Obama Releases Thanksgiving Message – Forgets to Mention God & Asks Americans to Unite Behind Him

It’s an Obama world…
Barack Obama released a Thanksgiving Day message Thursday.
He forgot to thank God. He forgot to mention God.

But he does mention “freedom of religion” even though his administration is being sued by the Catholic Church.

This is the fourth straight year Obama’s Thanksgiving message does not include God.

More… President Obama also asked Americans to unite in support for Obama.
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  • Jeannie

    So let’s see. A female reporter, formerly fully part of the MSM, gets raped and TRIES to come out and point out this administration has been lying about the state of Islam. Anybody heard from her since O got his apparent ‘mandate’?

    Greta comes out and states the obvious, that this administration is about as open and transparent as Putin.

    And now for the 4th year running, after Obama has in the previous year waxed eloquent about the honor and beauty and fervor of the Islamic religion, he doesn’t blink about figuratively flipping his finger at Catholics (the butcher and slaughter of whom in the Mid East and China he has yet to have any problem with) and proceeds to once more leave God out of religion.

    Hope, nothing here, folks. All is right with the world.

  • katy

    Changing our traditions, our history, our conversations….


  • Jeannie

    Nope, nothing here, Folks.

  • Jeannie

    That is one pitiful childhood that kid had. I’d say he got the worst pick of parents and mentors of almost any he could have gotten.

    Pathetic puppet and he doesn’t even know what a token he is.

  • Matt

    “As Americans, we are a bold, generous, big-hearted people. When our brothers and sisters are in need, we roll up our sleeves and get to work — not for the recognition or the reward, but because it’s the right thing to do. Because there but for the grace of God go I. And because here in America, we rise or fall together, as one nation and one people.”

    Strange, there seems to be God in there.

  • Indiana

    What would you expect from the anti-christ?

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  • bigL

    I think the roman catholics are going for a big check, I just can’t see any other way out for them to never say ‘vote gop this time” or “vote for Rmney this time”
    So they yuk it up at the al smith dinner Dolan and obama and they present Obama with millions of votes
    But from all the Roman catholic education I had- R.Cs vote democrat- always all of them or virtually all of them.

  • Stan

    Who said anything about him “forgetting” to mention God?

    I don’t really think it’s a big deal. At least he’s not mentioning Allah by name.

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  • maraz

    What’s up with the mustache? Obama didn’t get enough make-up to hide it or is he trying to grow one?

  • maraz

    A MUST LISTEN insight to the Koran that Obama worships….


  • Joe Blow

    He didn’t “forget” anything” mentioning God. He is who he is and that is not a Christian

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  • doc

    But you just don’t understand…you can’t thank God and still be a accepted by the godless left as their Messiah.

  • http://! l.barney

    So Typical and we all KNOW he would say “allah” if you were speaking to MUSLIMS!

  • democraps suck

    that is because the mooslum POS doesn’t believe in god or what this great country stands for

  • jorgen

    They should remove the American flag from the room while he is talking.

  • Jonah Vark

    Egypt protesters attack Muslim Brotherhood offices

    Protesters in Egypt have attacked Muslim Brotherhood offices in several cities, according to state TV.

    They were protesting against President Mohammed Mursi’s decree granting himself sweeping new powers.

    The decree states the president’s decisions cannot be revoked by any authority – including the judiciary.

    Rival rallies are being held nationwide, with the president telling one he was leading Egypt on a path to “freedom and democracy'”.


  • Burnt Toast

    What do you expect, he has taken a lot of flack about talking about himself all the time.