other than Christmas as he had to blame it on previous governors.

    In America Christ is the word progressives don’t want to be said. Now a Mohammed tree would probably be fine. —see I lashed out there without screaming in caps.


    @Brendan Carr $2500??? Did someone buy it when it lapsed? I really hate that tactic and hope you get your domain name back without that type of gouging. Good luck man.

  • Jim Hoft – “‘Progressive’ Governor Chaffee Loses It on O’Reilly Factor: “Your Show, FOX News, You Guys Are Too Angry” (Video)”

    Concern trolls and leftists lose it and attack Jim Hoft.

    In Liberal world UP=DOWN and DOWN=UP

    It’s a Christmas Tree. Not a so-called “Holiday” Tree.

    The Left Wingers want to socially engineer Christmas out of existence by offending 90% of the population then claiming a high ground.

    Not. Going. To. Happen.

    I love Christmas and Christmas Trees and the Left Wing Operatives Can Bite Me.

    If “someone” is “offended” all I have to say is: I Don’t Care. Be Offended. Makes My Day.

  • saveus

    he makes biden look intelligent

  • airon-later

    Hey Hoft, here’s a little history lesson for you – since you obviously have no sense of it………….the evergreen tree was a staple of the pagan celebration of the Winter Solstace that predates the German adaptation into Christianity by MANY centuries. Tribes of the Northern Hemisphere would decorate their homes with the evergreen branches, trees, and wreaths to signal the awakening of their God. The Egyptians used the tree to signal the rebirth of Ra, the Sun God. It’s not exclusively a Christian symbol, much in the same way that many Christian symbols and rituals derive from pagan symbols and rituals. Get educated pal, you could certainly use it. Also, people say “Happy Holidays” because there are multiple holidays that happen between Thanksgiving and New Years. You gonna stop singing carols that use the phrase “Happy Holidays” too? You and everyone like you are so blisteringly ignorant I’m surprised you can function in society

  • Marcy

    I watched this as it happened….O’Reilly had Chaffee on the ropes…so Chaffee tried to marginalize him. But it was clear for everyone to see that O’Reilly wasn’t acting angry at all…it’s just that Chaffee was losing so he played it cheap. Believe me Chaffee doesn’t want to be around O’Reilly when he is REALLY angry….Chaffee would pee in his pants.

  • jb books


    Don’t really know about this Chafe guy, but I agree with your observation in general. Many of the dims I know (or may suspect) are afraid to admit it, and therefore love to declare themselves “Independents”. I enjoy caling them out in one of two ways. Either by just laughnig and saying “Oh so you are a democrat but afraid to admit it?” Or by asking them to name any two Republicans they have ever voted for. I usually get a wide-eyed reaction either way. Fun.

  • greenfairie

    I watched this blithering fool last night try and defend his actions. The best part was when he tried to claim the White House doesn’t call it a Christmas tree either and they show B-roll depicting said tree in a cart clearly marked “White House Christmas Tree 2012.”

  • averagemelon

    The Christmas evergreen tree was introduced to the German pagans who worshiped the Oak as Thor. Since winter is a serious, deadly business 2,000 years ago, the missionaries used the EVERGREEN to symbolize eternal life and told them it pointed to heaven. It also is loosely shaped like the holy Trinity. Pagans began bringing them into their homes and hanging them from the ceiling and lighting them with candles in faith to the Jesus Christ, the Light who came from heaven to be among us sinners. They prayed to survive the winter and see the spring. Oh, and yes, the missionaries cut the Oak of Thor down and didn’t die after doing so.
    There are lots of traditions that come from pagan rituals and distant lands but that only galvanizes the effect Christianity has on all humans.

  • averagemelon

    I think the ungodly, like the governor in this article and making it real easy for Christians to see who they are. I am not ashamed of my faith in Jesus Christ and no matter what law is passed, I will not speak differently to “soothe” the poor, bruised feeeeeelings of those who do not share my beliefs. In other words, you will have to simply tolerate me.

  • That guy

    Once again, Lincoln Chafee disgracing the people of RHode Island with his unpresidented douchyness……

  • Jeff

    While I think Lincoln Chaffee is an idiot, he didn’t seem to come unglue. It was obvious that he didn’t believe his own BS by his demeanor.