POWERFUL!… Navy SEALs Release Ad BLASTING Barack Obama (Video)

A community of Navy SEALs released an ad today blasting Barack Obama.
“There’s a pervasive feeling across our community that he’s going to use whatever to get elected and he doesn’t really care about the men on the front lines.”

Well, he certainly didn’t care about Benghazi SEALs.
That’s clear.

The SEALs say 95% of their peers will not vote for Barack Obama.
Via Veterans for a Strong America:

In this shocking video, United States Navy SEALs reveal that the SEAL community is not voting for President Obama because of his conduct as Commander in Chief.

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  • dw dude

    right on, right on, right on…you, gentleman, have the full support of all American patriots. we must flush this president down the commode of abject failure

  • SeniorD

    They only say what virtually all Vets know – the only thing more important to Obama is the man in the mirror.

  • mcashc

    It is about time. You are the best of the best in America. We need more of this. That this child racist fool is commander in chief is appalling. Tell the rest of the military to follow suit and come out against this enemy. God bless you all and remember true Americans that love this country are behind you.

  • Deanna Hancock

    I can only echo what dwdue has said. Thank you for your opinions, gentlemen and also thank you for your service! This is OUR country and we must take it back. Everyone please vote for the candidates of your choice. GO Romney/Ryan!

  • chuck in st paul

    The only “veterans” I hear pimping for Obysmal usually got an “other than honorable” discharge and the phoney soldiers we’ve come to know so well. I expect some few real vets are for Obysmal, and that’s fine. They earned the right to vote for anyone they like.

    It’s just that all the vets I run across on the blogs can’t stand this assclown and his travelling circus.

  • Too bad a lot of them won’t get to vote thanks to Obama and the Leftists who are squashing the Military vote every way they can and the hapless fools in state legislatures who purge voter rolls without giving proper consideration to DEPLOYED MILITARY residents of their states.

    Adding insult to injury over U.N. “observers” allowed to monitor U.S. elections and massive voter fraud uncovered in many battleground states, many members of the military in Florida have been purged from the voter roles because, while they were all over the world defending YOUR right to vote, they weren’t home to vote in the past couple of elections PLUS many of them were denied access to absentee ballots, so the Florida law that requires “participation in the process” of voting REQUIRED that their names be PURGED. The law was intended to purge dead people, fellons, and those who have moved, but it made NO provision for military out of the state for constant extended deployments.

    Floridians, contact your state legislature and fix this travesty.

    Others, make sure YOUR state doesn’t have similar OUTRAGEOUS laws.

    Active service members upset over removal from voting rolls

    TAMPA BAY, Florida – Local service members who have spent years serving the country are discovering this fall that they aren’t allowed to vote in the presidential election.

    Valrico resident and Navy Captain Peter Kehrig, who has been abroad for five years tells 10 News he feels cheated by a system that removed him from the rolls.

    Florida State Law requires county supervisor of elections offices to perform regular “maintenance” on its voter rolls to eliminate voters who have been convicted of felonies, moved out of the county, or may have died.

    Voters who miss two consecutive general elections (2010 and 2008, for instance) are mailed a letter to their residence warning them they will be removed from the rolls. But since the post office only forwards mail for six months, Kehrig never got it.

  • bg



    Machines Switching Votes in Ohio, Other Battleground States

    [Imagine going to vote for your presidential candidate and pushing
    the button on a touch-screen voting machine — but the “X” marks
    his opponent instead.

    That is what some voters in Nevada, North
    Carolina, Texas and Ohio have reported.

    Fox News has received several complaints from voters who say they
    voted on touch-screen voting machines — only when they tried to
    select Mitt Romney, the machine indicated they had chosen President
    Obama. The voters in question realized the error and were able to
    cast ballots for their actual choice.]


  • bg
  • bg
  • Militant Conservative

    Landslide TEANAMI is a comin.

    Average America hates traitors and those who disrespect our military.

