General David Petraeus resigned from CIA today.

Drudge says it is because of affair.
The Daily Mail reported:

David Petraeus today resigned as director of the CIA after admitting an extra-marital affair.

The former general had been one of the most respected figures in the military and intelligence establishment, but has stepped down to deal with the ‘personal and professional issues’ surrounding his relationship with a woman who is not his wife.

He had been sworn in as head of the CIA in September 2011.

NBC New York reported:

“Yesterday afternoon, I went to the White House and asked the President to be allowed, for personal reasons, to resign from my position,” Petraeus said in his resignation letter. “After being married for over 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours.”

“This afternoon, the President graciously accepted my resignation,” Petraeus said in the letter.

The resignation comes a week before Senate hearings on Benghazi.

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  • bg


    the Obama win signaled an offer he couldn’t refuse..


  • Granny

    That was fast . . . but I wouldn’t want to get blamed for Benghazi either. Hope he has somebody watching his back.

  • Interesting, perhaps that is why he was completely ineffective in saving American lives in Benghazi – he was being blackmailed (no pun intended) by the O-regime-ists – to do THEIR bidding instead of what was right (ya know, sending troops in to save Americans ‘n’ stuff…)

    that’s my guess anyway

  • JenBee

    *snort* Yeah, cause of an extra-marital affair. Sure.

  • Cari

    So now that no one has anything they can blackmail him with, and he can’t lose his job, I wonder what he might be able to tell us about Benghazi?

  • Mad Hatter

    Obama just found his scape goat for Benghazi.

  • SM-WI

    CIA—head spook—and CONVENIENTLY it’s affair. Sure. We need to have the truth. Don’t care about his personal stuff.

  • FurryGuy

    #2 November 9, 2012 at 2:05 pm
    Granny commented:

    That was fast . . . but I wouldn’t want to get blamed for Benghazi either.

    The problem is that he was in charge when the attacks happened. Only a community organizer gets a “pass” on responsibility. Even Hillary fell on was pushed onto her sword, so she gets to keep her government job.

    I doubt Petraeus was looking to run for POTUS in the future, we know Hillary sure is.

  • Charlie

    CIA Director resigns over having an affair because it’s a big deal, but no big deal for a President to have an affair, in the oval office with a young impressionable girl and then lie about it.

  • Campfollower

    Complete BS. I fear for his safety. Now that makes a general, an admiral and the head of the CIA, all conveniently gone before the Benghazi hearings.

  • gsrider

    Blackmail? Haha, very funny! Like president Santa Claus would do something like that! Snort.

  • Kathteach

    The PR genius who is orchestrating the phony notion that Petraeus is resigning over an affair is the same mind behind Obama, Hillary and Petraeus telling the nation a You Tube video triggered Benghazi deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three other brave Americas.

    Don’t worry folks – Petraeus will be before Congress a lot in months to come. He actually may end up being charged with treason along with Obama and Clinton.

    Benghazi is not only not going to go away – an awful lot of Americans are going to become extraordinarily engaged in the investigation where Obama and Hillary and Petraeus really thought Americans are so stupid they would just buy the notion that a stupid You Tube video would explain away Benghazi.

    And Petraeus can’t unring a bell. He lied to Issa’s committee and said Benghazi was triggered by a You Tube video. HE is up against the wall – mistakenly (maybe) thinking his resignation is akin to falling on a sword.

    Sorry General – you should actually be feeling so much more pressed up against a wall because now we really know that you are micromanaged by the astroturffing, manipulating and devious likes of Axelrod and friends.

    Shame on you for getting involved with them at all.

  • bg


    Terror czar deserves honorary membership
    in the Muslim Brotherhood .. Feb 18, 2010

    [“How can we possibly confront Islamist radicalization if the President’s principal advisor on counterterrorism cannot appropriately identify political Islam as the problem?” said Jasser. “Al Qaida is merely one of many tools of militant political Islam. It is the ideology that they adhere to that we must be at war with and counter frontally in the public sector, because it is at war with us.

    As we have seen over the past year, the common thread of theo-political Islam is what drives militants around the world. Mr. Brennan and the President must provide leadership in articulating the real threat and addressing the root cause of Islamist terror. The Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists can speak for themselves.”]

    bit more of much more more here..


  • Monkey Wrench


    I always thought Hillary would be a Supreme Court nominee.

  • Tighterlines64

    Ahhhh so it begins. Petraeus was given an offer he couldn’t refuse and was shown the door to make way for someone like Wesley Clark a politically correct officer who has been kneeling and bobbing for the bammer since day one. Look for a lot of dedicated and honorable military leaders to be shown the door over the next year or so. They might represent a threat to the bammer and his henchmen.

