It’s come to this…
Since he can’t run on his own record Barack Obama is counting on Bill Clinton to remind Americans of better days.
He’s holding rallies with Bill Clinton. He even stole Bill Clinton’s theme song.

FOX News calls it the “Bubba Bailout.”

And the left’s closing message is something like – “America is basically evil and Romney will make it worse than ever.”




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  1. Fans of Dream Theater will know that Clinton’s Theme Song was “Beelzebubba,” by James LaBrie’s band MullMuzzler. (Check out the awesome heavy metal trombone solo by Magellan’s Trent Gardner!)

    An intern
    In a silhouette
    Gets DNA
    From the president
    Let me tell you…
    I guarantee it
    He’s got his
    Yes senator
    The bill’s fat…
    It feels good…
    I didn’t mean that
    It’s for the children
    Don’t forget it

    Cause slick Willy
    He’s selling his jive
    Slick Willy
    He’s taking a dive
    Slick Willy

    Oh Arafat
    And Albright
    A sad sight
    Let me tell you…
    I guarantee it
    He’s got his

    We’ve got what we deserved
    It’s much too late
    To go back
    We were taken for the ride…
    So many tried to say
    We have only taken
    What we’ve sown
    And when time passed
    It had grown


    While the country
    Is burning down
    We’re being sold out
    In the big town
    Have they got yours?
    Cause I guarantee you…
    They’ve got mine

    Now slick Willy
    He’s selling his jive
    Slick Willy
    Is taking a dive
    Slick Willy

    We’ve got what we deserved
    It’s much too late
    To go back
    We were taken for the ride…
    So many tried to say
    We have only taken
    What we’ve sown
    And when time passed
    It had grown


  2. This is what we called one of the biggest scams coming from two of the biggest scammers in American history. Both for obvious reasons have so much to repent for. One for being a cheater in the Oval Office of all places. And really both when it comes to the Protection of our Americans.

    And the two of them for lying to America. So, no song, no togetherness will erase their deviant behavior.

  3. OT

    Obama Campaign Encouraging Voter Fraud! This needs to go viral!

    Received this email from the O campaign. Read it. Then use your brain. This is nothing but an attempt to show you where other people with your name have and have not voted so you can vote multiple times at separate polling places if they haven’t voted yet.. Especially if there is no voter id. This needs to go viral asap!!! Here is the email: “Friend — This is cool: You can see exactly how many people named the same as you have already voted. Take a look at that. Then share it with your friends so they can see…

  4. Between this story, and Obama having Bill Clinton make four campaign appearances in Pennsylvania the day before the election, Obama has went from Hope and Change to Desperate and Pathetic.

  5. Clinton said it. He may be the only man in America who is more excited to vote for Obama now than in ’08. I suspect Clinton is going through the motions.

  6. That’s pure desperation, which means Obama and David Axhole know they are gonna lose.

  7. Well, this is a Crisis. Let’s see Clinton is campaigning and he has been so interested in Third World nations why wouldn’t he be taking care of this. We all ready know Obama is AWOL.


    HELL ON EARTH: New York Neighborhoods “Descend Into Chaos” as Sixth Day Passes Without Power or Help

    In Brooklyn, Queen’s and Staten Island, beleaguered residents prepared for a seventh day without power. And many have been forced to “scavenge for food like animals”:

    …residents of the Rockaways in Queens continued struggling without power, heat or food for a sixth day as their neighborhood slowly descended into chaos.

    With little police presence on the storm-ravaged streets, many residents of the peninsula have been forced to take their protection into their own hands, arming themselves with guns, baseball bats and even bows and arrows to ward off thugs seeking to loot their homes.

    It has been reported that crooks have been disguising themselves as Long Island Power Authority workers and coming by homes on the peninsula in the middle of the night while real utility workers were nowhere to be found.

