OMG!… Obama Administration Was Warned 3 Hours Before Benghazi Attack – Did Nothing (Video)

The Obama Administration was warned that radical Islamists were “gathering weapons and gathering steam” three hours before attack.
They did nothing.
Jennifer Griffin at FOX News reported:

Ed Morrissey added this at HotAir:

If this is the case, then why wasn’t the FEST team ready to intervene? Actually, as Allahpundit noted last night, the military and CIA did have their teams ready. Now it appears that the State Department, at least, had three hours’ notice of radical Islamist activity in the city “gathering weapons and gathering steam,” plus a very big warning about consulate security being compromised. Yet while the attack took place, no one gave the order for a military intervention. Even hours into the attack, the White House didn’t go any farther than order an evacuation effort at the Benghazi airport.

This “spontaneous demonstration” story is falling apart. And it’s interesting to see how it’s falling apart, too. Earlier, the White House tried to lay off the failure on the intel community, which sparked a flurry of leaks showing that the intel community had warned of this issue and wanted to respond during the attack. This week, the White House has started to shift blame to State, and now we’re seeing these leaks showing that State knew exactly what was going on.

This buck stops at the Oval Office, and it’s only going to be a matter of time before we get the leaks to show it.

Barack Obama was notified of the attack on the Benghazi consulate at 5 PM EST.

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  • Gail

    Your kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unfortunately for us all, not just the people in Benghazi, the sign on Barry’s desk reads “The Buck Passes Here.”

  • MN Jim

    Obviously the buck stops anywhere except obama’s desk.

    I want to see someone held accountable for the American deaths, destruction of US property and violation of our embassy and safe house. obama? Clinton? Panetta?

  • Ace

    It would actually be better for the democrats for this guy to lose Tuesday.

  • Sam Stone

    Jennifer Griffin and Catherine Herridge both deserve awards for journalism for this story.
    they have done wonderful reporting.

    This IS worse than Watergate and getting worse daily.
    And there are still libs who say it is a non story.

  • FurryGuy

    Very hard for the buck to stop on/at Barry’s desk when he has been so busy spending laundering trillions of them since his enthronement.

  • Amash

    What does he do after he learns they’re being attacked in Benghai? He goes to bed to rest p for a fund raiser in Las Vegas. Real leadership.

  • Andreas K.

    That’s no longer treason. That’s murder. Cold blooded, calculated murder.

    PS: they’re not radical islamists. Nothing about them is radical. Want to see a radical mohammedan? Check out the small minority that ignores parts of the koran. Those guys are the radicals, as they defy Mohammed’s orders.

  • Linda

    They did do two things:

    They made sure the drone was in place to have front row sitting!

    And made sure no help got there!

  • Hatey Hateman

    The zipster needed his beauty sleep for his Vegas road trip. Do you think he actually gives a rat’s @$$ about New Jersey? It was a photo-op, period!

  • Patty

    #5 November 2, 2012 at 11:16 am
    Sam Stone commented:

    Jennifer Griffin and Catherine Herridge both deserve awards for journalism for this story.
    they have done wonderful reporting.

    This IS worse than Watergate and getting worse daily.
    And there are still libs who say it is a non story.

    And Bret Bair, I realize he isn’t out in the field but he too deserves something. And Those at Fox news for being such professionals in Journalism.

  • Patty

    Many wish Romney had at the last debate said Much More about Benghazi.

    He really should say something but for whatever reason he has just said Obama’s foreign Policy is a failure.

  • aprilnovember811

    And this is what we can expect with a planned attack in NYC, right? Or somewhere else in the country?

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  • Flintstone F.

    Obama was aware days in advance. Nothing was a surprise and nothing was a concern to him other than waiting for the results.

    Enemy of the state.

  • Granny
  • Granny

    #12 November 2, 2012 at 11:30 am
    Patty commented:

    Many wish Romney had at the last debate said Much More about Benghazi.

    He really should say something but for whatever reason he has just said Obama’s foreign Policy is a failure.

    Why? Haven’t you heard that old expression about letting people digging themselves into a hole get on with it?

    All Mitt Romney bringing it up further would do would be to give the MSM an excuse to go after him for something else. By staying out of it all the focus is squarely where it belongs – on Obama.

  • Maybe they misheard and it was Juanita Broaddrick shouting at Bubba: rapist, rapist, rapist!

  • Celman

    God, I’m just waiting for GW Bush and his cronies to be held accountable for the Iraq war under false pretenses (no WMD’s) and the deaths of THOUSANDS of military personnel. Oh yea, let’s not forget about the Valerie Plame treason affair.

  • #19 Celman, are you going to hold Joe Biden accountable for voting to authorize the war on Iraq.

    By the way you want to Google WMD and Scud missiles.