  • Kathteach

    #3 Lisa – I like your notion that Obama was blackmailing him into lying before Issa’s Committee.

    Still – he had an out. The truth. I imagine if Petraeus had called a press conference to tell the nation he was being blackmailed by the White House to lie before Congress about Benghazi – the word might have gotten out.

    And Obama would have lost the White House.

  • texas

    I guestion the timing!!! Get ready for more good men to go down. Affair ha! This was about Benghazi.

    Next it will Rush, Mark Levin then all of the new media bloggers. Everything Obama does now will be to dispirit us. We will be punished. Good grief. We live in Venezuela now.

  • journeyman

    Falling on the sword for der leader.

  • bg


    in case you missed it: /s/

    Obama Administration Facing Massive Federal Lawsuit

    Eric Holder

    Tony West

    Kamala Harris

    Jon Corzine

    Robert Rubin

    Timothy Geitner

    Vikram Pandit

    Valerie Jarrett

    Anita Dunn

    Robert Bauer


  • Sam Stone

    His lover’s name was Ben Ghazi.


    Now he is free to speak at trial. Heck, he didn’t do anything as bad as Clinton did with his cigars and interns right?

  • ss252


  • Sam Stone

    Now Petraeus can come to Maryland and marry his lover Ben Ghazi.

  • Kathteach

    Folks – this Benghazi thing is like a whole season of the tv show 24.

    We are in episode two.

    Long season ahead but start really paying attention.

    And stock up on popcorn!

  • Rainmom

    Didn’t Obama “leak” mid-summer that Romney had picked Petraeus for the V.P. slot?
    Was he even in the running?
    W/E…No one resigns over an affair anymore. He was pushed out, just like #15 said.

  • Godzilla

    #20 November 9, 2012 at 2:26 pm
    Sam Stone commented:

    His lover’s name is Barack

  • bg


    re: admitting an extra-marital affair

    uhm, isn’t that the old white Christian conservative males reason to
    fire anyone, i thought the majority of the Progressive populace was against traditional marriage?? /s/


  • bigkahuna

    Was the affair with Hillary ??????? Ughhhhhh sorry I almost threw up.

  • BobM

    The hits just keep on coming. No honor among thieves and all Obama and his henchmen know how to do is lie, scheme and preserve themselves. How foolish the American electorate is. It is heartbreaking to see the all red map except for areas where the election could be manipulated. I cry for our country. God alone can save us now!

  • Nosmo

    Still don’t know why he lied about the real reason for the attack…

  • CT

    I don’t believe anything that comes out of the Obama Administration from anyone.

  • wtd

    Not buying it . . .at least not the way it’s being pushed through the msm narrative. With the election over, BenghaziGate is a bump in the road guilty parties in this administration want to pave over quickly.

    I suggest that Petraeus refused to take the fall for Benghazi and decided to get ahead of this administration’s goons threats by resigning & revealing the issue these goons thought they could hold over him to force Petraeus to take the fall.

    I, too, pray for his safety.

  • CT

    Who is holding the blue dress?

  • Hugh

    Riiiiight. I thought the left considered affairs to be resume enhancements! We know what is really going on here. They must have leveraged the supposed affair or something else to get rid of him since he spoke up on Benghazi. Time to write a book Petraeus. Half the country does not support the dictator. We want the truth.

  • lulu5297

    An affair–pshaw! An affair is a badge of honor for Democrats. We nation is going to be hurting for some serious leadership and dimes to donuts Obama appoints some overly politically correct moron who believes we should hold hands and sing kumbaya and the world will love us or worse give the job to one of his Islamic buddies. I wouldn’t put it past him.

    The timing is quite suspect–two days after the election and a week before congressional hearings.

    An affair. Yeah, right.

  • wtd
  • Ray

    Petraeus should ahve resigned earlier this week. IT would have ruined Obama.

  • Rachelle

    Strange world when one wonders if an extramarital affair story is just a cover for something much, much worse.

  • kato

    Was the affair with a man or a woman?

  • Look-Out

    Lesson to All who seek power or wish to live a happy life: DO NOT in ANY way attach yourself to a DEM. You have no idea who/what they are. They live by different standards, with different values and you will find yourself in a HEAP OF HURT on your way to HELL. (I’m sure there are some innocent ones, but their stupidity for staying with a party that’s proven so foul isn’t worth it. There isn’t time enough to indulge in whatever charm you might think they have.)

    They entrap you in their web of evil. DO NOT PLAY WITH THEM. RUN FROM THEM. This is a war for our very survival. BE SMART. AGREE TO NOTHING WITH THEM. Your innocence will be lost in the cruelest way.

