Official: Team Obama to Regulate Junk Food Industry

Sweet treats for me, but not for thee.

White House official Larry Summers suggested that Team Obama will eventually tax and regulate junk food in the second term.
The Washington Examiner reported:

Larry Summers, chair of the White House National Economic Council when the 2009 stimulus was developed, suggested that President Obama will eventually tax and regulate junk food to drive people to eat more healthily — although he dinged First Lady Michelle Obama’s healthy foods initiative.

“I think there is no question that the way Americans eat and what Americans weigh is a big contributor to health problems and it’s a big contributor to health costs,” Summers said on Morning Joe today.It’s not the agenda now, but I think at some point you’re going to see tax measures and regulatory measures that are going to be directed at helping people be healthier. That’s just going to happen and I think it’s probably a good thing when it does.”

Summers this agenda to anti-cigarette policies. “[J]ust as we have over time done things with respect to tobacco that are very constructive and that are saving hundreds of thousands of people’s lives, that kind of agenda is going to come to other aspects of public health, including the way people eat,” he said.

Curiously, though, Summers took an oblique shot at the results of Mrs. Obama’s overhaul of the school lunch menu as part of her effort to fight child obesity.

“Should kids be going hungry at lunch because they can’t have any good food — any food they like in the schools?” he asked rhetorically. “You can obviously take it too far and you have to be careful.”

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  • Dave in NYC

    Summers is a former White House official–he’s now a Harvard professor.

  • gastorgrab

    More MORAL laws.

    Don’t know about anyone else, but I was always taught that a good person is someone who CHOOSES to do the right thing, not someone who is forced to.

    Example: Inmate #73452 must return to his cell at the time of the Wardens request. Does compliance with a mandate make him a good person?

  • gastorgrab

    Why does Christianity bother teaching it’s followers how to distinguish good from evil if government takes all those decisions out of their hands?

    Why do schools teach children about the different food groups if government intends to tightly control what they can eat?

    Why should trade schools teach ‘work safety’ if ObamaCare will cover any injury they might have?

    Why tells us about any options if we no longer have a choice in the matter?

  • america the land of the free. the liberal is a tyrant and oppressor to the core of their being.

  • Warthog

    You see, now that the government is in the health-care business, they can regulate anything. They can tell you what to eat, what to drink and what to think.
    What? You’re not open and accepting of the gay-bi-lesbian-trans-species agenda?
    All that rage can’t be good for your health, and we’re looking out for you. Here, take this diversity course and we’ll let you go back to work.
    You don’t want to? Sorry, the course is mandatory for employment.
    You see, we’re looking out for your health, which the public now has an interest in.

  • Joe Blow

    How is Obama going to regulate and tax UGLY? Look at the picture, she would owe a lot or would she get an exemption just like all the cronies in Obamacare.

  • Jesusland

    So Rush was right. AGAIN. He called this way back in ’98 when Dems were going after “big tobacco.” He said, “What’s next, fast food?”. Of course, everybody mocked him.

  • baconhotline

    Lawrence Summers was the dweeby, ineffectual academician (but I repeat myself), who hightailed it out of the WH when he figured Baraqa’s commie economics system would land him in prison. Now that the coast is clear with re-election a done deal, Lawrence figures it’s safe enough to stick out his turtle head from under his slimy rock to get some face time.

  • Big government wants to make all your choices for you……No need for bobbleheads to use their brains anymore….

  • Jim M

    Once he destroys the economy we will be begging for whatever food we can find.

  • gastorgrab

    After ten years of liberal-progressive “development”, we’ll enter a supermarket and all we’ll see on the shelves is a single product marked; “Food”.

    It will include everything we need to survive, and will be manufactured entirely with union labor.

    Enjoy, comrades!

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  • jj

    How long until we’re eating Soylent Green?

  • Daisy

    So I assume that banning EBT card purchases of junk food will be first, right?

  • hermie

    You know what legal substance is the cause of severe health problems? It’s also the cause of many traffic fatalities and domestic violence?


    I’d tell the WH to immediately restrict the sale and possession of alcoholic beverages.

    It worked so well in the early part of the 20th century.

    Oh BTW tell Bloomberg to put in a ban on the amount of caffeine a person can have at one time. Too many aggitated New Yorkers who are cramming coffee houses. It’s for their own good you know.

  • Oliver

    part 2 in a series of interviews with an Intelligence Insider on what really happened in Benghazi. Very scary stuff — a must read!

  • If everyone took responsibility for their own j

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  • dba_vagabond_trader

    This commie cabal are annihilators. Drag Amerika down and rebuild it in the image of a pseudo marxist paradise.

  • Finncrisp

    The taxathon is on for real now. Revenue for all that out of control spending that will have no end. We can thank those who stayed home and let this dope win another term.

