Obama Holds Press Conference With Lapdog Media – Pushes Tax Hikes

Barack Obama is holding his first press conference in eight months today with the lapdog media:
Here are a few of his talking points:
Clean energy… Building roads and bridges… Fair share… $250,000 a year… We can’t afford that right now… Must focus on jobs… Holding middle class hostage… Bring Everyone in… That’s what the American people want us to do. That’s what they decided last week.

The first question is on David Petraeus. Obama pretends he didn’t know about the investigation that was ongoing for months.

Second question was on tax hikes: Obama tells Lapdog Media: Two years ago the economy was in a very different situation… Correct: GDP growth was actually better back then. “The wealthiest have to pay more.”

Obama says the Bush tax cuts to the top 2% costs the country over a trillion dollars(?)

Mr. Trillion Dollar Deficit Man talks about reducing the deficit.
Does anyone really believe that?

The next question was on the Latino vote and amnesty-immigration.
Obama says “Latino” with a cute little accent.

It’s as if the administration handed out the questions before the press conference.

Obama jokes with Chuck Todd. Yuk-Yuk

Obama pretends that he doesn’t want to punish middle class families. Forgets about the jobless recovery and skyrocketing gas prices.

These questions are just a joke: “Are you going to sit down with Governor Romney like you promised?”

Obama insists his top priority is to improve economy.
That’s why he met all afternoon yesterday with MoveOn.org, unions and the Center for American Progress.

Obama wants to be an even better president his second term than he did his first term.

Obama admits UN Ambassador was representing White House when she went to five stations and lied about the Benghazi terrorist attack.

WOW! Obama Gets Asked by Ed Henry from FOX News if he Made an Order to Protect Heroes in Benghazi. – He won’t answer.
Video coming…….

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  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    taxes won’t go up..

    everything else will..


  • ★FALCON★

    Obama is an economic illiterate. And math is not his best subject, as if he has one.

    If he raised taxes in the 2 percent making over 250,000 dollars per year – this will raise 40 billion more per year. If he took all of it – this would run the government for 3 months.

    So, where is the additional 1.54 trillion coming from to cover the deficit?

    Additionally, when are the 47 percent going to pay anything? Joe Biden said it was patriotic to pay taxes and to have some skin in the game.

    The bottom line is that there will be no reduction in any spending other then to the military – and in a world Obama made much more dangerous due to his own meddling.

  • Big Kahuna

    Mr President…Can we expect you to have wrapped up the investigation into your lying through your teeth to the American people about watching the terrorists live as you let them be slaughterd by terrorists you freaking prick before you leave office?

    Uhmmmmmm ummmm ummm Ohoioo Its Bush’s fault.

  • kato

    The MSM’s great regret is that it has been given so few opportunities to kiss subprime ass.

  • Big Kahuna

    Mr President Can you tell us for the 10,000th time…. how bad was finincial crisis when you took over ?

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  • Big Kahuna

    Mr Obama can you stumble and bumble your way for 10 minutes to answer my simple questions so you can only answer 3 questions today ?

  • myohmy

    Please, lie to us Mr. President.

  • Big Kahuna

    Mr President…Can you eat sh*t and take a flying leap ?

  • ★FALCON★

    Obama says that 97 percent of small business will not see a tax increase. Talk about delusional.

    Obama is flat out claiming that 97 percent of ALL small business do not pull in revenue of 250,000 dollars. And further, these would be individuals filing as Sub-Chapter S.


  • Big Kahuna

    Mr President…The majority of the people wanted Obamacare repealed as well before the election..That didnt happen either so Bite me and FO.

  • Big Kahuna

    Mr President can I ask you mindless jerk off questions so you dont have to face the music on Benghazi ???

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! Geez, lets just ignore the old dem controlled house that kept the bus headed for the cliff in the last years of bush and the start of O. Nothing to see here except for Barney Frank dating an executive of Fannie and Freddie, the catalyst for the meltdown…… But its still BOOOOOOOOOSH.. This guy is a liar narcissist and the media continue to slobber all over him!

  • Big Kahuna

    Well the latinos came out because thewy know you bought them off with foodstamps and amnesty for illegals. Im shocked You gave away tax maoney to ilklegals and they voted for you ?

  • Big Kahuna

    Mr President we will discuss immigration when you are indicted for Fast and Furious !

    We wont reward illegals for breaking into our country and giving them free food, money and schools or healthcare.

  • Big Kahuna

    M President if you are open to new ideasa.. STOP THE FREAKING OVER SPENDINGF @SSWIPE. Stop buying off your cronies and union thug buddies.

    You want Clinton era taxes…you cut spending to Clinton era spending. JERKOFF

  • ★FALCON★

    Obama presser is a total failure. And he’s babbling like the moron he is.

    Lying, lying and more lying.

  • democraps suck


  • kato

    This press conference was scripted ahead of time. Subprime lined up his asskissers, and they are dutifully on their knees.

  • ★FALCON★

    Obama now claiming Susan Rice has done exemplary work.