  • C-Christian Soldier

    bho–Dempsey-Panetta- h. clinton— Liars and TRAITORS-

  • clb2012now

    In response to all the articles today about Benghazi, in my opinion:
    1. The CIA people in country did there best to save lives. They did secure the documents at the annex but not at the consulate.
    2. State Dept security from Tripoli tried to get there. This will need to be assess as to why they did not succeed since I am sure there are other consulates that have backup security from other places.
    3. Military staged assets but didn’t engage in time. I am disappointed and that should be evaluated on why they couldn’t. There probably was a stand down order as soon as our people were out of there or known dead. Not knowing enough on the ground just doesn’t ring true to me. We had many people on the ground there.
    4. FBI failed completely. They should have been able to lock down and secure the crime scene and they did not. FBI are our national COPS and they did not respond like COPS.
    4a Our consulate is American soil, we were attacked and that is a crime. It should have been treated as such immediately. That would have left terrorism out of the equation for that moment.
    4b IF it was too hot, the military was staged in the area. State department security from Tripoli was probably there. This is a communication failure between the FBI, DOS and CIA. The 9/11 commission stated the reason we were not prepared was our agencies not talking to each other.
    5. None of the mainstream media articles today go past the event itself nor do they talk about the interaction with the whitehouse. I am extremely disappointed in most of the media that it is taking pressure from the populace for them to do their job.
    5a The articles with timeline are not investigative journalism but fact reporting and that should have been available within a few days. Printing it now is their scapegoat that they did print something and a stall until after the election. The mainstream media has been complicit in finding the facts from the American people.
    6. I still feel that I have been lied to by my President and my government. It was pushed that “the video did it” for two weeks and I knew instinctively that it was not. The administration has been condescending to the American people. We have a right to know and before the election.
    6a The administration used the video as a strawman to delay indepth research and investigation until after the election. That was a stupid tactic with 8 weeks to go. The video was probably mentioned in some minor way as a contributing factor and the administration zoomed in on it since it fit their narrative that Al Quaeda is dying. This continued for two weeks with minor mentions of “acts of terror” and overriding push of the “video did it” meme. America must look like idiots to the other nations of the world.
    7. My further questions are more about the whitehouse involvement or lack thereof in the crisis. As we saw from Sandy hurricane, the whitehouse can be the center key between all the departments when they want

  • valerie

    #19 November 2, 2012 at 12:03 pm
    Celman commented:

    Don’t you remember? Valerie Plame was outed by Richard Armitage, Democrat and sworn enemy of George Bush.

  • serfer62

    Once again the Chairman of the Joint-Chiefs in enmeshed…he needs to be tried in civil court

  • Miss Peach

    This just gets more and more damning as more facts come out. I have no doubt that Obama knew about this. If he wins reelection, I am praying that Impeachment proceedings start immediately and he and Hillary are tried for treason. Pray to God that the truth and the whole truth comes out about this and people finally start seeing this man for who he really is and what his agenda is for this country.

  • Unfortunately this is true. I’ve been talking about this on my show for a couple of weeks now. We are talking about a timeline of roughly 9 hours that no help was sent after requested. I haven’t seen anything this bad since our military had to disobey orders to rescue Task Force Ranger. Of course, they left that part out of the movie.

  • Flintstone F.


    You’re missing relevant details. The UN and the US authorized the use of force. Congress voted for and passed a resolution to use force (twice). WMD were found in Iraq, just not large stockpiles (keep in mind sadam used such weapons in the past). The intelligence of the US and many other nations in the coalition believed sadam had WMD.

    There was 500 tons of yellow cake uranium removed from Iraq after the war (something that lefties always said sadam had no interest in).

    Most importantly is that there were seventeen separate reasons stipulated in the resolution to use force and sadam had eighteen months to comply. He refused as he had done since his surrender in the first gulf war, which is where his defiance of the conditions of the end of that war began.

  • lizzy84

    #5 November 2, 2012 at 11:16 am
    Sam Stone commented:

    Agreed…I would add Bret Baier @ Special Report…his reporting on Benghazi has been brilliant and relentless.

    more analysis… via conservative commune

    UPDATEx3: Doug Ross produces a dual timeline for Benghazi:
    What was happening in Washington, DC as what was happening in Benghazi.

  • Westerner

    Again…his new name is “Benghazi Obama”…

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    Weird thing:

    The Denver Post has this right smack on the front page today
    Nation and World
    CIA’s role in Benghazi attack detailed
    By Greg Miller
    The Washington Post
    Posted: 11/02/2012 12:01:00 AM MDT
    Updated: 11/02/2012 08:16:38 AM MDT

    This article includes little gems such as ” The CIA rushed security operatives to an American diplomatic compound in Libya within 25 minutes after it had come under attack and played a more central role in the effort to fend off a night-long siege than has been acknowledged publicly … The agency mobilized the evacuation effort … ” It really pushes the impression that Stateside-Higher-Ups were actually doing something besides watching the video feed and ordering the local guys to “stand down”.

    And yet –and yet– I can’t find this article by Greg Miller anywhere on the website. Not when I search for “Benghazi” (which yields 32 results- just NOT this article), not when I search for “Greg Miller” (although 3 other articles of his DO show up as search results). So: was this article so over-the-top that they buried it? or did the Denver Post falsify the AP article and Miller’s byline (which I find very hard to believe…)?

    I don’t trust my government, I don’t trust the MFMSM, and I just hate, hate, HATE this Administration and its Propaganda/Presstitute Corps.

    How can we ever put Humpty-Dumpty back together again?

    How can we ever again trust our President? the Congress? the Media? — after four years of this corruptocracy which only a handful of individuals are exposing and protesting?

    I think about the POS in the White House and all his crony appointees, and I want to go take a long hot shower. Ditto the alphabet media. (I know that with an aware populace, God willing, we can VOTE OUT the POS in the White House; but how can we get rid of the ticks and slugs of the Press? Or the rats and cockroaches infesting all the other Bureaus, Departments, and Agencies in Washington? My blood curdles to think of the sleaze that remains in Washington, untouched and untouchable, even we change administrations….)

  • Look-Out

    Also re VALERIE PLAME – the NOT SO SECRET AGENT – was outed by COLIN POWELL’s ASSistant, Armitage.

    If either POWELL or ARMITAGE had bothered to tell the TRUTH, a good man wouldn’t have lost his own wealth and freedom (he’s behind bars) fighting in the courts an awful miscarriage of justice. Scooter Libby is the innocent man.


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  • MGunsU

    Shame… As a 30 year veteran of the USMCR who has worked as an Ops Chief the SecDef’s excuse for not deploying assets into “harm’s way” does not hold water… They are moral Cowards…

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