  • donh

    Watch It …Sucker !

  • Sparky

    Direct hit on the majority of Obama’s voters including single black mothers and their children, and the 18-30 crowd.

    Undoubtedly, Obama was elected by he ignorant and the illiterate!

  • Sam Stone

    You can have my Entemanns when you pry them out of my cold dead hands Mooshelle!

  • Sam Stone

    There were many of us who were afraid of an Obama in a second term. It will play out as expected.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Larry Summers, chair of the White House National Economic Council when the 2009 stimulus was developed, suggested that President Obama will eventually tax and regulate junk food to drive people to eat more healthily…

    I wonder, would this be the reason they didn’t come galloping to the rescue of Hostess’ baker’s union?

  • Linda

    The only reason they want children eating healthier is so they can be fit for war…they have already said children in America are too overweight!

    And we certainly know they don’t give a flip for any American…from unborn to elderly!

  • If everyone were financially responsible for their own health care, it would remove the Government’s rationale for intervening in our lifestyle choices.

  • Tee Dub

    So when do we get the “gay” tax to cover the health care expenses related to HIV and AIDS?

  • All_IS_LOST

    There is really no need to regulate junk food when you are crashing the economy…have you seen the prices lately?

  • stuart

    They’re going to regulate junk food?
    Well this ought to be an even bigger circus than the Volsted Act.

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  • dwd

    There will be exemptions for junk food bought with food stamps — just you wait and see!

    Can’t punish a key constituency!

  • squeaky

    from GQ least inflential. romney was #1 but it was nice to see michelle. GQ can expect an irs visit.

  • gastorgrab

    The only way to control the costs of ObamaCare is to completely control the behavior of Americans.

    All activities must be regulated.

  • Freddy

    What an ignorant fascist Summers is showing himself to be.

  • Dan in NH

    I remember in the 80’s smoking was being blamed for the high cost of healthcare. We’ve reduced the number of smokers by more then 50%. It hasn’t made a difference. The reason insurance companies are so interested in getting people more healthy is who pays the medical bills. When young people go to the doctor or hospital the insurance company pays but when people are retired and go the the hospital or doctor the bill is paid by medicare or medicaid and not the insurance companies. The longer people live the more expensive it is to medicare and medicaid because eventually most elderly end up in a nursing home where the cost keep rising. 2 Years ago the average cost of nursing home care was $7000 a month but now it’s $9000 a month. The older the population the higher the cost. In the long run you are better off having people die young it cost the government a lot less. I have one more thing for those of you of the liberal persuasion this was a prediction by Paul Harvey from 1965: Click on this link it really sounds like that’s whats going on right know and it depicts Obama not as our Savior but the Devil.

  • Skandia Recluse

    Dude! Yer gonna tax my Cheetos Crunchy? That’s not fair, man!

  • Perfected democrat

    The police state rising….

  • The food and lifestyle Nazis have not yet figured out that it is impossible to legislate what people eat and what lifestyle they choose. It’s just another way Obama can tax the living daylights out of us and pretend he isn’t raising taxes on the poor and middle class, much the same as the healthcare “tax” if you don’t by health insurance. Unless the tax is so high it becomes cost prohibitive to buy the Obama forbidden foods, overweight people will not stop eating it. Not to mention, the unintended consequences could be more bankrupt businesses and millions more unemployed because Obama’s idea of junk food is taxed into extinction.

  • Richard Horvath

    Yes, yes, yes, tell me it is not O.K. to eat junk food……and also tell me it is not good to smoke….and then make POT legal……what the hell is the matter with the people in Washington ? Maybe some nasty gas is leaking from the ground and screwing up everybodys brains and thinking. Oh, wait a minute, they don’t think, they just take !!!!

  • Queen Michelle will eat all the free junk food she wants on her 17 day vacation!

    They really do CARE About you don’t they, O VOTERS?

  • save the twinkie

    It is all a conspiracy. Doesn’t the gov’t know I already have parents? Perhaps we should raise the age from 18 to 95 years old to be an adult. Don’t they have more important things to do?

  • Coasta

    My kids will not even eat lunch at school anymore……….it is tasteless, smaller portions, gross and the price was raised .75 FOR CASH PAYING FAMILIES.

    Idea, if 80% of the kids boycotted the lunches the food would have to be tossed a few times before the school will not reorder…….

    Yeah, the Makers WONT be paying for the TAKERS.

  • DMG

    How long until we’re eating Soylent Green?

    How sure are you that we’re not?
    my bologna has a first name ….

  • DMG

    If everyone were financially responsible for their own health care,

    Hey, great idea. Perhaps they could devise a way to ensure that citizens could pay their medical bills, if and when they fall ill. Maybe some way to coerce every American to carry health insurance. They could call it a mandate. How could anybody be against that?

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