Oops! Sorry Kids… Obama Forgot to Tell College Students He Cut Pell Grants Before Election

During the election this year the Obama Campaign released this online ad targeting young voters.
In the ad Obama told American youth that he kept his promise to make college more affordable.

He forgot to tell them he cut Pell Grants.
The information was released this week.
The Examiner reported:

Sorry, college students. President Obama has cut your access to Pell Grants by 33%; he just forgot to mention it before Election Day.

During the recent campaign, President Obama claimed credit for increasing funding to the Pell Grant program, which provides college funds, free from repayment, to millions of students. However, an email sent out Tuesday to some Dallas college students is revealing a detail the President forgot to mention: the time a student can receive a Pell Grant has been cut, by as much as three years. With Pell Grants for the fall semester now dispersed, colleges are informing students of their options, bringing the cuts to light.

The email, sent out by the Dallas County Community College District, informed students of the changes to the Pell Grant program. It revealed that the number of semesters a student could receive a Pell Grant had been cut from 18 semesters down to 12. It is a detail likely unknown to most students; in fact, the cut in grants has gone largely unreported by the media.

Sorry kids.

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  • twolaneflash

    18 semesters? Jesus God! That’s nine years in college! 12 semesters is a masters degree for Christ’s sake! 8 semesters and you’re on your own as far as I’m concerned.

  • ★FALCON★

    These dumb college kids need to learn a few lessons the hard way.

  • http://Americanthinker paul

    This is what happens when you don’t do your homework. Ef them! Oh wait, they don’t pay the bills, Mom and Dad do.

  • myohmy

    The media is complicit, but it is okay. We got idiots running around college campus. See how good your Messiah is. Reap what you sow.

  • jharp

    And this is bad why?

    I thought Pell grants were entitlements going to evil librul higher education?

    Go figure. I almost think you just hate everything Obama.

    That couldn’t be, could it?

  • LLiberty

    No wonder Sandra Fluke was still in college….

  • paul52

    Agree with #1. Graduate already. Funny, I got through college with NO $$$ help. These kids remind one of Bluto Blutarsky; “Nine years of college, down the drain!”

  • The Elector of Saxony

    This actually might work out for both the taxpayer and the student. Given that the United States is about to enter a protracted period of very slow, flat, or slightly negative economic growth, we don’t need any more useless young people studying art history or peace studies; effectively using government (read taxpayer) grants to extend their adolescence.

    What we need is hungry young people realizing they must get their act together and learn to fix electrical appliances, plumb, roof houses, work on cars, or get an education that leads to a skill. That, in and of itself, might remove the fog of Leftism from the eyes of some of those who have heretofore been protected from the realities of life by extending their stay in college well into their thirties.

  • http://proof-proofpositive.blogspot.com/ proof

    I predict buyers remorse and a lot of shared misery in the next four years.

  • paul52

    Wake up, jharp. Barry RAN on Pell grants in sucking up to the college kiddies. And we know Barry wouldn’t lie, don’t we?

  • Sasja

    I thought Pell grants were only for undergraduate students. Why the need for 12 semesters?

  • Jack

    #5 jharp Yep your right. I do hate everything Obama.

  • kato

    I bet he didn’t cut off the reparations to the Section VIII parasites.

  • http://teachx3sblog.wordpress.com/ TeachX3

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! pssst… hey, ‘young and dumb’, YOU WERE USED to further a progressive agenda and then discarded once it was accomplished. Next time, maybe do some actual work and research and learn for yourself before jumping on some “cool” bandwagon. p/s: and it’s just gonna get worse, so who will you blame? Your professors, your peers? ugh. There should be a basic constitution test before anyone is allowed the privilege of voting.

  • Sasja

    I look forward to the day when idiots such as jharp discovers that his free health care is not free. Even the lowliest of the lows are going to end up paying dearly. And not just in money.

  • jharp

    #12 November 29, 2012 at 8:27 pm
    Jack commented:

    #5 jharp Yep your right. I do hate everything Obama.

    Sucks being you. Obama is awesome. The way he schooled Romney? And ObamaCare? And his tax cuts? And saving Detroit? And killing bin Laden? I could go one but he is by far the most awesome President in my lifetime. (52 years old)

    Now get out of the way with your blind hatred and obstructionism.

    You lost.

  • Truth Teller

    Agree # 13…those parasites need to be cut off the taxpayer host by any means necessary.

  • jharp

    “jharp discovers that his free health care is not free.”

    Don’t want it free nor is it free.

    I like ObamaCare because I’m going to buy the same insurance I’ve been buying for our Congress.

    What’s wrong with that?

  • http://! l.barney

    Gee, and someone told me that is what MITT ROMNEY would do if he won..Face if kids and O voters you’ve been FLUKED! The problem is the REST OF US have to suffer right along with you!


    suck it up, rubes! Bwahahahaha!!!!!!!

  • Sasja

    Hey, jharp, have you looked at Detroit lately? I doubt you are 52 years old because you write like someone still in junior high. “Awesome” in describing anything or anyone is more on the level of a teenager.