Former CIA Director David Petraeus has agreed to testify before Congressional committees.
A source close Petraeus said the former director has contacted the CIA and committees telling them he would testify voluntarily.

FOX News reported:

Former CIA Director David Petraeus has agreed to testify before the House and Senate intelligence committees, Fox News has learned.

Prior to his abrupt resignation last week, Petraeus had been scheduled to testify this Thursday on the burgeoning controversy over the Libya terror attack.

This could get interesting.
Maybe the good general will come clean on the scandal this time?



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  1. Nothing left to lose now – might as well tell what he knows. Truthfully this time.

  2. Blackmail FAIL… what now, Dear Leader?

    Patraeus in a position to save his country yet again…

  3. I think he lied about the movie the first time because he was being blackmailed by Obama. Now, he can take the fifth or maybe he will lie again. How can he be trusted?

  4. Now look for some Obama spokesman to make a double speak death threat….Some reporter named Vince will ask Jay Carney a question , and he will answer …

    ” Vince we need to Foster cooperation and park our differences so we can bury any unanswered questions . ”

    Its how satanic progressives get their message across.

  5. Petraeus is one of THEM now. Don’t expect any truth from him. He has been co-opted.

  6. I do not believe his testimony can be believed. He’s lied in the past and so cannot be trusted in the future.

  7. Announced before oBama’s press conference…very interesting.

  8. This regime sought to discredit Patraeus. Done. Now no one will believe anything he testifies to during the hearing. Unless he has corroborating hard evidence. At which point I would caution him to watch his back. These people play for keeps.

  9. Hope they make sure he understands that being under oath means he should tell the truth this time. Since he’s no longer a spook, being forthcoming should be easier for him. Confession is good for the soul, general.

  10. I’d like to think someone like David Patraeus would blow the Obama Regime out of the water. If news reports (see: are true, Dear Leader deliverately tossed him under the bus. Now, as a civilian, David Patraeus is not bound by the UCMJ.

  11. I think he is dying to testify. Here’s hoping they get everyone else on the record before he comes forward. I disagree with the narrative that he was forced out. I think he was being pressured/extorted/blackmailed by Obama. He succumbed after the 9/11 attack and testified to the mob/video thing. I think Obama was pressuring him again for the upcoming testimony this week. I think this time around, Petraeus had enough. He resigned and went public with the affair at the same time.

    Perhaps it is wishful thinking, but I think he can’t wait to tell the truth and get it off his chest.

  12. It’s a guarantee that they have more on Patraeus and are holding it over his head.

    “Just a few more lies to protect the obamster and your youngest daughter/granddaughter/niece makes it safely home from school/mall next week… about it?”

    “Or maybe we could send your favorite relative on a vacation to the most convenient muslim prison…..hmmm?”

    There’ll be no truth from this government on any subject for at least the next 4 years.

  13. Here’s the background on this story, at the Jawa Report

  14. Krauthammer is on the Petraeus/Benghazi trail….. and he’s right on target – Dead Center Mass.

    via last refuge.

  15. We’ll see how much of a patriot Petraeus is; personally I have my doubts. But maybe he was forced to join the Obama administration rather than have his affair exposed 2 years ago?

  16. how much ya wanna bet he totally covers the regime’s ass? The truth will never come out about Bengazi because neither the press nor the repubs have the balls to do what needs to be done.

  17. It’s tough to see what’s really going on.

    If the sword if Obamacles is still hanging over the general’s head, he might clam up as some have suggested. If not, may he squawk like a parrot and repeat the whole truth. Ain’t no time for pretty canary song.

    All this “the Preezy didn’t know” talk is getting too d**n old! Either he’s the POTUS or a puppet. He can’t have it both ways.

    A slick political thug like him didn’t rise up without being aware of what and who will tarnish his self image, and possibly get in the way of his goals. He’s equipped with a praetorian guard headed by that Rasputin, Axelrod, so there’s nothing Obama doesn’t “know.”

  18. NO WONDER MM is scared to death of Jay S.

    We will work DAY AND NIGHT AND THEN SOME, MM, to impeach YOUR dictator for TREASON.

  19. Patraeus has already blatantly lied before Congress . He didn’t want to lie again but Congress wasn’t letting him walk, so we will get a rinse and repeat lie…..

    If Petraeus does start to open up and confess the wrong things damaging to Obama , he will suddenly collapse unconscious…..There is probably a subliminal trigger word like ” lemon juice ” that was embedded deep in his brain long ago by a hypnotist that once uttered by a staffer seated behind him he falls into an unconscious deep sleep trance.

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