    …’We booby-trapped our door and keep a baseball bat beside our bed,’ Danielle Harris, 34, told the New York Daily News… The woman added that she has been hearing gunshots likely fired in the nearby housing project for three nights in a row… Meanwhile, local surfer Keone Singlehurst said that he stockpiled knives, a machete and a bow and arrow…

    Most of the grocery stores in the area have not reopened since the storm, and the neighborhood has been left cut off from the rest of the city, with no trains or even shuttle buses servicing the residents… the Red Cross and FEMA were still nowhere in sight… The Borough President of Staten Island called the reaction of Red Cross – or lack thereof – to the devastation caused by Sandy an ‘absolute disgrace’…



    Dear President Obama:

    Gigs up. Nowhere left to hide. You’ve been exposed for all to see. To paraphrase a line from a movie, “You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. In what world could you possibly beat the American people?”

    Your entire existence, including your presidency, has been nothing but a sham. Placed ahead of the pack in your education…not for any acts or accomplishments of your own…but because you possess the politically correct pigment, you enjoyed benefits given that are normally earned. Perhaps it’s not your fault. You were simply the stooge chosen to play the part. But all the same, you are a massive fraud that was forced on the gullible American people with a carefully crafted plan that involved academia, the media, political backers, and corrupt puppet masters behind the scenes.

    This fraud was easy to accomplish with all that support. Especially when you had no real defined experience or career. In 2008, you spoke in vague generalities of what you would accomplish. When you did speak of defined ideas, you lied to hide your real leftist intentions. Smoke and mirrors, lies and innuendo. Now all that has changed.

    You now have a record. A record of disaster. One so horrible that you’re reelection campaign strategy was forced to rely on Big Bird, sluts and negative campaigning against your opponent. Hardly a position any American President would want to find himself in. Your popularity polls have yet to reach 50% of the American people. But you do have accomplishments. Here are a few:

    23 million Americans unemployed
    Gas prices have doubled while you denied drilling permits or banned offshore drilling
    45 million on Food Stamps
    43 months of 8+% unemployment
    Food prices up 25%
    Illegals receiving over $7 billion in social services
    Middle class has lost 1/3 of its net worth
    Average household income $4,300 less than when you took office
    Health insurance rates increased 1,500 during your term
    US credit downgraded twice during your administration
    $6 trillion added to national debt

  9. ++

    November 3, 2012

    re: Ohio with Stevie Wonder

    now that is pathetic..


  10. Please take a look at the link posted by bg at #5. Also read the comments there.

    Am I nuts, or…THAT IS NOT OBAMA standing beside Clinton! Is it a look-alike.? I’m sure I’ve seen that guy before, years ago, when there was yes, an Obama look-alike contest.

    Go look, and tell me I’m way off. Because if I’m not, we’re in more doo-doo than we thought.

    What’s even more weird is that every other time with these campaign speeches, there’s an actual VIDEO. This time, it’s one still photo. Why?

  11. ++

    uhm, isn’t Bill outright telling US
    Obama’s not finished with US??

    iow: he’s going to empty the
    cookie jar while we watch??

    like i always say, right under our noses, hidden in plain sight,
    not to mention earshot, how dumbed down are we?? *sigh*


  12. #3 I’d email it to the GOP campaign people, and Issa, and every Republican senator, before it disappears. They may need the ammo, depending upon Tuesday’s outcome.

  13. I keep hearing that they will let NY vote but if the amount of people voting is too small than they will give NY a couple of extra days to vote which will take 20 days to set up. In the meanwhile what happens to the votes from the rest of the country? Do they get counted or do they sit in a lock box somewhere where vote fraud is sure to occur? Why doesn’t NY do what NJ decided to do — vote by e-mail or fax?

  14. ++

    Patty #9 November 4, 2012 at 11:33 pm

    fabulous read no matter color, class or ceed, thank you..


  15. ++

    hah, they’ve probably voted early and often for the grief stricken areas,
    ergo, swift on the photo ops, the rescue, not so much.. heh, just a silly
    outlandish thought that flashes through my brain every now and then,
    but only because we have a silly outlandish president and msm et al,
    not to mention his minions or congressional lap dogs on both sides of
    the isle.. /semi sarc/


  16. I am a Romney supporting Independent and Bill Clinton makes my skin crawl.

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