    Obama is both AND a coward too boot.

    Flush this terd, we need a real man in the white house.

    powder is dry

  • maria

    I’m an Australian for nearly 30 years and my heart goes out to you . I pray for the US and a change in 3 days.
    Good bless the USA

  • Gracie

    Kudos to the Seals for speaking out.

    I just finished reading “No Easy Day”. The book did not say anything that we didn’t already know so why was the President so upset when it was released. Unlike the President’s Administration Mr. Owens did not did not list the names of any living Seals.

    Obama’s phrase “No American Left Behind”.

    I may be wrong, but don’t the Marines have a similar saying “No Man Left Behind”.

  • Christine Koch

    God Bless You All!!!! Thank You for your service !!!!!!

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  • jony101

    how did the other 5 percent navy seals who are voting for obama ever make it through background checks and mental evaluations? that is the real question.
    Only foreigners/immigrants/welfare/criminals seem to like obama. I’m surprise the “gay” military isnt embracing him after all he is done for them, making them more diverse.

  • Look-Out

    Thank you and God bless you all for your service! We’re awed by your courage and integrity.

    Your words mean alot during this most important election. We want the best for our men and women in uniform. It is we who give you your Commander in Chief…an awesome responsibility. America failed you in 2008.

    We’ll do our best to rectify that mistake in 3 days.

  • bobbymike

    Three days America, let’s go so this thing!!!

  • ‘On Monday, November 5, an ad will run in the Washington Times with the names of almost 500 retired military officers from all of the different forces who support Mitt Romney. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of the ad. The same email forwarding the ad asked that it be shared with as many people as possible, so that is what I’m doing:’

    America’s retired military makes a strong statement for Romney

    via “We, the undersigned, proudly support Mitt Romney as our nation’s next President and Commander-in-Chief.”

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  • Linda



  • Linda

    meant to add “AND YOUR SERVICE!

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Is this President foolish enough to think that our bravest men and women have strength, bravery and conviction on the battlefield only?

    If so, it’s the same foolishness that he attributes to the American People.

    That’s not working for him now; and it won’t work for him in the future.

    It’s time for him to go home — where ever that is.

  • vityas

    “Who needs ’em?”–Barack Hussein Obama

  • Sasja

    Thank you, Maria. Alot of us have been praying, making telephone calls, praying, getting Romney supporters registered to vote, praying, getting those with no transportation and wanting to vote early to the polls, and praying.

    We may be hicks in my neck of the woods because we still use paper ballots which are scanned by machine. They’re stand alone units. It is my belief that too much can go wrong with these touch screens. If there are any questions about the validity of the count, all need be done is to check the paper ballots against the machine’s tabulation. Sounds like a monumental task but isn’t really.

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  • Patty

    Obama a disgrace to U.S.

    President Obama,

    When you took office, you swore to an oath. That oath, which you and each of your predecessors have taken, was deliberately enshrined into the second article of the U.S. Constitution. You stated, on January 20, 2009, that you would, to the best of your ability, faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and would, in so doing, preserve, protect and defend our Constitution.

    Recently, our ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, an unarmed and innocent man, was brutally murdered. This, Mr. President, is not a spontaneous, isolated attack. This, Mr. President, is a direct assault on the United States and everything for which our great nation stands. As my president, I expected that you would stand up for my values. I was certain that, although I disagree with your political philosophy, you would stand before the world and condemn these actions in the most powerful and strident voice that can come only from an American president.

    I, unfortunately, was wrong. Rather than stand against those who have sought so desperately to destroy us, you have spent your energies condemning an obscure Youtube video and defending the Islamic religion. This is a disgrace to all the men and women who have ever sacrificed their lives for our precious liberties. This is a disgrace to the sacred office of Washington and Jefferson. But most importantly, this is a disgrace to the people of the United States of America.

    I know not for what purpose you sought that office, but it was not with the intention of creating a better America or a better world.




  • kakola

    this needed to come out six weeks or more ago. The last weekend before the “election” is too late.