  • bigL

    At least we know he is not a donk. If he ws a donk and had an affair he’b have benn promoted to the Supreme Court, to Ginsburg’s seat. Ginsburg? She’dbe the one resigning

  • FurryGuy

    …Senate hearings on Benghazi…

    If anyone is expecting anything other than a repetition of the “it was a video that caused this”, then be shocked. This is will be another toothless investigation to distract people from the reality about to overwhelm us all.

    Dictatorships love their show trials, and this will be the showiest trial of them all. The verdict has already been decided, the American public will get a Kabuki theater circus to titillate and salivate over.

  • The real Wow

    All he had to do is actually ACT honorably when Benghazi occurred. He could have disobeyed orders and protected our people there. I keep hearing about all these wonderful honorable people who have proven not to be so. If you were asked by your commander-in-chief to do something dishonorable at a time that lives were at stake what would you do? Would you sit by quietly and just let them die to protect your pension, position or whatever?

  • Look-Out

    When is Barry going to come clean about his “extramarital affairs”? Or do rondevous with other men count as cheating?

    It’d be nice if he’d step down.

  • FurryGuy

    #38 November 9, 2012 at 2:57 pm
    Rachelle commented:

    The last Dem president sure made that perception a valid and warranted one. Did you conveniently forget Clinton’s impeachment?

  • Patricia

    Extra marital affair?… my foot… it must be something more serius why he is resigning…. the extra-marital affair is only a very poor excuse…

  • Amjean

    Do you think that this affair was a “set up” so they could blackmail him, then afterwards
    when his conscience couldn’t take it, or the woman was going to expose him, he resigned?

  • DMG

    He actually may end up being charged with treason along with Obama and Clinton.

    Right … and Romney was going to win in a landslide.

  • This was attempt to discredit his testimony at close door hearing on Benghazi next ………….

  • Chippy

    Petreaus will not be testifying.

  • US Navy Corpseman

    The stench from the 800lb gorilla (BENGHAZI) in the room is all over this. Now Petraeus cannot be threatened and will hopefully reveal the truth about the traitors in the WH.

  • Dirk Rockwood

    You guys are aware that 53 diplomats where killed during the Bush years, right?

  • laura

    What have the demos done to this country…again!! Where is bama’s lovers? Guess he never had an affair with a woman!

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  • bigkahuna

    Dirk If Bush or his administration was covering up for it, was watching it happen and did nothing to stop it, for politics and lied about it. I would impeach him as well. So shut up.

  • Look-Out

    Former UN Ambassador Moustache (senior moment for me) said he WILL testify at some point, even though it’s now being reported he won’t testify on Benghazi. There will be lots of opportunities with lots of hearings.

  • samspade

    Petreaus may not live to testify.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE. Unlike John Roberts, Petreaus could no longer look himself in the mirror. All of the Generals and other retired military types who showed up on tv to discuss the events in Lybia all said they were worried about Petreaus. Every one of them said he was a man of honor and they could not figure out why he was covering for O. Now we know.

    IMO, it couldn’t be clearer… Petreaus was being blackmailed. Now that he has called their bluff, there is only one way to shut him up.

    Please say a prayer for Petreaus

  • Look-Out

    Petraeus has my prayers. There’s not one reason for me to trust this commie crowd on anything.

    I’m not even sure he committed adultery. If he’s found dead, they’ll make it look like a suicide. They may have ordered him to use it as his reason for resigning and then to explain the “suicide” of an honorable, shamed man.

    These people are beyond any evil normal people can imagine.

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  • Kathteach

    #32 I pray too for Petraeus but for a different reason. I hope he finds peace someday with the fact that he was putty in Obama and Clinton’s hands when he testified to Issa’s Benghazi committee that it was a You tube that triggered the assassination of Ambassador Stevens and three other brave Americans.

    He lied – he sold his soul to the Axelrod Astroturffing Machine.

    There was no affair no more than there was no video that triggered the pre-planned attack on Americans in Benghazi – an attack that Obama and Clinton and Petraeus knew about and told our military to stand down against intervening.

    Benghazi is only in like the 2nd inning folks.

    You better believe Petareus will testify – and he has one chance for redemption (as he freaking lied to Congress a month ago)….

    He is actually the one we need to pressure the heck out of to finally tell the truth about the Obama Quicksand he erroneously got involved in.

    He’s our ultimate whistelblower – waiting to whistle. If he doesn’t – shame on him.

    If he does – our nation just might see an end to the light of this Obama Tyrant tunnel.

  • flyover

    The Benghazi Affair

  • petraeus had an extra-martial affair. good for him now he can run for president as a democrat.

  • Flintstone F.

    So apparently Obama is running his regime like a television drama.

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