Jobs Council Member: Obama Doesn’t Even Join in on Jobs Council Monthly Calls! (Video)

Robert Wolf, a member of Barack Obama’s Jobs Council and a top campaign donor, admitted this morning that Barack Obama does not even join in on the regularly scheduled calls.
The calls are held every two weeks.

In July, the administration told reporters Barack Obama was too busy to meet with his jobs council.

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  • Amash

    That’s ok. He doesn’t know what he’s doing anyway. On Nov. 6 we take away that terrible burden of actually doing a job. We’ll give him and Mooch a forever vacation a their expense for a change.

  • Oliver

    “In July, the administration told reporters Barack Obama was too busy to meet with his jobs council.”


  • Clafoutis

    Why Bathhouse Barry’s just too busy – he has no time for trivialities like jobs and national security.

    Impeachment proceedings better begin November 7.

  • JKB

    Look, Obama is New Coke in DC. He’s not going to stand for that old chestnut that what the boss pays attention to gets done. He believes if you form a committee things get done. Everybody knows that once you’ve got the committee named and they have some conference calls, problem solved.

  • Adi

    Don’t worry; there will be a businesses czar in His second term and the situation will automatically improve.

  • squeaky

    obama has the no show job of all no show jobs. he may even cause the redefing of the term no show as all others are chump change in comparison. and on a note, we should all step away from the nasty habit of generalizing…..obama is bad for ALL of us.

  • Westerner

    Obama doesn’t want the job of President…he wants the perks! THAT’S what he’s fighting for (…from the loins…ugh!)

  • Redwine

    Of course he didn’t attend. Comrade Barry is all about Cloward-Piven and Alinsky: Cloward-Piven to collapse the society and Alinsky to degrade, demoralize and punish. Then use a “Business Czar” to sweep the people as an amorphous, seething blob of “units” into the waiting maws of a hungry, centralized, all-powerful government.

    Only supreme idiots, Islamists, fascists and Communists vote for this vile thug.

  • the fact that the president who is “focused like a laser beam on jobs” doesn’t meet with his jobs council never gets reported in the democratic party-media complex. we need to do that job ourselves.

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  • Patty

    Obama’s Debt: The Numbers & The Record


  • Jim

    The answer is simple – Obama’s lazy.

  • he doesn’t want to create jobs, he wants to destroy them.

  • paul52

    Just slightly OT: Barry has had a total of TWO meetings with his cabinet in the year 2012. What a worm!

  • David

    At ubs, Robert wolf was known as the dumbest guy on the floor. His only claim to fame was his relationship with the Marxist president. Amusing to see wolf accidentally pay out Obama on national television

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    … and this is the same doosh –oops, pardon, Dear Leader and SCOAMF– who swore to us that he’s been “focused like a laser on jobs” — izzat right?

    Anybody who believes ANYTHING Obutthead says (including “Good morning”) needs to have his head examined.

    * * *

    There’s at least ONE lazy shiftless bum sucking on the public teat and whining for “more, more, more” that we can get rid of this coming Tuesday.

    Please, God, let it be so.

  • bg


    November 3, 2012

    Obama Wrong Again: Unemployment Now Even Higher
    Than What He Predicted Without $800 Billion Stimulus

    [Remember those halcyon days early in 2009 when some people
    believed all things seemed possible with the Messiah to lead the
    United States?

    Remember when the White House, via their economists Christina Romer
    and Jared Bernstein, sold the $800 billion stimulus by saying that if it
    were passed, the unemployment rate would be 5.2% in October 2012?]


  • Miss Peach

    Too busy doing what ? Golfing, vacationing, partying with Beyonce and JayZ, getting prepped for the View or Letterman ? While thousands of families suffer and the unemployment rate remains at a stagnant 8 per cent or higher, President Partyman is too busy having fun and hobnobbing with the Stars. He does not want to create jobs, he wants people to be dependant on government so he can be the King. Well King Obama, come November 6th you are about to be dethroned.

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