    I feel sorry for America

  • Patty

    For some time now, top secret information has been purposely leaked to enemies of America and most certainly, enemies of Israel. This never seemed to be an issue, at least one I never remember hearing when Bush or any other American president was in office.

    When top secret information is leaked out, it costs millions if not billions in damage and puts our and Israel’s enemies in a much stronger position. And for this type of information purposely being put into the hands of Iran and others, would only be done by someone wanting Israel or the US to be made vulnerable to attack and putting many America and Israeli lives in danger.

    Now even the Democrats are seeing the leaks came from the White House. Romney is pouncing all over this as he should, no true America would ever intentionally put Americans lives in danger, but apparently, that does not seem to Barack Obama.



  • Patty


    Obama Demonizes Tea Party in Final Days of Campaign

    The President who promised that he doesn’t “want to pit Red America against Blue America” is ending his campaign on yet another hyper-partisan note. “In a single speech today, our current President demonized Americans who have achieved the American Dream and badmouthed millions of grassroots Tea Party activists in every state in the nation,” Tea Party organizer Jenny Beth Martin said on Thursday. “If he spent as much time uniting Americans as he does dividing Americans and attacking them, his presidency might have been a success.”


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  • Big D in KY

    God Bless our serving men and women! We need a true American Patriot for President, not an out-right hater of our freedom and liberty. Four years has come and gone, and the left screams that we need more of the same? NO! Vote for a true leader, a man that will make sure America is the STRONGEST Nation in the World. Not a Country on the ropes, where Obamma wants us. Thank you Navy Seals, and every other military service that protects our Great Country with pride and courage!! We are with you!

  • bg
  • bg


    re: #8 – page 1 November 3, 2012 at 3:28 pm bg

    [JERUSALEM – The Obama administration’s lead investigator into the Benghazi attack, former Ambassador Thomas Pickering, previously held clandestine meetings with Hamas aimed at opening U.S. dialogue with the terrorist group, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials.

    Sources within Hamas previously disclosed to WND the June 2009 meeting. The gathering allegedly took place in Geneva with two Hamas leaders, Bassem Naim and Mahmoud al-Zahar. Naim is Hamas’ health minister, while al-Zahar is one of the main Hamas leaders in Gaza.

    Pickering is further tied to the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa through his role as a member of the small board of the International Crisis Group, or ICG, one of the main proponents of the international “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine.]


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  • bg


    re: Opaobie #6 – page 1 November 3, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    Obama suppressing the military vote

    [Wonder why absentee ballots being returned by the military is so low
    this year? For example, in September, the pivotal state of Ohio received
    about 9700 absentee ballot requests, whereas in 2008 there were over
    32,000. The answer: Pentagon report: Obama administration fails to set
    up voting offices on bases.

    The Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act mandates that every
    military base, except those in war zones, have a voter assistance office
    to ensure troops can register to vote and get absentee ballots. There
    are about 229 military bases worldwide. Now, only 116 will be open for
    voting assistance.

    Denying our military voting assistance is unconscionable. Our military
    personnel put their lives in jeopardy to protect Americans. But our
    government is not vigorously supporting their right to vote. Yet, in
    America the government is requiring welfare agencies to assist
    voters by providing absentee ballots.

    This willful neglect of the military voters smells rotten and
    spicious. Shame on you, Obama. Our country deserves better.

    Lorraine Koster, Sparks]

    Absentee ballots may have been destroyed in crash

    [Federal officials say that absentee ballots being sent to U.S. military
    serving in Afghanistan may have been burned in a plane crash.

    A top official in the Federal Voting Assistance Program this week notified
    election officials across the nation that a transport plane crashed at
    Shindad Air Base on Oct. 19.

    The crash resulted in the destruction of 4,700 pounds
    of mail inbound to troops serving in the area.

    Federal officials in their email to state election offices said they did
    not know if any ballots were destroyed. They also said the lost mail
    was limited to one zip code.

    But they recommended that election officials resend a new ballot to
    anyone who requested one since the first ballot may have been
    destroyed in the crash and fire.]

    Soldier Pays $90 to Vote Absentee

    [What’s the value of being able to vote? For one
    junior Army officer, it was worth almost $100.

    After 2nd Lt. Benjamin Nygaard had a few conversations
    with military colleagues about the challenges of getting
    an overseas absentee ballot in on time, he decided he
    wasn’t taking any chances.]

    Active service members upset
    over removal from voting rolls

    [TAMPA BAY, Florida – Local service members who have spent years
    serving the country are discovering this fall that they aren’t allowed
    to vote in the presidential election.

    Valrico resident and Navy Captain Peter Kehrig, who has been abroad
    for five years tells 10 News he feels cheated by a system that removed
    him from the rolls.

    Florida State Law requires county supervisor of elections offices to
    perform regular “maintenance” on its voter rolls to eliminate voters
    who have been convicted of felonies, moved out of the county, or
    may have died.

    Voters who miss two consecutive general elections (2010 and 2008,
    for instance) are mailed a letter to their residence warning them they
    will be removed from the rolls. But since the post office only forwards
    mail for six months, Kehrig never got it.]



  • bg


    via email..

    Heritage Foundation Radio
    Ernest Istook Show

    November 2, 2012

    “This is the first time I’ve seen where the military has been,
    uh, basically, silenced. When they cannot answer a direct yes
    or no question from the Chairman of the House Armed Services

    “It’s not me, it’s the Congress and the responsibility we have,
    constitutionally, to look after our defense…We’re not able to do
    our job if we can’t get information and the commander-in-chief
    or somebody that he is over, has told them they cannot respond
    to us.”

    “I just think that the whole thing smacks of a coverup and the
    President could clear this all up if he would just go before the
    American people… we’re getting all kinds of information but
    it’s coming from Fox News…and yet the one that knows it all,
    that could clear it all up, is out campaigning and is totally silent
    on the issue”

    – Congressman Buck McKeon (R-CA)

    Chairman, House Armed Services Committee



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  • Margo French

    To all of our brave men and women of the military, I admire you for your many sacrifices and dedication to protecting our wonderful country. My Father was in the Army Air Corps and piloted B-17s. He died for our country being the brave and honorable man that he was. I am proud of our military, and am also proud that you can stand up and speak the truth about this imposter in the White House. I am outraged at his actions as President, and hope that the American people will face the truth and ignore his lies – he must be voted out of office for the salvation of our wonderful country. You need a Commander in Chief who loves America and respects the military. When asked why he wasn’t wearing the American Flag Pin, he responded that it stood for war and tyranny!!! He does not respect America and the sacrifices our military and citizens have made to keep us safe and powerful.
    We will do our best to elect Mitt Romney as your new Commander in Chief. He loves America and vows to support a strong military. Citizens – Unite and use the power of your vote to rid our country of this imposter !!

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  • Linda


    It is infuriating this happens in America…Obama does not hesitate to call upon our Troops for anything yet he has no shame to keep our Troops from voting!

    The first votes that should of been counted should of been our Troops…but there is a God in Heaven…who sees everything and we pray He place Romney in Office!

  • Cjosie

    if BO supporters re-elect this fraud, We the People will have to dig our own graves to survive. Wake up people.. BO has been the wrong guy for the job from day one

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  • Lars

    Thank you SEALS for everything!

  • Sawyerpa

    You and all the Seals are the best our country has and to have been outed by the President is the most treasonous act I have ever seen a President do.I don’t use the term treason lightly,because it carries a lot of implications.Aiding and abetting the enemy is clearly at hand here. This has sparked nothing but outrage with all my friends and family and most of the United States as well.This man clearly is the worst kind of snake oil salesman and needs to be ousted on election day from his position as President.
    Thank you all for your service and love for the United States of America!!

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